Swasan~ Why me?! Episode 18

Hi Guys.. Tara is back with a big bang.. Hope you will like this epi..
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~~~~~~~~Episode 18~~~~~~~

(Swara and Rags were playing with Swayam and other kids.. Sanskar was standing at a corner and admiring Swara? The way she behaves, her cute antics, her personality.. Everything is perfect?)

Sanskar(monologue): Swaraa.. I love you.. Alot.. And i cant lose you.. I want to tell you my feelings but.. Am afraid.. What if you misunderstand me and go far from me..I cant lose you Swara.. I cant.. But today i will tell you my feelings at any cost..

(His trance was broken by Rohan who tapped his shoulder)

Rohan: Dude.. Where are you lost?

Sanskar: Umm.. Nowhere..

Rohan: Anyways, Come na.. Lets enjoy the party.. Dont feel shy

Sanskar(thinks): Stupid Idiot! Why would i feel shy?!

Rohan: Oh hello? Kahan kho gye

Sanskar: Abey Yaar.. Kahin nai.. You tell.. Any work?

Rohan: Nope.. Btw..Umm.. Rags is..

Sanskar(interrupts): Her name is Ragini! (Possesive brother you see?)

Rohan: Kk chill dude.. Acha.. She is your sister?

Sanskar(rolls his eyes): Yes obviously! Why?

Rohan: But she doesn’t seem to be.. I mean it doesn’t look like she is your sister?

Sanskar(smirks): Dikhne mai to Swara bhi teri Behn nai lgti But haqeeqat mai to hai na?

Rohan(shocked): Kyaaaa! Swara? Meri behn????

(Sanskar pats his shoulder and leaves.. Sanskar rocked, Rohan shocked?)

(Swara and Rags were talking when Sanskar came there)

Sanskar: Hello Ladies..

Swara(smiles): Hi..

Rags: Bhai! Where were you?

Sanskar: Nowhere.. Rags did-

(He was interuppted by Swayam who came there)

Swayam(held Rags hand): Ragu aunty.. Chalo.. Jaldi.. I have to show you something..

(Saying this he dragged her from there, only Swasan were left.. Both didnt knew what to talk and were feeling awkward and shy?)

Sanskar(clears his throat): So?

Swara: Hmm? What?

Sanskar: Umm.. What you gifted Swayam?

Swara: Well, thats a surprise?

Sanskar(smiles): Haha.. Is it?

Swara: Yup

Sanskar: Swara-

(Again he was interuppted by Swayam?)

Sanskar(murmurs): Aray Yar.. Do min baad ata toh i would have told Swara about my feelings

Swayam: Maasi!

Swara(bends to his level): Yes my baby??

Swayam: Maasi.. When we will cut the cake?

Sanskar(smiles and picks him up and kissed his cheek): Come, lets cut it..

Swayam(squeals): Yayy!?

(Sanskar & Swayam went from there.. Swara was very happy to see Swayam happy as her efforts bore fruit.. She only wanted this.. Swayam’s happiness.. She smiled and went back of them)

(Soon the waiter brought the cake.. It was a Three layered chocolate cake.. Melted chocolate was dripping down.. Happy Birthday Swayam Baby was written in bold ???.. Yum Yummyyy? Mere mu mai to paani agya?? )

Swayam(squeals): Wowww! Chocolate Cake!?

(Swayam stood at the centre and all the kids stood beside him.. Sanskar and Swara were standing next to eachother beside the kids and next to them were Rohan, Rags, and Maya)

(Swayam blew the candles and cut the cake and everybody started singing the happy birthday song.. Sanskar was surprised as Swara was singing loudly and happily, clapping just like a kid.. He smiled.. Swayam took a piece of cake and went to Swara who smiled.. He fed her the first bite.. Swara also fed him in return.. He saw Sanskar and Rohan on either sides of Swara and was confused whom he should feed first)

Swayam(pout): Whom should i give the next bite?

Rohan: Isme sochne ki kya baat hai.. Come on, give me quickly.. Or else i wont give you your present

Swayam: Haww.. Too bad.. You are threatning me! The Great Swayam! And that too on his birthday! ?

Sanskar(chuckled): Champ why dont you-

(He was interrupted as Swayam put a big piece of cake in his mouth, his eyes wide opened and he was truly looking like a Rasgulla with his mouthful of cake ?)

Sanskar(gulps hardly): Champ?

Swayam(hugs him): I love you Rasgulla! You are good not like Rohan Bhaiya.. He always annoys me(pouts)

Sanskar(chuckled and whispers in his ears): Then we will team up and annoy him okay?

Swayam(happily): Okay!?

Rohan: Buddy.. Why you fed him haan? It was supposed to be my bite!

Swayam: One bite would not have been enough for you Rohan bhaiya.. Even if you eat the full cake, you will say it was one bite only?

Rohan(jaw dropped): Haww!?

(Swayam stucks his tongue out and fed Rags and Rohan.. Swara distributed the cakes among the other kids)

(Swara saw Rohan staring Rags who was busy talking with Maya.. She smiled and went towards him)

Swara: Ahm Ahm

Rohan: What?

Swara: That you have to tell me

Rohan: I didnt get it

Swara: Whats there to get? Tell me na..

Rohan: Arayy.. About what?

Swara: Well.. I have seen you staring something or precisely someone ?

Rohan(shocked): What ?

Swara(rolls her eyes): Dont be a Dumbass Rohan.. Am talking about Ragini!

Rohan: What about her?

Swara: Urghh Dumbo! Cut the crap.. I have seen you staring her

Rohan(fumbles): N.. No.. Nothing. . Like that..

Swara(rolls her eyes): That i can see clearly (sighs) You like her don’t you?

Rohan: Maybe.. I don’t know

Swara: If Sanskar saw you checking her out, he will break your bones dude (chuckles)

Rohan(laughs): Ya ya.. We will see.. But Whats going on between you and Sanskar?

Swara(shocked): Are you mad? Nothing is going on.. We are just friends okay!

Rohan(thinks): But i dont think Sanskar considers you as a friend.. There is much more..

Swara(snaps her finger): Where you got lost?

Rohan: Nowhere yaar..

(Sanskar went towards Swayam who was playing)

Sanskar: Champ?

Swayam(smiles): Rasgullaaa.. Come lets play..

Sanskar: That we will do later.. But first i need your help..

Swayam(confused): What help?

(Sanskar smirks and whispers something in his ears.. Swayam was listening carefully and then a devilish smile crept on her lips?)

Sanskar: So champ.. Will you help?

Swayam(naughtily): Ofcourse my Rasgulla Jaanuu??

Sanskar(smirks): Then lets start

Swayam(happily): Okay

(Sanskar went towards Maya who was busy in her phone and sat beside her and started talking with her casually.. He saw Swayam secretly who was going here and there doing something)

Sanskar(thinks): My dear friend Maya, Time for payback

(As it was a bit late, So almost everyone left.. Swayam then came to Maya and held her hand)

Swayam(innocently): Aunty!

Maya: What?

Swayam: Come na.. We are playing a game..

Maya(rudely): I don’t want to play okay

Swayam: Uffo Aunty! If you sit here all the time na, then you will become Fatty!

Maya: What?!! ?

Swayam(nods): Yes come na.. Ragu aunty is calling you

Maya(rolls her eyes): Fine

(She stood up and went with Swayam who turned and gave Sanskar a thumbs up?)

(Swayam firstly took Maya towards a table where everyone was chit chatting.. He made her sit on a chair.. She rested her head on chair and felt a bit different but sat down quietly.. Then after sometime she felt something ticklish on her foot.. She ignored.. Again she felt same and looked down and was horrified.. It was a cockroach.. She tried to jump from her seat but she was stuck as she saw her hairs were stuck to the chair with chewing gums??)

Maya(disgust): Ewww!

(She forcefully tried to separate her hair and in this process half of her hair stuck there and broke and she stumbled back but fell down)

Maya(rubbing her head): Ahhh!?

(Swayam runningly came there and acted as if we fell and the plate of cake in his hands landed on Maya’s face?)

Maya(shouts): What the helll?!! ?

(Swayam smiles naughtily and saw Sanskar who was standing beside him)

Swayam(winks): Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost?

Sanskar(chuckles): Lets see! ?

(He hurridely went and came back with a towel and went towards Maya)

Swayam: Aunty sorry..

Maya: Sorry my foot! Look what you did!

Swayam: Aunty here.. Take this towel and wipe your face.

(Maya angrily took the towel and wiped her face and arms.. She felt a bit itching after sometime and started scratching her arms and face)

Maya(shouts): Ahh! What is happening?!! ?

(She stood up and it was itching her so badly that she started scratching vigourously.. Everyone was watching her with open mouth.. She was dancing like a monkey.. Swayam laughed loudly)

Swayam(laughing): Aunty, monkey didn’t came here so you started dancing like a monkey?

(Everyone was laughing at her state)

Maya(shouts): Ahhhh! What the!! ?

Swayam: Maya aunty.. Go to room and take a shower..

(Maya jumpingly went towards the room but when she entered a whole bucket of muddy water fell on her.. Ewww?)

Maya(crying voice): What is this?!!?

(She stumbled and walked but as her feet was slippery, she slipped and dhraaam? She fell down and hit hard)

Maya(rubbing her back): Maaa! ?

(Everyone was giggling outside.. Maya stood up with difficulty and tried to walk but she put her foot on beads which were on the floor?)

Maya(shouting): Ahhhhh!

(She flyingly went and landed on a plate of colours? She was looking just ??)

(She was covered with mud and different colour patches on her face and body?)

Maya: Aaaan!! ?

(Rags came there and was shocked)

Rags: Maya?! What is this?! Go and wash yourself.. You are looking disgusting!

Maya: I don’t know whats happening Rags! Am going to take shower.. Please Arrange a dress for me..

Rags: Okay.. You go

(Maya cryingly went towards the washroom.. She looked at her reflection in mirror and screamed?)

Maya(shouting): Mamaaaa! Bhoot Bhoooot!

(She came outside shouting)

Rags: Maya?

Maya: Rags! There.. Bhoot.. I saw it in mirror!?

Rags(hits her forehead): Maya.. Its your reflection only!

Maya: Aaaaaan?

Rags(pushed her inside washroom and handed her a yellow dress): Don’t come out before cleaning yourself!

(Maya went inside and opened the shower and was jumping here and there as the water was ice cold? She rubbed all the dirt with alot of difficulty..She took the shampoo and washed her hair and came out after sometime..Her face was pale)

Rags(shocked): Mayaaa?!!?

Maya(crying voice): What?! ?

Rags: Your hair!?

Maya: My hair?!?

(She touched her hair and felt a bit pain)

Maya: What happened??

Rags: Your hair are purple!

Maya(shocked): What?!!??

(She turned and saw herself in the mirror.. Her hair were purple!! How?!!?)

Maya: How? This.. My.. Hair.. Purple?!! ??

(Well this happened as Swayam mixed dye in the shampoo??)

Maya(cryingly): What is happening with me?!!?

(All came in room and were shocked but then burst out laughing.. Maya was wearing a yellow dress and purple hair? Lol?)

Swayam(came forward): Aunty.. Here take this juice..

Maya(angrily): I dont want this!?

Swayam(innocently): Ragu aunty?

(Rags took glass from Swayam and forcefully made Maya drink that as she thought she was looking tired and pale.. But Maya was struggling and was trying hard to stop Rags but Rags was Rags.. Who can stop her ?? Ab Rags ko kon bataye k wo juice nai tha instead it was orange paint mixed in water which tasted yukk?)

Maya: Yukkkhh! Ragsss!?

Rags: Shut up Maya! Look what you have done to yourself! You are looking like a joker!

Maya: I didn’t do anything..

(Just then a waiter came with a sandwich and placed infront of Maya)

Rags: Maya.. Eat it.. We are outside.. Hurry up!

(She left with everyone who went in hall but Swayam and Sanskar stood on door and peeped and saw Maya who was making a baby crying face.. She saw the sandwich and was about to eat as she was hell tired but then she saw something moving.. It seemed a tail of something moving here and there inside the sandwich.. She confusingly placed the sandwich on plate and opened it and was horrified! She jumped from the bed and started shouting and went runnigly to the hall.. Well, There was a mouse in the sandwich.. It was waiging its tail which Maya saw? Sanskar and Swayam gave eachother a hifi??)

Swayam: Rasgulla.. Now i will-

Sanskar(interrupts him): Champ.. I guess its enough for today

Swayam: Fine! She shouldn’t have messed with my Maasi?

(They went in hall)

Rags: Maya! Why are you shouting?! Have you forgotten your manners!

Maya(scared): Rags.. Sandwich.. Mouse.. That..?

Rags: What are you speaking?!

Swara: Maya? Are you okay? What-

Maya(angrily interuppts): Shut up! Just shut up!?

(Everyone had already left.. Only Swasan, Swayam, Rags, Rohan and Maya were there)

Rags(angrily): MAYA! Behave yourself!?

Maya(angrily?): Why don’t you just tell this girl to stop playing games with me!

Swara(shocked): Games?! ?

Maya: Yes.. You and your cheap games!?

Sanskar(angrily): Mayaa! Enough!?

Maya(angrily): Ya right.. Dont you see what she had done with me? Because of her i have got these rashes as i have allergy to colours and my hair.. They have turned purple! Dont you see my state! She has done it all!

Swara(angrily?): Enough Maya.. If am silent doesn’t mean you will speak whatever you want to!

Maya(angrily): What will you speak haan ?

(She pushed Swara.. Swara stumbled and was about to fall but Sanskar held her)

Sanskar(still holding Swara): Mayaa! Are you blo*dy out of your senses?!! ?

Maya(angrily?): Yes! I have gone mad! This filthy b*t*h-

Sanskar(roared??): Not a word more Maya! I wont tolerate it!

(He made Swara stand properly)

Sanskar(asked Swara softly): Are you okay?

Swara(nods): Hmm..

Sanskar(to Maya): What the hell is your problem Maya?! Why are you after her haan?! Since the time you saw her, tum to haath dho kr Swara k peeche prh gyi ho! You are blaming her for everything when you yourself are at fault!! ?

Maya(angrily said to Swara?): I am sure you must have done this?!

Swara: What?!

Maya: Yes! You must have instigated Sanskar against me! Thats why he is scolding me all the time!

Swara(shocked): What?!!! ?

Sanskar(angrily): Shut up Maya!?

Maya: Why should i shut up haan?! Tell me clearly.. Why is she so important to you haan? Bloodly middle class! Characterless b*t*h! Dont know how many men she have trapped already and now she wants you Sanskar!

Sanskar(SLAPPED HER HARDLY and was looking at her with blood shot eyes): Shut up! Just shut your blo*dy mouth! How dare you haan?! ??

Maya(shockingly placed hand on her cheek?): Sanskar! You.. You slapped me for this girl!

(Swara had kept hand on her mouth.. She was not able to believe what she saw.. Swayam was scared a bit and he hid behind Rags and Rohan who were also shocked and were not able to react)

Sanskar: No! I slapped you because of your dirty mind! You have no right to raise a finger on her! How can you do this?! ?

Maya: Sanskar! What wrong i said! She is-

Sanskar(interrupts): Not a word more Ms.Maya Ahluwalia! I have tolerated enough! Leave about her.. What do you think about yourself haan?! She is not characterless but you are! ?

Maya(shocked): Sanskar ?

Sanskar(angrily?): I told you to behave but enough is enough! Get lost from here! You are fired and go and pack your bags too.. I shouldn’t see you at home when i come back Got that! Now Get lost from here!

Maya(goes towards Sanskar and held his hand): Sanskar please.. I am saying the truth.. Ye larki tumhe phasa rhi hai!

Sanskar(angrily jerked her): MAYA!! ? Not a word more! I wont listen anything against her!

Maya: Why the hell are you so bothered about her Sanskar?!

Sanskar(angrily): Cause I LOVE HER! I LOVE SWARA Dammit!

(Swara gasped.. She was shocked..Sanskar realises what he said and looks at Swara who was numb.. His fear starts engulfing his mind.. What if she goes away from him.. Swayam and Rags were smiling as Sanskar finally confessed but everyone else was shocked)

Episode ends..

Do comment people! Meri 2 days ki mehnat hai ye? I wrote this episode after alot of struggle as am not well but still wrote it.. Anyways, Do tell how was it!?
Love you all!❤

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  1. Simin

    Awww thnx soooo much for writing it
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    1. AngelTara

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      Ya.. I too fear how swara will react?

  2. Wow..amazing …maza aa gya sanskar ne maya to thappad mara…she deserve this…
    Don’t make Swara angry on Sanskar nd don’t separate swasan….
    Swayam’s part was awsome…aacha maza chakhaya maya ko…
    Love your ff post next part soon…

    1. AngelTara

      Aww Thank you so much Nikki??
      Hehe.. Thats why Sanskar did it?
      Well, Lets see what happens with Swasan whether they separate or not?
      Haha.. Thank you?
      Thanks for loving my ff!❤
      Loads of love!?

    1. AngelTara

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  3. Scooby

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  9. Nice I can’t stop my laugh Maya needs this treatment swayyam is great Plz don’t make Swara angry

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      Thank you so much Priyaaa??
      Hehe Glad you liked Maya’s punishment? Well, she was worth it right??
      And about Swara, Lets see what happens?

  10. kya ji ..wow supov epi and I love it ya and full of fun and emotions …..supov and plz update soon ….jalthi..………….bye and take care…sne

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      Hehe well she was worth it right??
      And lets see what happens with SwaSan?

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    Awesome loved it

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  17. Superb.. Mayas punishment was hilarious.. ?
    Waiting for swara’s reaction..

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  22. Vyshu10

    superb….sanky finally confessed…wanna know swara’s reaction soon.

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  23. Niku

    It’s soo funny n an amazing epd. …

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  24. Kakali

    Omgggg Taraaa, the punishment was too much..!! i know Maya is wrong at ger place but still Sanskar n Swayam did a lot with her..showed her Sun n moon all together..!! hehehe no worries as it’s only a FF..!i have no much objection! Loved it dear.,Finally Sanskar confessed..eagerly waiting for next part..continue soon..!! Thnk u.. ! ;-*

    1. AngelTara

      Heheh?? I know that? But still, i wanted to do all this with her, so i did??
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      Well, lets see what happens next.. Our Swasan will be Together or not??

  25. Tiyasa

    Awwwsome loved it yr…. Should kill this maya…..
    Pls don’t separate SWASAN……
    And the punishment was too funny and crazy…..
    Sanskar’s confession was absolutely fabulous…..

    1. AngelTara

      Aww Thank you so muchh??
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      Lol? She deserved it right?
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