Swasan~ Why me?! Episode 10

~~~~~~~~~Episode 10~~~~~~~~

(Sanskar was in his room lost in thoughts.. he was trying to sleep but seems like it was far away from him)

Sanskar(sighs): God! I am not able to understand what to do.. what is happening to me.. Swara.. Swara.. why i keep thinking about her (remembers Bua and Rags saying that he loves her) Love? Me? No.. i am not in love and that too with that Miss Bakbak.. No! Never in my dreams !

(Takes comforter over his head and closes his eyes but then again Swara’s face while talking with Rohan was flashing infront of him)

Sanskar(irritatingly opens his eyes): What the hell yar! Swara again! Uffff! This blo*dy Rohan! What does he think of himself? How dare he come close to my Swara!! Wait.. My swara??? I am not able to understand.. Do i? I love her? I love Swara?? (Remembers her smile, her innocent eyes, her rosy lips, her sweet talks, her anger and smiles thinking about it) Why am i smiling like an idiot!!

(Suddenly hears a voice)

Voice: Love my bro! Thats because of love

(Sanskar saw towards the source of voice and was shocked)

Sanskar(shocked): Rags?

Rags(smiles): Yes bhai ..

Sanskar: What are you doing here and why are you still awake?

Rags: When my bhai is not able to sleep.. How can i sleep hmm??

Sanskar(confused): What? Come, sit here and tell me what happened?

Rags(sits infront of Sanskar on bed): Bhai.. Why are you so disturbed? Any problem?

Sanskar(Avoiding eye contact): Nothing like that Rags..

Rags: Hmm.. Its okay if you dont want to tell me .. i am just your sister and that too step .. (before she could complete , Sanskar furiously stopped her)

Sanskar(angrily): Shut up!! ??Dont you dare say that.. You are my sister, my world, my life, my everything! How can you even say that huh! You.. Rags.. I .. just.. Urghhh! (Turns his face angrily)

Rags(smiles with teary eyes and says softly): Bhai? I am sorry yar (he still didnt speak) Sorry na baba.. i wont say anything like that ever again.. please forgive your little sisoo (pout face) you know me na.. i didnt mean it bhai Pleaseee

Sanskar(smiles): Fine.. But if you said that ever again then..

Rags(smiles): Haha okay okay.. i know the Jallad Maheshwari and i dont want to face him (winks)

Sanskar: Ragsssssss!!!!?

Rags(laughs): Haha okay now tell me what are you thinking or particularly about whom you are thinking ??

Sanskar: Shut up! Am not thinking about Swara!

Rags: When did i say about Swara???

Sanskar(sheepish smile): wo.. wo that..

Rags: That means you were thinking about her only.. Now tell me..

Sanskar: Its nothing Kiddo..

Rags: Bhai.. i may be small for you but i am mature enough to understand others feelings okay

Sanskar(smiles): I know Rags

Rags: Then say it naaaa!

Sanskar(takes a deep breath): I was thinking if i love..

Rags: Love???

Sanskar: ??

Rags: Sorry tell?

Sanskar: Actually (tells her about his feeling and about Bua’s talk and about Rohan) I dont know if i love her or not.. Maybe its just an attraction..

Rags(smiles): You love her Bhai

Sanskar(shocked and confused): How do you know?

Rags: It is clearly seen in your eyes Bhai.. when you talk about her , your eyes sparkle, you smile..

Sanskar: But..

Rags: Okay fine.. if it is not love than so be it.. Let her marry anyone else like Rohan.. as you said he seems to be interested in her..

Sanskar(angrily): No! She is only MINE!?

Rags: Yours ????

Sanskar: ?

Rags(smiles): Bhai.. love is not just attraction .. it is clearly seen in one’s eyes.. Your gestures and your expressions tell clearly that you love her.. Accept it Bhai.. Confess your feeling before someone else takes her (sees Sanskar angry expressions and laughs?) And yes.. I would be the happiest person if Swara becomes my bhabi

Sanskar(blushes slightly): Rags!

Rags(laughs): Haha awww (pulls his cheeks) so cuteee..

Sanskar: But .. What about Swara? What if she doesn’t love me?

Rags: First.. tell me.. You love her right?

Sanskar(sighs): I.. I dont know.. am not able to understand

Rags: Okay i have a solution for that.. close your eyes and if you see Swara that means you love her

Sanskar: What! That makes no sense

Rags: Uffo! Do it na

Sanskar: Fine

(He closes his eyes and sees Swara.. her eyes.. her beautiful smile.. her chubby cheeks..her long silky hair.. her attitude .. his eyes get wide open.. Rags saw this and smiled)

Rags: Soo?

Sanskar: i saw Swara!

Rags: I know

Sanskar: How?

Rags: Leave that.. Now you know na that you do love her

Sanskar(remimces all their moments.. their talks n fights and a smile crept over his face): Umm Yes.. I.. I lov.. I lov.v..e .. I do love Swara! Omg! I love Swara, Rags! (He jumped from the bed and started twirling Ragini) I am in live sisoo! (Rags was smiling looking at his brother)

Rags: Bs bs bs! Now stop dancing Bhai (Sanskar was embarrased) Waise bhai.. Swara..

Sanskar(interuppts): Swara? Rags, what if she doesnt love me (his face fell and he got sad)

Rags: Oho! What if she doesnt love you.. you can make her fall in love with you right (winks)

Sanskar(confused): What do you mean?

Rags(slapped her head): God! Why all the people around me have no brain! Bhai! Make her feel special.. Make her realize her feelimgs.. But bhai.. never break her trust.. trust is the most important thing in a relationship.. I hope you get it

Sanskar(smiles): I got what you meant Rags.. Never ever! I will love her immensely.. i will try my best not to make her cry or else her bf will rip me apart (winks)

Rags(confused): Bf?

Sanskar(laughs): Am talking about Swayam

Rags: Haha yes! That little cutie pie.. he is so sweet..

Sanskar(smiles): Yes he is

Rags(yawns): Anyways.. i am feeling sleepy.. you think about your love (winks)

Sanskar(hugs her): Thank you Rags! I love you kiddo

Rags(smiles): Anything for you Bhai.. N i love you to my cute brother!

Sanskar(annoyed): Am not cute!

Rags: Haha okay.. Goodnight (kisses his cheeks and ran to her room)

Sanskar(smiles): Pagal!

(He laid down on his bed and tried to sleep but no he couldn’t?)

Sanskar: Damn! ( thinking about his talks with Rags): I love Swara! Oh My Godd!!!! I dont believe that i am in love that too with that crazy girl but now .. i will never let anyone else take her from me.. she is only mine.. (smiles) Swara Sanskar Maheshwari (blushes) It sounds soo sweet.. I will make you Mrs.Maheshwari soon, Ms.Gadodia ❤

(He sleeps thinking about her)


(Sanskar was in his cabin waiting for swara )

Sanskar(restlessly): Where is she yaar! Am tired of waiting

(Just then he hears a knock on door.. He got happy that Swara came but composed himself and said)

Sanskar: Come in!

(Indeed it was his lady love.. he was mesmerised seeing her.. she was wearing a pink loose top with white jeans and high heels.. matching earings .. she had tied her hair in a ponytail.. applied minimal makeup.. simply looking gorgeous)

Swara: GoodMorning Sir

Sanskar: Morning..

(There was a knock on door)

Sanskar: Come in!

(It was Payal)

Payal: Hello Sir

Swara(murmurs): Aa gayi chudail

Sanskar(hides his smile after hearing Swara): Morning Ms.Malhotra.. i hope you got introduced to everyone and now you should start your work..

Payal: Yes Sir.. I know what to do (rudely) Am not your PA who has to know what to do and what not to.. So i can do my work myself (eyeing Swara )

Sanskar(got angry at her behaviour): Ms.Malhotra.. This is my office and you better shut your mouth.. Leave your rudeness and arrogant behaviour at home.. if i saw you behaving so with anyone that would be the last day of your office.. Got it!

Payal: Yes

Sanskar: Take this file and make correction.. I want this within an hour.. Now leave

(Payal left after taking the file)

Sanskar: Ms.Bose

Swara: Umm.. Sir I wanted to..

Sanskar: What happened? Everything okay?

Swara: Yes yes.. everything good.. i just wanted to say sorry about yesterday.. am really very very sorry about my rude behaviour..

Sanskar(smiles): Hey! Its okay.. and in friendship, no sorry and no thank you

Swara: When did we become friends?

Sanskar(his smile faded): Oh.. I thought ..

Swar(laughs): Haha! its okay.. Well, what if we are not friends.. (Sanskar looks at her confused) We can be right (forwards her hand) Friends?

Sanskar(his face glowed like a bulb and gave a 1000 watt smile?.. immediately shook hands with her) Sure Swara

Swara(smiles): Good.. Now i should get going

Sanskar: Sure but before that..

Swara(interrupts): I will get coffee (Sanskar was surprised) (smiles) You want that only na?

Sanskar(smiles): Yes please

Swara: Sure

(She leaves.. Sanskar smiled and looked at his hand )

Sanskar: Hmm.. Friends.. Chalo.. lovers na sahi.. now we are atleast friends..


(It was evening and time to go back home.. Sanskar was sad as he wont be able to see Swara until morning .. love you know?? Sanskar was going towards his car when he heard someone calling him )

Voice: SIR!

Sanskar: Swara?

Swara(smiles): Yes me.. Wo i wanted a favour from you please?

Sanskar(smiles): No need to say please.. After all we are friends right

Swara: Yes right.. Actually i am here from the past 45 minutes and not able to find any taxi.. So can you drop me home.. its getting late

Sanskar: You would have told me before.. Surely i would drop you.. come

Swara(smiles): Thank you Sir

Sanskar: Yaar.. What Sir sir? Call me by my name like i call you

Swara: Umm.. sir.. sorry i mean.. Sanskar.. shall we go

Sanskar(smiles): Sure come

(Both sat in his car and Sanskar drove towards Swara’s house.. Swara was very tired so she slept.. She was moving her head here and there for a comfortable place when Sanskar made her lay her head on his shoulder.. She smiles finding a comfortable place while Sanskar smiled at her.. They arrived at her house.. Sanskar saw her sleeping peacefully on his shoulder and smiled.. he kept carresing her hairs and was staring her lovingly.. it was 15 mins he was staring her.. suddenly he remebered where they are and hesitantly and unwillingly woke Swara up)

Sanskar: Swara.. Utho.. See your house came

Swara(no response)

Sanskar: Swaraa.. Get up

Swara(got up and rubbed her eyes and looked around): Oh.. Sorry i slept

Sanskar(smiles): Its okay

Swara: I should go.. (she was about to go) Umm,. sanskar?

Sanskar: Yes?

Swara: Come inside na

Sanskar(smiles): Maybe next time Swara.. Rags would be waiting for me.. Say my hi to Swayam and tell him i would meet him tomorrow okay?

Swara(smiles): Okay Sure.. Bye

Sanskar: Bye

(She left.. Sanskar saw her disappearing form )

Sanskar(sighed): Lets go Lover Boy!

(He smiled and drove towards his mansion)

~~~~~~~~~SM Mansion~~~~~~~~

(Rags was in hall watching TV and munching food .. Sanskar saw her and went towards her and sat beside her.. Rags saw him and closed the TV)

Rags: Bhai? So you told your feelings to her?

Sanskar: Nai.. today only we became friends ..I dont want to lose our friendship

Rags(teases by calling his name): Ohooooo.. Sanskaaarrrr Bhai?

Sanskar: Rags??

Rags(?): Okay okay.. Go freshen up.. we will have dinner then..

Sanskar: Okay

(He left towards his room)

~~~~~~~~~Swara’s House~~~~~~~

(Swara was in her room.. She was laying on her bed trying to sleep but she couldn’t.. She remembered Sanskar’s behaviour.. How he cared for her.. Swayam and his bonding.. Their friendship..she was remembering all their moments and a big smile crept on her face)

Swara: Hmm.. Well.. he is not that bad.. when i first met him , i thought he is arrogant and rude but he is quite different.. (smiles) SANSKAR.. nice name and suits him ya.. God! What am i thinking! Uff! Chal beta Swara.. Jaldi se so ja wrna kal late hui to tere boss ne apni sari achaiyan dikha deni?

(After alot of struggle, she went to sleep)

~~~~~~~~SM Mansion~~~~~~~
Ragini’s Room:

(Rags was lost in her thoughts.. she remembered Sanskar’s glowing face and his love for Swara.. She smiled)

Rags(closes her eyes and prays): Oh God! Please fulfil all wishes of my bro.. He has faced alot .. give him all the happiness.. he is more than a brother to me.. he is my family.. Sometimes i feel sad when i think about how my own family disowned me.. Sanskar Bhai was the only one who supported me and trusted me.. I wish he gets all the happiness.. Godji.. jaldi se Swara ko bhi bhai k sath pyar ho jaye.. I wanna see her as my bhabi.. i want to see my bhai happy again.. i want my old bhai back (wipes the tears from her cheeks and smiles looking at the moon) Mom! I hope you will help us 🙂

Episode ends..

Heya everyone.. i know am late.. Sorry .. college and tests.. Dont get time.. sooooo sorry guys.. Anyways.. do comment! ?

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