Swasan~ Why me?! Episode 16

Heyy everyone! Do read the note at the end! Its very IMPORTANT!

~~~~~~~Episode 16~~~~~~~~

Swara(teary eyes and murmurs): No! No, this cant happen.. Aisa nae ho skta..

(Tears roll down her cheeks)

Sanskar(worried): Swara?

Swara(comes back to senses and composed herself): Sorry Sir.. Umm..Hello Mr Mehra

Mr Mehra(teary eyes and slowly): Swaraaa..

Sanskar: Is everything alright?

Mr Mehra: Ye.. Yes.. Everything’s fine..

Sanskar: Well okay then.. Lets start

(All sat down.. Sanskar got up and started the presentation.. He explained efficiently and his way was too spectacular.. No wonder he was one of the leading business men.. After sometime, he completed and everyone clapped for him.. He smiled)

Mr Mehra: Well, am impressed Mr Maheshwari.. Its too good.. Everything is perfect.. Apart from girls, Your charms work here as well?

Sanskar(laughs): Well Thank you Mr Mehra.. But the credit goes to my PA as well.. She worked day and night for this.. Infact this presentation is made by her only, i only presented but the main credit goes to her..

Mr Mehra(looks at Swara): Nice work Ms.Gadodia

Swara(fake smile): Thank you Sir

(Sanskar was observing her.. He knew something was bothering her)

Sanskar(in mind): What happened to her? I hope everything’s okay.. And why i feel like she and Mr Mehra know eachother?

Mr Mehra(clears his throat): Ahm Ahm.. Mr Maheshwari, Shall we sign now?

Sanskar(smiled professionally): Sure

(They signed on a few papers and shook hands)

Sanskar: I would be glad to work with you..

Mr Mehra: Same here..

(Mr Mehra’s associates left but he was still standing there.. Sanskar was also confused as why he didn’t go.. Swara was about to leave )

Mr Mehra(teary eyes): Swaraa..

(Swara stopped.. She was hardly controlling her tears)

Sanskar: Do you both know eachother?

(Mr Mehra was about to speak when Swara interrupted)

Swara: No Sir.. I dont know him

Mr Mehra: Mr Maheshwari, do you mind if i speak to her alone?

Sanskar(confused): Umm Yeah.. Sure (to Swara) Swara?

Swara: No need.. Am going..

Mr Mehra: Please just five minutes..

Swara: Fine..

Sanskar: Well okay then.. But Mr Mehra, I wont tolerate any kind of misbehaviour.. I mean if she doesn’t want to say or talk, you wont force her okay? i hope you get what i wanna say..

Mr Mehra: Yes.. I know..

(Sanskar left.. He was confused and a bit worried)

Mr Mehra: Swaraaa..

Swara: What do you want now? Haven’t you done enough Mr Mehra?!

Mr Mehra: Doll..

Swara: Dare you call me that.. you have lost that right long back..

Mr Mehra: Please forgive me.. I know what i did was wrong.. But now i have realised.. I..

Swara: Please Mr Mehra, i have already told you.. I dont have any relation with you got that?!

Mr Mehra: Stop calling me Mr Mehra! I am your-

Swara: You are no one to me..

Laksh: Doll, please don’t say like that..??

Swara: Dont call me that.. now please leave!

Laksh(pleads): Forgive me once Doll? Am i that bad that i dont even deserve one chance? I have always been there for you and you were there for me! Just because i did a big mistake, you will give me this much big punishment?

Swara(angrily): Not a mistake! You committed a grave sin Mr Mehra! I wont forgive you.. Infact who am i to forgive you haan??

Laksh(bows his head and folds his head and sat on his knees): I beg you.. Please forgive me.. I know i did a big blunder.. But please???

Swara(angrily): Listen carefully Mr Mehra! I dont want your apology neither i want to see your face.. What you did six years ago, cant be forgiven! I hate you! I hate you so much!

(Saying this she ran from there.. Laksh wiped his tears and got up)

Laksh(sighed): I will gain your forgiveness Doll.. Am sorry

(He left after composing himself.. Swara who was running dashed with Sanskar)

Sanskar(worried): Swara? What happened? Why are you crying?

(But she didnt speak anything and was crying bitterly.. Sanskar took her to his cabin and made her drink a glass of water and sat beside her)

Sanskar: Swara.. Say something na.. Why are-

(Before he could complete, Swara hugged him tightly.. He was shocked but then slowly reciprocated)

Sanskar(caressing her hairs): Shh.. What happened? Tell me.. Did he do something? Tell me.. I’ll break his bones if he did something stupid!?

Swara(crying?): San..s.kar.. He.. Wh.y is he. . back?

Sanskar: Shh.. stop crying Swara..

(He tried to break the hug but Swara didn’t let him do so instead hugged him more tightly)

Swara: He.. He came again.. He will take him away from me.. I.. don’t.. want his presence near-

Sanskar: Swaraa.. Firstly stop crying (he broke the hug and wiped her tears and cupped her face) Now tell me? Who is he? How do you know him?

Swara: Sanskar.. He will take Swayam away from me..

Sanskar: Who is he Swara? And what relation he has with you and Swayam?

Swara(crying?): He is his FATHER!!

Sanskar(shocked?): What?!!

Swara(sobs?): Yes.. He came to take Swayam i know..

Sanskar: No Swara.. Shh.. Dont cry okay? Swayam wont go anywhere okay.. He will always be with you.. Dont cry please.. And he is his father? But i have never seen him.. neither Swayam told me anything about his parents?

Swara(sobs): Yes.. Because he has never seen his parents in real.. He has only seen them in photographs!

Sanskar(shocked?): What are you saying Swara?!

Swara: I am telling the truth..

Sanskar: Why?

Swara: Because they-

(Before they could complete, Maya barged in his cabin.. Both of them composed themselves and Swara wiped her tears)

Sanskar(coldly): What is this Maya?!

Maya: What?

Sanskar: I have already told you to knock before entering?!

Maya(carelessly): Oh please.. I dont need anyone’s permission..

Sanskar(angrily stood up): You do! You need my permission! Got that? Next time you do this, you will be fired!?

Maya(shocked): Sanskar!

Sanskar: Yes! So keep it in your mind!

Swara: I will go now..

(She left)

Sanskar(angrily): So why you came?!??

Maya: Sanskar.. Why are you behaving rudely?

Sanskar: So what should i do haan? You have thought my office as a playland.. Whenever you want, you work and whenever you want you just roam around?!

Maya: Fine.. Am sorry!

(Saying this she left)

Sanskar(sighs): Uff! I hope Swara is fine now (he inserted his hand in his pocket and took out a letter) This.. Ohh.. I totally forgot about it.. Swayam’s letter..

(He opened it and started reading)


Hiii Rasgulla Januuuu?❤(Sanskar smiled and shook his head) You know i miss you so much.. You dont come to meet me and you dont bring Ragu aunty too *pout* Please meet me na and bring chocolates, teddy bears, cars and lots of gifts okay? This is your punishment for not meeting me okay? (Sanskar smiled widely) And yes, bring my rasgullaaaa tooo? I love it and want to eat it as well.. It is soooo softttt and soooo sweeett❤?
I miss you.. Come soon! And yes, stop troubling my Maasi! Because of you she is always busy in office! Next time it happens na, i will apply fevicol on your chair in your office so when you sit on it and get up forcefully na, then what will happen? all your staff will see it (Sanskar jaw dropped?) Hehe? Meet me okay? I loveeee youuuu Rasgulllllaaaaaaaa❤???

*Letter ends*

Sanskar(smiling): Pagal! Mad family haan.. He is also mental like his Maasi.. Oh God! I forgot about Swara.. Lets see..

(He went towards Swara’s cabin and the view made him fume in jealousy? Swara was laughing and forcefully making Abhi eat the chocolate while Abhi was trying hard to escape)

Swara(laughs): You told me a baby na.. Now see.. What i do?

Abhi: Meri Maa.. Maaf krde mujhe.. Ghalti hogyi.. you have already spoiled my face and my shirt with this chocolate.. Atleast now spare me please??

Swara(proudly): So what? You called me a baby so this had to be done!

Abhi(pulls her cheeks): Acha okay.. Your cheeks are soooo softtt Shonaaa?

(Sanskar angrily looked at them)

Shona(laughs and ruffels his hairs): And your hairs are like cactus!?

Abhi(jaw dropped): Shonaaaa! You spoiled my hairstyle!

Swara: So what?

Abhi: Yar.. Isi k peeche to sari larkiyan mujh pr marti hain

Swara(laughs): Hahaha.. Larkiyon ki ankhein kharab nai hain jo tmhare jese bandar pr marein gi??

Abhi: Haan han.. As if you are some sort of beauty queen

Swara: Yes i am

Abhi: Huh! Have you seen yourself in mirror? Bandariya!

Swara: Hawww! You donkey monkey!

Sanskar(angrily came in): Ahm Ahm..

Abhi(smiles naughtily seeing him: Helloooo Sirrrr?

Sanskar(angrily): What is going on here.. And Abhi look at yourself.. There is chocolate all over you!

Abhi: Well this is all because of this Shona (hits her head playfully)

Swara(rubs her head): You monkey!

Sanskar: Stop it both of you! Dont behave like kids!

Swara: Huh.. If you are Jalkukar , it doesnt mean everyone around you are not allowed to do fun!

Sanskar: Jalkukar?! Swara, how many names you give me in a day yaar!

Swara: Hehe.. Only those names which you deserve?

Abhi: Uffo! Dont mind this Pagal’s talks Sir.. She is psycho

Swara(?): Hawww! You Jumbo Dumbo! How can you call me mental!

Abhi: Jumbo Dumbo?! Seriously you are mad Shonaa!

Sanskar(jealous as he called her Shona?): Enough for now.. Abhi go and clean yourself..

Swara: Han Dumbo.. Go!

Abhi: Huh Chudail..am going..

(He left)

Sanskar(sighs): Swara?

Swara(runs into the washroom): I’ll be back after washing my face?

Sanskar: Pagal!

(After sometime she came)

Sanskar: Are yoy okay? I mean whatever happened..

Swara: Ya i am fine..

Sanskar: Btw.. I read Swayam’s letter and..

Swara: Ya ya.. He must have asked you to meet him and bring gifts right?

Sanskar(surprised): How do you know?

Swara(proudly): Because i am his Maasi?

Sanskar(laughs): Yup.. Thats why both are mad

Swara: Huh.. Anyways i forgot to tell you that tomorrow is Swayam’s birthday .. So..

Sanskar: What?! You didnt told me?! How bad you are haan? Tomorrow is his birthday and you are telling me now? Huh!

Swara(rolls her eyes): Whatever.. So i will not come to office tomorrow and ya there will be a small party in XYZ Hotel as you know my house is not big.. So i want to make this day special for him.. If you and Ragini will come, He will be very happy..

Snskar: Uffo! Ye bhi koi kehne ki baat hai? We will surely come okay

Swara(smiles): Thank you.. I will go now and dont forget to tell Ragini

Sanskar: Okay

(Swara left to her home)

Sanskar: Hmm.. So tomorrow is Swayam’s birthday.. Have to do something special?

(He went home and told Rags about it)

Rags(happy): Woahh! Its Swayam’s birthday!!

Sanskar: Ya.. And i wanna do something special for him..

Rags: Ya Me too.. But what should we do?

Sanskar: I have no idea..

Rags: Btw party kahan hogi? I mean at Swara’s house?

Sanskar: No.. XYZ hotel..

Rags(thinking something): Bhai.. I have an idea.. The owner of that hotel is my friend’s brother.. As far as i know, Swara will try her level best to do everything perfect.. But we know that she cant afford it but still she is trying to make it special for Swayam.. Firstly, we should make special arrangements for the party.. And about gift.. We will have to think about it..

Sanskar: Yes.. i was thinking the same.. Give me number of your friend’s bro so i may talk to him..

Rags: Okay

(She gives him the number.. Sanskar talked with him and told him not to tell Swara about this and just tell her to pay a low price by saying some discounts or anything for birthday parties.. Rest he will pay but Swara shouldn’t know about it.. He cut the call after talking)

Sanskar: Done??

Rags(happily): Great! Now may i have the honour to use your credit cards (forwards her hand)?

Sanskar(raises his eyebrow): And why do you want it? You have your own credit cards right?

Rags: So what? Bhai k paise urane ka apna hi maza hai??

Sanskar(laughs): Haha achaaaa..

Rags: Haaaaaan! Now give me.. I have to buy a dress for myself and a gift for Swayam too.. Jaldiiii!

Sanskar: Drama Queen.. Here you go (took out his cards from his wallet and hand over to her)

Rags(squeals like a kid): Yayyy! (She kissed his cheek tightly) Muaaaaaaaah?? Thank you Bhai! I love you! Bye!

(Saying this she ran from there)

Sanskar(smiled): Pagal! (Thinks) Soch Sanskar soch.. What should you gift him haan? God! Koi hint to do!

Episode ends..

Okay.. Well thank you everyone for commenting on the previous episode.. But am disappointed and upset.. So low response? Well, i think its my fault only as i am not a good writer and am not able to give you all what you are expecting.. I think my ff is not good or i bore you all.. Sorry everyone..I am irregular due to my college and tests.. Am sorry for it.. Just tell me if you don’t like it..i will stop writing and never ever post again.. Am sorry for making you all bore??
I wont post from now on.. 2-3 people messaged me personally saying my ff is not even worth reading.. its garbage and waste of time and that its just too boring and people dont like it.. They said i should stop writing cause i dont even know what to write and how to write.. Well, okay.. Am sorry you all.. I will not post from now on.. I am sorry for wasting your precious time and posting a story not even worth reading??

And about this episode, i thought to post last time..
Thank you Everyone!
Good Bye!

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