Swasan~ Why me?! Episode 2


Hiiii everyone.. am back! Thank you everyone! I was so happy to see your response 🙂
So lets start!


Both: YOU!!

(Sanskar smirks and says)

Sanskar: So Ms.Lecturer is here

Girl: you idiot! If i had known it was your office..(interrupted by sanskar)

Sanskar: Mind your language miss.. it was all your fault and you are blaming me! Dont forget its my office!!

(Both look at each other angrily and remembers what happened the previous day)

(Sanskar was driving his car when suddenly a girl came infront of his car and he had to apply brakes.He angrily starts shouting at the girl whose face was covered by her hairs)

Sanskar: What the hell! Don’t you have eyes !

(Girl turns and sanskar gasped. Such a divine beauty. He was mesmerised but he felt pain in his heart to see her beautiful eyes filled with tears)

Girl: I am so sorry.. i was walking carelessly.. am so sorry.

Sanskar(comes back to his senses and says angrily): I know girls like you. You all do this by purpose and think that you can get money by luring rich men!

Girl(angrily shouts): Shut up! I said sorry even though mistake was not completely mine.. but instead of apologising, you are raising finger on my character! How dare you! You may be rich and may live a lavish lifestyle but i am not that cheap!

Sanskar: Whatever! Stop your lecture and move.. i need to go!

(Girl doesn’t say anything but looks at him with anger and teary eyes and leaves from there. Sanskar too sits in his car and leaves)
*Flashback ends*

(Girl takes a sigh and then says)

Girl: Mistake was not only mine but still seeing your ego i again apologise for whatever happened.

Sanskar: Good. Now sit and introduce yourself.

Girl: My name is Swara Gadodia.. i dont have any experience but i’ll try to be a good employee

(After a brief introduction)

Sanskar: Why do you need this job?

Swara: (a tear escapes from her eyes but she wipes it quickly and says) I am sorry, i cant tell you that.

Sanskar:(felt bad to see her tears but says) Whatever, you go . Will see what to do.

(Swara thanks him but before leaving says)

Swara: Sir! I would prefer if you would forget whatever happened and would behave professionally .

(Sanskar was about to say something when cabin door got opened and swara got hit on her forehead)

Swara: Ouchhh!

(Sanskar quickly gets up from his seat and moves towards swara)

Sanskar: Are you okay? Did you got hurt?

Swara: No Sir, I am fine

Sanskar: Abhi! What is this! Look what you (interrupted by Abhi)

Abhi: I am so sorry Miss

Swara: its okay. i will leave now.

(She goes)

Abhi: Sir, have you finalised ?

Sanskar: Yes, there are two candidates. Payal and Swara.. now go and give them their appointment letters.

Abhi: Yes Sir!

(He leaves. Sanskar relaxes on his chair and thinks about swara.. her eyea , her lips, her arrogant behaviour and a smile appear on his lips and he suddenly hears some shouting and chaos and goes to see what had happened)

Sanskar: What happened?

Abhi: Sir wo..

Rags: I happened (winks at sanskar)

Sanskar: What are you doing here? I told you to take rest!

Rags: Bhai plz! I was getting bored so i came here .. you know what? A girl dashed with me and started shouting at me. I scolded her very nicely. I remembered you told me not to fight so i just gave her one nice slap or else i would have cut her hair, broken her teeth, spoiled her makeup and what not .. See, i remembered what you told me. I am good girl na? (Blinks her eyes making puppy face)

Sanskar(smiles): You will never change right?

Rags(proudly) : Ofcouse ! You know..(suddenly shouts) SWARAAA!!!

(Swara who was leaving heard her voice and turned back and was shocked)

Swara(slowly) : Ragini

(Rags came near her and hugged her tightly, swara hugged her back)

Rags: Oh my God!! Swara what are you doing here? Where were you? I tried to contact you but your phone was switched off..

Swara: Ragini, sorry for that and i am here for an interview.. You tell me how are you?

Sanskar: Ladies, may i know what’s going on here?

Rags: You remember bhai,I told you a girl saved me from accident , she is the one who saved me

Sanskar: Ohh.. Thank you so much Ms.Gadodia

Swara: It’s alright sir

Rags: Swara how is swayam? He loves you alot right?

Sanskar( jealous) who is swayam?

Swara: umm.. actually..

Rags: Her boyfriend (winks at swara)

Sanskar(shocked) : Whatttt??!!

Episode ends..

Guys please tell me how is it.. Am new so just tell me if i should continue or stop.. thanks!

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    Dare not to stop this.. i love this.. do post nxt part soon.. lovely story.. interesting.. i had instinct it shud b swara.. hey!!! it ws swara… so hapie and sanskar jealous… awesome angel..

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    Sanky got jls ?
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