swasan-an everlasting love episode 10


Hello everyone i am reveling that who is muslim girl was swara y she acting like that u come to in know when sanky meets swara(muslim girl) i thinking how to make their love scene one pair u all know that is swasan another one ralak or not u have to wait.
LAKSH class room

radhika:(HIS CASSMATE TO ragini manish and priya)-guys u people are looking very happy whats reason
priya says nothing yaar girl breaks her words i know the reason everyone looks confuse.she says ha u people trap a rich boy right.ragini gets angry she shouts at her and moves from there followed by manish and priya.they sit at their places angrily.Then laksh enters the class and walks to ragini
laksh-hey frnds what r u talking
priya(angrily) its none of ur bussiness
laksh-i am not talking to u
priya-but i am talking to you
laksh-what’s ur problem
priya-ha everone talking that u are a rich kid that’s y we traped u laksh intrepts her
laksh-so u people avoiding me
sanskar enters swara room

sanky-hello chashmees r u busy
swara-no nothing(she knows about his wound but she controlling her feelings her eyes filled with water)
sanky-i am passing thish way so i thought to meet u. He took injection how bad u chasmese u will gave injection to everyone
swara-no i wiil gave who will need that but now i will gave u she filled injection with liquid.she move close to sanky.sanskar starts running swara chases him finnaly she did
sanky-ouch!!! if anything happen to me i will complain to police
swara(in her mind)-thank god dressing tho nahi karpya.injection tho ki.he feels better.sanskar beats on her forehead where r u? come back please iam here to talking to you
they both spend time for sometime.after few hours sanskar went to office
manish-please try to understand
laksh-abi mera bhat puri nahi huva let me finish.I never think that u all talk like that
Ragini-laksh vo actually
laksh-ok then bye he went from there with a full of rage.he went to canteen followed by ragmanpriya .they says sry to laksh laksh avoids them he moves from there but priya holds his hand and makes puppy face by holdig her ears ragini to do this laksh laughs seeing ragini and says it’s ok guys.priya gives kick to laksh and says when i says sry u did’t listen when rags says u melted.they start fighting and they went to class laksh stares that radhika she coverd her face with book.lecture enters the class they four occupies there place.lecture stars class at middile of lesson priya says slowly which was heard to raglak and manish(actually manish and ragini front bench,lucky and priya behind there bench)

Priya-oh god this subject how boring it is no now i can’t control my sleep.she slept on laksh shoulder after few minutes class finished
laksh(in his mind)-see lucky day long she fighting with u and see how she slept on ur shoulder.manish and ragini were suprised seeing prilak
manish-ragu i think this is miracle day
ragini-ha manish se priya lied on his shoulder but he sit quiet
laksh-comeon ragini we r frnds
manish jumped to back bench.he comes close to priya’s ear and shouteed(boom) priya wakes with a lot of fear

priya-manish i don’t leave u i will see ur end manish star running priya chases him raglak are continously laughing.laksh sees ragini laughing and he mismerised her beauty
screen freezes


Credit to: pratyusha

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