SwaSan: Am I Yours (Episode-3)


Episode 3

“So now let me do it one more time and the proper way” he said and smiled.

“My name’s sanskar and I would be very happy if you could join me for a cup of coffee this beautiful morning”.

“ My name’s Swara and I am not sure what I am doing here and why would you like to have breakfast with me. I don’t even know you”.

“ I saw you here few days ago and I just….I just thought it would be nice to talk to you. You seem different”

She didn’t know what to say but fortunately the car stopped in front of a small building. She opened the door immediately. She wanted out of the car. She was pretty sure she made a mistake.

She opened the door so fast that she hit the driver who actually wanted to open the same door for her and help her out. Poor guy got pale on his face and made a funny sound.

“I’m so sorry” her face was very red for a change.

She heard sanskar laugh hard.“You just made my day Swara” he said.

The driver returned to his seat and they entered the building together. Yes she was taller than him but that didn’t bother him.

There was some aura about her and he was glad he was there with her at this moment.It was a cozy restaurant. Just a few tables and a fire place.

“It’s my friend’s place. I like coming here on Sunday mornings.They have the best coffee.”

They sat at the table and ordered coffee and some fruit. She wasn’t really hungry. Still to nervous to eat, drink or do anything. What in the hell got in her.

She’s sitting here with this man, famous actor, sipping coffee (very good indeed)and wondering what the whole thing is about.

“So tell me Swara, what do you do in life?” he asked

“Well, basically I am a teacher. Right now I am on holiday here and helping my sis with her kids”

“Do you like children, Swara? Doyou have any of your own?”

“No I don’t. But I like kids. My sisterhas twins. Two lovely girls. So I am very happy I can help her and see this lovely city too.

“Do you like it here”

“I love it. Absolutely love it”

Suddenly she started telling him about her experiences in Mumbai. About all the new things she saw, and tasted. And how much she grew to love India and that she would like to stay here and work here and…… She was so passionate about what she was talking about.

She almost forgot he was there. And he was hypnotized. He was watching her, her bright eyes, and smile and how she was describing her experiences and the only thing he wanted to do was to kiss her.

She stopped talking. “ I am sorry. I should have warned you. Iam pretty talkative, forgive me.”

“No, no don’t stop.I like what you were saying about my city. I don’t look at it this way anymore. I guess this is what happens when you live here” he smiled at her .

At this moment she realized that indeed he was a very handsome man. He looked better than in his films and had a very warm voice. Bright eyes, beautiful hair and those hands……

“So Mr. Kapoor you are an actor right?” Stupid question but she didn’t really know what else to say.

“Yes I am. Have you seen any of my films?”

“Yes actually I saw the first one two days ago.” She replied

“And? “And she started again. Telling him how much she loved the films.

The music, choreography, the stories, the places, the people.And again he was staring at her, listening with that smile on his face. It was wonderful to listen to someone who liked the film as a whole not just his part.He couldn’t help it.He grabbed her hand. She wanted to pull back but his grip was prettystrong.

“ Swara, I need to go now. I have got some work to do. But can we please see each other again. I’d love to talk to you again.”

“Can you let go of my hand please” she said.

“It hurts”.

“I’m sorry Swara. I am so sorry. I just…please promise me that we will see each other again.”

She didn’t know what to say but finally agreed and gave him her cell number.

“ I will call you Swara. And now where would you like to go. I’ll give you a lift”

She refused. She just wanted to be left alone and think a little.

Episode End

Sorry for late update I wrote this part in hurry forgive me if it’s not good. Next update will be long. Thank you to all.

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  1. Wow loved it….?????
    Hope sanky is a good man……?????

    1. IREENA

      tysm Madhu for the comment??

  2. Mica

    kiss ? omg sanskar!! you have wife and kids *hit sanskar’s head.
    but i understand, even her lips soo kissable *wink
    luv it Ireenaa… ty

    1. IREENA

      yes I can undrstand but some time we can’t control our feelings,

  3. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Diiii, I am reading now all 3 chappys. It was awesome, marvelous. Keep it up di.Loved it. I missed you and your ff so much. Happy to see you back.
    Take care
    Keep smiling

    1. IREENA

      oh so sweet of you I also missed dear. and I’m really very happy seeing ,your comment after a long time dear.

  4. Arshaanya

    Wow loved it… u wrote it beautifully..
    Hez married n loves his wife n ve children also dan how will dere story start?? M confused bt w8 n see how d story prgrss.. continue soon

    1. IREENA

      yes he lves his family but still he got some unknown feelings towards her let’s see whether they will be one or not.???

  5. Abirsha

    Its awesome

  6. Superb nice

  7. Wow loved it..Awsome..have been waiting since morning..

    1. IREENA

      thanx and sorry I got late while uploading it.

  8. Tamanna

    Wow…. Awesome….

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  9. superb dear… i didn’t know Swara is soo talkative… hahaha.. loved ur chappy…??

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      thanx a lot dear???

  10. Loved it

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      tysm dear?

  11. Scooby

    Eeoooo… i liked this chapie more ovr it ws suprb.. their convo ws lovly.. bt sanskar y did he act like that.. swara went in middle bt a brk too is needed.. do post nxt one.. suorb ireen..

    1. IREENA

      thanx a lot Navi I think he is gone mad that’s why he is behaving like that???.

    1. IREENA

      thanx s?.

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