Swasan~ Why me?! Episode 3


Hi Everyone.. I am back with another episode.. I had ample time so thought to give another episode.. so lets start..


Sanskar(shocked) : Whatttt??!!

Rags: Chill bhai.. he is just..

Swara: Ragini, i need to go.. he would be waiting for me

Sanskar: Areyy But..

Rags(ignoring Sanskar): Yeah sure.. but meet me okay.. here is my address and mobile number.

Swara: Thanks ..

(Swara leaves.. Rags was happy that she had met her again but sankar was in his own world.. he was hell jealous and was curious to know about swayam so he decided to speak to Rags but she just cut him off and went home saying she will talk later)

~~~~~At Night~~~~~~~
Sankars’s Bedroom:

(He was trying to sleep but sleep was far away from his eyes.. he was continuously thinking about swara and was jealous and angry that she had a boyfriend)

Sanskar: Boyfriend? What’s the need of boyfriend at such a tender age? (makes faces) Who is swayam? Do they live together? Why? Do her parents know? Uff! This girl! The great business tycoon Sanskar Maheshwari is thinking about a girl! Wow! But why am i bothered even if she has a boyfriend? (Frustrated) But she is so pretty (lost in Swara’s thoughts and he came back to his senses after hearing the beep sound on his mobile ) Oh God! What i am doing?!!

(He cursed himself for thinking about her and slowly drifted into a deep slumber)

~~~~Next Day~~~~~

( Sanskar was reading some files when he heard a knock)

Swara: Goodmorning Sir!

Sanskar: Morning Ms.Gadodia..
Welcome to (interrupted by swara)

Swara: Hell!

Sanskar: What?

Swara: What what? You are welcoming me here and working with you so is no less than hell right?

Sanskar(smirks) : Right! So, as you are my PA , so you have to be with me all the time and do whatever i say.. am i clear?

Swara: Yes sir

Sanskar: Good.. here, take some files and make correction but before that give me a cup of coffee.

Swara(shocked): Me?!!

Sanskar: i think you heard it right.. now leave!

Swara(murmuring) Khadoos!

Sanskar: I heard that

Swara: hehe..I will just make it ..

(She leaves immediately while sanskar smiles. After sometime she gives sanskar his coffee)

Sanskar: Yuckk! What is this?

Swara: This is coffee.. You asked to bring it

Sanskar: I told you to bring coffee not a sugar factory!

Swara: What?

Sanskar: I don’t like sugar in coffee !

Swara: That is why you are so bitter! I added that maybe you would be affected by its sweetness but no you are just a Karva Karela!

Sanskar(jaw touched the ground): You .. You Ms.Makeup ki dukaan!

Swara( mouth opened in shape of ‘O’) : You Egoistic Giraffe!

Sanskar(shocked): Giraffe?!!

Swara: Yes.. See how tall you are 😛

Sanskar: And you Thumbelina!

Swara(mouth wide open) : How dare you?!!

Sanskar: You want to see my dare?!

Swara(immediately): No! (Sanskar gives her a winning smile) I will bring your coffee AGAIN! (leaves angrily)

Sanskar(laughs): My God! She is one antique piece ?

After 2 hours:

(Swara was going to Sanskars’cabin when she heard something and tears fell from her eyes. She ran and dashed with someone)

Swara(crying) :Am so.. sor.. sorry sir

Sanskar(concerned) Ms.Gadodia what happened? Why are you crying?

Swara: sir please can i go home its urgent?

Sanskar: But tell me what happened..

Swara: pleasee

Sanskar(looking at her tears): yes you may go and take care

Swara: Thank you sir

(She leaves immediately and sanskar angrily called Abhi to his cabin)

Sanskar: Abhi? Why was Ms.Gadodia crying?

Abhi: Sir.. wo.. wo..

Sanskar(furiously): Speak up Dammit!

Abhi: Sir, a few girls were calling her behnji and were calling her as a sl*t and…

Sanskar( boiled in anger) : What?!! Who the hell did this ? Send them to my cabin now!

( Abhi went and sent those girls in sanskars cabin.. sanskar threatened them and told them to behave maturely or else he would not think before firing them. The girls apologised and left and sanskar took a sigh and went home)

~~~~~ Sanskars’Mansion~~~~~~~

Sanskar: Mona aunty(their maid) Where is Rags?

Mona: Beta.. she is sleeping and she had dinner

Sanskar(smiles): Thank you and set the table, i am very hungry.

(Saying this he went from there, after eating dinner, he was immersed in swaras’ thoughts and a curve of smile appear on his lips. He sighed and slept)


(Sanskar was waiting for swara as she had not shown up yet. He was angry and called her but her mobile was switched off)

Sanskar: Abhi, why Ms.Gadodia has not arrived yet?

Abhi: I dont know Sir.

(Sanskar called Rags)

*On call*
Sanskar: Rags, Do you have Ms.Gadodia’s address?

Rags: No bhai .. i dont know

Sanskar(sighed): Okay fine

Rags: What happened? Is everything fine?

Sanskar: She took half day leave yesterday and didn’t even came to office today

Rags: Maybe, she is with swayam

Sanskar(hell jealous) : Why would she be with him?

Rags: Oh come on bhai! Both of them can’t live without eachother

Sanskar(jealous and angrily) : Nonsense!

Rags: haha bhai.. anyways i will talk to you later .. Bye
*Call ends*

(Sanskar was hell jealous and confused and was not knowing what to do)

Sanskar: Why am i bothered about her so much?! (lost in her thoughts)

Episode ends ..

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  1. crazy princess

    amazing chappy awesome loved sanskaar being jealous and i think swayam is swara’s child but lets see waiting for nxt update

    1. AngelTara

      Thanks sweetheart ?
      You will know that in the next epi

  2. Rosey

    Wow so much interesting

    1. AngelTara

      Thanks Rosey ?

  3. Simin

    Hmmm hmmm sanskar dont u know jealousy is first step of love

    1. AngelTara

      Haha.. well lets see?

  4. Sanskar ‘s jealous was so cute. Enjoyed reading the chapter…

    1. AngelTara

      Haha thanks 🙂
      Glad you liked it 🙂

  5. Deeksha gupta

    Awsm ..enjoying der cute fights n sanskar jealousy …

    1. AngelTara

      Thank you dear?

  6. awesome…!!

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      Thanks 🙂

  7. Mica

    huh!..they are just impossible

    1. AngelTara

      Mica if you are not liking it.. just tell if you want any change or if you have some ideas , maybe your ideas would be much better 🙂

      1. Mica

        NO way … how can you say that ? huh!* pinch your cheek.
        i just cursing that silly fellows with their silly fight..
        don’t get me wrong Angel.. it’s the way i comment 😀 😀
        if only i didn’t like your story, i will tell you..
        but if i love it, i’ll torture you with my silly comment

    2. AngelTara

      Mica.. i hope you didnt mind.. i just asked casually

      1. Mica

        naa.. it’s OK dear…ahem ahem

  8. Awesome. Loved it.
    Thanks dear for posting this in yesterday.

    1. AngelTara

      Thanks.. Glad you liked it ?

  9. SNY

    Nxt one soon plzzzzzz…

    1. AngelTara

      Thanks 🙂
      Will post soon

  10. Pooja26

    aww…. 😉
    sanky jealous……..
    fun to see dis…..
    awsm part……
    post asap…..

    1. AngelTara

      Haha? thanks

  11. Soujanya


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  12. Tamil


  13. Amazing yr specially SWASAN ki cute nok jhok ???????
    Nd sanky ki jealousy omg abhi SE hi or don’t thik soo k SWARA ka koi bf hoga may be uska bhai or frnd hoga but bf ?????
    Waiting for NXT part ???????????

    1. AngelTara

      Thanks shalini ??
      Glad you enjoyed ?
      Will post soon

  14. It’s excellent…… Please update soon.

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      Thanks 🙂
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  15. Simi

    So much names for swasan

  16. Arshaanya

    How can swara talk to her boss like dat on her first day of job ????
    Chappy was gud i guess swayyam is her bro or her son or her sis/broz son ?
    Continue soon

    1. AngelTara

      Haha?? she was annoyed with him as still he hasnt apologised thats why ?
      You will know soon dear ?

  17. Savanshi27

    Omg!!! Now this is getting onto my nerves.. dear this story is damn awsm… plz do update soon… no..no… very soonn?

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  18. Scooby

    Superb.. swayam may b bro or pet

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      You will know soon ?

  19. Niku

    It’s awesome…. bechara sanskar again suspense m rhe gya….

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