Swasan- Expecting Baby Last Episode !!


Swara: Sanskaar!! Jaldi karo! Bachhu ko bhi toh tayar karna hain!
Sanskaar: I’m done re…. Only checking the likes on Instagram!
Swara: (Peeps in his cellphone.) R u a kid!?
Sanskaar: No..y!?
Swara: u r behaving like a kid! N not like a papa..
Sanskaar: Oh! To kya kids instagram check kartey hain!?? Really!?
Swara: Sanskaar!! Kitne bure ho tum….. Jao main na thare se baat karoon.. (She pouts.)
Sanskaar: (Pulls her cheeks) N u r behaving like a kachha nimboo!?
Swara: how mean!! Pehle bhi kahan hain ki don’t call me kachha nimboo!?
Sanskaar: ok! Ab Chale..!? (She he nods. Both go in baby room n make their twins ready.)
Swara: Tumhari beti Bilkul tum pe gayi hain..

Sanskaar: Of course! (They smile n play wid babies when Ragini calls them. They come out. Bose n Maheshwari were there. All caresses the babies. Swasan smile seeing them….)
Ragini: Hello ladies n gentlemen… As u might be aware that me n Laksh had conducted a game of names… N the winning names r to be finalised….
Laksh: So der kis baat ki… Let’s do it! ? (They all stand n were curious to know the names. Sanskaar helds Swara from back. Laksh pulls the thread n the curtains open. The names were……
Swara n Sanskaar look at each other with amusement…. Ragini looks at their expression n smiles.)
Ragini: So Swara n Sanskaar r u happy or amused!?
Swara: That means…
Ragini: Yes! U both wrote same names n Swara u picked His n vice versa…
(Everyone look at them n smile.)
Swara: So Sanskaar…
Sanskaar: Hmm…
Swara: how r feeling when 2 more names r attached to ur !?
Sanskaar: jimedaari badh gayi hain princess mumma… ☺
Swara: hmm…. I love u
Sanskaar: Love u two three four… (They smile.)
Ragini: group photo ho jaye!? (Everyone nod. Swara makes them stand.)
Swara: Ab sab thik hain!! (Left to right) Bade papa n Badi ma then Mom n Dad fir bhai bhabhi N Uttara…phir Sanskaar aur mere liye jagah rakho !! Ok! Then Ragini n Laksh fir Ma baba aur dadi Dada ji n Dida!! done!?
Sanskaar: Ab jaldi se start karo aur yahan aao!! (She nods. She sets timer for 20 seconds n clicks. She runs to them n takes Swasan in her arms. Sanskaar had already held his daughter Heva. Both come close n smile. The moment gets clicked. Happy Ending……!???

Wait Wait Not So Soon!! ??..

After the pic N function Swara n Sanskaar go to their room.
Swara: Sanskaar ribbon kholu!?
Sanskaar: Wait princess!! (He opens the door n takes her inside. He opens the ribbon. She slowly opens her eyes n gets amused. Their wall had a big photo frame of both. Pic – Swara kissing the nose of Sanskaar..
Swara: Sanskaar….!? U did…
Sanskaar: Yes! Coz I love u so much!!
Swara: I love you too…. (She turns n hugs him. He hugs her tightly back.)

(I can’t think like the writers of Swaragini. N so ending it….)

N don’t worry guys I’m returning with ff The Curse soon? on Telly update. N leave ur comments quickly.

Credit to: Duggu

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  1. wonderful ..!

  2. Hi duggu after so many days!!!!!! How was your exams??? Nice episode ????? swasan rocks!!!!!it’s was very cute. When are you starting the cruse and please give me a spoiler of it and it’s details. Are u going to write twilight season 2!!! Waiting eagerly for all the future ffs u are going to write????????

    1. Soon..?

  3. Hi duggu!! How are u ??? After a month u are posting ff !! Really missed your stories
    The episode was tooooo cute ,sweet and happy ????. When are you starting new ff and please give me intro of your new ff The cruse and are u going to write twilight season 2 ???

  4. but the names and the last part is different from that on fb…anywayss….i read ur curse also on fb….this is one of the best ff’s i read… swasan gave me soo much na…
    n will u write twilight diaries season 2????????

  5. great but when u will start twilight diaries season 2 plz eagerly waiting for it

  6. The prt u gv on fb was diff… & this 1s difff!!!
    Wats this….???? Names r also changed

  7. Very nice Duggu….back after a long time…..how very your exams???…..n plz write twilight dairies 2nd season.

  8. I hope the swasan nose kiising photo scene will truely happen in swaragini…
    As usual awesum

  9. I wating for ur ff

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