SwaSan: Am I Yours (Episode-1)


Thank you so much guys for your comments it means a lot to me. So as I said here is the first episode. It is a short story.

s, anu, Navi, Nive, Tamanna, Vyshu 10, Shan, Kakali, Mica, Priya, Arshaanya, Sanjanaagarwal, tani, Mahjabeen, Mahesh.Thanx a lot for liking the intro.

Swara didn’t want much from her life. Her loving family and friends were everything to her. She just wanted them to be happy.

Never really took care of her personal life. At 28 she was single but always believed there is someone out there only for her. Someone to have future with. Someone to get older with. She was waiting patiently and working hard at school. She loved kids and she has always taken care of all the nephews and nieces she had.

Two years ago her little sis Ragini got married to a lovely man Laksh and they moved to India, his home country. She hasn’t seen her since than and she was very happy when Ragini called one day and asked for favor.

“Would you like to come to Mumbai and spend summer with us. I need some help with girls (twins) and you could also see something new and have a wonderful time?”

It didn’t take much time for Swara to make up her mind.She loved her sister and she wanted to see her.She loved traveling and going to India will be an adventure of a lifetime for sure…….

”I’d love to Rago. When do you want me to come?”


Two weeks later

she was greeted by Ragini and Laksh at Mumbai airport.

It was such a wonderful feeling to see Raginj again. And she fell in love with the city too. She took care of the girls mostly in the mornings but afternoons and evenings belonged to her.

She strolled along the streets feeding her senses with sights smells, colors, sounds. She felt alive and so happy. She loved India.

It was one of those sunny and very humid days. Swara wanted to spend some time alone. Preferably on the beach. She just wanted a little rest. Girls had really bad day and she had some problems with them. They were crying all the time and even managed to annoy her which doesn’t happen very often.

She was also considering staying in India for longer. She didn’t want to come back to Europe. She had a decision to make.She was walking down the streets thinking and not paying attention to anything around her.

Suddenly she found herself in a quite a big crowd. Mostly girls, teenagers. And very loud ones for that matter.

“Not again”

she said to herself. She looked around and noticed that girls were gathered in front of a big gate and quite a big house behind it.

“ Someone famous must live here” she thought. She had no idea who it could be. The crowd was getting louder and louder. She didn’t understand much from what they were saying so she decided to leave when she saw a big black car approaching the gate.

It must have been quite a challenge for a driver not to hit any of the excited young ladies. The car didn’t stop all the way to the gate but it went very, very slowly.

Swara stood aside and observed the whole situation with a smile on her face.

“ Seems like every country has its idols” she said to herself and started walking towards the beach. .

She decided to ask Ragini later about what she saw.


It was a tough day for Sanskar. He had a lot of business meetings today and not everything went the way he wanted it to go.

And his wife Priya. He loved her so much but lately she manages to annoy him all the time. She loves parties and meeting people.

So when during the breakfast today she announced that she was throwing a party for their friends he snapped. He wanted some peace and quiet with her and their kids at home. Not constant entertaining.

When he saw the crowd in front of his house he asked his driver not to stop. He loves and respects his fans, but today , it was not a good day for meeting them, shaking their hands and smiling.

He just wanted to go home have a shower and go to bed.He looked around and suddenly saw her. She was standing on the pavement aside and observing the situation with a cute smile on her face.

She didn’t seem to be bothered by the whole thing. And she looked lovely.

Tall, short black hair, pale skin. There was something peaceful about her. He wanted to open the window and call her but he knew he couldn’t do it. The gate opened……..


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