swasan-an everlasting love episode 7


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laksh and priya are staring angrily each other
Ragini-comeon guys shall we go some where
laksh-ok but……..i did’t brought my vehcile
Ragini-its ok laksh we will go in my car
eveyone moved to car raginii says who will drive the car
laksh-i will
priya-oh please no we have go home not hospital
manish says please priya don’t fight with him lets be frnd come sit.laksh and manish sit in front seats and rags and priya occoupied back seats

pari and swara are staring sanskar angrily
sanky-oh sorry.bhabi shall we leave
pari;ok they both bid bye to swara .swara also bid bye.swara wen insde and pari and sanskar went out.sanskar and pari way to home they struk in traffic a cool wind blows sanskar turns and he sees the muslim girl whom he saw in parking area he continuesly staring at her he forgotten his world.traffic is cleared but sanky is in another world.pai shakes him he back to his world
pari-what r u thinking sanky
sanky-nothing and he starts driving they both reached mm

sanky and pari entered the mansion
ap-tum dono agaye what doctor said
pari-maa everything is fine

manish-laksh everyone from here they going to states but u came from there.why?
laksh-becoz from childhood iam far from my family along with my brother.as my brother completed his studies he decided to back india so i can stay without my family because my sanky is wtith me.he always treat me as a her frnd,as his child not as elder brother.his is my life i can’t stay without his so i also decided to back to my home ground and continuing my studies
Priya-manish how mad u y u asked him see hw leangthy his fb
suddenly rags breaks her words and saying directions to laksh.laksh following her
laksh-where we r going
rags-u come to know just follow my instuctions
ragini says stop the car laksh parked the car and he come out of car he was in hell shock seeing the crowd there
Laksh-ragini what is this
ragini-sultan bazar
laksh-what bazar no its looking like a stadium no no lets go from here
ragini-no laksh we have a lot of fun here
laksh-fun….here…..manish dragged him.raglak,manish,priya went to bangle shop.ragini took a bunch of bangles
ragini(to vendor) how much it is
vendor-40 rupees
laksh-what one bangle 40 ruppees he opened his mouth
every one burst of laughing.ragini says no laksh this whole bunch 40 ruppees.they all doing shopping laucky is strugging in crowd priya is continously laughing seeing him .finally they completed they shopping went to their respective houses

night and dinning table all are did their dinner and went to their rooms
@sanskar room
sanky lied on bed he closed his eyes but he saw muslim girl eyes he was anable to sleep.he went to bolcony
sanky(himself by seeing moon)-what happen to me iam thinking adout her what magic she did with her eyes


Credit to: pratyusha

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