Swasan~ Why me?! Episode 11

~~~~~~~~Episode 11~~~~~~~~


(Sanskar and Swara were sitting in his cabin discussing about an important deal.. Sanskar was having a hard time controlling his feelings?? He was hardly concentrating)

Swara: Sir (no response) Sanskar (Still no response.. She pinched his hands hardly)

Sanskar: Aowww! (Rubs his hand) what was that for!

Swara: Someone told me that when you are in office, You should focus on your work (mockingly) Right Sirrr?

Sanskar: Ahm Ahm.. Sorry.. I was thinking something.. Acha leave this.. Now you go to Ms.Malhotra as i gave her one file yesterday.. See if she has done her work properly and yes, there is going to be a meeting.. Its very important deal for us.. I want you to do the presentation..

Swara(shocked): What?!! That.. That.. Mr.Mehra’s deal?

Sanskar: Yes.. that one only

Swara: But we don’t know who is he.. how can we make a deal with him?

Sanskar: Come on Swara! Its business.. Profits and losses.. They happen okay.. And about Mr.Mehra .. i don’t know much about him.. but i have heard he is a very sharp and competitive person..

Swara: Have you ever met him?

Sanskar: No No.. he doesn’t live in India.. He is in London.. He will be coming next week i guess..

Swara: Oh okay.. when we have to do the presentation?

Sanskar: Probably on Tuesday.. I guess he will come by Sunday

Swara: Hmm okay.. But you have to help me.. i am not gonna do this alone

Sanskar: Ya ya.. warna tmne to mjhe kaccha chaba jana hai

Swara (?): You! Huh.. its waste to talk to you! Arrogant Maheshwari?

Sanskar(?): Cool down wild cat.. Itna ghussa.. Gosh! How Swayam and Bua live with you.. My my!

Swara: So why you have a problem.. You will never have to bear me na as i wont live with you ever ?

Sanskar(his expressions changed): Swara?! What are you saying Yar! I was just joking then why you said you won’t be with me?

Swara: Hey hey.. Cool down.. I just said casually..

Sanskar: Whatever!

Swara(?): Wese bhi you can never handle me

Sanskar(murmurs): I would love to do that..

Swara: You said something?

Sanskar: No nothing..

Swara: Acha i will go and see that dumb head(Payal?)

Sanskar(chuckles): You don’t like her?

Swara: Like? I cant even bear to see her.. Such a rude person

Sanskar(giggles): Is that so?

Swara(glares at him): Shut up! (She leaves his cabin huffing )

Sanskar(sighs deeply): I hope you will also love me Swara.. I cant bear to loose you.. You and Rags are my everything.. I cant lose another important person in my life.. I Love you My wild cat..

(Swara went to Payal’s desk and saw her talking on phone)

Swara(angrily): Duffer kahinki! Kch ata hai nai aur bethi Mahranion ki tarah gappay maar rhi hai.. Idiot! (Goes towards Payal) Payal !

Payal(looks at Swara and sighs and cuts the call): What?!

Swara: Have you completed the file?

Payal: No.. I had no mood yesterday and i am not feeling like to do it even now.. You please do it

Swara(angrily): This is office Payal! You have to do your work on time!

Payal(gets up from her seat): Who the hell are you to tell me what to do and what not to! (Shouts) A mere PA who drools over his Boss all the time!

Swara(shouts and slaps her) : Shut up you b*t*h! I am not like you!

(Whole staff gathers there after listening their shouts.. Sanskar also came out of his cabin and when he heard their talks. His blood boiled.. How could that cheap girl try to insult his Lady Love! He was about to go to her when he saw his wild cat in action?)

Payal(holding her cheek): How dare you slap me! You cheap person! Mind your words you..

Swara(interrupts angrily??): Do not cut in when i am talking! (All were shocked to hear her high tone as she was always a polite and bubbly person) We all work here! You are not some sort of queen that whenever you want you will work and whenever you want you wont do it! blo*dy b*t*h!

Payal: How dare you?!

Swara: You have not seen my dare yet! I am not your servant to do your work! I want that file within half an hour as i have to make the presentation!

Payal: I wont! What would you do huh?!

Swara(looks at Payal angrily and whispers) I have had enough of your attitude now see what i do.. (speaks louder now) Hey everyone! Look at her (points to Payal) The queen of this office (everyone looks at her shocked) Ya ya i know i know what you all are thinking (All look at her confusedly) A girl who doesn’t have enough money to buy proper clothes, how can she be a queen right (winks)

(Payal looks at herself .. She was wearing a red one piece shoulder-less dress..All chuckles and few laugh at this as they all were annoyed with Payal’s arrogant behaviour.. Sanskar was amused)

Payal(?): What the hell?!

Swara(smirks): Ofcourse hell for you. Heaven is not for people like you

(Everyone laughs at this even Sanskar?.. They all were enjoying this )

Payal: Oh hello? You don’t even have the standard to stand in front of the shops i buy my clothes from okay.. You are just a middle class blo*dy..

Sanskar(interrupting her angrily): ENOUGHHH!! ??

(All went quite.. They knew that storm is coming.. Now they are gone)

Payal(?): Sir! Look at her.. How she is insulting me.. she is such a ..

Sanskar(interrupts her): Enough i said! How dare you! I told you to leave your arrogance at home before coming to office! We are not your employees that you will tell us what to do for you!

Payal: But Sir..

Sanskar(?): Shut up! Just shut your mouth! This is my office! Not your drama club! Ms.Gadodia?

Swara(looks at him in fear): Ye.. Yes Sir?

Sanskar: Why were you both fighting? Are you two kids! huh?!

Swara: I didn’t start.. She started abusing me and..

Payal: Oye you! I didn’t.. i just told what is your standard okay..

Swara(?): Shut up! Don’t talk about my standard! Have you seen yourself! Stupid duck!

Payal: DUCK?!!

Swara: You walk and talk like a duck .. Always making noise!

Payal: You idiot!

Swara: Beggar!

Payal: Cockroach!

Swara: Lizard!

Payal: Monkey!

Swara: Donkey!

Payal: You.. you hen!

Swara(?): You tortoise!

Payal: You..

Sanskar: You both just SHUT UP!! Enough is enough! Is this some sort of fish market! Not a word more! Both of you just zip your mouth! And you Ms.Malhotra.. when i clearly told you i wanted that file immediately.. why the hell on earth you didn’t do your work?!?

Payal: Sir.. I .. Wo..

Sanskar(?): Speak up Dammit!

Payal: (Doesn’t say anything..just bows her head)

Sanskar: I have had enough of your attitude.. Come to my cabin for your termination letter right now!

(All were shocked.. Swara was looking at Sanskar like ???)

Payal: Sir! Please sir.. Am.. sorry.. i wont do it again.. please don’t fire me

Sanskar: I already gave you so many chances but you took advantage of that..

Payal(??): Sir please.. i would do that work right now.. please don’t do this..

Sanskar: Fine!

(Payal sighs in relief while Swara makes an annoyed face as she was somewhere happy that Payal will be fired? Sanskar observed Swara’s expressions from the corner of his eyes and stopped himself from laughing and maintained an angry face)

Payal: Thank you Sir..

Sanskar: First say sorry to all the employees with whom you have misbehaved!

Payal(?): What?!

Sanskar: Are you deaf? Didn’t you heard what i say?

Payal: Okay..

(Payal told sorry to everyone and apologised and was about to leave)

Swara(immediately): Wait! (All looked at her.. she winks at Sanskar secretly who was like??)

Payal(annoyed): Now what?!

Swara(innocently): You didn’t apologised to me!

(Everyone was hardly controlling their laughter as they all know how much Swara hates Payal.. Sanskar was amused)

Payal: What?!

Swara: Uff! (To Sanskar) Sir.. You are right .. she has become deaf

Payal(looks at Swara Angrily and says slowly): Am.. Sorry

Swara: I didn’t heard what you said

(All giggles ?)

Payal(Angrily?): I said Am Sorry!

Swara: Oye! Say properly.. you are apologising so do it calmly not angrily (To everyone) Guys, Is this the way to say sorry? (All giggle and nod no while Sanskar was amused at her antics) See? Now do it again!

Payal(looks at her angrily but says calmly): Sorry..

Swara: Okay .. Now tell this five more times?

Payal(??): What? Why?!

Swara: You hurted me so many times na.. So now apologise!

Payal(looks at Sanskar and then at Swara): Sorry..

Swara: 1

Payal: Sorry

Swara: 2

Payal(gritting her teeth): Sorry

Swara: 3?

(All were giggling at her antics)

Payal: Sorry

Swara: 4

Payal: SORRY! ?

Swara: 5! Good! I forgive you afterall you are apologising so many times na?

Payal(?): (in mind) I will teach you a lesson for this and that too very soon

Sanskar(looks at Payal and he guessed from her face what she was thinking): (in mind) I wont let you hurt my Love.. Never!

(Payal leaves from there angrily.. All burst out laughing.. Sanskar saw Swara laughing whole heartily.. A big smile appeared on his face)

Sanskar(stares Swara lovingly and says in mind): I hope you always laugh like this My wild cat?

(He looks around and saw everyone thanking and enjoying Swara for what she did)

Sanskar: Hey everyone (All looks at him) The show is over! Now move to your seats and do your work.. And Ms.Gadodia.. (Swara looks at him) My cabin! NOW!

(He leaves hardly controlling his laugh.. Swara watches everyone with puppy face.. Everyone giggles and move towards their seats.. Swara huffs and goes to Sanskar’s cabin)

Sanskar’s Cabin:

Sanskar: Oh God! This girl .. seriously.. she is more like a tomboy? Such a hitler.. For once, even i got scared at her high tone.. But ya.. Only Swara had the guts to say all that to that stupid girl(Payal) .. She is damn crazy yar.. (sighs) But too cute?

(There was a knock on door. he knew who it was and composed himself and kept a serious face)

Sanskar: Come in!

(Obviously its our cute princess?)

Swara(extra sweetly): Sirrrr..

Sanskar(serious face): Ms.Gadodia.. Have a seat..

Swara(fake smile): Yes Sir

Sanskar: What was all that haan?

Swara(innocently as if she didn’t know what he was asking?): What Sir?

Sanskar(He was laughing inside seeing her antics): You don’t know what i am talking about?

Swara(Immediately): I didn’t start the fight with Payal

Sanskar(raises his eyebrows): Hmm Payal? When did i say about her?

Swara(bites her tongue): Umm wo.. wo..

Sanskar: Ms.Gadodia.. You know..

(He was about to scold her when Swara looked at him with cute innocent face.. Making puppy face and was pouting.. Looking super cuteee! How can our lover boy not melt seeing this haan??)

Sanskar(sighs): Fine! Am leaving you this time and make sure next time you..

Swara(immediately interrupts): Ya ya i will make sure that i fight with her more next time..?

Sanskar: Swaraaaa..

Swara(same tone): Sanskaaaarr

(Both look at each other and burst out laughing??)

Sanskar(laughing?): What was all that haan? You scolded her so badly?

Swara(giggles): So what? She messed up with The Great Swara Gadodia (winks)

Sanskar(?): Ya ya.. You insulted her so sweetly yar.. I never saw your this side.. My God.. Her (Payal) face was worth watching and that Sorry Scene??

Swara(Proudly): Hehe.. Thank you Thank you ..

Sanskar: Waise.. You are such a drama queen

Swara: Han to.. Btw.. Why you didn’t laugh outside.. Why were you controlling your smile han?

Sanskar(surprised): How do you know?

Swara(winks): I know everything okay??

Sanskar: Is that so??

Swara(fake anger): Waise i am very angry with you (pout face)

Sanskar(worried): Why? What have i done? (She kept quite and didn’t answer) Please Swara.. I didn’t scold you even.. Don’t say like that

Swara(tries to maintain an angry face but when she saw Sanskar worried face she burst out laughing): Hahahah????

Sanskar(confused): What happened? Why are you laughing?

Swara(still laughing): Sanskar, you are too cute

Sanskar(confused): Huh?

Swara: I am not angry, i was just teasing you

Sanskar(sighs in relief): Swaraa.. You scared me

Swara: Okay Okay.. its time to go home.. (she was about to leave)

Sanskar(stops her): Umm.. Swara?

Swara: Yes?

Sanskar: Can i come to your house? Actually, i wanted to meet Swayam.. its been many days i met him.. Can i? Please?

Swara(smiles): Come on.. We are friends right (Sanskar nods) Then stop saying please okay? And you can come to my house any time..

Sanskar(smiles): Hmm Thank you.. Shall we go?

Swara: You will drop me?

Sanskar: We are going to the same place right.. so..

Swara: Hehe Okay.. Chalo lets go..

(Sanskar gets up and was about to go with Swara when his phone rang)

Sanskar( sees the caller and smiles and picks up immediately): Hi My Princess

Swara (frowns hearing ‘My Princess’ and murmurs): Who is he talking with? Huh..

Sanskar(sees Swara staring him curiously and smiles and acts more): Ya ya sure.. I will pick you up.. We will go together okay? Ya.. Love you.. Bye (he cuts the call)

Swara( a bit jealous): Who was on call?

Sanskar( Hides his smile): It was My princess

Swara(jealous): Your princess? (He nods) What’s her name? Is she beautiful? Is she pretty? Does she look good or is she just okay okay? Where are you going with her and why you told her that you love her? Hmm? Btao naa..

Sanskar(surprised at her jealousy): (in mind) Iska matlab she also have some feelings for me.. Wah! Thank you God!.. (to Swara teasingly) Why should i tell you?

Swara(sad and pout face): Okay.. Why would you tell me? Who am i to you.. A mere friend right.. yes.. Why would you tell me ..

Sanskar(worried seeing her sad); Hey Swara.. It is nothing like that.. You are very important to me (she looks at him surprised, He realises what he said) I mean you are my friend na.. And yaar, don’t be sad.. (she doesn’t say anything) It was Rags on the call..

Swara(surprised): Ragini?

Sanskar(nods): Yup.. She wanted to meet you and Swayam so she asked me to take her to your house..

Swara(happily): Really? (He nods) Even i want to meet her.. You go and come with her.. I will go by myself..

Sanskar(immediately as he doesn’t want to miss a chance to be with her): No no.. Its fine.. I can drop you then i will go and pick Rags

Swara: Arayyy.. Am saying na.. You will get tired.. You go ..

Sanskar: But..

Swara: Go na!

Sanskar(sighs): Huff! Okay fine!

Swara(smiles): Acha, i will leave now.. You go and come with Rags Okay? (He nods) Bye!

Sanskar: Bye Swara..

~~~~~~~~SM Mansion~~~~~~~

(Rags was pacing here and there angrily.. Just then Sanskar enters and heard her and smiles)

Rags(angrily?): What the hell?! Where is Bhai! I told him to come early but no.. Work, work and only work! Huh.. let him come! I won’t talk to him (pout face)

Sanskar(smilingly goes towards her): Why is my doll angry haan?

Rags(?): Go! I am not talking to you..

Sanskar: But why? What did i do?

Rags(angrily): When did i call you?

Sanskar: Like one hour ago..

Rags: Yes! And you.. You came so late.. i told you i want to go there soon but you have no time for me!

Sanskar(pulls her cheeks): My crazy princess.. Am sorry (holds his ears , she smiles) Chalo.. Now i will get ready then we will go okay?

Rags(happily): Okay!

(Sanskar leaves towards his room while Rags sat in hall watching TV)

Episode ends..

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