swasan-an everlasting love episode 5

Hai thanks for ur comments. actually i forget to say in my ff swara have spetacals but no one knows this even ragini too becoz you may come to know in further episode and think manish as karan wahi chote in naach bhaliye)
here we go,
manish:no no she is my best frnd
lucky;whats her name
manish:she is coming
lucky saw her he was suprised seeing her (bg : ishq wala love plays) laksh was in dreams
manish ; hai ragini
Ragini:hai manish
i think she will not come today also
manish:ha by the way he is laksh.laksh din’t response to him manish shakes him .he is back from dreams>ragini turns to him
Manish : u know him

ragini: ha mene bolana kall shoping mall
manish- ya is that he
lucky- ha
ragini -how is ur mom
lucky-fine lucky going to smething lecture enters the class
lecture starts class laksh is seriously listinng t class then he heard he turns to that side guys what u both doing
ragini: cant u see we r jumping through window
Lucky:i know that but y
ragini-arey buddu clss is to boring thats y we r going
manish: laksh join with us we have a great fun

laaksh is thinking
@swaragini hospital(it is swara’s own hospital)
in front of hospital a big car is stopped A handsome man come out of it he is sanskar along with pari
sanky;bhabi u wait here i will park the car
pari-come fast sanky
sanky odes and went to parking area
@parking area
sanskar parked the car and star walking to hospital but one girl collide him she supposed to fell down but sanky holds her he looked to her eyes it just like a pecock eyes they shared an eyelock sanky made her stand he was nable to see her face becoz she wore burka
sanky:r u ok?
then he listen a lot of horn sound and he back becoz of them vechles are struked he nodes then and he turns to the girl side she is disappeard sanky shurgged his shoulders and again stars walking to hospital
pari-what happen sanky y u take this much of time
sanky rememorised her eyes and says nothing

pari: so shall we go
sanky- yes they both enter he room sanky is shoched seeing swara there
pari-did u both met before
sanskarsaid ha bhabi i sid know shopping mall he saved our mom
Parri-accha thank you dr
swara-ur welcome sit
sanky_ r u allrouder
swara : excuse me
screen shift to collage
lucky says yes and he to joined with them and they went to backside of collage there is a big compound wall
manish;so we have to jump this
raglak are jumped out side and they waiting for manish.manish put his leg on wall some one holds his hand he turned with a great fear

screen freezes
i think u ppl likes manish as karan wahi and sry becoz iamm not getting swasan scencs but i will try my best

PRECAP:A new entry…………………………swasan and pari in coffe shop

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  1. Keep more swasan scenes yaar

    1. Sry u have to wait for swasan scenes

  2. Who was that muslim girl is she negative ……wow karan….. Nice episode…..

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