SwaSan- My Everything shot 10 by Samaira

Hey guys Samaira here.. So this is going to be the last part of the story.. Thanks a lotttt for all those who commented love u all..
Let’s start:-
The scene starts with swasan sitting in the car and both r smiling towards each other remembering their plan..
Swara was really upset tht she had to go to her so called house.. All the moments where she cried and her sadness was coming in her
mind.. She was on the verge on crying.. Sanskar saw this and stopped the car with Jeri when they were on the journey of reaching bose mansion..

Sanskar(cups her face) shonaa what happened y r u crying…
Swara looks at him but Dosent say anything..
Sanskar-(remembers abt her family) shona it’s only a matter of few hours and then u will be back right..
Swara nodded in no cutely..
Sanskar- accha OK let’s so one thing we will
other stay some time in ur house.. And then we will leave from there making an excuse..
Swara gets happy and smiles at him..
Swara- but what will family see if we come home early.. And u also have to go to office right…
Sanskar- no problem shona we with will go out and spend time with each other.. (pouts) we never went with each other since marriage.. And abt office leave it I will take a Leave..bhayya ‘s office is far away from ours so no issue..
Swara smiles at him.. – u have become very smart being with me.. She says and raises her imaginary collar..
Sanskar ‘s eyes widens up seeing his drama queen.
Sanskar – accha ji..
And both were having g some cute and sweet moments with each other before they reach the bose mansion..
Flashback ends..

SwaSan were happy as they would go
somewhere and have some quality time with
each other..
Swara- Sanskar but where r we gonna go..
Sanskar- to our favorite place!
Swara jumps in excitement…
Sanskar smiles seeing her..
After an hour or so they reach their favorite
SwaSan gets down from the car hand in hand..
The weather was really very romantic.. And they were enjoying the pleasant breeze..
They slowly comes to the edge and sits there..
OK so they r on a cliff!!
Swasan were just sitting with each other whole swara ‘s head was on his shoulder.. It was really An amazing time spending ur time with ur soul mate!
This is not the first time during the time when swara was Sanskar ‘s employee they both used
to come here.. As they had turned gud frnds..
They both were silent.. Still speaking so many words to each other..
Just then the sun slowly started to set!!
It was sooooooooo amazingggg moment..
Though they have seen it a lotttt of times from
her but still.. Always they feel some unknown happiness in themselves..
SwaSan gets up and sees the sunset while clicking some selfies..
They both goes towards the car and goes to a Dhaba which was near by..
Both gets down and gets happy.. Seeing the full Punjabi style.. Thought both were not Punjabi but loveddd the food items.. After enjoying the delicious means both left towards the Maheshwari mansion..
Maheshwari mansion :-
This time swasan were tired so we’re just listening music.. They finally reached home and went inside..
Sujata rp raglak and ansh..took swara with them.. And Swara spend her rest of the time with her family..
They were enjoying a lotttt..
Whole our hero was in their room and doing some office work..
After some time swara came inside..
Swasan room:-
Swara came inside smilingly towards him..
Sanskar also passes his cute smile back to her..
Swara- Sanskar let sleep na it’s aldready late..
Sanskar-no shona just one more hour u plzz sleep.. I will come..
Swara nodded as he was really tired..she lays
down on the bed still keeping her gaze fixed on Sanskar..
Usually when swara is tired it Disney take more than a minute and she is fully asleep.. But this time it was something very different

She was trying from more than 10 Minutes and she is not falling asleep but still she was feeling so sleepy!!
Sanskar notices this and slowly comes to her closing his lappy..
He comes and takes swara in his embrace swara smiles at him..
And closes her eyes.. And guess what she sleeps In a fraction of minute..
Cause she was missing the warmth embrace of her husband her soul mate..
Sanskar smiled seeing her sleeping peacefully… And kissed her forehead.. Swara
smiled In her sleep..
Sanskar was slowly trying to get up and some work was pending..
Just as he slowly tried to get up our heroine makes a cranky face.. Sanskar tried a lot of
times..but swara did the same.. Loosing hope
our hero sleeps cuddling to his heroine..both were having a blissful smile on their face.. Showing how happy they r in each other ‘s embrace..
As usual our SwaSan woke up in each others
embrace.. Smiling together.. They got ready.. And was really unaware of the big shock the r going to get form their family!!
Just as swasan came down.. They saw raglak who were passing naughty smiles to them..
Sanskar got actually scared as whenever they do this something big would be happening..
While swara was standing confused..
This game was going on till they were having their breakfast..
After everyone finished their breakfast they the in the hall..
Sujata passes an envelope to Sanskar.. While he was confuse..
Sujata signals him to open..
Swara was standing beside him only..
Raglak rp were having a smile on their faces..
Just when Sanskar opens.. He gets a bigg wala shock!
Everyone chuckles seeing his expression except swara as she wasn’t knowing what was there..
After waiting for few minutes she got irritated
and peeped in the envelope.. And getting a bigger shock than our hero..
It was written HONEYMOON package to Goa!
Sanskar was infact happy tht he would get a chance to spend some time with swara.. But

then he remembered abt swara.. Now it’s just a
week and they r coming little close removing the awkwardness.. But he didn’t want to start their relation from start and didn’t want swara to be uncomfortable..
Just as he was going to refuse.. Swara saw
this hand tightly nodding in no.. Which was
unnoticed by the family. Sabdjar gave her a confused look.. But swara was like I will tell u later..
SwaSan room:-
Swasan came inside locking the door..
Sanskar just wrapped his hands around his chest..
Swara came there..
Sanskar- shona y didn’t u let me refuse them..
Swara- Sanskar firstly didn’t u see the happiness on family members face.. Thy were so happy how could we make them sad(pouts) and I never went Goa which I wanted to go..
Sanskar was proud of his decision.. To chose swara who always cares abt his family.. Oops their family his mind corrected!
They both were happy..
Night time:-
SwaSan were busy packing the clothes as the flight to Goa is in 4 hrs!
They both were happy from inside..
Swara packed all the western dressed as Sujata and ragini asked her to do so..
Finally our SwaSan were in the airport.. Sanskar was wearing a black shirt with blue jeans looking extremely dashing and Swara was wearing a white cute frock below her
knees.. With some cute work and along back shrug looking veryyyy y adorable..
Both were just perfect for each other!!
Family didn’t came as swasan strictly forbidden them. As it was quite late night and they didn’t want their family to have any kind of trouble..

SwaSan after doing all the formalities was eating for their flight..
And sitting at the waiting area..
All the girls behind then we’re eyeing Sanskar…
Swara saw this and was highly Irritated or say jealous! which was unknown to her..
And before tht both were getting bored sitting bother..
Swara engulfs her hand in his hand..
Both walked and roamed in the airport.. While a earphone was pligged in swara ‘s ears and one
in Sanskar..
Both were doing some window shopping.. Ate something and finally sat in the plane..

SwaSan were sitting with each other in the
aeroplane.. Swara was beside Sanskar while Sanskar ‘s seat was near the window..
Both were just chit chatting due to being tired swara slept..
Sanskar called the air hostess and wrapped a
blanket to her and covered himself from it…
The other couples were aww seeing them..
Really they were sooooooooo adorable!!

Fianally our heavenly SwaSan got down and after doing all the formalities were waiting
outside for the driver..
Actually swasan ‘s honeymoon was a package.. Raglak booked it cause the package would make swasan play some games and all and other couples would also be there with them and stay in the same hotel!
Swasan were waiting for the driver to Cone..
Just then they saw a driver holding a name plucked written..
Swasan chuckles seeing it.. Thinking whose
name could it be..
Sanskar waiting for a lotttt of time got highly irritated and called the Manger..
Sanskar-what is this we r waiting no since half n hour.. And ur driver has still not arrived..
Manager- no sir our driver gave aldready left he
is holding a swasan plucked..
Sanskar- who the hell is this swasan.. We r swara and Sanskar.. He says being frustrate..
Manager – sit it’s u only swara and Sanskar makes swasan so we wrote swasan..
Sanskar cooled down and slightly smiles..
Swara was also hearing the covo and she too smiles..
Atlas both sat in the car..
Swasan were sitting close to each other and
looking out of the window.. Discovering Goa..
Just then swara widens her eyes up seeing a couple kissing each other at the main road!
Sanskar chuckles seeing her expression.
Sanskar- shona this is very common here..
Swara nods still surprised and shocked as this is not common like this in their place..

Hotel :-
Finally swasan reached the hotel..
And went inside the room..
They gets shocked seeing the room it was fully decorated with rose petals!
As it was a honeymoon suite..
SwaSan felt odd seeing this..
Sanskar noticed this..
He went and removed the petals from the bed.. Swara was lovingly gazing him as he cares for her sooo much..
SwaSan changed their dresses and rested for sometime..
2hrs :_
After 2 hrs our Swasan were ready.. Swara was wearing a blue frock and Sanskar was wearing a yellow t-shirt and coat.. (the same outfit they
wore during their picnic in serial!)
SwaSan were really going mad seeing each other.. Both were admiring each other.. As they were looking sooooooooo cute and handsome..
Sanskar-Shona chalo let’s go..
Swara nods just as they were going..
Swara checked her neck.. Her mangalsutra wasn’t there..
She got every tensed as since their marriage she haven’t removed it for a single time also..
Sanskar notices this..
Sanskar- Shona don’t worry I have tht with me..
He removed it from his pocket..
Swara was happy and took it from him.. She was looking at him like how did u get it!?
Sanskar- actually when we were sleeping u were little disturbed as it was sticking to ur
hear.. Soo I removed it..
Swara gets little angry.. – Sanskar plzz don’t do tht again.. This thread my mangalsutra is the prove tht I belong to YOU only to YOU so plzz..
Sanskar was really happy listening his words when she said tht she belongs to him..it was a
pleasure to him..
Who won’t be happy listening these words from his wife..
Sanskar-sorry he makes puppy eyes..
Swara melted and nods..
Both leaves..
An auditorium :-
As it was the package.. So swasan would have to do some activities and all..
Their were some other couples with them too..
Everyone every single couple present their was jealous of our Swasan.. The girls were crying on their fate tht y didn’t they get Sanskar before.. And same was with the boys..but did our SwaSan care! NO they were in their own world happily being with each other…

Rest of the time was spend like tht only.. They did so many activities which actually brought them closer.. Like trusting at each other knowing that their soul mate won’t let them fall.. Expressing their love.. Having trust as tach other.. No doubts in the heart.. SwaSan were really happy.. And this week actually brought
them closer as they started to be physical.. Like swara would kiss Sanskar ‘s cheeks.. Hug each other.. And same was with Sanskar.. He was happy as both were coming a little close.. No tht much bit still this meant a lotttt to
them.. Only physical closeness is not important in a relationship… They were really happy and felt blessed to be with each other.. And blessed to have a family as they brought them closer! They used to talk everyday with them.. Swara sometimes used to msg bose family..
Even after reaching goa swara informed abt going for honeymoon!!
Swara was really comfortable with Sanskar as she knew how much he loves her.. Both were really happy.. Sanskar too..
Finally they reach back home.. Taking a lotttt of memories back with them!
Leap of 6 months :_
It was exactly 6moths and a week they got married.. Time flew like wind.. SwaSan r really close now…not physically though.. SwaSan trust on each other grew more end more..
Sanskar love also grew very much for swara..
And Swara finally started to love Sanskar back and was taking a little time to understand..
Raglak as usual were the angles or say cupids for them to make them close..
Ragini was again pregnant abt 3 and a half months..
Out little hero ansh recently turned 5!
Sujata swaragini ‘s bond grew stronger and Stronger..
Swara also got the best father in form of rp..
There was no awkwardness between our Swasan now..
They were the best of frnds and could talk anything with each other..
And trust was toh never ending on each other…

SwaSan room:_
We can see tht our SwaSan r sleeping.. But not in each other embrace for the first time! It’s not something like a big issue..
But it seems something big happens.. A blush was there on swara ‘s face..
And Sanskar too.. Smiling idiotic ally..
Let’s see what happend..

Today was Sunday.. And raglak ansh and Sujata rp went to some relative ‘s house.. Sanskar was busy and Swara too in their office work so they were in home only.. Fully enjoying with each other bit something unexpected happens..

It was evening and swasan were sitting near the pool side keeping their legs in the pool happily chit chatting!!
Just then suddenly it started to rain…
Swara as usual loving the rain started getting wet.. While our hero was trying to control her so tht she dosent get unwell…
Sanskar – Shona plzz na yaar.. U will get cold and fever plzz come Inside..
But swara was toh swara..
Swara- Sanskar yaar come here it’s so amazing.. When the rain drops fall on u..
She says twirling around looking damn beautiful..
She took Sanskar out of the shed..
Now Sanskar was also totally wet..

Sanskar ‘s throat went dry seeing swara.. She was wearing a white top and black half pajamas..
The top was sticking to her body revealing her body parts.. Making Sanskar go crazyy.
Just then swara noticed Sanskar ‘s gaze.. She was awestruck seeing g Sanskar.. He was looking no less than a hero.. In his white the shirt and tracks..
Slowly slowly Sanskar moved towards swara..
Swara was just standing their blushing profusely..
Kabhi Jo badal barse..
Mein dekhoon tujhe aankhein bharke
Tu laage mujhe pehli baarish ki dua…
Was playing in the back ground..
Sanskar was very Close to her..
Both didn’t knew what was going g on.. They were really lost in the moment..
Sanskar slowly cups her face.. And they shared an eye lock..
Sanskar slowly took her lips and sealed it with a kiss!! Their first kiss!.. Both were really enjoying it.. Swara ‘s hands reached Sanskar ‘s hair fisting them.. While Sanskar ‘s hands reached her waist holding it protectively..
Both were tasting each other.. Totally lost in it..
Sanskar was tasting her soft Lipe like honey.. While swara was getting same pleasure tasting his rough lips..
Getting out of breath both broke the kiss!!
Como g directly to the world..
Sanskar and Swara realizes what were they doing.. A blush appeared on their face..
Sanskar was just looking at her..
Swara not able to meet his gaze hugged him tightly..
Sanskar too responses back..
Till then the rain also stopped slowly..
Both were really feeling good..

They both went to room silently changed the dressws and slept..
as the family was stuck in the rain they said they will come late night..

Morning :_
SwaSan were again sleeping in each other ‘s embrace.. As they can’t sleep without each other.. Family also came back home..

Swasan woke up and smiled at each other.. They got ready and came down..

Today something big was going to happen.. Sanskar best friend or say childhood frnd was returning.. She was just coming for a day.. Kavita! Even raglak and all shared a gud bond with her and loved her a lotttt..
Sanskar was continously talking abt her making Sara highly jealous..
Which wasn’t noticed by Sanskar..
As all were having breakfast.. Suddenly a girl in a black top and white jeans looking extremely gorgeous enters..
Sanskar seeing her literally jumps out of his seat and runs toward the girl..
Family embers also gets happy and goes towards sher..
Only swara was standing there little sad..
Sanskar took her in a tight hug!!
Sanskar-kavii yaar.
Kavita laughed and left her down..
Both started talking.. Raglak and Sujata rp also got busy in her forgetting swara and making her damn irritated..
Sanskar-(lovingly) Kavii she is my wife swara..
Swara smiles at him.. While Kavita also smiles at her..
Kavita- hello swara.. I must say u r very lucky to get sanskar..
swara smiles fakely at her..
Sanskar-it’s not like tht even I’m very lucky to have her..
Kavita was like aww seeing them..
Whole day passes Kavita and Sanskar were fully together remembering their childhood days.. Both were enjoying.. Even full family was with her all the time.. Not leaving her for a second also.. Swara felt extremely bad.. As this is the first time she was not being with her family.. For the first time they were not pampering her.. It’s eventual for her how would it feel when someone being treated so special since all these moths being left out! Sanskar didn’t knew he was hurting swara.. Whenever Sara was trying to talk to him Sanskar would always go to Kavita.. But even he was wrong as what he was doing was not intentionally.. But the fact was intentionally or unintentionally.. He was hurting his lady love.. Kavita was really happy for Sanskar to get swara.. But meeting her best frnd after 6 yes made her so much excited and be with sanskar..Nd abt the family it was not like tht were ignoring swara.. But everytime being with Kavita.. Made her feel tht.. Kavita was always special too themm.. As Kavita was always in their home and it was like she was brought up in their house so.. They were treating her special..

Finally Kavita left.. Sanskar remembering swara went to his room back while everyone went to their respective rooms..

SwaSan room:_
Sanskar entered the room only to hear some sobbing sounds.. He got really tensed and saw tht swara was lying on the bed.. Showing her back tightly hugging the pillow..
He was really tensed and was like y is she crying.. Because be wasnt able to remember his actions.. He didn’t knew tht it would hurt her.. Even he didn’t knew tht he was hurted by it..
Sanskar fastky went and took swara in his embrace.. Swara was still crying and looking down..
Sanskar takes her in his lap like a baby sitting..
He was feeling bad seeing her crying..
He cups her face..
Sanskar-Shona what happens y r u crying baccha..
Swara started to cry a little more as she was talking to Sanskar after a whole day..
Sanskar ‘s eyes also got be as he can’t se her crying..
Swara- Sanskar.. I…. Felt.. Really.. Bad.. Seeing.. U…u..and Kavita…. To.. Together.. I know… She.. Is… Ur best… Frnd… But dint… Know.. Y… I felt…. So…. Jealous..
She said in between her sobs..inncoenyly..
A guilt covered Sanskar ‘s heart.. He felt really bad… His heart pinched seeing her crying because of him..
No doubt it was unintentionally but still he hunted his princess..
Swara looked up at Sanskar.. As he wasn’t responding..
She got shocked to seeing Sanskar bowing his head and tears were flowing from his eyes!
Swara makes him look at her..
Sanskar holds her hand still not looking at her..
Sanskar- Shona..shona..im.. Really.. Sorry… I failed… I… Failed… To fulfill…. The… Pro.. Promise.. Made to u… Made.. To.. Myself.. Tht… I won’t…. Let… Let.. A.. Single… Drop… Fall.. From… Ur.. Eyes… And I… Only.. Made u cry… Plzz forgive… Forgive ur… Sanskar.. Shona… Plzz.. I’m…. Really sorry… For… Hurting…. Hurting….. U…. I… Didn’t do…. It… Intentionally..
He said while the words were barely coming out of his mouth..
Both were crying..
Swara- it’s… It’s.. OK.. Sanskar… I only.. Reacted… Such…. I’m sorry… Sorry.. Too..
Sanskar nodded in no.
Swara- Sanskar.. U.. Always made me feel special.. I wasn’t.. Able.. To tolerate.. Tht… Someone.. Else.. Was… Also so… Special..
Sanskar cupped her face.. – Shona.. No one is more important to me than u.. Get it.. Kavita is my best fend.. But..u r my soul mate my wife.. My life..
Swara lovingly looked at him.. – Sanskar.. The.. Day.. When u actually.. Ignore.. Me na.. Would be the last.. Day.. Day.. Of my life..
Suddenly anger took over Sanskar hearing it..
He looked swara with rage eyes and kissed her.. This kiss was really hard tull.. He was saying her.. How could she say tht.. She would die.. What would Sanskar do without swara..
He finally broke the kiss.. And saw some blood traces on swara ‘s lips and felt little fluidly.. But fault as hers how could she say like tht to him!
Sanskar slowly took her in a sweet lip lock.. Swara was also enjoying it..
Finally they broke the kiss..
Sansjar was hell close to her. Their foreheads were touching each other..
Swara- Sanskar but it’s true I can’t live without u.. There is no swara without Sanskar.. And no Sanskar without swara!! I really LOVE u.. She confessed.. Finally…
Sanskar went mad hearing it..
Sanskar-Shona what did u say.. Say it again..
Swara- I love u Sanskar.. I really do..
Sanskar kissed her forehead and hugged her tightly.. – I lobe u too!! He confessed..
Both were really happy being in each other ‘s embrace…
Sanskar broke the hug and lovingly loomed at her..
Suddenly a thunder stroke making swara scared she again hugged him…
It started raining heavily out there..
SwaSan ran out towards the balcony..
The balcony was huge so they could easily get wet…
They both were really enjoying the Raun..
After getting totally wet Sanskar saw swara… He was really going crazyy seeing her… She was totally wet and he private parts were expos able..
Swara notices this and blushes..she was also too engrossed in Sanskar ‘s body..
The rain was working as drugs.. For them..
#di listen ijazat song while reading this..
Ek baat kaho
Kaise bataaye, kaise jataaye
Subah tak tujhme jeena chahein
Bheege labon ki, geeli hansi ko
Peene ka mausam hai peena chahein

Ik baat kahoon kya ijazat hai
Tere ishq ki mujhko aadat hai
Ik baat kahoon kya ijazat hai
Tere ishq ki mujhko..
Aadat hai o.. aadat hai..
Aadat hai o.. aadat hai..

Sanskar moved towards her.. And slowly cupped her face taking her in a blissful kiss.. Both were enjoying it… Swara ‘s hands were on his chest and hand..
Sanskar ‘s hands were on her waist..
Both were totally lost… And enjoying…
Swara shivered when she felt Sanskar ‘s hand in her bare waist…
Sanskar pinched her taking a pleasure able moan from her mouth…
They broke the kiss..
Sanskar was not in his sense going with the flow..
His head reached towards her neck.. He slowly was placing wet kisses on her neck..
Making her feel so awesome..
Swara was holding Sanskar tightly…
They shared an eye lock..
Sanskar took swara to their room..
Little mature content:-
Sanskar made swara ly on the bed.. He come up on her and again tooj her in a kiss…
Sanskar places some wet kisses on her neck and places a bite on her neck..
Swara- ah.. Sanskar..
Sanskar came in sense listening her koan.. He actually felt guilty for touching her without her permission
Swara notices this and gets up..
She cups her face and tightly hugs him..
Plzz make me urs.. Sanskar.. She whispered..
Sanskar got shocked and surprised.. He broke the hug and looked towards her…
She nodded in eyes.. He kisses her forehead..
Sanskar suddenly for up from bed.. Making swara shocked…
He went and switched off the ac.. And opened the heater as they were still wet and he didn’t twasnt her to catch cold..
Swara went aww seeing him she felt the luckiest girl in the world to get him!..
Sanskar then went towards her making her ly…
Sanskar kissed her once gain..
And finally marked her as his!!

The end!..

#guys I’m really sorry I’m very bad in romance so I couldn’t writr further..
And I’m getting 15 or 12 comments everyone. Guys this one is the. Last and I guess quite big so plzzzz I. Need 20commwts plzzzz guys.. Love u all take care.. And stay blessed..

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  19. Heyyyyyy… m sorry for late comment.. ???.. Was a little busy.. But this one was just tooooooo good.. Loveddd the story sooo much.. ???.. The way Swasan came closer and how Swara bonded with her family was just superb.. ❤️❤️❤️.. Thankfully u didnt show that Swara forgave her family.. ??????.. They didn’t deserve it.. But lovedd Swasan bonding and the way they admitted their love.. Swara was finally able to tell him only when she saw him with Kavita.. Awwww.. she cried so much.. but finally she admitted that she lovesssss Sanskaar.. ???.. And they finally became Swasan.. Just a mindblowing update and I can’t get over it now at all.. ???.. Superb end to a wonderful story and I hope we get to read an epilogue.. ??????.. Have lovedddd this Swasan story sooooo much.. So a biggg thank you to u for this one.. ???..

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    1. Samaira_khan

      Nisha!!! ❤️❤️❤️??? I was sooooooooooooooooo happy reading ur comment!! Love eeu thanku so much.. It’s by all ur comments tht I get encouragement
      .. And for our Swasan only I can write such.. Thanks a lottttt for ur sooooooooo lovely comment.. I was literally reading it again and again.. Thanks for ur appreciation..
      I would surely write an epiloge thanku once again.. Take care

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