Swasan The Eternal love (episode 2)

Hey guy’s it’s Hinata. I’m back with another chappy. This is a small one and I’m really Sry for that.
Thanks for the comments. It’s really overwhelming. Thanks to silent readers too.
I hope u guys lyk it. So let’s start.

Mystery girl smiles and leaves.

In car
There is complete silence in the car. So to break the ice Sanky starts to speak.
Sanky: So why were u here at this hour???
Swara: Actually I’m returning to Kolkata almost after 10 years so I just lost my way.
Sanky: Ooo..I see so ur originally from Kolkata
Swara: Yup…I was 10 when I was shifted to Mumbai for my studies.
Sanky: Kk that’s gud…so ur back in Kolkata …any important reason ????
Swara: Ya…My parents want to me to continue my studies here so..
Sanky: Btw wat ur studying???
Swara: I’m here for my MBA
Sanky: Wow that’s good. I’m in MBA final year.
Swara: Kk…that’s good.
Sanky: Which college??
Swara: xyz University…Wbu??
Sanky: That’s really good. I study in the same university
Swara: I’m happy atleast I know someone. I was so nervous u know.
Sanky : So frnds…
He forwards his hand to shake…. She happily shakes hands
Swara: Ya..frnds…ouch
Sanky(worried stops the car): Are u alright??? What happen??

Swara: While running I fell so got hurt…
Sanky sees her hand scolds her.
Sanky: You could have said me ur really careless.
Swara(making cute face): Sorry
Sanky: Kk now stop making those faces…
Sanky takes a first aid box.
Swara: You keep First aid box in a car???
Sanky: ya…for emergencies. Now show me ur hand.
Swara forwards her hand. Sanky applies her the ointment.
Swara: Ouch…slowly its hurting.
Sanky: Kk…
He blows air and does the dressing and again starts the car. In sometime they reach Swara’s home.
Sanky: So here u are…we have reaxhed.
Swara: Thank you so much( while getting down) Plz come inside.
Sanky: It’s getting late. I should leave.
Swara: Kk..but Nxt tym u must come.
Sanky: Sure…
Saying this he bids goodbye and leaves.

In car
He gets a phone call. The caller I’d shows Kavita.
Sanky: O shit!!
He sees the time. It’s 11:30pm. He picks up the call
Sanky: Sorry Kavita…I’m really sorry
Kav: U said u’ll pick me at 9:00 but u didn’t come. I don’t wanna talk to you.
Sanky: But Kavita I was stuck in an emergency…
Kav: Is anything more important than ur gf???
( Frnds Kavita is Sanky’s gf)
Sanky: Sry baby…I…
But kavita cuts the call.
Sanky( to himself): Now its gonna be really difficult to convince her..
Meanwhile he reaches his home.
Sanky stands in his room in balcony when someone pats his shoulder. Sanky gets really happy and hugs the person.

Swara’s home

Swara narrates the entire incident to her parents. They get shocked.
Shomi( Swara’s Mom): Thank god beta ur safe. She hugs her and cries
Shekhar( Swara’s dad): That’s why I ask u to take the driver…but u…U nvr listen to me.
Swara( whipes his tears): Baba I’m safe here…Now u don’t worry..
Shekhar: But..
Swara: I’m hungry…(and catches her tummy) Mere pet mein choohe daud rahe hain….
Shomi whipes her tears
Shomi: Bas dramebaaz…chalo khana khalo…
Shekhar: But Nxt tym…
Swara: I’ll inform u wherever I go…happy?
Shekhar: Yes

After hvng food Swara goes to her room…

To be continued….

Sry guys but I wasn’t doing well so couldn’t post….I know this chappy is boring but I’ll try to write better Nxt tym.

Plz do comment. Everyone…. Ur comments are really encouraging…Good or bad plz comment..

Thank you

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  1. Malika

    well well i am sad for such a small post but still really love swasan scene it was amazing . heheh bechara sanky now he will have to convince kavita and about swara well she is soo cute . woow it means swasan will again meet each other in college that’s great . well i like your writing skill it is really nice. hinata please update next one soon it is really awesome . keep smiling and stay blessed.

    1. Hinata

      I’m really Sry for tat but as I upload from my phone so I’m unable to give u long chappy….I’ll try Nxt tym..pakka..and thanks keep commenting

  2. Sus

    Hey awesome

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  7. Kakali

    Waaaa..! Phite muh Kavita ke.huh she is Sanskar’s gf here.! urghh but i love this girlfriend..!
    Loved it Hinata.! Continue soon.! Thnk u.. ;-*

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