Swasan~ Why me?! Episode 7

Hi guys.. Am back.. You guys didn’t forgot about me right??

~~~~~~~~Episode 7~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~Swara’s House~~~~~~~

Swara: Swayam , Change your dress and sleep

Swayam( hugs her) : Okay Maasi!

(After sometime, swara enters the room and sees swayam sleeping peacefully.. she caresses his hairs and thinks and thinks about Sanskar)

Swara(to herself): He is so good.. Sometimes arrogant but sweet (smiles and slowly drifts into a deep slumber)

•~~~~~~~~Next Morning~~~~~~~•

(Swara comes to dining table and sees Swayam and a lady chit chatting)

Swara: Morning Bua! Ye subha subha aap dono kya baatein kr rhay ho?

Bua: No no .. we were just casually talking.. Now come have your breakfast or else you will be late

Swara(smiles): Ji.. Umm bua.. now swayam is also bit okay now.. So we should send him to school

Bua: Its your wish Beta

Swayam(happily): Yay! I will meet my friends after so long

Swara(smiles): Yes champ.. Am going .. You dont irritate Bua okay

Swayam(pouts): Cutiee! I dont disturb ot irritate her. Right Bua Ma?

Bua(smiles): Yes .. you are my sweet bachha

Swara : acha okay fine.. bua take your medicines on time and take care .. i will leave now

(She gets up and leaves)

–I forgot to mention.. Bua is actually Swara’s Bua and Swayam calls her as Bua Ma.. they all live together–


(Swara enters inside and saw the time and got tensed)

Swara(murmurs) : Shit! I got late! That Dracula would eat me up

(She hears a voice from behind)

Voice: Ms.Gadodia? Do you need special invitation to start your work?

Swara(murmurs) : Think of the devil and devil appears (loudly) No sir, I was just going

Sanskar: Ya I can see that.. Anyways , have you prepared the presentation? I don’t want any mistake, Got it?

Swara: Yes Sir.. I will try my best

Sanskar: I dont want your trials.. i want the best

Swara: Fine, I got it (huffs and leaves annoyingly )

(Sanskar was sitting in his cabin when someone knocked the door)

Voice: May I come in Sir

Sanskar: Abhi? Come in dude.. What happened?

Abhi: Sir, a new girl is here.. she is shifted from another branch of Maheshwari’s..

Sanskar: Oh Okay.. Send her in and yes send Ms. Gadodia too.. i need to discuss some important things with her

Abhi: Yes Sir ( He leaves)

(After sometime, a girl wearing a one piece , black colour with high heels enters Sanskar’s cabin)

Sanskar: So, Miss..

Girl(interuppts) : Payal Malhotra

Sanskar: Whatever.. You are new here but you have experience .. So for today see to your work.. And from tomorrow , i will assign you some task

(Just then Swara enters without knocking.. Sanskar raises his eyebrow as why the hell she entered without knocking.. She gives him a sweet smile and was about to say something when her eyes fall on Payal. She got angry as Payal was wearing a one piece that too with a deep neck)

Swara (eyes Payal angrily) : Who is she Sir??

Sanskar: She is a new employe here.. shifted from another branch..

Swara: Ohh

(Sanskar instructs Swara to help Payal in her work and introduce her to the rest of the staff.. Swara irritatingly agrees.. Both leave from his cabin)

Swara: I am Swara and..

Payal (rudely) : Seems you don’t have manners

Swara(shocked) : What?!!

Payal: Obviously, See you didn’t even knocked before entering in Sir’s cabin

Swara (angrily) : Ms.Beggar, you better shut your mouth and see at yourself before pointing finger on me??

Payal : What?!! Beggar?!!?

Swara: Yes.. Seems like you dont have enough money to buy a proper dress.. Just look at your self.. Idiot! (Leaves from there)

Payal (angrily) : This girl.. huh.. i will show her real place

~~~~~~~~Next Day~~~~~~~

(Sanskar was doing breakfast alone as Rags was still sleeping.. just then Sanskar mobile rings)

(Sanskar picked up the call)

*On Call*
Sanskar: Hello?

Voice: Hello

Sanskar: Who’s this?

Voice: Hawww.. You forgot me my Rasgulla Janu ?

Sanskar (smiles): How can i forget you? I cant do this sin right?

Swayam: Hehe.. Yup right

Sanskar : So tell me champ.. You called me this early

Swayam: Oh haan! I forgot!

Sanskar: What?

Swayam(angrily) : How dare you trouble my Maasi .. you.. you.. Kadu, Aloo, Karela, Bhindi, Dracula, Devil, Stupid, Idiot and…

Sanskar: Woah woah! Slow down champ! What did i do

Swayam: You gave my Maasi so much work.. She was very tensed.. slept late night and didn’t even had her breakfast properly

Sanskar: Oh, so this is the matter

Swayam: Yes! And i am very angry on you

Sanskar(chuckels) : Okay Okay.. what do i have to do?

Swayam: Wah! You got intelligent (giggles)

Sanskar(rolls his eyes) : Badmash!

Swayam(laughs) : That i am?.. Now listen , i want you to give Maasi full day’s leave tomorrow and you have to spend a full day with me and take me and Maasi wherever i want..

Sanskar: What?!!?

Swayam(childish cry) : Aaaaan! Please Rasgulla janu please please na

Sanskar: Dramebaaz! Fine

Swayam: Yipee! Love you cutie pie.. Muahhhh? Bye bye!
(Cuts the call)

Sanskar( smiles) : Dramebaaz


( Swara was very tensed about her presentation.. She was walking here and there restlessly.. Just then she bumps into someone)

Swara :Ouchh!

Sanskar: Ahh! What are you doing?!! (Rubs his forehead)

Swara(nervous) : I am very scared.. This presentation..

Sanskar: Chill .. Nothing to worry about .. I trust you and i know you will do the best

Swara (smiles a bit ): Thanks Sir

Sanskar : Now lets go, clients will be here anytime

(Both of them go towards Conference room.. Swara was checking her presentarion.. Just then clients enter.. Swara was very nervous.. Sanskar shaked hands with them.. and told them to sit. Swara went and stood infront of all to start .. she was nervous but looked at Sanskar who blinked his eyes assuringly that everything will be okay. She sighed and started.. Everyone seemed to be impressed and Sanskar was smiling)

Client: Mr Maheshwari, we loved your idea and we are ready to sign the deal

Sanskar: Sure Thank you

(They signed the deal and clients left.. Sanskar saw towards Swara who was seeing him as if a child waits for his parents to appreciate their efforts)

Sanskar(smiles) : Hey! What happened?

Swara: How was it?

Sanskar: It was okay..

Swara (disappointed and pout face) : just okay?

Sanskar ( chuckles ): Haha.. you are too cute.. It was amazing.. i am impressed .. Well done

Swara: Wow! Really? Seeeeeee.. I did good

(Sanskar smiles.. Swara was happily jumping like a kid and Sanskar was just adoring her.. She left after thanking him for his support)

~~~~~~~Swara’s House~~~~~~~

(After sometime, swara enters her room and gets teary eyes to see swayam sleeping peacefully.. she caresses his hairs and thinks something)

Lady(furiously): How dare you to bring this dirt in my house Swara?!!

Swara(teary eyes) : Amaya Di! He is just an innocent kid

Amaya : I dont care! Throw him out now!

Swara: No! I wont ! Why dont you understand! He is your SON!!

Amaya(slaps her hardly): How dare you to raise your voice !!?

Swara(cries) : Ahh! please! See , he wont bother you.. i will take care of him. Please dont throw him out (pleads) please di please!
*Flashback ends*

(Swara was crying badly. Then she heard someone was knocking the door.. She immediately wiped her tears and opens the door)

Swara: Bua? You? Aap..you need.. anything?

Bua: I need to talk to you Swara

(Swara nods.. Both of them came in hall)

Bua: Swara , i think you should move on ..

Swara (confused) : What do you mean?

Bua (sighed) : Look Swara, i know you love swayam alot and i do too.. but i love you more than him.. you are my blood..Please bachha.. Put Swayam in hostel and think about your life and ..

Swara (furiously) : Enough!!?

Episode ends..

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