Swasan~ Why me?! Episode 9


~~~~~~~~~Episode 9~~~~~~~~~

(Sanskar and Swayam reached Swara’s house.. Both of them were sitting on sofa when bua came)

Bua: Swayam?

Swayam: Ji Bua Ma

Bua(points to Sanskar): Bachha, who is he?

Swayam: He is..

Sanskar(interrupting Swayam): I am Sanskar Maheshwari.. Swara’s Boss

Swayam: And my friend

(Sanskar smiles , Bua was confused)

Bua(confused): Ohh.. Please sit.. what would you like to have, tea or coffee?

Sanskar: Coffee please

Bua: Sure.. i will be back and Swayam for you i am bringing milk

Swayam(mouth wide open): WHATTTT?!! Nooooooo! (Sanskar chuckels) Rasgulla! Stop laughing! This is not funny and Bua Ma please???? Don’t punish me.. I am just an innocent kid.. i wont trouble you but don’t do this with me (fake tears and crying face) Oh God?! Why did you made these humans so cruel.. why why!

Bua: Stop doing Drama.. am not gonna come in your talks.. I am bringing milk and you have to drink.. no more arguments (she leaves)

Swayam: Huh.. Khadoos !

Sanskar(giggles): Awww! Baby will drink milk now .. (pulls Swayam’s cheeks) kuchikuchikuuu?

Swayam(angrily): Laugh laugh! When Maasi and Rohan bhaiya would come na, then i will see

Sanskar(immediately left his cheeks and made a pout face): Champ! This is not fair

Swayam: Han han.. now laugh na

Sanskar: Okay fine .. M sorry

Swayam: Good

Sanskar(making faces): By the way, who is this Rohan and why he calls Swara as his Princess?!

Swayam(giggles): Why should i tell you?

Sanskar: Please champ.. see, i will buy you icecream

Swayam: Lol okay.. He is Maasi’s best friend ..

Sanskar: And?

Swayam: Well, Maasi just considers him as her best friend but i think Rohan bhaiya loves Maasi (winks at Sanakar who glares at him) Dont you think?

Sanskar(immediately): NO!

Swayam(laughs): Haha well when they will come then see by yourself?

(Bua comes and gives Sanskar coffee who thanks her, She goes to swayam with a big glass of milk)

Bua: Here, drink this now

Swayam(gulps): Bua Ma! This is sooooo big glass and am too small

Bua: Swayam! Drink it or i will tell your Maasi

Swayam(making faces and drinks in one go): Yukhh! So badd!

Bua : Good boy.. So, Mr.Maheshwari..

Sanskar(interrupting her): Please call me Sanskar

Bua(smiles): Okay.. Sanskar why are..

(Just then they hear someone laughing and looks back.. They find swara laughing whole heartily and she had her arm wrapped around Rohan’s arm.. He was cracking jokes and Swara was laughing.. Sanskar smiles seeing Swara laughing but seeing Rohan his face expressions changed and he was looking at Rohan angrily.. Bua notices Sanskar’s expression and smiles)

Swara(laughing): Bs Sweetuu! I cant laugh more yar

Rohan: Princess there are so many jokes left..

Swayam(from behind): Bhaiya!

(Swara and Rohan looks at him.. Just then Swara notices Sanskar )

Swara: Sir? You are still here? You still didn’t leave?

Sanskar(felt bad at this question): Wo.. i came for dropping Swayam and..

Bua: And i stopped him

Swara: Why?

Bua: Swara behave.. he came for dropping Swayam and I offered him coffee ..

Swara: Oh okay.. Sorry

Rohan: Bua! You forgot me! I am also here

Bua(smiles): How can i forget a dramebaaz like you.. How are you and you didn’t even inform about your arrival

Rohan: I wanted to surprise my princess

Bua(notices Sanskar expressions): Hmm.. Go and freshen up.. i will make something for you

Rohan: Okay

(Rohan leaves after bidding bye to Sanskar.. Swara also left taking Swayam with her without saying anything, Sanskar felt bad at her ignorance)

Sanskar: Thank you for the coffee.. i will leave now

Bua(smiles): You love her right?

Sanskar(shocked) : What?!!?

Bua: You love Swara

Sanskar(looking here and there): Nothing like that (takes her blessings) I will leave now

(He went hurriedly)

Bua(smiling): You do love her


(Sanskar was about to sit in his car when he heard someone calling him.. He looks back and saw Swara .. He smiles widely)

Swara(breathing heavily as she ran): Sirr.. Sirr

Sanskar(smiling like an idiot): Yes?

Swara: Wo.. wo.. Sorry and Thank you

Sanskar: For what?

Swara: Thanks for dropping Swayam and Sorry as i questioned you like that

Sanskar: Its okay for thank you.. But i will accept your sorry only on one condition

Swara(confused): What condition?

Sanskar: Call me Sanskar instead of Sir

Swara(shocked): What?!! No no! How can i..

Sanskar: Whats so difficult in calling me by my name?

Swara: Wo.. wo ..

Sanskar: Fine. I wont accept your apology then..

Swara: What! No thats not fair

Sanskar: Everything is fair in love and war

Swara: No i cant call you by your name

Sanskar: Your choice

(he turns and sits in car.. he starts the car and was about to go)

Swara(stammers): San.. Sans..kar.. Sanskar

Sanskar(immediately looks at her and gives her a thousand watt smile): Say again

Swara: No! bye!

(She runs inside and Sanskar was looking at the way and smiling and remembers how she called him by his name.. he was on cloud 9)

~~~~~~~~SM Mansion~~~~~~~

(Rags was in the hall reading magazines when suddenly she was twirled round and round)

Rags: Ahh! Bhai! Leave me

Sanskar(still dancing with her): I am so happyyyyy

Rags: Why? Something happened?

Sanskar: Swara called me by my name!

Rags: Really? So?

Sanskar(left her): So? You not happy?

Rags: Many people call you by your name but you never get so happy

Sanskar(stammering): Wo.. umm.. that.. uhh

Rags(naughtily): Something something???

Sanskar(immediately): No i don’t love Swara

Rags(mischievous smile): When did i say you love her bhai??

Sanskar(embarrassed): No .. i mean..

Rags: i know what you mean Romeo

Sanskar(shocked): Romeo?!!

Rags(kisses his cheeks): Muahh! My bhai is too cutee

Sanskar: Rags! You devil! I am not cute.. Youuu..

Rags(runs from there and shouting): Love is in the air!

Sanskar(confused): Love? Do I love Swara?

Episode ends..

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  8. Niku

    Soo cute epd…. Still sanskar is confuse n asking question form himself that he loves swara or not…..sachii m rasgulla h ye…
    One more thing u know swayam d hotshot cutiees is d who is having all d limelight not even d spotlight….he is in limelight….spotlight m toh swasan ….??poor love birds enki bhi position ko le skta h ff’s m…
    Love u dear..?update soon…

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