Swasan- Expecting Baby Part 4

Swasan- Expecting Baby ?
Part 4

Sanskaar: oh…. to I know I got!
Sanskaar: Yesterday u told that u will take care of baby.. but covered it right!?
Swara: umm….. yes actually!! (She pouts. He caresses her hair wid love.)
Sanskaar: Love u so so much…. u have gave me everything!! (Suddenly Raglak bumps in.)
Ragini: Swara!!!!! I’m so happy for u! (She hugs her. N kisses on cheeks.) I’m gonna be maasi!! No..no ! Chachi! Maasi sounds gud! Offo! Even chachi sounds good…. (Laksh smiles seeing her cuteness.)

Laksh: (Takes Ragini side.) Wife.. u be here n think.. let me greet my nephew! N my beautiful bha bhi. ..! (Swara n Laksh laughs while Ragini fumes. He takes him aside.)
Ragini: Oh Mr. husband! U go away! She is my sis first then ur beautiful bha bhi! n i have decided! Let him call anything to me he wishes to! (Raglak keep fighting n Sanskaar takes them back.)
Sanskaar: Oh hello husband n wife! U both go away! Bcoz she is my cute wife first n then all her relations… (Both RagLak fumes at him and drags him away.)

Ragini: Hoe mean Sanskaar!
Laksh: First look at u! Swara…. I wanna talk to my nephew!
Ragini: No Swara! I’ll talk first!
Sanskaar: No wife! He is even my child I need to talk first! (They three keep quarrelling while Uttara n Parineeta come.)
Uttara: Bhabi! Let’s go…
Parineeta: Yes.. We wanna talk to our kid! (Swara nods n leaves. They 3 keep quarreling like kids. N Sanskaar notices Absence of Swara.)
Sanskaar : where did she go!?
Ragini: Who!?
Laksh: Arey! Where did she go!
Sanskaar: Because of u they went!
Ragini: No! U interrupted!
Laksh: Yes!

Sanskaar: wat!?
Ragini: Don’t copy my dialogue Laksh!!
Laksh: U have copyright or wat!?
Ragini: Of course! !
Laksh: So I also have….. (They both keep quarrelling n Sanskaar leaves.)
Sanskaar: (in mind) Both r stupid! Where did she go yaar….!? (Uttara n Parineeta take Swara in meadow.They spend some time together. Then they go inside the house. All sit n chit chat. Ap asks them to have dinner. Sanskaar sees Swara n goes to her. Swara smiles. Suddenly Sujata comes n drags her to dinning table. )
Sujata: Chalo beta… I’ll feed u wid my own hands!! (Swara goes n turns n smiles towards Sanskaar. All have seats. They start. Sujata, Sumi,Dadi,Ap n Ragini feed her. )
Swara: Bas karo! I’m full now! I can’t eat more!

Ragini: Arey! U have eaten hardly anything!
Laksh: She has eaten 3rotis, 3 cups rice n dal n sabzi! Wat else u expect her to have!?
Ap: Shut up! U don’t interfere! Swara only one spoon!! Pls….
Sujata: Ha.. Sirf ek.. (Swara pouts n looks at Sanskaar. Sanskaar nods n she nods. She eats 5 spoons!!)
Dida: Now it’s my time! I have brought desserts!

Parineeta: N I’ve brought chocolates! I’ve heard kids love them when they r in womb of their mom!
Uttara: N I will feed her sauf! (Swara looks amazed. Dida brings sweets.)
Swara: Seriously I have to eat them!????
Dida: Ha! (Gents laugh at her situation. She pouts….. Sanskaar feels sad for her.)
Sanskaar: Dida….. let it be! I’ll give her the sweets afterwards…..
Dida: Oh!! That means these sweets wud go in vain!! (All look at her.)
Sanskaar: Why!?
Dida: Because Shoru wud find ur kiss I mean… sweet more sweeter than these….???
(Swara blushes n everybody laughs.)
Sanskaar: Kya dida…. (After lunch the servant cleans the table.)

Ap: Ji. ….. Wat was telling that wat if we arrange some puja on this very nice occasion!?
Dp: Yeah! It wud be so nice!N Swara n Sanskaar wud start their parenthood wid God’s blessings……
Swara: That wud be really sweet!
Sanskaar: Yes…..
Sumi: Ok… Shona now go to ur room! Don’t exert urself! (Swara nods. Ragini takes Swara to room. Then others plan about the puja. Sanskaar seems to be thinking deeply…. He gets up n goes near kitchen n walks idle. Sumi notices him n goes to him)
Sumi: Sanskaar!! Wat happened beta!?
Sanskaar: Ma….. I’m a bit worried!
Sumi: For wat!? Aren’t u happy wid ur baby!?
Sanskaar: No no!! I’m most happy! But I’m not sure whether I can be a good dada or not….
Sumi: Oh! Sanskaar… when I was pregnant even Shekhar was concerned but trust me….. u will do it.

Sanskaar What if I won’t! ?
Sumi: So don’t worry! Coz it’s not a competition! Now go n sleep peacefully! (Sanskaar smiles n hugs Sumi. He leaves. In room Swara was watching cartoons n on the AC. Sanskaar comes n sees all that.)
Sanskaar: Swara! U have on the AC!?
Swara: Y I can’t! ?
Sanskaar: Do u remember 1st night of this room…..!?
Sanskaar n Swara awkwardly in room. Sanskaar on th AC. Swara feels cold and asks him to off…?
—–FB ends—–
Swara: Yes. .. but now it’s not so! (He comes near her.

Swara: so dadda…. how r u!? (Sanskaar smiles.)
Sanskaar: Yes bachhu! I’m all fine! ??
Swara: Bachhu!? Wats that!??
Sanskaar: Now we don’t have any idea who is the baby!? Girl or boy! So it’s a sp casual name!
Swara: Obviously it’s a girl!
Sanskaar: How do u know!?
Sanskaar: Coz I’m her mom!!
Sanskaar: Oh…. Wat it’s a boy!?
Swara: Umm…… its fine!
Sanskaar: But I wish it’s a girl! But if boy.. no worries! We both wud team up n tickle u! N if girl then we both wud team up n…. N. ….. irritate u!
Swara: Achha!! Ur so mean!
Sanskaar: Is it! lol? leave it n sleep….. (He gets up n brings pillows n surrounds her wid pillow.)
Swara: Sanskaar wat is this!?
Sanskaar: U shud not fall down! Last time u remember u fell!
Sanskaar wakes n sees Swara after confession. He sees her eyes struggling with sunlight. He goes n Turns curtains. He walks n sees her about to fall n runs to her n catches her.
——-FB ends—–

Sanskaar: I can’t take risk!
Swara: But….. ok! Then keep on one side na! Why on ur side!? Ur there na!
Sanskaar:No! I can’t sleep there! Wat if I disturb u or push u!! No! No! I can’t take risk!?? (She sees his innocence.)
Swara: Wat the f**k! Ur sleeping wid me!! Got it! Nowhere else!
Sanskaar: But….
Swara: Its order of bachhu!!?
Sanskaar: Ok mallika-e-Sanskaar?
Swara: Hhehehehe!! (They sleep. Swara tucks in Sanskaar’s blanket.)
In morning.
Gadodias arrive for puja. All set up is done. Sanskaar wakes up n sits idle.Swara Gets up N sees Sanskaar.
Swara: Sanskaar!
Sanskaar: Thanks u got up! Wait wait! (He makes her stand.)
Swara: I’m not a kid!
Sanskaar: But have a kid in ur tummy mummy!?

Swara: so funny!?
Sanskaar: U go n have bath…. I’ve done ….. N keep on singing! I want u to be safe!!
Swara: I’m bad in singing!
Sanskaar: Ok then talk just knock door after 1 min….
Swara: This too much Mr.Sanskaar! I’m not go on a run! Or slip!
Sanskaar: Don’t talk this??!
Swara: (Tease) Ok then. …. u accompany me again! Let’s go n have shower together! ?
Sanskaar: R u mad!!
Swara: oh! In Isle Esme u urself used to drag me! N now!!?
Sanskaar: But that was different! It was the process going on for chhotu!?But know she is in ur tummy! Wat will she think about us!
Swara: She is romantic like both! She won’t utter! She wud hide herself!??
(She drags him in bathroom. After some time Ap comes.)
Ap: Swara !!! ( Both get shattered….)
Swara: Ha ma!

Ap: Oh ur bathing! Come fast! Today I’m gonna make u ready! N even All ladies wud accompany! (Swasan gets tensed.)
Sanskaar : Now how shall I exit!
Swara: I don’t know!!? (All ladies come. Swara wraps in towel n Sanskaar in another towel.)
Ragini: Swara come fast!!
Swara: Yes…. (Swara holds his hands…She was about to slip when Sanskaar holds her.)
Sanskaar:(Shouts) Swara!! (Swara realises that he shouted. All ladies hear Sanskaar’s voice n gets concerned for Swara.)
Sumi: Shona!! (Sanskaar hugs her.)
Sanskaar: r u fine!?
Swara: Yes…. (They come out .everyone sees them.)
Ragini: R u fine! ?
Swara: Yes. .. (They sigh in relief. ? They notice Sanskaar in towel.)
Sujata: We r u doing here!?
Ap: Where did u came…. !?

Pari: U didn’t see!? He came wid Swara from bathroom!
Ragini: U can’t stay away wid my sis for a min!!
Sanskaar: Oh hello! I know how much ur glued to Laksh! N by the way… Swara slipped n I hold her!
(Everyone giggle on the situation n Sanskaar wears his clothes n leaves. All ladies make her ready n brings down. Sanskaar keeps on looking.She comes n sits on sofa. The puja starts n Parineeta n Adarsh sit for the rituals. Ragini sees Sanskaar staring at Swara wid mouth open. She goes n shut his mouth.)
Ragini: Sanskaar! Close it or else mosquito wud kiss u instead of Swara! (All sitting on sofa laugh.)
Sanskaar: U go n worry for Laksh as he is dying for ur kiss.. (tease)
(Ragini fumes n gives angry look n goes near Swara.) (The puja gets over n Panditji blesses all. He prays for safety n health of baby.)
Sanskaar: Ma… Let’s have breakfast n I’ll take Swara to doctor…
(All agree n have breakfast. Ragini also accompanies them. She sits back. After 30 mins. …)
Swara: Sanskaar!! Pls drive fast! ?
Ragini: Sanskaar! Wats the speed!!

Sanskaar: 20….?
Ragini: Make it 10! Ur wife is pregnant! N u shud keep her safe!? (He lowered the speed! )
Swara: u both r acting too much! We wud be late! Drive fast!
Ragini: Shut up! Sanskaar u ignore her! (They reach the clinic after an hour!? They come to doctor.)
Doctor: So.. Ur here for check up!?
Swara: yeah.. (She takes her for check up n Both Rag San worry. Swara comes.)
Sanskaar: wats wrong!? I mean is she fine!? Tell me! I will do anything for her… N bachhu! Is she alright! (He speaks on… Swara holds his hands n Signs to shut his mouth.)
Doctor: She is all fine! But she needs to be pampered lot. These 9 months can prove harmful as she is not so strong because she is still young….
( Sanskaar gets tensed.) But don’t worry! She wud be fine….
(They leave. Sanskaar gets relieved. At home…)
Sanskaar: Ma.. We need to care her lot..
Ap: Yes we wud!
Sujata: u don’t worry! (Laksh comes. Sujata asks Swara to take rest.)
Laksh:(Tease) Sanskaar!!
Sanskaar: wa Laksh! ?

Laksh: Swara is climbing the stairs! She has ur bachhu! U know how she jumps n walks! Go! (Everyone laugh. Sanskaar runs n picks Swara in bridal style.)
Swara: Wat!? Put me down!
Sanskaar: I’ll drop u to room! U can’t climb stairs properly!
Swara: WHO told u this!?
Sanskaar: Whoever might have…!! (He climbs. She looks at Laksh. Lakh Winks. )
Swara: (In mind) I will not spare this idiot!

At Night.
Swara finds Sanskaar walking here n there tensedly.
Swara: Wats wrong!?
Sanskaar: (a rushes) Wat! Some thing is wrong! Wats wrong!?
Swara: I’m fine! Why r u tensed!?
Sanskaar: Nothing… (She pouts.) Ok. . I’m worried whether I wud be good dad.
Swara:Awwww! (She he cups his face n caresses.)

Swara: I’m sure u wud! U proved to be good son, son in law, then my friend, boyfriend! N now a husband! N u wud definitely be sweet dadda! World’s best father! N why to worry! When I’m wid u!? I Now sleep! (She pulls him n makes him lie on bed. She asks him to close eyes. She kisses his cheeks,eyes,nose forehead n finally his lips.) Good night prince! Night dadda!
Sanskaar: Night princess n bachhu! (He sleeps She states at him lovingly n sleeps on his chest.)

Recap: Baby shower….. Dance….. Labour!

Guys guess whether it’s a boy or girl n suggest some names..I’m confused!??? Bye…☺????

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  1. hey it means in next epi baby will be born???
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    are u on india forums? i saw ur ff there also,..even i commented….

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  10. Nice yar. Make them twins girl name is sanskriti n boy is swaraj(swara will keep sanskriti name n sanskar will keep swaraj) This shows how much they love each other

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