SwaSan: Am I Yours (Episode-5)


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Episode 5

She won’t pick up the phone again. He knew it well. He had to find the way to get in touch with Swara again. He wanted to tell her everything about his life, marriage, kids.

He felt he could get rid of his mask with her. He was tired of pretending all the time . He will figure it all out. He knows people who will help him find Swara. He will apologize again and it will be ok.

He hasn’t felt that strong about anyone for quite a long time not even his wife. His family. He needed her to help him find himself again.

Another week passed but Swara never stopped thinking about sqnskar. She was tempted to visit Kapoor’s Villa againbut she knew it wouldn’t be right .

If he saw her again and asked again she would agree to the meeting and she didn’t want it. No, she wanted it bad but it was just not right.

“Shona……Shona? Where are you?” It was Laksh her sister’s hubbie.

“I’m upstairs. What do you want?”

“ Somebody’s here to see you Swara. I think you should come here now”she didn’t expect anyone. She went downstairs .

” We are in the kitchen Swara”

“ What happened Lak….”. She didn’t finish her sentence. He was sitting there with……with Sanskar.

“ How? How did you find me?” she was just shocked

.sanskar stood up and walked to her.

“ Swara I had to find you. I know you don’t want to see me but please can you give me two minutes I will explain everything.”

“ I need to attend my kids” Laksh said with a big grin on his face and left the kitchen.

They both sat at the table. He looked so good. He looked so good and she felt physical pain somewhere near her heart. She realized how she missed his smile and those eyes.

“ Swara I am so very sorry. I don’t know how to explain myself. I don’t think it can be explained. Yes I am married, I have children. But when I met you I just felt this special bond. Will you let me tell youeverything about it, Swara? Please?”

She knew it wasn’ta good idea. She knew she should stop right this moment but the words she said spoke against her mind

“I know it’s not right but I want to get to know you Sanskar. I want to to know everything about you. I want to be your friend.”

Damn, was it really what he wanted from her? Friends?He wanted to take her on his arms and never let go but she would never let him. If he wants to be close to her he must do what is right

“Sanskar accept what this angel is offering you” the voice inside his head was telling him.

“Yes Swara. I want to be your friend too. I need someone to talk to. I need a shoulder to cry on.And if you need the same I am here for you” .

He touched her hand. It was the second time he touched her and this time it was something she just couldn’t apprehend. It was warm and sweet and suddenly she felt at home. She was complete.


They spend long hours talking on the phone. Sometimes he visited her in Ragini’s home. They were sitting in the garden talking for hours and playing with kids. He loved kids. Every time he was telling her about his children he had tears in his eyes. She saw the pics of them and priya. She was a very beautiful woman.

“ Tell me Samskar what happened to you and your wife.You should be with her now telling her all of that. Playing with your own children,holding your wife’s hand.”

“When we met we were very young. It was love at the first sight. We got married early too and it’s been 9 years since that moment. Maybe we got tired of each other. I feel like there is a distance between us and with each day it’s getting bigger and bigger. We haven’t been intimate with each other for a long time too.”

He looked at her. She was not a beauty. One could call her an ordinary girl. But she had a lovely smile, beautiful green eyes and she was just an amazing woman. Caring and gentle and easy to talk to. Each day without talking to her was a lost day.

Even when he was working hard he had to call her just to say hello and hear her voice. He was sending her flowers and little notes. He was very careful with his words.

He was“just” her friend and he didn’t want to betray his real feelings. He was falling I love with her with each day.

“ I think you should talk to your wife. Tell her how you feel. You don’t want to leave it all behind. It’s your life. Your life Sanskar”.

He looked at her and smiled. “ God if she only knew that she became such an importan tpart of my life”.

Meanwhile Swara started working in one of the schools is Dharavi. She really felt that she was needed there and wanted to help kids there. She was teaching English and she loved it

Few weeks later SAnskar left for England to promote his new film and spend some time with his family. She wanted him to be happy and she didn’t want to stand between him and priya. But she also felt this pain in her heart.

“If he only knew how much I love him”.

It’s been almost two weeks since sanslar came back from UK but they still haven’t met. He was very busy working on his new film and other business matters. He called every day but it was not the same.

He was supposed to make things happen with Priya but he wasn’t even trying that much. When he was in England he couldn’t stop thinking about Swara.

She was with him in everything he did. Every day and night. Always on his mind. One night when he finally got close with his wife again he was laying there and couldn’t stop tears from flowing.

He wanted to taste Swata’s lips, smell her hair, touch her face and rock her all night long. Will it ever happen?

Meanwhile Swara was trying to set up her new life in Mumbai. She moved to her own little flat. She felt proud and independent. She was working and paying her own bills.

She missed sanskar but deep inside she knew she had no future with him. He already has someone who fills his life. She loves him so much and will always does. She will always be there for him and support him in everything he does but she needs to move on.

And she did. It happened even before sanskar came back from England. She met this nice Canadian guy Karan who was also a teacher working in Mumbai.

They meta few times, not really dates but they liked each other and gradually she was letting him in her life. She decided to tell sanskar about it when they meet not on the phone.

She hoped he will be happy for her. And she hoped he fixed things with Priya.

Finally it was a day off for sanskar. He spend it with kids at home but in the evening he decided to surprise Swara with some flowers and of course his presence.

He didn’t call her before he decided to visit her. And he should have. He got into his car and was relieved to see that there was no one in front of His hoise.

Nobody followed him. He couldn’t wait to see her. Actually he wanted to tell her about his true feelings. Whatever happens she must know what he feels.

He stopped in front of the small block of flats Swara lived in and was about to leave the car when……….

Episode End

Finally done with this part. I trued to write a long don’t know whether u will liked it or not. I’m waiting for your comment.. Don’t forget to tell me what you think will SwaSan meet if yes then how

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  1. Anniya

    Only today I had read all parts…
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  2. Awesome.loved it

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  4. Its indeed a unique one but how will they unite since sanskar is married and has kids swara will feel as if she stole him from someone

    1. IREENA

      your POV is correct but see what Will happen?

  5. awesome dear i really loved your story it is just awesome… keep going and rocking please make swara understand sanskar love…

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      thanx n she will soon understand it. keep Reading

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  7. Mica

    sanskar feeling is commonly happen in the middle of someone marriage..
    love feeling can’t be wrong, but the action can…
    luv it soo much Ireena.. big dilemma…

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  10. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    I don’t know di how will swasan meet bcz it’s very confusing.And title also, it’s like a question!! So, no idea. About chappy, no words to describe how is it!!! You described their feelings, talks with so much emotion that I got speechless??.Keep writing like this??. Waiting for nxt.
    Take care
    Keep smiling

    1. IREENA

      thanx a lot Uma. yes the title has it own meaning n I’ll ask you at the end. keep reading I’ll update soon.

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    I luv ur story so much… dis happens aftr some yrs of mrg… bt he needs to sort out evrythng wid his wife… m big swasan fan bt here i dun want dem to unite hez mrd n hv chldrn… dun knw bt dun want dem 2gthr…w8ng how d story will prgrss.. continue soon

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      thanx a lot for shearing your views n I’ll try my beat to make it as good one. than for reading it.

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      sorry dear but I’m not able to add link. and the episode is posted as episode 1 so u again type n check u will get it. its named as episode one bit its episode 2

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