Swasan~ Why me?! Episode 6


Hi guys.. Many of you requested for Swasan and swayam scenes so here i am back with yet another episode.. lets start!

~~~~~~~~Episode 6~~~~~~~~~~

•~~~~~~~~Next Day~~~~~~~~•

( Sanskar was in his cabin, reading some files. Just then swara knocks the door )

Sanskar: Come in

Swara: Good Morning Sir?

Sanskar: Morning (he looks at her and sees she was already staring him) What? Why are you looking at me like that?

Swara: No.. nothing.. I was just seeing if you really are a rasgulla (chuckles) ?

Sanskar( frowns ): Come on! don’t call me that! from where i look like a rasgulla?

Swara( happily ): Even i think the same!

Sanskar (confused): Huh? Really?

Swara: Yes Yes .. See rasgulla is soooo sweeeeet and you are so bitter (makes faces)

Sanskar(mouth open): How can you talk to me like that?!

Swara: Why? Will you fire me?

Sanskar (murmurs): Obviously not. How can i let you go

Swara: Did you said something?

Sanskar: No no.. anyways here take this file.. You have to give a presentation day after tomorrow.

Swara (gulps):presentation?

Sanskar (confused ): Yes so?

Swara: actually i have never given one..

Sanskar(smirks): So what? You give quite nice lectures,no?

Swara (angrily): Why do you keep irritating me?!

Sanskar: Well, i like to.. maybe thats why..

Swara (frowns): Huh! What’s maybe in that.. its definitely!

Sanskar(chuckles): Okay fine.. whatever.. now stop wasting my time.. don’t know how can you speak so much

Swara(jaw dropped): Fine! I wont talk to you Sirrr!!

(She goes angrily while Sanskar laughs..After sometime, the cabin door got opened and a handsome and dashing man entered inside
Sanskar was surprised)

Man: Hey dude (winks while Sanskar happily hugs him)

Sanskar: Where the hell were you buddy?

Man(chuckles): Nowhere..tried to find my princess but didn’t got one

Sanskar(smiles): When will you stop drooling over girls Aditya?

Aditya:Haha you know me dude

Sanskar(giggles): How can someone forget a donkey like friend?

Aditya: Oye! Shut up!

(Both were chatting..Aditya was sitting on sofa while sanskar was standing and checking a file.. just then swara enters..Sanskar looks at her and smiles. Swara sees Aditya but ignores him and moves towards sanskar and gives him the file)

Swara: Sir, i have checked.. this one needs your sign

Sanskar: Okay wait

Aditya(stands up): Hi beautiful

Swara(frowns and murmurs): Oh God! Why me?! Why you send such samples!

(Sanskar who was standing beside her was amused and was trying to control his laugh)

Aditya : So Whats your name sweety?

(Sanskar was uncomfortable and a bit angry on Aditya)

Swara(looks at him and says rudely): None of your concern Mr.Showoff!

Aditya: Woah Woah! Cool down dear (winks)

Sanskar(angrily): Aditya! behave yourself and don’t dare to flirt with her.. she doesn’t like all of these?

(Swara was amused but feels good
She smiles at him. He looks at her)

Sanskar(to Swara): Now go..will call you later

(Swara nodes and leaves)

Sanskar( to aditya angrily): What the hell was that?!?

Aditya: Dude, just chill why are you getting angry?

Sanskar: Aditya, i will not tolerate this kind of behaviour of urs especially around my staff

Aditya: Chill dude, it was just for fun..

Sanskar: I don’t care but don’t do like this ever again, got it?

Aditya: Fine fine.. anyways am leaving will see you later

(Sanskar nods. Aditya leaves
Sanskar was pissed off)

Sanskar(making faces): Why everyone is behind swara only?!


(Sanskar was driving when he saw swara was going alone.. He stopped his car near her and honked)

Sanskar(slides the window): Hey swara ! Come inside.. i will drop you

Swara: No sir.. its okay.. i will go by myself

Sanskar: See am not in a mood to fight .. come now!

(Swara makes faces at his ordering nature..Sanskar chuckles)

Sanskar: Why were you going alone?

Swara: Actually there was no taxi around, so i thought to go by myself

Sanskar: Hmm.. so where do you live ?

(Swara tells him..Sanskar was driving and continuously looking at swara from the corner of his eyes who was looking outside..They reach near her home.. Sanskar saw it was not a big home just a small house)

Swara(gets out of car and bends): Thank you so much sir

Sanskar(naughtily): Well that is okay but wont you invite me in?

Swara(shocked but then composes herself): sorry please come inside

Sanskar(chuckles): Ofcourse! how can i deny when you are insisting so much

(Swara rolls her eyes and goes inside)

Sanskar(shouts):Arayy wait for me

(Swara opened the door and both of them enters inside..Sanskar saw it was not a luxurious house but just a small house wifh a bit old furniture)

Swara: I know it wont be like your house its just a small house .. sorry.. please sit

(He sits on the sofa)

Swara: tea or coffee?

Sasnkar(smiles): coffee

(Swara nods and was about to go in kitchen when swayam comes there and jumps on her)

Swayam: Maasiiii

(Swara smiles and hugs him back)

Swara: Hey champ..You didn’t sleep .. where is Bua?

Swayam: Bua ma is sleeping and i was waiting for you

Swara(smiles): sorry my dear

(She kisses his cheeks..Sanskar makes faces.. Swayam happily kisses both her cheeks sasnkar was annoyed and jealous ?)

Sasnkar(a bit annoyed): Ahm ahm..

(Swara and swayam looks at him)

Swayam(happily): Rasgulla!(Sasnkar frowns) you came here! Wow! He goes towards him and hugs him..Sanskar smiles and hugs back. Sanskar and swayam sits and Swara goes in kitchen)

Swayam: So rasgulla? Why are you here?

Sanskar: Why cant i come here?

Swayam(naughtily): No obviously you will go where cutie goes right?

(Sanskar embarrassed but diverts the topic both of them were chatting..After sometime Swara came in hall and didn’t find Swayam and Sanskar.. She got confused and then heard some voices from Swayam’s room. She went there and was shocked. Swayam and Sanskar both were busy playing video game and were fully engrossed in it)

Swara(mouth wide open): What the hell both of you are doing?!

(Neither Sanskar replied nor swayam?)

Swayam : I wont loose Rasgulla!

Sanskar: We will see champ !

Swayam: No no no!

Sanskar: Yes see Am going to win?

Swara: Hello? Guys? Am also here ?

(No one replied? she got irritated and stand infront of them)

Swayam: Hell! Maasi! Get aside

Sanskar(tries to peep out): Move Swara! You are ruining our game

Swayam: Cutieee! Please get aside

Swara(rolls her eyes, goes and switches off the television): Huh !

Swayam and Sanskar(together): WHAT THE HELLL?!!

Swara: Both of you just shut your mouth!

(Both of them pouts. Swara smiles..She served sanskar coffee.. he drank it and thanked her..Swara gave swayam milk while he makes faces)

Swayam: No cutie please!

Swara: Swayam! Please bachha! Drink this milk

Swayam( making yuck face) : Eww! I don’t want to drink this!

Swara: Swayam please! Its good for your health and i will give you a chocolate if you drink this

Swayam: Haww! you are bribing an innocent kid!

(Swara rolls her eyes while sanskar chuckles)

Swara: Enough of your drama now drink it

(Swayam makes faces and drinks
Sanskar stands)

Sanskar: Thanks Swara.. now i will leave

Swara(smiles): Pleasure

(Swara and Swayam go out to see him off.. Swayam smiles naughtily and goes behind Swara who was facing Sanskar and pushes her on Sanskar..Due to sudden jerk she fell right in Sanskars’arms ..Her hands were on his shoulders while his hands were wrapped around her waist..both of them were lost in each others eyes..Swayam smiles naughtily and goes inside and brings a paper, writes something and places it on passenger seat of Sanskars car..He came back and saw both were still in the same position..he hits his head and said loudly)

Swayam: Rasgulllllllla!

(Because of sudden shout both came in senses and avoids eye contact with each other..Sanskar looks here and there)

Sanskar: I will leave now

(Swara nods.. He gets in his car and drive off.. Swara smiles and was still lost)

Swayam: Isn’t rasgulla sweet??

Swara(lost): Yeah soo sweet

Swayam (mischievously): i feel like eating him??

Swara (blurts unknowingly) Me too..

(She comes back to her senses when Swayam pinched her)

Swara: Ahh Swayam!

(She turns and sees Swayam standing with his hands crossed over his chest and was smiling mischievously)

Swayam: Cutieeee

Swara (confused): What?

Swayam: You want to eat Rasgullllaaaaa?

(Swara shocked then realises what she said a few minutes before)

Swara (fake anger): Swayam!!

(He laughs and runs inside.. Swara smiles and follows him)

•~~~~~Sanskar mansion~~~~~~•

(Sanskar parked his car..he was about to get out when he notice a piece of paper..He opened it)

Hiii rasgullaaaa! You were damn tempting today? I felt like eating you..
I made cutie fall na so you could hold her and see her properly instead of stealing glances of her .. so how was the experience hmm? hope you enjoyed my yummy yummy rasgulla januuu babyy??
*Letter ends*

(Sanskar laughs)

Sanskar(laughing): Oh God! he is such an antique piece ??…but sweet

(He smiles and goes inside happily)

Episode ends..

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