Swasan- Expecting Baby Part 3 (Isle Esme Honeymoon)

Swasan – Expecting Baby ?
Part 3

Swara: Dida…. Let’s go to my house back!
Dida: Tomorrow! For sure!!
Swara: Ok…
Dida:N u have a sleep! !
Swara: No dida!! (At night Sanskaar calls her.)
Sanskaar: Hey princess!!
Swara: (Excited) I love u prince!!
Sanskaar: I know it!!
Swara: Sanskaar I’m so happy 2day!!
Sanskaar: Y!?
Swara: Bcoz I’m. … (She realises that she shud not disclose) Happy!!
Sanskaar: Ur weird!! Anyways…. I was missing u!
Swara: I’m also!! (To herself) Even our baby is missing her dad!! (She smiles)
Sanskaar: U know wat..!?
Swara: Say….

Sanskaar: I think we shud make a world record!
Swara: Which!?
Sanskaar: Ur 20… I’m 21…right. So we wud live minimum 90….. So in this span we can produce so many kids!!
Swara: R u mad!?
Sanskaar: Yeah… One year one baby!! How’s my idea!?
Swara: Stupid!!
Sanskaar: Acchha ok baba ji! !
Swara: 100putra putri bhava!! (She chuckles.)
Sanskaar: Ok! I won’t mind! After all u will have to deliver them!
Swara: shut up Sanskaar!! First look for the one which we have!! (She mumbles.
She bits her nails as she gave him hint of her pregnancy.)
Sanskaar: We have one wat!?
Swara: One… One… U have me n I’ve u!! (She fools him tactfully.)
Sanskaar: oh… ok! Good Night!! Take care of ur tummy!
Swara: Yeah I’ll take care of baby…. (She mumbles again…)
Sanskaar: Baby!?
Sanskaar: So wat!! U treat me like a baby!! I meant I’ll take care of ur baby which is me!! (She he fools again.)
Sanskaar: Ok… bye… (He hangs.)

Swara: Swara u r such an idiot! U wud have spoilt all the excitement!
(She sleeps. Next day Dida and Swara work on their plan to make Gadodias’ enter Maheshwari mansion. Swara talks on phone fakely n loud. Dadi hears her.)
Swara: Ha…. ok. But u will come to badi or Maheshwari mansion!?….. Achha ok. So we will meet u there…. (Swara leaves. She goes out n enters badi from backdoor n locks herself in her maternal room.Meanwhile Dida searches for Swara. Dadi notices her n Tells her that Swara went out.)
Dida: She is so weird!! A guest!? I’ll see her!
Dadi: Wait…. even I’ll come.. She is even my grand daughter!
Dida: When did I deny!? But u wait.. I n Swara wud bring the guest at Maheshwari mansion. U all go there…. (Dadi nods. Dadi asks Shekhar to get ready. Shekhar,Sumi, Dada ji n Dadi leave for Maheshwari mansion. Swara Ragini.)
Swara: Hello… listen.. me n dida r coming there. We have a special guest wid us…. (She smiles n touches her tummy.) N ask everyone not to leave house.
Ragini: But Swara! Which guest!?
Swara: Don’t ask me so much! We r coming.. bye! (She hangs…)
Ragini: But …. Swara! She is a kid! ? (Ragini informs everyone about it.)
Ragini: Maa…. Swara told that she n Dida r coming wid a guest.. special guest!
Ap: Who!?
Ragini: She didn’t say name…. (Gadodias arrive.)

Sumi: Ragini.. Swara told that she is coming wid Ma here wid a guest..
Ragini: She told me the same.
Ap: Did she let u know guest name!?
Sumi: No. … (Maheshwari n Gadodia wait in hall. Swara n Dida arrive)
Swara: Dida… I’m so happy!!
Dida: Yes. ..
Swara: All wud be so happy! N Sanskaar!!? (She runs inside. Everyone sees her.)
Dida: (Whispers) Walk slowly don’t run.. U have ur baby… (She wara nods n smiles. As she stepped her heartbeats increased…. She looked at Sanskaar n her heart came off ribcage..?)
Ragini: Swara…where r guests!?
Ap: Yes. . I’ve made all arrangements.. (Dida looks at Swara.)
Swara: The guest is special! N u can’t see him.. nor he can.. but we have heart connection…
Sanskaar: Swara don’t get filmy!! U r fooling us or wat!?
Swara: No.. guest has come Sanskaar! (She smiles.)
Sumi: Ma wats she saying! ? U tell
Dida: Shoru tell….
Swara: Ma…. The guest is saying that she is inspired by her nanu n nani’s relation…!! (All get confused.)
Sumi: Who nanu n nani!?
Ap:Swara wats wrong!?

Swara: Ma.. even he likes his badi dadi’s food…..
Dp: Swara!?
Swara: N bade papa even she likes her bade dadu like dadi!!
Sujata: Swara wat r u speaking!? Who dadu n Dadi! ?
Rp: Swara… beta pls tell…
Swara: N yes…. He even likes the cute nokjhoks of his chhote dadu n Dadi…!
Ragini: Swara y r u changing gender of guest!?
Laksh: exactly! He is boy !? Or girl!?
Swara: (Gets irritated as no one understands.) And my chachu is big duffer!!
N she is confused to call Ragini as maasi or chachi!! (Ragini smiles n doubts.)
Sanskaar: Swara… enough yaar!
Sanskaar: That’s wat!! He is irritated! At least u understand! She expected that her mom dad r soul mates..! !!!! (Sanskaar looks at Swara. Everyone look at her when she addresses mom n dad.)
Sanskaar: Swara…..?!!
Swara: (Smiles n cries.) N dadda…. u shud take care of my mumma!! N me also as I’m currently in her womb..!!☺☺(Ap n Sujata look.)
Ap: Swara…..!? (They doubt.)
Ragini: U r… Swara!?

Swara: Arey yaar!! Try to understand!! (Sanskaar goes to her n holds her hands. He signs her to confirm. She nods. He smiles n cries. She hugs him.)
Swara: We r expectinga baby!!! Sanskaar n Me r gonna be come mom dad!
(Everyone become happy. Sujata runs to her n drags a Sanskaar away?.)
Sanskaar: Mom!! (Ap comes n drags him more back!! Each one hugs her n congrats her.)
Sanskaar: Arey. … y r u all ignoring me! Was it possible except me!? I also need to be congratulated!!? (Everyone laughs at his childish behaviour.)
Swara: Look… He is still behaving like baby! Though he is father now!!
(All share sweets. Sanskaar goes to Swara n hugs her…..)
Sanskaar: Swara…. I’m so happy! We r pregnant!!
Swara: Wat!????
Sanskaar: I mean u r pregnant n we r gonna be parents!! I’m damn excited… I love u yaar…
Swara: Love u too!! I love u!
Sanskaar: two times love u!?
Swara: One from me n other from our baby!!! (They laugh.)??

Recap- She needs to be pampered n cared… These 9 months can even prove harmful….!!?

Guys pls comment n look at the pic it’s really cute… Those legs n hands specially!??

Credit to: Duggu


  1. Hitakshee

    Its very very nice n interesting….i loved it keep the good work on….waiting eagerly for next…episode..???.

  2. Omg… so sweeet epi… cute… all family membrs did not expect such a grt news frm swara… amd her way of telling relations ws nice… and expecting baby hahah nice… duggu this ff is differnt nd i sw d pic in first epi itself.. dat feeding bottle baby feet all are awesome.. hmm swara gave big surprise to her family nd superb epi duggu…

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