Swasan~ Why me?! Episode 12

~~~~~~~~Episode 12~~~~~~~

Swara’s House:

(Swara had already informed Bua and Swayam about Sanskar And Ragini’s arrival.. Swayam was very happy and was eagerly waiting for his Rasgulllaaa?❤)

Swayam: Maasi! When will they come?

Swara(smiles): Champ! This is the 18th time you are asking me this question..

Swayam(pouts): So?

Swara: They will be coming.. You wait for sometime..

Swayam: But.. Am waiting for 1 hour!

Swara(smiles): Okay fine.. Let me set this table then i will call Sanskar okay?

Swayam(happily): Okay!

~~~~~~~~~SM Mansion~~~~~~~~

Rags(shouting): Bhai! Hurry up yar! Itna time to larkiyan bhi tyar honay mai nai leti

Sanskar(shouting back): Haa! Coming!

Rags(huffs): God! This bhai na.. Always make me late

(Suddenly Rags hears someone calling her from behind.. She turns and was surprised)

Voice: Surprise!

Rags(surprised): You!

Voice: Yup me only!

Rags(hugs her): Am soooo happy to see you.. Why you didn’t come earlier?

Voice(hugs her back): Sorry dear.. I had work.. Now am here na.. We will do lots of Masti?

Sanskar(coming from back): Rags are you..(surprised) MAYA! You here?!

Maya(smiles and hugs him): Yes Handsome!

Sanskar(hugs her back): Wow! Am glad you are here cutie.. I missed you

Maya: i missed you too Handsome

Sanskar(smiles): Come sit na..

Maya(smiles): Definitely.. But why are you both ready? Going somewhere?

Sanskar(remembers that they had to go to Swara’s house): Ohh yes..

Rags: Han we were going to my friend’s house ..

Maya: Plz dont go guys (pouts) i came after so many days na.. please please

Rags: You also come with us na..

Maya: No no no! We are not going anywhere! Come lets go inside and enjoy .. Today only we three.. No one else (drags both of them)

Sanskar(hesitates): Cutiee.. Yar.. it doesn’t look nice.. We already told them we will ne coming.. If we don’t go, then it doesn’t look good

Maya: I dont care! Please na.. Go some other day.. Wese bhi its Sunday tomorrow.. Its weekend.. lets enjoy!

Raga: Mayaa but..

Maya: No ifs and buts.. I won’t listen to anything.. Am going to freshen up.. Will be back in ten mins (to Sanskar) Handsome inform your friend you wont be coming and Rags come help me yar!

Sanskar(sighs): Okay

(Rags went with Maya.. Sanskar was feeling bad as he had to meet Swara and Swayam .. He decides to call her)

~~~~~~~~Swara’s House~~~~~~

Swayam: Maasi call him na!

Swara(coming from kitchen): Uff champ! I am busy .. You do one thing.. Call him yourself

Swayam(happily): Okay

(Just then Swara phone rings.. Its Sanskar’s Call.. Swayam happily picks it)

*On call*

Sanskar: Hello Swara?

Swayam: Rasgulllla!

Sanskar: Hey champ! Whats up

Swayam: Nothing.. I am waiting for you and Ragu aunty.. When will you both come (pouts)

Sanskar: Am sorry champ for keeping you waiting..

Swayam: Its okay.. Now tell na.. When will you both reach here..

Sanskar: Actually champ..

Swayam: You know Maasi made chocolate cake.. so yummy.. Even now she is in kitchen.. Come soon na..

Sanskar(felt bad): Champ.. Where is your Maasi.. Give phone to her

Swayam: Okay..

(He goes and gives phone to Swara who told him to do it on loudspeaker as her hands were not clean)

Swara: Hello Sanskar

Sanskar: Hi.. Swara.. Actually..

Swara: Sanskar you know Swayam is waiting for you for more than 2 hours and he had asked me more than 30 times that when will you both come

Sanskar: Swara.. I had called to tell that only..

Swara: Han.. Say na.. Where are you? In how much time you will reach?

Sanskar: Swara am really really sorry .. We cant come

Swara(shocked): What?!

Sanskar: Sorry .. Actually just before sometime one of our friend came..

Swar: Then bring that friend with you na..

Sanskar: She is not willing to come as she dont know you guys and she is not even letting us go.. Sorry yar..

Swara: But..

(Swayam who was eagerly waiting for Sanskar’s arrival , became sad.. His eyes were filled with tears)

Swayam(talking with Sanskar): You are not coming?

Sanskar: Am sorry champ.. We cant come..

Swayam(tears fell from his eyes): You lied! You are not coming! I wont talk to you!

Sanskar: Champ listen..

Swayam: No No No! You hurt me .. I wont talk to you!

Sanskar: Swayam..

Swayam: I hate you! I wont talk to you! You are not my friend! You are not my Rasgulla! I wont talk to you now!

Sanskar: Champ.. Please dont say like this.. Please understand na..

Swayam(sobbing): I hate you!

(Saying this he gave phone to Swara and ran away cryingly)

Sanskar: Buddy listen na..

Swara(taking the phone): Sanskar..

Sanskar: Swara , Where is Swayam? Why is he not answering?

Swara(sighs): He went to his room crying..

Sanskar: Swara am really sorry yar..

Swara: Hmm..

Sanskar: Please make him understand na..

Swara: Sanskar, I will talk to you later.. Bye

(Withouting waiting for his reply, she cut the call)
*Call ends*

Sanskar: Swara listen..

(But call was cut.. He sighed and went to his room to change)

Sanskar(teary eyes): Sorry champ.. Sorry Swara.. I know i hurted you both..

(Later, Rags and Maya came to his room.. Rags noticed him upset and could guess what happened)

Rags: Bhai..

Maya: Handsome! Good you changed.. Come lets watch a movie..

Sanskar: Actually, am very tired.. you both enjoy.. i wanna sleep

Maya: Huh! Boring!

Rags: Let it be na Maya.. He came from office.. So he must be tired.. Come we will watch

Maya: Okay fine.. Goodnight Handsome! Come Rags!

Rags: You go.. Am coming in 10 mins

Maya: Okay

(She leaves.. Rags goes and locked the door)

Rags: Bhai? You talked wirh Swara? What she said?

Sanskat(tesry eyes): She felt bad i know but was not showing but..

Rags: But What?

Sanskar: Swayam..

Rags: Hmm.. He must be sad

Sanskar: He was crying Rags.. He was desperately waiting .. He felt really bad.. i had hurt that little angel.. I am feeling bad

Rags: I know Bhai.. Maya is stubborn .. You know na

Sanskar: Han i know.. But..

Rags: I have an idea!

Sanskar: Really? What? Tell na..

Rags: What time is it?

Sanskar: Well, its just 9.35 pm

Rags: Good.. And i dont think Swara and Swayam would be sleeping at this time right?

Sanskar: Han so?

Rags: So why dont you give them a surprise visit (winks)

Sanskar(his face glowed): Wow! Super idea .. but..

Rags: Dont worry about Maya.. I will tell him you had an important work so you had to leave

Sanskar(hugs her): You are the best!

Rags(smiles): I know i know.. Now go.. Hurry up!

Sanskar(gets up from bed and takes his jacket): Ya..

Rags: Wait .. I will be back

Sanskar(confusingly): Okay

(She came after two minutes)

Rags: Here (Gives him 2 boxes of chocolates) Give these to Swayam from my side

Sanskar(smiles): Sure!

(He smiles and leaves.. Rags also went to her room and told Maya that Sanskar had to leave for important work.. Both sat for watching a movie)

~~~~~~~~Swara’s House~~~~~~~

(Swara and Swayam were in hall .. Swayam was sitting on Swara’s lap and had kept his head on her chest.. He was sobbing and hugging Swara tightly.. Bua was not there as she went to her sister who was ill)

Swara(carresing his hairs): Why is my brave boy crying hmm?

Swayam(sobs): I wont talk to him! He lied that he will come!

Swara: Swayam.. Baby.. he told na.. his friend came so he could not come..

Swayam: Am i not his friend that he didnt came to meet me?

(Suddenly they hear someone from behind)

Voice: Who said that huh? You are my bestttt friend

(Swara and Swayam looked at the source of voice abd found Sanskar standing.. He had A sorry card, Chocolates and other gifts in his hands)

Sanskar: You are my best buddy..

Swayam(turns his face): Maasi, tell him to go.. I dont want to talk to him!

Swara(looks at Sanskar whose face was clearly showing his sadness): Umm.. Sanskar.. You.. Why are you here.. I mean.. You were not coming

Sanskar(guilty and knelt down infront of Swayam who was in Swara’s lap): Am sooooo Sorryy Champ.. Please forgive your Rasgulla na..

Swayam: You are not my Rasgulla!

Sanskar: Please Champ.. Dont say like this.. Am your Rasgulla only..See i bought so many gifts for you ( handovers all the gifts and chocolates Rags had given) Your Ragu aunty especially told me to give you these chocolates (he forwaded the gifts but Swayam didnt hold them) Please Swayam.. Baby am (Swayam look towards him with anger) Okay fine.. You are a big boy not a baby .. Forgive me na..

Swara: Baby.. Forgive him na.. See he came to meet you although he was busy..

Swayam(thinks):Okay fine (he gets down from Swara’s lap and takes all the gifts from Sanskar’s hand and put them on sofa and hugged him tightly, Sanskar smiled)

Swayam: I forgive you but if you do it next time, i would never never talk to you

Sanskar(hold his ears): Chollyyy

Swayam(smiles): Its okay

Sanskar: Swara.. am sorry yar

Swara(smiles): its okay.. You came that’s why i forgave you but if you hadn’t then you would be busted for sure(winks)

Sanskar(laughs): Haha Definitely.. You would have eaten me alive

Swara: Haww!

Sanskar: What Haww! You are a jungli billi..

Swara(making faces): As if you are not a Karwa Karela

Swayam(slapped his forehead): Uffo! You both again started !

Swara: Champ!

Swayam: Maasi , come na.. Lets eat that yummyyy chocolate cake you made (puppy face) Because of this Rasgulla, i couldnt eat my cake

Sanskar(picked him up in his arms): Aww .. Koi baat nahi.. We will eat now (whispers) we will alone eat that cake and wont give it to your maasi okay?

Swayam(giggles and whispers back): Okay

Swara(curiously): Ye kya khusar phusar ho rhi hai?

Sanskar & Swayam(together): Nothing!

Swara: Fine.. Come lets go and eat

(Sanskar and Swayam sat on dining table when Swara came with the delicious cake.. Both of their mouth started watering)

Swayam: Wow! Maasi, It looks yummy

Sanskar: Yup.. i cant wait to eat this

Swara(smiles): Stop buttering me you both (places the cake on table) Look Sanskar.. Umm.. Its the first time i have made cake so if its bad then..

Sanskar(interrupts): It would be so delicious that i wont even leave a single bite (winks)

Swara(smiles): We will see

(She was about to cut the cake to serve them when Swayam interrupts)

Swayam: Maasi wait!

Swara(confused): What happened Swayam?

Swayam: Why dont we all cut it together?

Swara(shocked): What?! Why?!

Swayam(making excuse): Wo.. wo.. Han next week is my Birthday na.. So lets celebrate it in advance

Sanskar(confused): Come.. We all will cut together!

Swayam(happily): Okay

(Swara was confused but obliged seeing Swayam happy.. All of them stood up.. Sanskar and Swara were on either sides of Swayam who was holding the knife.. Swara was feeling awkward while Sanskar was hesitating as he knows Swara wont be comfortable.. Sanskar kept his hand on Swayam’s while Swara was still standing)

Swayam: Uffo Maasi! Jaldi karo na.. I cant wait!

Swara: Hmm.. Haa

(She hesitantly kept her hand on top of Sanskar who looked at her.. Both of them had an eyelock which was broken when Swayam happily squealed while cutting the cake.. Both of them smiled seeing Swayam happy)

Swayam(clapping): Yayyy!

Swara(kisses Swayam on his cheeks): Love you my baby

Swayam(kisses her back on her cheek): I love you too Maasi!

Sanskar(making faces): This is not fair Champ!

Swayam: What?

Sanskar: Whenever i call you baby, you get angry but when your Maasi calls you baby, You give her a kiss (pouts) Not done!

Swayam(smiles and kisses his cheeks too): I love you Sanky uncle!

Sanskar: Sanky uncle?

Swayam(pouts): Why? Cant i call you that?

Sanskar(smiles): Ofcourse you can champ but..

Swayam: But kya?

Sanskar(winks): But i like Rasgulla more?

Swayam(grins): That you are?

Swara: Acha bohat baatein ho gai.. Come lets eat it..

(She serves both of them.. Swayam ate a bite and said )

Swayam(mouth full): Umm.. Yumm.. Maasi! its.. yumm.. Yummy

Swara(squeals like a kid): Really? (Swayam nods and gets busy in eating cake) Did you like it Sanskar?

Sanskar(eats a little): No!

Swara(sad): I told you..

Sanskar(interrupts): I love it!

Swara: What?

Sanskar: Yup! Its so yummy.. I just love it!?

Swara(smiles): Thank you..

(She sat and about to serve herself when Swayam and Sanskar pulled the plate of Cake away from her)

Swara(frowns): What the hell! What are you both doing!

Sanskar: This is our cake

Swayam: So you cant eat it

Swra(jaw dropped): What?! But i made it!

Swayam: Lekin bnaya to hamaray liye hai na..

Sanskar: Go eat something else.. We are not giving this delicious cake to you

Swayam: Yup

(Swara struggles but both naughties were in one team? They didn’t let her touch the cake and were eating)

Swara(pouts): This is not fair! Go i wont talk to you both!

(Sanskar and Swayam were shocked and looked at eachother)

Swayam: Maasi! We were kidding.. please talk to me na..

Sanskar: Swara it was a prank yar.. Dont say like this

Swara: No!

Swayam(smiles naughtily and went towards Swara and hugged her from back and kissed her cheek): Sorry Maasi!

Swara(smiles): My baby.. I was kidding..

Swayam: It was all Sanky uncle’s plan!

Sanskar(shocked): Haww! You were in my team right?

Swara(looks at Sanskar with fake anger): sanskar!?

Sanskar(gulps): Swara.. i was just joking.. please yar.. (puppy eyes)??

Swara(smiles): Fine! Dont give me those cute looks (hifi with Swayam)

Sanskar(sheepishly smile): Ahm ahm..

Swayam(pulls his cheeks): Choo Cuteeee❤

Sanskar(fake anger): Dont call me cute!

Swayam: Nope.. You are cuteee

Sanskar(thinks something and smirks): Is that so BABY??

Swayam: Am not a baby!?

Sanskar: Baby, you are a baby!

Swayam: No!

Sanskar: Yes!

Swayam: No!

Sanskar: Yes!

Swayam: Yes!

Sanskar: No!

Swayam: Hah! You only said now!?

Sanskar: You little devil! I wont leave you!

(Swayam runs and Sanskar ran behind him.. Tom and Jerry? Swara took the oppurtunity and ate the cake while enjoying the fight)

Swara(mouth full of cake): Go my baby! Run more fast!

Sanskar(shouts): Swara! Am also your friend, support me!

Swara: Come on Sanskar! Catch him!

Swayam(shouts): Maasi! Support me not him!

Swara(nods again): Go Swa..

Sanskar(shouts): STOP!

(Sanskar and Swayam both stops running.. Sanskar narrows his eyes and looks at Swara who was busy in eating cake.. Swayam also looks towards her and then at Sanskar)

Swayam & Sanskar(together shouts): OUR CAKE!!

Swara(looks at both of them): Bhaag Swara Bhaag!

(Swara took the plate of cake and runs..Swayam and Sanskar ran behind her?)

Episode ends..

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