swasan-an everlasting love episode 13


raglak cute eyelock.their eye distrubed by manish
manish(shouted)-it,s time 11:50 pm swara is coming.swara entered the gm but gm main door is locked there is a borad written that come to terrace(terrace have two directions to enter ) swara went to terrace it so dark suddenly sanskar phone vibreted so he pick the phone some one calling him so he try to went down but priya stops him
priya-hey hadsome were r u going
priya -if u go from this direction swara di will see u better to go from another direction
sanky- ok. he went down then swara enters it is to dark
swara-maa,papa,ladoo pls come out ( with a fear tone) suddenly lights are on(it,s 12 ‘O’ clock ) every one shouted happy birthday swara.swara felt so happy and suprised seeing decoration ther was a fulll of pink and white balloons everyone greeted her

swara-thanku so much she took blessings from all elders and says i know this my laddo done this.i love u ragini they hugged each other
ragini-come lats cut the cake.swara cuts cake and feed to everone(but sanky is still on call).ragini introduce laksh to swara
laksh-happy birthday swara ji and gives bookye to her
ragini-laksh where is ur brother
laksh-i don’t know wre sanskar went
priya-sanskar went down

swara wnt down to her room then sanskar came up
swara-chaal aaj tu book ho gaya what should do now kajal i will remove my kajal swara wash her face and stood in front of mirror clossing her eyes slowly sanskar enterd her room ans stand behind there is an inch of gap swara with out opening her eyes she turned back she dashed sanky they both lost their balance and fall on bed they had a cute eye lock for a minute swara break their eye lock and says sanskar u here
sanky- i came here to wish u. he gugged he and says happy birthday. but i am angry on
saky-can’t u wait for me u cutted cake
swara-ok i will give u tommarro
swara- i have to think know.she think for a while and says ya i will take u to my favorite place
sanky-whare is it?swara-suprise
sanky-ok come everone is waiting for u .thay went to terrace.a
dadu-u youngstars enjoy we will do.all elders went down
priya-i have to go
manish-me too.they bid bye to swasan and raglak
swasan and raglak chit chating for some time
laksh-ragini we have to go

swara-ithna jaldi
sanky-hello mad madam its too late
swara-what u said mad madam tu kya pagal person
sanky-what u said pagal person,swasan stared fighting raglak try’s to stop but in vain
laksh-ragini say to swara to stop
ragini-y should i u say to ur brother
laksh-no u say to ur sis
ragini-no u say to bro.they both start fighting.all four stopped for a while,burst of laughing looking each other.sanalk says bye to swaragini
sanklak went to mm and swaragini went to their rooms ragini gives pack to swara
swara-what is this ? she opened the pack and says saree thank you ladoo
rags-to should wear this tommaro ok.come sleep my sweet baby they both slept
he was busy in doing work he phone rang
sank-hello chasmese
swara-r u busy

swara-ok then come to hospital we will go some where
sanky-ok.after an hour sanky came to hospital swara is standing out
swara-how much time u take i am waiting out
sanky-ok sry where we both going
swara-suprise.before that we have to another place
sanky-ok come sit
swara-no.park ur car we will go in my car

sankok wait he went to parking area but his eyes were searching for that girl.till a 5 min he become sad and went to swara(hey swara wears white sare)
they both sit in car swara is driving.she stopped car before a big mansion
sanky-whose house is this ur frnd’s
swara-no.they both entered the mansion but no one is there
swara-did’t listen to him and shouted kakka,kakki i know u all are here come out fast oher wise i will go.but no one is coming
screen freezes

Precap-swara’s favorite place……………………swasan romantic dance

Credit to: pratyusha

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  1. Sanskar to knw that girl is swara yaar

  2. nice but let sanskar know that the muslim girl is swara

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