Swasan- Expecting Baby Part 5 Mood Swings!

Swasan – Expecting Baby ?
Part 5

Swara: Sanskaar….
Sanskaar:(worried) Ha.. Wat happened Swara!? Is bachhu fine!? ?
Swara: Yeah Sanskaar…..
Sanskaar: (Relief) Thank God! So wat!?
Swara: U won’t scold me!!??
Sanskaar: R u mad!?
Swara: So go n bring me chocolate filled cute donuts!!??
Sanskaar: (Looks at watch) Princess it’s 3!
Swara: I know it!
Sanskaar: Which donut shop might be open now!?
Swara: Then u make it na!!
Sanskaar: R u on ur senses!!?? (He laughs.) (She looks at him n starts crying. Sanskaar sees her n gets scared. She cries loud.) Ok! ok! ok! Sorry!! But I promise to bring tomorrow!! (He cups her face.) Promise princess. (She he smiles but feels a mood swing n pouts. She stands n starts crying again loudly. Sanskaar tries to cool her. But she raises her voice even more. )
Sanskaar: Wats happening to you!?
Swara: don’t know Sanskaar!! ? I’m behaving weird!? But I’m seriously feeling like crying! (She starts again. Hearing her voice all gather in their room.)
Ragini: Swara! Wat happened!??Sanskaar!!?
Sanskaar: She wants … Wat! ??
Swara: (Kiddish crying answer) ? Chocolate filled donuts ?? (She pouts.) Ma… Ur chhora is not giving his bachhu donuts!
Sujata: Who is bachhu !??
Swara: Ma!! ( Cries)
Sanskaar: Ma.. its the baby!!
Ap: Toh Sanskaar go n bring! How can u make her cry! (Swara stops.)
Sanskaar: Ma it’s 3!
Ragini: I’ll prepare them!
Laksh: ok! Now it’s 3! So let’s sleep till 6… then we will have them in breakfast! (All nod n look at Swara. She pouts n starts crying.)
Swara: (Kiddish)??? I know ur right! But I’m not able to control my mood! Pls I want them now! Pls…. (Sanskaar looks at her innocence n picks her up bridal style. He makes her lay on bed.)
Sanskaar: U all look there!! (He orders.)
Ragini: Sanskaar! Is this the time to romance!??
Sanskaar: Then come n make her silent! Can u!?? (Ragini keeps mum. All look in other direction.)
Swara: (stops cry.) Sanskaar….. (He places his lips on her.? She was spellbound. He breaks.He kisses her forehead, neck,cheeks just as she did. She closes her eyes.)
Sanskaar: She slept! U can leave now! (All get up n smile seeing their shameless romance??)
Swara: (Shuts eyes.) Sanskaar…. (All stop n turn back.) When wud donuts be ready!? When they wud pls wake me up!! Night.. (She smiles.) (Everyone look n giggle. Sanskaar gets up n asks Ragini to make donuts. She goes wid Sujata n Ap n makes. Meanwhile Sanlak Entertain the awake Swara n bachhu! All make sacrifice of their sleep for Swara n their bachhu! So much of love n dedication!!??)

(Ragini prepares n brings. Swara eats all 12. Sanskaar n Raglak also have. Elders sleep. They share some Kiddish time. It was now 7. They didn’t slept n went for bathing n office, Ladies for kitchen. Sanskaar goes to bath. Swara feels sleepy n sleeps! Sanskaar comes n sees her!)
Sanskaar: Making us awake all night she is sleeping!! Dumbo!! But I love this dumbo! N this dumbo’s cute bachhu! ? (He leaves for office. In office he opens his bag. He finds a chit in it. He opens n reads…)

Prince Dadda!?,
Good Morning my prince! I hope I didn’t make u annoyed at night! Did I! Aur kiya bhi ho.. Toh tum thodi maroge? Lol!? Anyways… leave jokes aside! Yesterday night u said u were tensed. I explained u but I’m sure u might be still thinking. Pls don’t worry! Bcoz ur n mine pair is the strongest! We both r pure hearted! U remember how we fought together! We exposed Ragini..Then Maasi n kavita…We didn’t get separate because we r strong! N till now we have always given happiness to other! U always think of me 1st! N how do u expect u wud be a bad dad! I’m sure u wud love our bachhu the most! But don’t forget me! Even Im ur princess!? N one day our bachhu wud tell us that we r best parents in world! We wud not be strict but more friendly!! So now enough of chatting n work! N come home soon! Bye.. Love u! Guess who has written this letter! ? U want Hint!? K I’ll give! I’m ur bachhu’s princess mummy! ?

Sanskaar: Ur really mad! But I love u n I’m really lucky to have u in my life! ?
(In evening he returns.Swara was standing in balcony. He hugs her from back.)
Sanskaar: So… my bachhu’s princess mummy! How r u!?
Swara: Oh! I’m fine! How r u my bachhu’s prince dadda!??
Sanskaar: I’m fine.. But wud be happy if u kiss me!
Swara: For wat! ?
Sanskaar: Yesterday I gave u free of cost kiss! That too a long one! So I need it back! N now!
Swara: Oh! But I didn’t ask u to kiss me! It was ur free service! But I have condition… I need at least 50 kisses a day! On lips! (Sanskaar pouts. Swara loves his innocence n comes closer n kisses his lips tightly. They share a passionate kiss. (Ragini comes there.)
Ragini: OH!! Sorry … I didn’t see anything! ??(She turns n they break.)
Sanskaar: Now wat….!?
Ragini: Swara ma has come to take u… (Swara looks at Sanskaar.)
Swara: But…
Sanskaar: We r coming… (Ragini laughs n leaves.)
Swara: I won’t go…
Sanskaar: Why !?
Swara: I won’t leave u! I wanna spend all my 9 months with u! (He nods n picks her up. He comes down n puts her down.)
Dadi: Swara… r bags packed..!?
Swara: Dadi. .
Sanskaar: I’ll bring! (Swara looks at him angrily. Sh holds his hands n stops him.)
Swara: Dadi… I’m sorry I can’t come..I wanna live here wid Sanskaar… Pls..
(Everyone look at her. Dadi smiles n nods. Swara smiles n hugs her.)
Swara: Thanks dadi.. I love u! (Meanwhile Laksh, Adarsh,Pari n Uttara come.)
Laksh: Arey… ma u r here!!? (She nods. They remove the toys n wallpapers brought for Swara.)
Swara: These r so sweet Uttara!! (Sanskaar smiles. They all set the toys n wallpapers. They enjoy a lot being in new relations.)

Precap: All months…..Same as previous.

Bye! Comment! N I’ll try to post new episode soon! N pls encourage me! Thanks for suggesting names! ?

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