Swasan~ Why me?! Episode 4


Guys please if you want any changes or change in plot.. Just tell me okay.. and if you have better ideas , you can give me.. i will add in the story maybe your ideas would be much better than mine 🙂
I will stop writing if you all are not liking.. So just tell me hows it..
anyways, Lets start!


(Rags was sitting in a park when she saw some children playing happily.She smiled looking at a boy and remembered something)


(Rags was walking carelessly and was busy on her mobile phone when she suddenly got pushed by someone)

Rags: Ahhh! What the hell!

Girl: I am so sorry . Look there (she points to a car who just went speedily) You were about to get hit by that so i just..

Rags: Oh Thank you so much

(Suddenly a boy comes )

Boy: Accident?

Girl: No swayam. We are fine. Come lets go

Swayam(angrily points to Rags): Why didn’t you see before crossing? You fatty! If something would have happened how would i pick you. You are so heavy and so big!

Rags(Jaw dropped): Do i look fat to you? And how would you lift me, you yourself are just a little (interuppted by the girl)

Girl: Sorry from his side.. Anyways we should go and take care of yourself ..

Swayam: Next time if you see me, give me a big chocolate okay? You are saved because of her (points to girl) and as she is my cutie , so what is hers is mine and as she saved you so you should give back something na .. hehe .. bye bye

Rags(laughs) : Okay fine .. Bye!

(They went away after introducing themselves and Rags just smiles and leaves)
*Flashback ends*

(Suddenly a ball hit her. She looked up and saw a little boy who had thrown it and was waiting for her to throw it back but on getting no response, he came and said)

Boy: Aunty!

Rags : Hey baby, remember me?

Boy(thinks while keeping his finger on his chin): umm.. accident wali aunty?

Rags: Haha .. yes , you guessed it right baby

Boy(angrily): I am not a baby ! I am a big boy

Rags(laughs) : hahah.. i know that swayam

(Just then he hears a voice from behind)

Voice: Swayam!

Swayam: Maasi!

(He ran and hugged the lady who also hugged him and kissed his forehead and looked at Rags shockingly who was smiling seeing her)

Rags: Hi Swara!

(Yes, the lady is Swara?)

Swara: Ragini? You? Here?

Rags: Hey, dont be shocked . Tell me how are you.. bhai told me you took leave and didnt even went to office

Swara: Yeah.. i had to take swayam to hospital for his check up so..

Rags(shocked): what happened to him?

Swara(sighed): Maybe some other time.. i need to go .. will see you later okay

Rags : Sure and swayam here take this big chocolate .. i bought it for you

Swayam: Thank you Accident wali aunty

Rags: Hey, stop calling me that!

Swayam: Okay fatty aunty ?

Rags(mouth wide opened) : Do i look fat to you? i am so slim and smart!

Swayam(winks) : From which angle Fatty Aunty?

Swara(smiles and hugs her): Bye Ragini.. Sorry from his side.. Lets go swayam!

Rags: Its okay Swara

Swayam(while eating chocolate): Bye Aunty

Rags(smiles): Bye champ

(Swara and swayam went from there and Rags happily went to her home)


(Rags was happily jumping and going towards her room when she peeps into sanskars room and saw him working seriously on his laptop.. She smiles mischievously and goes toward kitchen.. She looks here and there and opened the freezer and took out ice cubes and smiles naughtily.. She goes towards Sanskars room and saw him talking on phone angrily)

Sanskar(on call) : I don’t care Abhi! (Furiously) i want that tender at any cost.. Do it by hook or crook !! And email me all the details before evening!?

(Rags tiptoes towards him and saw him lost.. smiles naughtily and stands at his back.. When he was done with call.. She puts all the ice cubes in his shirt?)

Sanskar(jumped from his place) : Aowww!! Uff!! Blizzard! Blizzard! (Jumping here and there and Rags was laughing holding her stomach)

Sanskar(jumping) : Take it out! Take it out!! Mummmmyyyyyyy!!

Rags(laughing like hell) : OMG bhai??

Sanskar(hopping around) : Ahhhhhh!! Ufffff!

(Sanskar somehow threw all ice cubes and looked at Rags angrily.. She seeing him like this stops laughing)

Rags(gulps) : Umm bhai.. wo .. wo you were angry so i thought to cool you down

Sanskar: Rags! You are so dead!

Rags(jumps from her place like a scared kitten and runs) :Sorrryyy Bhaiii!

Sanskar(runs behind her) : Rags! Rags! I wont leave you

Rags: First catch me if you can?

(Both of them are running like tom and jerry.. Finally sanskar catches her)

Rags: Aowwwww!! Bhai please leave my ears na

Sanskar(still catching her ears) : No ! Am not gonna leave you

Rags(puppy face) : Bhai ! Its paining

Sanskar( leaves her ) : Why did you do this

Rags(naughtily) : To cool the volcano?

Sanskar: RAGS!!!! Youu!!!

Rags(laughs) : Okay okay! But seriously it was hilarious .. you were jumping here and there like a monkey?

Sanskar: Achaaa! I will show you what this monkey can do

Rags(gulps) : Come on bhai! It was just a small prank!

Sanskar(widen his eyes) : SMALL?!!

Rags: Heheh..

Sanskar(sits on sofa) : Fine, tell me where were you from so long?

Rags: Ji bhai (sits besides him on sofa)

Sanskar: Where did you go ? I called you so many times but you didnt picked up

Rags: Sorry, i forgot my phone at home

Sanskar: Hmm.. but be careful next time

Rags(smiles and ruffels his hairs and pulls his cheeks tightly): Okay Darling

Sanskar: Aoww Rags! What are you doing and what had happened to you? Why are you behaving like a maniac (rubs his cheeks and makes faces)

Rags(smiles sheepishly): Sorry

Sanskar: Now tell

Rags: i just went to park

Sanskar: And..??

Rags: And i met swayam and (interuppted by sanskar)

Sanskar: swayam? Why you met him? You know him? How? Since when?

Rags: Stoppppp! I was sitting and saw him so talked to him and i also met swara

Sanskar(happily): Really? Is she fine? Why she didnt came?

Rags: Yes she is fine.. Swayam was not well so she was with him all day

Sanskar(jealous): Huh!

Rags: You know bhai, he is so damn cute.. I just love him

Sanskar(angrily murmurs and makes faces): Why everyone is in love with that devil? Huh!

Rags: Bhai where are you lost?

Sanskar: Nothing you tell.. does swayam and swara love (interrupted by mona aunty)

Mona aunty: Ragini beta.. Your friend called and told me to inform you to call her back

Rags: Okay Aunty. (To sanskar) i will talk to you later.. gotta go

Sanskar: Areyy! But.. (says to himself) Whenever i want to ask about swayam , something happens. Oh God!! Why me?! ( he sighed and went to his room)

Episode ends..

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