Swasan The Eternal love (episode 3)

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Scene -1

In Swara’s room

Swara goes near her balcony and recalls the happenings of the day. She gets teary eyed thinking what might have happened to her if Sanky was not there. She is engrossed in her thoughts when her mom comes in her room with some medicines.
She keeps her hand on Swara’s head.
Shomi: Shona……
Swara on hearing her Mom’s voice comes back to her senses and hugs her tight. She starts crying while Shomi keeps caressing her head.

Shomi: Shona….plz beta don’t cry or else even I’ll start crying.
Shomi becomes teary eyed. Seeing this Swara quickly wipes her tears.

Swara: Look I’m fine…. So stop crying and makes cute faces.
Shomi: Kk now stop ur drama u nautanki…And have this medicines
Swara becomes shocked.
Swara: How did u know that I’m hurt??? (Confused)
Shomi: Coz I’m ur Mom. Now eat it fast
Swara: Mom u know ryt I hate medicines….they taste so bad…Yuck( and again starts her nautanki)
Shomi: I know so……(shows her a dairy milk) if u have the tablets I’ll give u this.
Swara: Mom that’s not fair( and sits on bed)
Shomi: Everything is fair in love and war( and starts laughing)
Swara too starts laughing. Then Shomi makes her have tablets and gives her dairy milk.
Swara: Thank u mom ur the best( and hugs Shomi tightly)
Shomi(responds to hug) : Anything for u shona…Kk now take some rest U have to go to ur new college tmrw Na
Swara: Yes Mom Gnsd tc
Shomi:Gud nyt Shona…and if u need anything plz call me
Swara: Sure maa now u go n sleep
Shomi kisses her forehead and goes. Swara locks the door and lays down on the bed. She recalls what all happened today. She gets up and takes her diary from the drawer and starts writing…. While writing she remembers about the mystery girl.
Swara(to herself): I’ll have to find who is that Mystery girl…
Again she proceeds her writing…..Swara starts thinking about Sanky….their meeting… His help..his cute antics and starts smiling unknowingly…. Soon she gets sleepy. She keeps her diary aside and hugs her teddy. She sleeps with a smile on her face.

Scene- 2

Sanskar’s place

Sanky is standing in his room in balcony when someone pats his shoulder. Sanky gets really happy and hugs the person.

Sanky: Ragini Di(and hugs her tightly smiling wide)
(Guy’s Ragini is Sanskar’s elder sis)
Ragini: Yes Sanskar it’s me( hugs him)
Sanky’s grip tightens on Ragini
Ragu: Oho Sanskar……Apni di ki jaan loge kya???(smiles naughtily)
Sanky quickly releases her.
Sanky: Sorry di….(while getting angry)don’t ever say that again
And turns his face. Ragini makes him turn towards her and holds her ears
Ragini: Cholly(with puppy eyes)
Sanky(smiles): It’s ok di…..But I want smthng
Ragu: I know(understanding what he’s asking smiles) come fast
Ragini sits on the bed…..And Sanky lays his head on her lap.
Sanky: Your the best sis in the world.
Ragini smiles and caresses his hair.
Ragini: So Sanskar how was ur day…
Sanky gets excited and narrates the whole incidence.
Ragini(holding her stomach laughs aloud): Sanskar….really….subway surf….and again starts laughing.
Sanky gets up and fakes anger.
Ragini(seeing Sanky): I didn’t knew my chotu brother is so brave.
Sanky smiles.
Ragini(unknowingly): If Mom and Dad were here they would be so proud of u..
Sanky gets teary eyed listening this.
(Guy’s Sanky lost his parents Ramtha 4 years ago in an accident)
Ragini understanding what she said consoles Sanskar.
Ragini: Sanskar plz dear stop don’t be sad…
But Sanky couldn’t control and starts crying..
Ragini(worried): Plz chotu stop crying…..plzz ur my brave baccha Na..plz
But Sanky keeps on crying. Ragini thinks smthng and smiles. She goes behind Sanky.

And starts singing a song

Rote kaaye ko hum,
Hey, rote kaaye ko hum
Hona hai jo ho
Sad hote kaaye ko hum

She goes in front of Sanskar and wipes his tears making him smile.

Cry cry itna cry
Karte hain kaayi ko
Itna darte hain kaayi ko,
Pal pal marte kaahe ko,

Why why aisa why waisa kyun hota
Yun hota to kya hota
Jo hota hai wo hota

She starts dancing along with Sanky

Fly fly baby fly
Dekhen aa ud ke
Dekhen baadal se jud ke
Dekhen phir na mud mud ke
Rote kaaye ko hum
Hey rote kaaye ko hum
Hona hai jo ho
Sad hote kaaye ko hum
Haan, raaton ko na sote kaaye ko

Cry cry itna cry
Karte hain kaye ko
Itna darte hain kaye ko
Pal pal marte kaahe ko

Sanky smiles.
Ragini: Now time to sleep you have college also Na
Sanky: Yup….Kk di Gn
Ragini: Gn

Sanky lies on bed and immediately sleeps…
Ragini stands near the door smiling looking at her brother. After a while she leaves.

To be continued……

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