Swasan~ Why me?! Episode 17

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~~~~~~~~Episode 17~~~~~~~~~

(Sanskar was hell confused what to do.. What should he gift Swayam.. Although he had no blood relation with him, but he had a special connection and a special bonding with him.. That kid was full of life.. He could make anyone smile even in the worst situation.. He was innocent and pure.. Sanskar wanted to make it a very special and memorable day for him.. He searched many websites on internet and did alot of inquiry and got some ideas.. On the other hand, Swara was busy trying to do all she could.. She didn’t had enough money but Swayam was everything to her.. Her life and her soul.. Her mere reason to live..She decided to sell her gold chain which her Aunt had once gifted her.. Even though it was very special to her but not more than Swayam)

~~~~~~~~Shopping Mall~~~~~~~

(Rags was shopping hopping here and there and was very excited.. She had a special bond with that little kid.. She was going from one shop to another when she bumped into someone and her icecream fell on floor which she was eating.. She stared it for a minute and looked at the person with anger)

Rags(angry): Oye! Dont you have eyes! Look what you did!?

Man: Oh Hello Madam.. Its not my fault entirely.. Even you were walking without looking!

Rags(mouth opened?): Hawwwww!

Man: Haww? What haww?! I am speaking truth only okay.. Now please excuse me..

(He was about to leave when Rags held his arm)

Rags: Oye! Where do you think you are going haan?! Because of you, i lost my icecream.. So you have to buy me one more ?

Man: What?! Never!

Rags: Yes you would do it.. Or else..

Man: Or else what haa?!

Rags: Or.. Or else.. Umm.. Haaan.. I will shout and tell eveyone that you were trying to steal my clutch and was misbehaving.. Then people would beat you up and security would throw you out.. You wont have any respect and you would be..

Man(interuppts her): I beg you ?? Stop your chattr patter?? I would buy you an icecream okay?

Rags: Huh whatever!?

Man(murmurs): Ajeeb Larki hai.. Ameer lagti hai lekin aik icecream k liye behas kr rhi hai mere sath!

Rags(snaps her finger): Oye! Where are you lost? Come on.. Buy me one..

Man: Ya ya going.. Be here only.. i will be back in five minutes

Rags: No no.. i will come with you.. What if you disappear haan? What if you try to trick me?

Man: Uff! Fine! Come!

(Both of them went towards Icecream parlour.. The man was standing in a que while Rags was looking here and there.. Just then she saw somewhere or precisely she saw someone)

Rags(whispers): Swaraa? What is she doing here.. I mean in jewellery shop.. Let’s see

(She went towards the shop and entered it)

Rags(loudly): Swara?

(Swara turned after hearing her name and was shocked)

Swara: Ragini?

(Ragini hugs her happily)

Rags: I missed you so much

Swara(smiles): Me too

Rags: Btw.. What are you doing here?

Swara(looks here and there): Umm.. Ragini.. Actually..

(They were interuppted by the salesman)

Salesman: Madam, Here is the money.. Rs.35,550

Swara(taking the money): Thank you so much..

Salesman: Pleasure

(Saying this he goes)

Rags(confused): Swara? This money?

Swara: Ragini.. well, you know na tomorrow is Swayam’s birthday and i want to make it special for him.. I didn’t had enough money so i sold my chain and..

Rags(shocked): What?!! Swara.. You could have asked me for the money!

Swara: Ragini.. I didn’t want to take anyone’s help..

Rags: Swara.. Don’t be stupid.. We are friends.. And if thats the problem, you could have returned my money once you have it.. You shouldn’t have done this

(They were interuppted by the man who dashed with Rags, Swara was facing her back to him)

Man: Oye hello Madam! Where were you lost haan? I have been searching for you here and there!

Rags(makes faces): Ya ya..

(Swara turns and was shocked.. The man was equally shocked)

Swara: You!

Rags: You know him Swara?

Swara: Umm yeah.. I mean no.. I mean he is Mr Mehra.. He is working with our company

Laksh(fakely smiles): Hey Swara..

Swara: Ms.Gadodia for you Mr.Mehra!?

Rags(confused): Whats going on here?

Swara: Nothing Ragini.. Anyways.. I will leave.. I have lots of work.. Do come tomorrow okay?

Rags: Sure .. Bye?

(Swara leaves)

Rags(snaps her finger): Oye!

Laksh: Your icecream.. It melted..

Rags: Huff! Its okay.. Waise bhi am going home now..

Laksh: Btw Whats your name?

Rags: None of your business Mr!

Laksh: Well, Thats quite a long name ?

Rags(rolls her eyes): Ragini Maheshwari?

Laksh(smiles): I am..

Rags(interrupts): Mr Mehra right.. Swara told just now

Laksh: Well, am not that old that you call me Mr Mehra.. My name is Laksh.. So you can call me by my name..

Rags: Sure..

Laksh: Btw.. How do you know Swara?

Rags: She is my friend..

Laksh: Oh.. Anyways.. I’ll go now.. Already because of you i got late

Rags: Its because of you only.. If you would have walked carefully na.. Then this would not have happened.. Idiot!

Laksh: Oh Madam.. Please don’t start your lecture now.. Am already late because of you! Now i am going.. Huh (murmurs): Weird girl!

(He leaves)

Rags: Ajeeb hai yar.. Aik to baghair dekhe chalta hai.. Phir apni ghalti bhi nae manta.. Huh stupid!

(She was about to leave when she thought something.. She looks here and there and found the same salesman to whom Swara sold her chain.. She smiled and went towards him)

Rags(smiles): Excuse me?

Salesman: Yes mam? How may i help you?

Rags: Umm.. There was a lady with me.. The one who sold her chain?

Salesman: Oh yes.. I remember..

Rags: Well, I would like to buy the same chain which she sold

Salesman: But mam..

Rags: Please..i will pay you more..

Salesman: Well okay..

(He went and came with the same chain.. Packed it and gave Rags who paid him a bit more)

Rags(smiles): Thank you so much

Salesman: Its my pleasure mam..

Rags: But please make sure, she doesn’t come to know that i bought it

Salesman: Sure mam.

Rags: Thank you!

(She leaves from there smilingly)


(Bua was waiting for Swara.. It was 10 pm now.. Swara was busy full day.. She entered and was very tired)

Swara: Bua? You didn’t sleep?

Bua: I was waiting for you Beta.. You go freshen up.. I’ll set the table for you.. Eat your dinner

Swara: No Bua.. I ate on my way back..

Bua: But Beta..

Swara: Buaa.. Sacchi i ate..

Bua: Hmm kk.. Swara.. Wo.. umm..

Swara: What happened? You want to say something?

Bua: Haan.. Who was on call in the morning?

Swara: Bua.. he was no one

Bua: It was him right?

Swara(teary eyes): Yes Bua.. He is back (hugs her and cries) Why Bua? What he wants now?

Bua(caresses her hairs): Dont cry Swara..

Swara: I know Bua.. You feel bad after all he is your SON..

Bua(wipes her tears): No Swara.. What he did was wrong.. And i wont forgive him for that.. LAKSH may be my son but he committed a sin and he should not be forgiven easily

(Yes, It was Laksh only who called Swara in the morning)

Swara: I met him

Bua: What?! Where?!

Swara(told him about the meeting and all her convo with Laksh): Bua.. Swayam.. If Swayam came to know about this.. Then (sobs)..

Bua: Shh.. Dont cry Baccha.. Swayam is your son okay.. No one will snatch him nor anyone can do it right?

Swara(nods): Yes he is my baby

Bua: Acha chalo.. Go to your room and sleep.. You look tired

Swara(smiles): Haan Bua.. Going.. Goodnight

Bua: Goodnight Swara

(Swara leaves)

Bua(tears welled up in her eyes): No matter how strong i show myself, but am a mother.. Laksh..beta. you did wrong.. Swara is also like my daughter.. In your pain, you forgot your son.. But.. I cant forgive you for what you did .. No Laksh.. Never!

(She wiped her tears and went to her room)

(It was 11.55.. Swara was awake cause she wanted to wish Swayam first like every year.. She got up and went towards Swayam’s room.. Swayam was sleeping peacefully.. She smiled and laid down beside him and saw the clock.. It was finally 12)

Swara(whispers in his ears): A very very happy Birthday my little Baby (kissed his forehead and started caressing his hairs)

Swara(monologue): I don’t know why you are back.. But i wont let you hurt Swayam again..

(She again kissed Swayam on his cheeks and went to her room)


(Swara woke up and saw the time.. It was just 5.00 a.m.. She sighed.. Just then she remembered about Swayam’s birthday and hurridely went to freshen up.. She came out after taling a bath.. She went towards Bua’s room and saw that she was sleeping.. Swara then went downstairs and went in kitchen.. Drank milk )

Swara: Uff! Aaj to itne kaam hain.. Ahh.. Chal beta Swara.. Shuru ho ja..

(She firstly prepared breakfast and went to Swayam’s room and saw he was still sleeping.. She went towards her room and packed a gift and like that.. Whole day she was busy here and there)


~~~~~~SM Mansion~~~~~~~~

(Sanskar was getting ready infront of mirror.. Just then Rags came.. She was wearing a maroon coloured off shoulder cocktail dress with black heels and open straight hairs curled at the bottom, matching earings and clutch)

Rags: Am ready bhai

Sanskar(smiles): Me too.. Lets go then..

(Just then Maya entered the room)

Maya(confused): Are you guys going somewhere?

Rags: Yup.. Its Swayam’s birthday party..

Maya: Who is Swayam?

Sanskar: Swara’s nephew

Maya(rolls her eyes): God! Why are you so bothered about that girl?!

Sanskar(coldly): Thats none of your buisness okay.. Come Rags, Lets go..

Maya: Sanskar.. Uff.. Okay Sorry for speaking like this.. Anywyas can i come with you both? I will get bored here..

Sanskar: No

Rags(confused): Bhai?

Sanskar: No Rags.. I dont want her to spoil Swayam’s birthday so please..

Maya: Sanskar please.. I wont do anything yar..

Rags: Bhai.. Its ok.. Let her come na..

Sanskar: Fine! Am waiting in the car

(He leaves)

Rags: Maya.. Go get ready..

Maya(nods): Okay

(She came after getting ready.. She was wearing a peach coloured gown with her hair open and high heels)

Maya: Am ready..

Rags: Kk.. Lets go

(They both went out and saw Sanskar waiting in the car.. They sat in and Sanskar drove toward the hotel)

~~~~~~Swara’s House~~~~~

(Swara was making Swayam ready.. He was hopping here and there and was very happy)

Swara: Bachha.. Hurry up.. We will be late.. Jaldi se get ready na..

Swayam: Okay Maasi..

(She made Swayam ready and kissed his cheeks and hurridely went to get ready.. She came out wearing a beautiful white and golden maxi with high heels looking stunning❤)

Swara: Am ready.. Lets go!

Swayam(happily): Yes lets go!

Swara: Bua.. why are you not ready?

Bua: Beta you know na.. I dont like parties n all and now am having a headache too.. You go na..

Swara: But..

Bua: Its okay Beta.. You go.. You are getting late..

Swara: Okay but take care of yourself.. Come baby..

Swayam: Bye Bua Ma!

Bua(smiles and kisses his forehead): Bye My bachha.. Enjoy well!

(Swara and Swayam left in a taxi)

~~~~~~~~XYZ Hotel~~~~~~~~

(Swara & Swayam reached there.. Swayam was very excited as always his bitthday party is at their home and it is first time, he is going to celebrate like this, Swara smiles seeing him happy and went towards the reception)

Swara: Excuse me?

Receptionist: Yes? How may I help you?

Swara: I have a booking..For a birthday party?

Receptionist: Your name Miss?

Swara: Swara Gadodia..

Receptionist(smiles): Yes.. wait (calls a waiter) Please show her the place for birthday party..

Waiter: Okay.. Come mam

Swara(smiles): Thank you

(She held Swayam hand and went with the waiter.. When she entered, She was amazed by the decorations.. It was beautifully decorated.. Streamers were hanging and balloons and poppers.. Happy Birthday Swayam was written In Bold and was decorated..Arrangement was very nice..Manager comes there)

Manager: Hello Mam

Swara(smiles): Hii.. Umm.. You have decorated beautifully

Manager: Its our duty Mam

Swara: But.. The money i gave you.. I mean this decor looks much more expensive..

Manager: Umm.. wo.. Mam.. We have a special discount for birthday parties..

Swara(not satisfied): Umm.. Okay..

(Just then they heard someone calling her from behind)

Voice: Hi Guys!

(Swara smiled)

Swara: Hi Rohan!

(You guys remember Rohan naa? Swara’s friend)

Swayam: Rohan Bhaiyaa!

Rohan(bends on his knees and hugs Swayam): Heyy Swayam! Happy Birthday Champ!

Swayam: Thank you Bhaiya.. Where is my present haan?

Rohan(rolls his eyes): Tu apni Maasi par hi gya hai.. Sbse pehle apna present chahiyay baki sab baad mai haan

Swayam: Hehe?

Rohan: Hi Princess

Swara(hugs him): How are you? Ghaib hi hogaye tum to!

(Just then SanRagMaya entered and San saw Swara hugging Rohan and ???)

Rags(hugs Swayam and twirls him): Happyyyy Birthdayyy Buddyyy!

Swayam(squeals): Raguuu Auntyyy!

Rags(laughs): Haha yes..

Swayam: I missed you so much!

Rags: Aww i missed you too (kissed his cheek)

Swara: Hi Ragini (hugs her) You are looking stunning

Rags: Thank you Swara and you are looking gorgeous!

Swara(smiles): Thank you

(Her eyes fell on Sanskar who was dressed in black jeans, white shirt and black coat looking hot and handsome?)

Swara: Hi Sanskar!

Sanskar(looks at her and murmurs): Ahh Zalimaaa.. She will kill me someday with her beauty! Looking so beautiful??

Swara: Sanskar?

Sanskar(comes back to senses and smiles): Heyy Swara..

(Just then Swayam hugs him)

Sanskar(picked him up and kissed his cheek): Happy Birthday Champ!

Swayam: Thank youu Rasgullaaa (pulls his cheeks while Sanskar makes faces?)

(Swayam eyes fell on Maya)

Swayam: Rasgullaaa.. Who is she?

Maya(fakely smiles): I am his friend. btw.. Happy Birthday

Swayam(confused): Thank you Aunty!

Rohan: Hey Sanskar!

Sanskar(murmurs): Huh.. Monkey.. Yahan bhi agya

Swayam(giggles and whispers): Should i tell this to Maasi?

Sanskar: Champ.. Shh..

Swayam(giggles): Okay

Sanskar: Heyy Dude.. Whats up?

Rohan: Nothing much yar..

Swara: Please come inside na.. Why are you standing at the door..

Rags: Ofcourse!

(Rags takes Swayam with him and started playing with other kids who were also invited.. Now only Swasan, Maya and Abhi were there)

Sanskar: You are looking beautiful Swara..

Swara(slightly blushes): Thank you!

Maya(rolls her eyes and says slowly): Whatever huh!

Rohan: Hey Dude.. This is bad okay!

Sanskar(confused): What?

Rohan(hugs Swara from side): You cant compliment my Primcess.. Only i can do that..

Sanskar(controlling his anger): Well.. I dont need your permission to say anything to my friend okay..(murmurs) I will kill him one day.. Monkey Donkey.. Such a chipku!?

Swara: Okay enough guys and Rohan.. behave yourself!

Rohan: Huff! Kk..

(All four started chit chatting.. Swara saw Rohan taking glances of Rags every now and then and smiled)

Swara: Excuse me guys.. i’ll be back after sometime..

(She leaves)

Sanskar: Umm.. I’ll also go.. Will see Swayam

(He also leaves)

Rohan: I guess we are only left here..

Maya: Huh Whatever!

Rohan: What?

Maya: Btw.. May i ask you a question?

Rohan: Ya Sure

Maya: How do you tolerate Swara? I mean you are so rich and Swara.. God.. She is such a pathetic..

Rohan(angrily interrupts): Ms.Maya! I wont tolerate a single word against her.. If you have a problem so please leave the party!

(He left angrily)

Maya(stamps her foot angrily): Why is everyone behind her!! But enough is enough.. Because of her only Sanskar is not talking to me properly.. I have to do something huh!

(Sanskar who just came there fumed in anger.. But then thought something and looked at Swayam and smirked)

Sanskar: Maya.. i told you so many times but you wont understand like this.. Swayam will only do something now and i am sure if he comes to know you are troubling his Maasi, then you will even forget the spellings of your name (looks at Swayam and smirks) Champ! Time for action?

Episode ends..

Maya: Why the hell are you so bothered about her Sanskar?!

Sanskar(angrily): Cause I LOVE HER! I LOVE SWARA Dammit!

Swara is shocked

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