SwaSan: Am I Yours (Episode-4)


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Episode 4

All the way home she was thinking about what happened. She didn’t know what it was actually. She knew nothing about the man (well except for the fact that he was an actor of course).

But that is not much isn’t it? He seems to be a nice and kind man. A little bit shy. Very polite. First impression was really good . She would like to meet him again but…….

“He won’t call me anyway” she thought to herself.

She entered the house and saw Ragini sitting on floor in the living room playing with the kids.

“Hey Rago. Can we talk for sec?”

“Sure what happened haan?”

“Well the strangest thing has just happened to me”.

Swara sat on the floor next to her sis and started talking. With each word Ragini’s eyes grow bigger and bigger.

“No way, I don’t believe you” Sara got up one her feet and seemed to be almost mad at her sister.

“ I’m not lying Ragini. It just happened.” Swara stood up too

“Wow amazing. I am so happy. Million girls would kill for this.”

“Well I didn’t kill anyone. And don’t intend too. But he told me he will call me. He wants to meet again. What should I do?”

Smile disappeared from ragini’s face.

“Swara you must know something. He is a married man. He has children. I don’t know why…”

“Oh….I didn’t know” Swara interrupted her.

Suddenly she felt very sad and cheated on. “ I really didn’t know. If I knew I would never get in that car. I hope he won’t call me afterall”

“I’m so sorry Swara.But it was a nice adventure. You were lucky. I can’t believe you didn’t get his autograph or a taken a photo”

They both started laughing. But the overwhelming sense of sadness stayed with Swara for the most part of the day. She liked him and wanted to see him again. But he has a family. It changes everything. She wants a man of her own not somebody else’s.

“He won’t call anyway” she said to herself and decided not to think about it anymore.

Three days passed and she almost forgot everything that happened on Sunday.

It was a nice day and she was spending the time with kids in the garden. They were playing peacefully and she could read some. The cell phone started ringing…..number unknown it said.

“Yes?” she answered.

“Swara? “


“Hello Swara it’s Sanskar. How are you Swara?”

“Oh….hi there. I’m doing fine here. What about you?” She was really surprised and her voice was betraying her.

“ I’m good. Especially now when I can hear your voice Swara. You didn’t expect me to call, did you?”

“No. I thought you were busy with your wife and kids”

There was a moment of silence. She could hear him breathing .

“ Swara….I should have told you. Actually I hadn’t the slightest idea that you didn’t know. I didn’t mean to cheat or anything”.

“ So how would you call it Mister? “


“ I am sorry. You are a nice man but I don’t date married men. I don’t know what you want from me but I don’t like it. I don’t think I want to know. Goodbye sanskar. It was nice meeting you”She hang up.

“ You fool. You damn fool.” He threw the phone on the floor and it broke in two.

He should have told her. He wanted to see her so much, talk to her, listen to her. It wasn’t love or lust. It’s when you want somebody’s presence so much that it hurts. And now all is gone.

“Stupid Sanskar….fool”. He grabbed a cig and went out of the house.

Episode End

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    1. Mica

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