SwaSan: Am I Yours (Episode-7)


Sanskar came back home. Priya and kids were visiting some friends in Dehli.

the house was dark and quiet.He sat on the sofa and was staring at the wall. There was only one thought on his mind

“ Swara. My beautiful Swara. Will I ever see you again?” He’s been crying for quite a long time and headache was almost unbearable. He got up and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water and some aspirine.

His cell phone rang.Swara.

“ Swara?”

“Yes. I know it’s late but I couldn’t leave it this way. I wanted to say that I am not angry with you and that I love you too. But we must leave it here. Sanskar. I would never do anything to hurt you or anyone around you. “

“ You are not hurting anyone Swara. Sometimes you just hurt me when I can’t see you, baby’

“ I never meant to hurt you. But you know that if there is ever anything between us we will hurt a lot of people. Think about it. So I am calling to tell you one more time. Leave my life and never come back. I didn’t mean to throw you away from my flat and I feel very bad about it. But now I am just asking you. Live your life. Enjoy your family and forget you knew me”

He couldn’t believe what he just heard.“ There is no life without you Swara. Swara let’s just do what you wanted from the very beginning. Let’s be friends.”

“ No sanskar. You know it well that you will never be my friend only. It will never be enough. “

“ Swara don’t say that. I don’t want to loose you. I can’t stand a day without talking to you. Don’t leave me here.”

“ I am sorry sanskar. I will try to forget tho I know it won’t be easy. Please don’t look for me. I am leaving for Europe.I wanted to stay here but I think it won’t do me good now.”

“ Swara…..Swa…..no..please……”

“ Be good to yourself and your family. And if you want to remember me just think about our first meeting. The morning coffee. And stop right there. It was the one and the only meeting. That’s it. I disappeared later. Goodbye Sanskar. Goodbye baby.
’She disconnected.

No he won’t give up so easily. He can’t let her go just like that. He must do something to stopher. Everything just went so wrong. So very wrong. There must be something he can do to fix it. To be able to see her again. But not tonight.

He was too tired and he couldn’t really think straight. His headache was killing him. He just took a painkiller and went to bed.

Tomorrow he will go down on his knees and beg her to stay.

Next day he woke up at 2 pm. His headache was still there. But he didn’t want to waste any more time.

After the shower and a cup of coffee he decided to call Swara again. She didn’t answer. But what did he expect? She won’t pick up. She made up her mind. Maybe talking to Ragini will help. Yes,he must talk to her sister and ask for advice. She will understand.

Swara almost finished packing her suitcase. She wanted to leave the flat as fast as possible and spend the last night in India at her sister’s house.

She was tired and so sad. She believed she would start her new life in India.

But “love and death always visit uninvited”. She heard this line in some film and now it applied perfectly to her life.

She took all her stuff and left.When she arrived and ragini’s house she saw his car in the driveway.

“No, please. Not again” she said to herself.

She didn’t know what to do but she just couldn’t stay here with her bags and wait till he leaves. Quietly she entered the house. There were noises coming from the kitchen. She just went upstairs to her room.

“ Swara is that you?”

She didn’t answered. Just closed the door and sat on the bed. She started crying again. She was so fed up with it all.

“ Why does it have to happen to me?

Somebody entered her room. She didn’t look at the person but she knew it was sanskar.

“Where is my sister? I want to talk to her.”

“ Swara, they just left. They took kids to the movies.

He kneeled in front of her.“Swara please talk to me. Just tell meyou are not leaving”.

She couldn’t say a word. Her tears were almost choking her.He got closer and took her face in her hands. She didn’t oppose.

“ Look at me Swara.Swara?”She didn’t want to.

She wanted him todisappear.His fingers were trying to get rid of the tears from her face. There were so many of them. He got even closer and started kissing them away. She didn’t oppose.Their lips met. She didn’t oppose.

Episode End

So sorry for that late and short update but I write this part in hurry.

I wanna tel. That next part is the last one. That’s the only reason I made it a short one. Hope u like it.

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  1. Anniya

    Sry for wrong comment on previous part, what to do sometimes my cell auto complete words. I failed to notice my comment. I wanted to write fabulous but it end up in emotional,.

    1. IREENA

      oh don’t be sorry I didn’t find anything wrong. thanx for comment dear.

  2. Don’t kill sanskar and swara……
    She should move from there….. They r not designated.together..I agree love may happens anytime in any situation….
    I eagerly waiting for next chapter…

    1. IREENA

      thanx for your comment dear. n I’ll hope u like the ending.

  3. What…no way plzz don’t end it so soon…Nyways it’s too good..

    1. IREENA

      sorry but I have already me tiined its a short story.

  4. awesome….!! But why are you ending soon??!!! This is really unexpected…!! Waiting for next part…!!

    1. IREENA

      I already told this is the short story.oth

    2. IREENA

      its a short story dear otherwise than for reading.

  5. What ?end?????????…. no dr why soo soon…..???????
    What will happen to swasan…….confused dr….only u can say that….hope we will get nice ending insteat of sad……?????
    Superb part dr…..i too felt thier pain….awesome part dr…..?????????

    1. IREENA

      thanx for commenting dear but still I have decided the end just wait whether it will be sad or happy.

  6. u nailed it dear . it was awesome but please please give a happy ending yaar pleaseeeeee. i just loved ur ff it was really fantastic ,fabulous, marvelous ,amazing, outstanding ,awesome, fantabulous ,out of the world…….

    1. IREENA

      just a amazing complement yaar. I love it. and about the ending I have already decided it don’t know whether u will like it or not.

  7. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Aila???you are ending it,not fair???.BTW chappy is marvelous, full paisa vasul.Thank God,swara is not angry with sanky. But I am feeling scared of piyas reaction??. Anyway, waiting for last part with a heavy heart??.
    Take care
    Keep smiling

    1. IREENA

      IH sorry Uma but what to do it was a short story and I don’t wanna drag it unnecessarily. I’ll posy the next part soon.

  8. Mica

    it’s baad.. soo baadddd… noo swaraa !!! nooo!
    luv it Ireena, ty

    1. IREENA

      oh so sorry dear. n thanx for reading it.

  9. Arshaanya

    As usual awesomr chaply ireena…
    I jus luvd it… i agree love happens anytym wid anywhen bt here dey r not dstnd to b together… she shud go bck to europe n try to move on.. how is ragini hlpng sanky even knwng hez mrd n hving kids ?..
    Nywayz lets see how wil it end…
    N ireena aftr dis u hve to write that’s how opposite attaracts plzzz

    1. IREENA

      what to do sometimes we can’t our feelings. I’m glad u liked it dear. opposite attracts I didn’t thought about it. I have some others plans will tell you tomorrow

  10. Haaaaaa!!!! next part is last one???… don’t end this dear.. its really awesome…its different from other ones… n Ireena i want to ask u something r u d writer of ” a stranger is my love”??

    1. IREENA

      thanx a lot for your such a sweet comment dear. n yes I’m the writer of the ff.

  11. nice epi dr.
    dr y dnt u update don & his roma ff? rly miss it. im eaglarly waiting 4 ur nxt epi dr. if u cn plz uplode it. dnt tell me u end dat. i nly read 15 parts. 🙁
    & im rly sry 4 nt cmntng in ur evry epis. bt wt 2 do my studys always cm in between. 😉 4gv me. ill try 2 cmnt u in evry epi.

    keep writing
    be happy always

    1. IREENA

      thanx dear for your comment actually I wanna little break from it. I want to something like else don’t worry I have not end that ff. I’ll update on Sunday after my exams. and don’t worry about comments.

  12. nice..r u writing another story??

    1. IREENA

      yes I’m writing ff Don and his Roma.

  13. Abirsha

    Awesome very nice loved it….. But the ss ends soon…. No pblm come up with other ss….. But i will miss this badly

    1. IREENA

      thanx dear n I’ll also miss this ff.

  14. Soujanya


    1. IREENA

      tysm dear.

  15. Hey Irena nic story. Eagerly waiting for next episode but when will u post son and his Roma. It has been days you posted it. Please post ASAP

    1. IREENA

      I’ll try dear tysm for Reding.

  16. Scooby


    1. IREENA

      tysm Navi.

  17. Sree

    I never knew that u write this toooo ireen??
    I am very irregular here in TU ..so i saw this just now. I dint read it cuz reading 7 eps now is not possible for me. But i’ll surely read it later my friend. Missed u very badly.. am missing don and his roma too. So post that too na. I always check whether u have posted it ..whenever i open TU.
    I hope u remember me..??
    Love u ?????

    1. IREENA

      I was missing you dear. youbate very busy in your studies mujhe dekho mera board hain or main kya kar rahi hoon. dear I can never forget you. I’ll update Don Roma soon. and the 7 episode re very short updates u can read one update in 2 min. they are too short. love you dear and take care.???

      1. Sree

        I am not busy with studies yaar actually i was busy with some programs that were held in our school…but ya now my exams r gonna start from 8th .so cant read. But once my exams r finished i’ll surely read this.. ?
        Waiting don and his roma?
        R u in wattpad?? I regularly check wattpad but am not so regular here.. TU takes a lot of my mb ..so i open it rarely.
        Love u??

  18. Loved it

  19. Vyshu10

    awesome…..eager to reaad next ep

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