Swasan~ Why me?! Episode 8


~~~~~~~~Episode 8~~~~~~~

Swara (furiously) : Enough!!๐Ÿ˜ก

Bua: Beta..

Swara(angrily): Bs! I said its enough! How can you even think about this?!

Bua: Swara! When his own mother left him then.. And his father..

Swara: It was Amaya Di’s mistake that she chose blo*dy stones over a diamond

Bua: Beta please.. You know your Jiju na.. why don’t you send swayam to him..

Swara(teary eyes): I don’t want Swayam to suffer just like i did..

Bua: Beta but..

Swara (stops her by showing her hand): Bs Bua.. bht hgya.. I don’t want to discuss anything about this..

(Swara leaves with anger and teary eyes)

Bua(sighs) : I wish you were here my Son..

~~~~~~~~~Next Day~~~~~~~~~

Swara’s House:

(Swara and Swayam were doing breakfast.. Bua was in her room.. Swayam was continuously looking at the door.. Swara notices this)

Swara: Champ! Why are you looking at the door continuously?

Swayam (fumbles): No.. no Ma.. No Maasi.. I am not waiting for anyone

Swara(raises her eyebrow) : Is it? Then definitely someone is coming

Swayam(sheepishly smiles) : You will know soon Darling๐Ÿ˜œ

(Swara was about to say something when doorbell rang.. she looks at Swayam doubtfully.. Swayam runs towards door and opens it)

Swayam: Rasgullluuuu!

Sanskar: Hey champ!

Swara(comes there and was shocked) : Sir? What are you doing here?

Sanskar (rolls his eyes): Ms.Gadodia.. i don’t have time to answer your stupid questions so just go and get ready.. you have only five minutes !

Swara( mouth shaped in ‘o’ ): What the..! And where are we going.. we have to go to office

Sanskar: Champ! Tell your Maasi to get ready and come or i will leave

Swayam: Maasi! Go now! Goooooo (he pushes Swara who frowns in return and goes to get ready)

(Sanskar and Swayam were waiting for Swara.. After sometime she came down wearing a yellow shirt with blue jeans and a little makeup looking simply gorgeous.. Sanskar was lost in her.. Swayam who notices this smiles naughtily and pinches Sanskar)

Sanskar: Ahhh!

Swara: What happened Sir? Are you alright?

Sanskar(gives angry glare to swayam) : I am fine..

Swayam(winks at Sanskar): Anyways.. come lets go!

(All three leaves from there)

(A beautiful mansion is shown.. Servants are working.. A large bedroom is shown.. A man is looking at a photo frame on the wall and had tears in his eyes)

Man (teary eyes) : Why? Why me ? Why did you do this? Because of you am punishing my son.. Because of you i am not able to hold him in my arms.. Because of you i failed to be a good father.. I HATE YOUUU! (cries bitterly) I will never forgive you! You have moved on.. But what about me? I am unable to forget you.. You played well Ms.AMAYA! You played well!! I hate you so muchhh!! ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก


(Sanskar brought Swara and Swayam to a mall as Swayam wanted.. They got down the car and trio moved inside.. They went towards a toy shop)

Swara(squeals in happiness): Oh my Goddd! Toy shoppp!! Woww!

Sanskar(disbelied) : Are you a kid that you are jumping in happiness.. Dumbo!

Swara(huffs): Khadoos Insaan! If you don’t like toys.. It doesn’t mean everyone hates them!

Sanskar: Shut up you Miss Bak bak! I am not a kid to like all these

Swara(jaw dropped) : Oye! Mr. Karela! How dare you say me that!

Swayam(slaps his forehead) : Bss! How much you both will fight.. because of you two i haven’t even purchased one toy!

(Swara & Sanskar angrily looks at eachother..They did shopping and were sitting in a cafe eating icecrem.. just then a boy taps Swara’s shoulder.. she looked back but immediately she jumped over the person and smiled wide)

Swara: Oh My Godddd!! I don’t believe this!

Person(hugging her back) : Haha! Surprise Princess!

Swara: Sweetuu! What a surprise? How come you are here

Person: I just came to India and before going to your house i thought to buy something for you

Swara(pulls his cheeks) : Awww! Sweetuuuโค

Person(rubs his cheeks): Please princess! Am not cute okay.. So you tell me.. Where is that chota packet bada dhamaka?๐Ÿ˜œ

Swara(laughs): Hahah! You will never change .. there he is(points to Swayam)

Person: Hey Buddy!

Swayam(angrily): Don’t talk to me!

Person(chuckels): My my.. someone got angry.. okay.. Am sorry.. i will never leave like that.. please yaar.. sorry

Swayam: Fine! But you have to buy me 5 gifts๐Ÿ˜œ

Person(laughs): Haha okay done!

(Sanskar was not liking his closeness with swayam and swara.. And was looking at the person with furious eyes)

Person: Princess , who is he? (Points to Sanskar)

Swara: He is my Boss .. Sanskar Maheshwari

Swayam: And my Rasgulla Janu๐Ÿ˜˜

Person (smiles and forwards his hand): Nice meeting you Mr.Maheshwari

Sanskar(gritting his teeth): Hello..

Swara: Sir he is my Sweetuu (Sanskar looks at her) Sorry.. he is Rohan Malhotra

Sanskar(gritting his teeth) : Oh..

Rohan: So what My Princess is doing here?

Sanskar(shocked): Your Princess?!!

Rohan(chuckels): Of course.. She is mine only (winks at Sanskar who looks at him with blood shot eyes) Henaa princess?๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰

Swara(laughs): Stop it Sweetuu!

Swayam: Uff! If you both are done with lovey dovey talks.. shall we move ?

Sanskar(shocked): WHAT?!! LOVE?!!

Swara: Swayammm! Bs! Bht bol liya.. come on lets go

(Swayam chuckels and nods and looks at Sanskar who was furiously looking at Rohan as if he would rip him apart)

Sanskar: Yes.. its getting late..

Rohan: Come, I will drop you both.. i have to meet Bua too

Sanskar: No need! I took them here so i will drop them back

Rohan: Hey chill dude..

Swayam(chuckels): Its okay buddy.. we will go with Jaanuuu.. ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ

Swara: Swayam!!

Rohan: Anyways.. Dude..You drop Swayam as i have work with my princess

Sanskar(angrily): She is not yours!

Swara(shocked): Sir?

Sanskar(composes himself): Wo .. wo i mean.. You both are not lovers right nor married .. so..

Rohan: Whatever! Come princess.. lets go

Swara(nods): Okay

Sanskar: Where? Where are you taking her?

Rohan: Its a secret between me and my princess.. See you later

(Rohan takes Swara along with him and Sanskar was shooting daggers from behind.. Swayam laughs)

Swayam(laughing): Rasgulla! Please yar.. Stop being jealous

Sanskar(immediately): I am not jealous!! ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก

Swayam(chuckels): That i can see.. Come lets go

Sanskar(nods): Fine

(They both sit in the car and drove towards Swara’s home)

Episode ends..


Guys! I know you all are angry as i didnt post from so long.. Am so sorry.. i am busy with my studies and i dont get time to write.. please forgive me.. And yes.. I will post only once or twice a week.. So sorrryyy everyone but what to do these idiot books dont leave me na..once again sorry

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