Swasan~ Why me?! Episode 5


Hi Guys.. Remember me or forgot???

~~~~~~~~~~Episode 5~~~~~~~~~~

•~~~~~~~Next Day~~~~~~~~•

(It was sunday so everyone was busy in their own works.. Some were enjoying while some were still sleeping)

Sanskars Room:

(He was sleeping peacefully with a bright smile on his face.. Actually he was dreaming about Swara?)

*In Dream*
Sanskar and Swara were dancing romantically .. Both were lost in eachothers eyes. Her hands were around his neck while his hands were wrapped around her waist.. Both were about to kiss eachother when…
*Dream ends*

(THUDD! Sanskar actually fell from the bed and he was about to kiss his pillow thinking it as Swara?.. His eyes opened wide and when he realised what actually happened.. He starts smiling like an idiot)

Sanskar(scratching his head) : What am i doing? (takes a long sigh) Oh God! Swara! What have you done to me? (lost in her thoughts)

(He comes back to his senses after hearing Rags voice who was calling him for breakfast. He sighs and goes to freshen up)

•~~~~~~~Dining table~~~~~~~~•

(Sanskar came and saw Rags who was hurriedly munching her food . He got confused and asked her)

Sanskar: Rags? Why are you eating like you haven’t eaten since ages?

Rags(mouth full of food): Yum yum yum!

Sanskar: Rags?

Rags(gulped food and drank juice in one go): Ahhh.. the breakfast was yummy.. And about your question i am going for shopping na.. so doing quickly..

Sanskar (starts eating his food slowly) Ahan (Rags hit his hand with a spoon) Aoww ! Wild cat! What the hell are you doing!

Rags(angrily): Why are you eating like a tortoise?!?

Sanskar(??): RAGSS!!

Rags: What? Hurry up ! We are getting late for shopping..

Sanskar: WE?!!

Rags: Obviously you are coming with me.. i cant pick all the bags right (winks at him)

Sanskar: No! Am not coming!

Rags: I didn’t asked you .. i am telling you (gets up to leave) I am going to get ready and you have only five minutes to do your breakfast and get ready.. i dont wanna be late..

Sanskar(opened and closed his mouth like a fish): Rags! (Makes face) Why you want to ruin my holiday?

Rags(ignoring him): Quick! And yes dont take much time like girls ?

Sanskar(??): Rags! Fine! Go by yourself ! Am not coming and neither am giving you my credit cards ( gives her a winning smile) Now without my cards, how will you do shopping??

Rags: Bhai! This is not done!

Sanskar: what’s done is done! ?

Rags(puppy face) : Bhaaaaaaii! Pleaseeeeeee

Sanskar(happily eating his food): Nah! Not gonna work!

Rags: Fine! If you dont agree with me, I would tell Swara that you like her (winks)

Sanskar(choking and drinks water) : what.. are.. you saying Rags? Nothing like that

Rags(smiles naughtily) : Ofcourse its more than nothing ! And i saw you when you were gonna.. Ahmm Ahmm.. Kissssssss ?(sanskar widen his eyes and looks at her)

Sanskar: stop it! I didnt kiss swara! It was just a dream and ..

Rags(??): When did i say you kissed swara? (Sanskar was embarrassed) Oh my my! My bhai looks so cute with this face! Now are you coming or shall i … tell?

Sanskar: Huh! You are blabbering too much nowdays ! (Goes from there and murmurs) how come she knows everything?

Rags(loudly): I will tell you later now come fast!

•~~~~~~At shopping mall~~~~~~•

(Rags was busy shopping and sanskar was carrying her bags with puppy face. He was hell tired)

Sanksar: Rags! Enough lets go! How much more will you buy?

Rags ( selecting jewelries ) : Bhai just i have to buy my jewellery and shoes ..

Sanskar: Bass kar meri maa??

(Rags ignored him and was busy shopping.. sansksar huffed and sat down on the nearby seat.. He got a call and told Rags that he will be back after attenting it and goes.. he goes to a corner and talks for sometime then cuts the call..He turns and dashed with a little boy who was staring him angrily)

Sanksar(smiled) : Hey baby, Am so sorry.

Boy: Oh Eiffel tower! Snap out! I am not a baby. I am big boy. Cant you see?

Sanskar(chuckles) : Haha.. is it?

Boy: Yes .. Now move! You rasgulla!

Sansksar (mouth wide open): RASGULLA!!

Boy: Aur nai to kya.. have you seen your face.. even girls will not become so white after doing lot of makeup..

Sansksar: What the..

Boy: Now move! I have to help my cutie

Sansksar: Cutie?!

(Just then they hear a voice of a lady)

Lady: Champ!

(Boy turns and smiles . While sanskar was confused and when he looked towards the source of that voice. He was stunned)

Sanskar(whispers): Beautiful?

( Lady comes there and looks at sanskar )

Lady: Hello Sir

( Sanskar was still lost in her beauty.. She was wearing a peach shirt with white tights and was looking stunning )

Lady (snaps her fingers in front of him) : Sir?

Sanskar( comes back to sense ): Hi Ms.Gadodia

(Swara smiles. Just then ragini comes there and hugs swara.. Both of them were chatting happily. While sanskar was staring swara lovingly and the little boy was observing him carefully)

Rags: Come with me Swara! Please! Bhai is so boring.. He doesn’t help me. You please help na (puppy eyes)

( Swara smiles while sanskar jaw dropped )

Sanskar (?) : And who was holding your bags haan?

Rags: Umm .. leave it.. who cares? ( sanskar mouth opened and closed like a fish ) swara come na plz!

Swara : But champ?

Rags: Uffo! Don’t worry, Bhai will take care of him (to sanskar) Bhai! Please buy him an ice cream and take care of him okay

(Without waiting for his answer, she drags swara along with her while sanskar was standing there shocked )

Boy: Uffo! Didn’t you heard what aunty said.. come get me an ice cream..

( Sanksar huffs and takes him to ice cream parlour. He buys him icecream and was staring him . Boy was eating so cutely . Icecream was smeared on his face and hands. Sanskar smiles seeing him )

Boy:Yummmmm?? (finishes after sometime) Awesome! It was yummy!

Sanskar (smiles): Are you done?

Boy (cleans his hands and face with tissues ): Rasgulla! Come lets go!

Sanskar(makes faces) : Stop calling me that! I have a name!

Boy: Yes, I know but that doesn’t suits you..

Sanskar(shocked): WHATTT!

Boy (cutely): Yup.. See whats your name?

Sanskar: Sanskar!

Boy: Exactly! And what are you being?

Sanskar(confused): huh? what am i being?

Boy(nayghtily): Asanskari (winks at him)

Sanskar(shocked): WHAT?!

Boy: Yes! i saw how you were staring my cutie..

Sanskar ( embarrassed and looks here and there) : nothin.. nothing like that..

Boy(giggles): i saw that

( Sanskar was about to answer him when rags and swara came )

Swara: Thank you so much sir for taking care of Swayam ?

Sanskar(shocked): He is SWAYAM?!!!

Swara(confused): Umm.. yeah

Rags(giggles) : bhai, Swara is Swayam’s MAASI!

(Sanskar was shocked and looked at Rags angrily while she just chuckles.. Swara was confused )

Swara: Umm.. i think we should go and Sir thanks once again..

Sasnkar(confused smile): Its okay

Swayam: Bye aunty! Byee Rasgulla (gives sanskar a flying kiss? while sanskar frowns)

(Swara and Rags laughs at this and swara leaves)

Episode ends..

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