Swasan- Expecting Baby Part 2

Part 2

(Bose house.)
Dida: Shoru……
Swara: say dida. ..
Dida: Y r u wearing mangalsutra!?
Swara: umm.. Dida I’m married again….
Dida: waat!? (Swaragini look at each other.)
Swara: yes dida…. Actually …. We pretended n then wid my company Sanskaar fell for me… then we both got married wid rituals n forcefully bcoz of Ragini. We got proofs n We parted our ways but bcoz of Ragini I landed in Maheshwari mansion n spend time wid Sanskaar. N one day Ragini got kidnapped n I doubted Sanskaar .. my biggest mistake! Then he was proved innocent n he ignored me. I begged for his attention but failed. I realised I’m in love wid Sanskaar but got forcefully divorced. Then Kavita came… Sanskaar’s ex. But he broke up n chose me. We diced to remarry n we did…….
Dida: oh!!… U love each other!?? It’s so weird!!
Swara: Dida!?
Dida: Sorry … but u look gud 2gether……
Swara: thanks dida. (Swara hugs her. )
Ragini: No me? (Dida hugs her too. Sanskaar comes home n sees Swara’s frame.)
Swara: Princess pls cm fast…. I can’t live wid out u…. (Swara feels as if Sanskaar was calling her. Dida makes both of them eat rasgullas. N they leave. Swaragini come back home. Swara runs to her room. She hears shower n understands that Sanskaar was bathing….)
Swara: Pls come fast!! (Swara wara he says softly.She shuts the door. She sits on couch n thinks about their holidays…. Suddenly she feels giddy. Everything in front of her started rotating. She gets up to drink water n drinks. She feels better.)
Swara: wat happened!?…..!? I need rest…?? (Sanskaar comes out n sees Swara. Swara smiles n runs to him.)
Swara: did u miss me!?
Sanskaar: yeah y!?
Swara: I thought so. ….. (Sanskaar pins her to wall. He starts kissing her. Swara feels cramp in abdomen. It was unbearable. She shouts.)
Swara: SANSKAAR!! (Sanskaar breaks of n gets tensed.)
Sanskaar: Swara. ….. r u fine!? Swara!???
Swara: (Holds tummy.) Yes….. (He makes her sit.)
Sanskaar: Kya hua!? Shall I call doctor!? It’s unbearable!?
Swara: Sanskaar…. Cool! It’s gone! It was unbearable but now it’s not! Cool!
Sanskaar: ok…. u sleep! (He makes her sleep.) Ab so jao… I won’t disturb…
Swara: (Holds his hand.) Hey, handsome!! where r u leaving!??
Sanskaar: when I’ll leave u will sleep……
Swara: Ok… If u go I will follow u back!! Decide!
Sanskaar: so stubborn!
Swara: I’m born stubborn u see! (She drags him near n starts kissing again. He tries not to be strong on her. Door knocks. Sanskaar opens n it was Ragini. Sanskaar gets fed up.)
Sanskaar: Y does she always interrupts us !! (He murmurs. Both listen him.)
Ragini: Sanskaar! ?

Swara : shut up guys!..
Ragini: No actually I wanna know r u fine!? I heard u…
Swara: nothing… actually. ….. (She looks at him.)
Ragini: Sanskaar did something! ?….
Sanskaar: Shoot! Y do u drag me!?
Ragini: Swara he did nothing ?
Swara: No Ragini! it was a tummy cramp . Now I’m fine!
Ragini: ok. Swara u sleep n Sanskaar leave her alone………
Sanskaar: Oh hello miss…. I was leaving but ur sis dragged me..
Ragini: Swara… sleep!! N u come down!.. ( Swara nods. Ragini leaves. Sanskaar looks at Swara n Swara gives a flying kiss. Sanskaar smiles n leaves N shuts door.)
Swara: Mrs. Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari now sleep! ur prince Charming went! (She takes blanket n sleeps. Meanwhile Ragini cooks food n Sanskaar does his job. After 3hours Sanskaar goes to his room. He opens the door n keeps files. Swara gets up n feels dizzy. She falls unconscious on bed. Sanskaar turns n sees her fallen. He rushes to her.)
Sanskaar Swara!! Get up Swara! (He sprinkles water on her face. She opens her eyes . Meanwhile even Ragini comes to see her n sees Swara.)
Ragini: Sanskaar wat happened to her!??
Sanskaar: I fell unconscious……
Ragini: Swara!! u were unconscious!! (She panics.)
Swara: Ragini…. Don’t panic! It was just dizzyness! I’m fine! I’ll take medicines.
Ragini: ok!
Sanskaar: Ha…. I’ll call doctor n ask him about medicine on ur cramp also….
(Sanskaar takes his phone. Ragini’s tubelight lights!?)

Ragini: Swara cramp aaya tha na!?
Swara: only for 5min…
Ragini: N unconsciousness…..
Swara: come to the point!!
Ragini: Sanskaar don’t call doctor…
Sanskaar: but y Ragini. ..!?
Ragini: Swara wats ur date?
Swara: Date!? Oh that! But why!?
Sanskaar: wats on Ragini! !? Wat date n all…!? (Confused)
Ragini: Sanskaar u don’t interfere in girls talks. … Keep quite!! Swara say!
Swara: 15…. sometimes before but never late….
Ragini: it’s 18 2day so might be…
Swara: impossible!!
Ragini: wat!?
Swara: Ragini I don’t have it right now….
Ragini: Sure!?
Swara: of course!!!! 2moro I will go to doctor….
Ragini: ok…..

Sanskaar: Now pls tell me something!??
Swara: Ragini thought it to be menstrual cycle pain… But it’s not…
Sanskaar: Oh! So it was really a girls talk! When to go to Doctor! ?
Swara: 2moro… (Ragini goes. Sanskaar takes his pills n sleeps. Swara looks in mirror.)
Swara: Wats happening to me!? Am I normal!? (She gets a minor cramp in tummy again. She touches her tummy.) Woah! It’s so unusual! But I’m liking it! But why!? (She gets feeling of nausea n runs to washroom. She vomits. Sanskaar wakes up.)
Sanskaar: Kya hua princess!?
Swara: nothing only vomiting!? (She again rushes to washroom n vomits. Sanskaar hands over towel. She wipes her face. She hugs him. N he pats her.)
Sanskaar: R u fine now! ?
Swara: hmm…… (Swara he looks up n comes close. She kisses him lightly n shouts.)
Swara: Sanskaar!! (She collapses down n starts crying.)
Sanskaar: Wats it!? Swara! say something!
Swara: Aahhh. … Sanskaar it’s paining badly!! Sanskaar!!
Sanskaar: wait I’ll call Ragini!! (Swara cries lot. Sanskaar rushes to door)
Swara: Sanskaar…. let it be. … (She gets up.) It’s not paining now!!
Sanskaar: What!? (He goes to her.) it’s not paining!?
Swara: ha… (She wipes her face.) I’m fine….
Sanskaar: Now I get it…!! Whenever we come close ur tummy pains…
Swara: so….!?
Sanskaar: we shud have distance…..
Swara: is ur brain intact! ?
Sanskaar: yeah… or else I’ll go out … For business…
Swara: I’ll follow u even there! !
Sanskaar: so I will send u somewhere!
Swara: in next room!? Because u can’t keep me alone!!
Sanskaar: ok then! I’ll drop u to badi! N u cannot foolow me then! I’m sure! Be ready….
Swara: U r so mean! I will not go anywhere!
Sanskaar: I will pick u n send badi!
Swara: So mean!!
Sanskaar: oh thanks Mrs.Swara…..
Swara: I just hate u! Pls don’t separate me!
Sanskaar: Good Night! Sleep… (He tucks in blanket. She looks t him n smiles. She forgets anger n tucks in wid him.)
Swara: Let me at least tuck in 2day
Sanskaar: U can…. (He holds her waist n drags near. She makes him keep his arm on hers n hers arm on her tummy. They sleep.)

(In morning Sanskaar gets up early.)
Sanskaar: She is still asleep!?? (He was amazed.) it’s 9! Wat is happening with her!? She never woke after 8:45! N it’s about 9:15….. Shall I wake her!? No! Let her sleep…. yesterday she was not well….
(He goes in bathroom. Meanwhile Swara gets up. Sanskaar finishes bath n asks her to. He gets ready n asks her to. She was all irritated.)
Swara: Sanskaar….. I don’t wanna go!!
Sanskaar: you will have to…. (They leave. They sit in car n leave.)
Swara: I promise I won’t come close…..
Sanskaar: u will break promises….. better we stay way for more says…
(He drops her at Bose house n leaves. Swara takes her guitar n plays it. Dida comes.)
Dida: Shoru, take this rasgullas…
Swara: I don’t want then Dida!! I want Sanskaar….
Dida: u changed so much!
Swara: I’m myself surprised upon my behavior…. wats wrong wid me!?
Dida: I’ll cook the lunch… u do whatever you want to. …..
Swara: Thanks dida!! (Dida goes. Swara falls asleep. In sleep she feels uneasy. She wakes up n rushes to washroom. Dida sees her. She vomits again…..)
Dida: Shoru!!
Swara: I’m fine !! (She sits on couch. )
Dida: I think I shud call Mr. Ramadan….
Swara: who the hell is he!?
Dida: u forgot!??? He is doctor living in badi!! I’ll call him!
Swara: let it be dida…. after lunch! (Dida agrees n continues her work. Swara somehow spends her day roaming in Gadodia n Bose house. Next day when she was helping Dida she falls unconscious again. Dida calls the doctor. Doctor checks her pulse….)
Doctor: (To Swara) Since when r u been not well!?
Swara: From yesterday…..
Doctor: have u missed ur date!?
Swara yes actually…
Doctor: (Smiles) These all the symptoms of pregnanacy….!! (Swara n Dida were amused.)
Swara: What !??
Doctor: Yes…. but u need to check….
Swara: I will….s
Doctor: Buy the kit n test…. N do inform ur husband!!
Swara yeah sure! Thanks!! (Doctor leaves. Swara becomes all overjoyed. Dida hugs her.)
Dida: Congratulations Shoru!!
Swara: Thanks dida!!!!!!??? I’m so happy!!
Dida: I’ll tell everyone!!
Swara: No dida !! We will surprise them! Even Sanskaar!! (Dida agrees n brings the kit. Swara tests n it turns positive.)
Dida: At least now eat rasgullas!! (Swara eats it. She was all happy.)
Swara: I’ll tell Sanskaar tomorrow!!! He wud be so happy! Even Im so happy!! I love u baby!! (She touches her tummy.)

Recap: I’m gonna be granny!???

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