Swasan- My everything by samaira – shot 9

Hey guys Samaira here thanks for ur response on last part.. I don’t think u guys r having interest in this story.. So I will finish this off by next part..
Let’s start:-
The scene starts with its morning.. Our heavenly couple r sleeping in each other ‘s embrace.. Looking damn cuteee..
Their was a satisfaction on swara ‘s face as yesterday night for the first time she shared her pain with her soul mate!

And our chocolate boy was also very happy more happy than swara.. Because his lady lobe shared it with him..
As usual the idiot sun strikes in their room making swara ‘s sleep disturbed she muzzles herself in Sanskar ‘s neck.. Like a cutee baby.. Sanskar gets disturbed and opens his eyes..
He finds the most heavenly sight tht his lady love is cuddling into him..
Shivers were going through Sanskar ‘s spine.. As this is the first time they r so close..
Sensing tht swara is getting disturbed by the

hairs falling on her face.. He slowly struck it behind her hair..
Sanskar was smiling like and idiot seeing swara ‘s she was looking so innocent and cute..
Sanskar chuckles thinking tht is really swara
But the answer was a bigg no..

Cause In this week he got to see a very naughty swara..
Our hero was Continiosuly admiring his heroine..
Just then swara starts to wake up..
Sanskar gets shocked as they r really close and don’t know what will be swara ‘s reaction.. He silently closes his eyes. Pretending to be asleep..
Swara opens her big wale beautiful eyes.. She gets mesmerized seeing Sanskar.. As he was looking g really very cute..

Just then she sees her surroundings and gets shocked finding Sanskar so close to her.. She then remembers abt the last night convo..a wide smile appears on her face thinking abt tht.. She silently thanks God for giving such a perfect husband!
Unknowingly swara moves towards Sanskar a leaves a peck on his forehead.. Sanskar just got numb feeling her touch..
Swara moves back reality struck her and she blushes but gets confused like y is she doing this.. She gets up and goes to get ready..
Meanwhile someone was getting really mad and dancing like an idiot!
Who could it be other r than Mr Sanskar Maheshwari!
Sanskar sits in the bed thinking abt the peck.. Till then swara comes out wearing a white Anarkali looking divine..
Our hero ‘s mouth was left open seeing her..

Swara felt his gaze and blushes proufously..
Sanskar notices this and smirks naughtily..
Sanskar-swara did u put something on ur face.. He asks innocently..
Swara gets confused..
Sanskar continues.. – ur cheeks looking too red..
Hearing this swara widens her eyes.. And gets a Lil embarrassed..

Just then she sees Sanskar smiling naughty.. Which he was trying to hide..
Swara- actually na someone was staring me sooo my cheeks turned like a red tomato..
Sanskar shocked swara rocked!
Sanskar gets shocked listening her bold and answer..

While now swara smiles naughtily..
Sanskar smiles sheepishly while our heroine was admiring him..
Sanskar went to get ready.. Swara removes his clothes as the ‘s usual routine..
Swara and sujata were gossiping.. Ragini was feeding ansh..
Sanskar gets ready and comes down..
Swara ‘s heart beat skipped a beat seeing him..
How could someone look so handsome asked her heart…
Swara just smiles..
Sanskar also smiles seeing her..
Raglak noticed this and fake coughs..
Ragini- someone is looking so handsome Hai na swara..
She asked teasingly..

Swara nods vigorously making everyone laugh..
Swara gets embasses..
All the way the Nok Jhon going on..
In this week swara too started to go to office.
. But today she took a leave..
As sujata asked her to..

Everyone were sitting..
Sujata- swara today u have to go to ur house and spend a day there as per rituals..
Swara went numb hearing it.. For the first time after coming to this house swara remembered abt her so called family..
All these while she even forgot tht did her family ever exist..
Sanskar was standing beside swara..
Sujata- Sanskar u drop her before Going to the office..

Swara was just looking at Sanskar.. While Sanskar just nods..
Raglak and ansh were quite sad as for the first time. There won’t be any fight for silly things.. Just in a week they made so strong bond..
Swasan sits in the car..
Swara was having some tears in her eyes as he dosent want to go there..
Sanskar noticed this and cups her face..
Sanskar- shona plzz baccha don’t cry.. Only a matter of few hours right..
Swara nodded cutely and gets haply seeing his love..
Swara tightly hugs Sanskar.. Sanskar respond it..
After breaking the hug Sanskar said something to swara.. Which made her quite relaxed and happy..
Finally they reached bose Mansion..
Just as swasan gets down..
Swara gets shocked seeing her family..
Standing outside with Aarti.. First time she could notice some love in their eyes..
Sumi Shekhar Kavita and Kavya were really guilty..
They all took swara in and made her sit on the sofa.. And everyone surrounded her..
Sanskar got a call so he went outside..
Kavita and kavya were sitting beside her..while sumi and Shekhar went to kitchen to check..
Kavita- di hows ur family..

Swara smiled- the best family anyone could get..
Kavkav felt bad and kind of jealous..
Kavya_ we missed u a lot di..
Swara chuckled- omg r u serious she replied..
Making them feel more bad and guilty..

Sumi came then..
Sumi- swara how’s ur bhabhi.. Is she nice or. Dominating..
Swara gets irritated- excuse me.. She is very sweet more than a sister in law she is like a sister to me.. The best sister I have.. She replied..
Kavya and Kavita d jealousy reached it peak..
Sanskar came after attending the call..
Kavita and kavya were sticking to him and talking.. Making swara irritated it say jealous..
Shekhar- swara come for lunch..
Kavita – we gave made ur favorite..
Swara got happy.. Everyone went there..
And sat on the dining table.. Sanskar was to washroom..
Swara gets sad seeing rajma chawal which she hates the most!
Swara- huhh is this my favorite..

all looks at her confused..
Swara- sadly.. I hate rajma chawal bit how would u guys now.. I never demanded anything from u.. Only busy with Kavita and kavya..
The hose family felt ashamed..
Just then Sanskar cones making swara smile..
Everyone gets happy seeing swara smiling..
After finishing the lunch..
Sanskar- Maa umm now me and Swara will leave..

Sumi-what but she will be here for a day right..
Sanskar-actually some people r coming to see swara soo..
Sumi and all nods sadly.. While swara smiles..
After greeting swasan sits in the car..
Swara- thanku so much Sanskar.. It was ur idea only tht to leave the place fast..
Sanskar smiles..

#to be continued

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