Swasan~ Why me?! Episode 1


Hi guys.. this is Tara .. its my first ff.. hope you will like it!

A beautiful mansion is shown. There , in a huge room, a man is shown working seriously. Just then the man hears the screeching sound of a car. He smirks and gets up and goes out.. Outside, a beautiful girl steps out of the car. She is wearing red shirt and white jeans with high heels.. looking extremely stunning.. she gives the keys to driver and tiptoes inside the mansion.. she looks here and there and seeing no one, takes a sigh of relief.. she was about to move to her room when she hears a voice and closes her eyes tightly knowing what is about to happen:
Voice: My my my.. look who is here
(The girl turns and her face is shown.. she has beautiful eyes and lips as if they are rose petals.. she smiles sheepishly and says in a sugar coated voice:
Girl: Sanskar Bhaiiiii… how are you? Where have you been? I was waiting for you for so long? Have you seen the time? Is it the time to come home? Why are you not speaking now?
Sanskar: Enough rags.. these should have been my lines
Rags: Heheh..(she hugs him) I love you shoo much bhai 😉
Sanskar: (laughs at her antics) okay fine..Miss.drama queen, i am leaving you this time but next time if you sneak out like this then you better know what will happen.
Rags: (pout face) bhai! Plz!
Sanskar: hahah.. okay now go and sleep.. its late (kisses her forehead lovingly) Goodnight
Rags: Sweet dreams(Muaah.. tightly kisses his cheeks and runs from there)
Sanskar laughs and says: ye nai sudhrey gi
~Next morning~
Sanskar and rags were doing breakfast.. just then a man comes and says:
Man: Sir!
Sanskar: Yes Abhi. You here?
Abhi: Sir I have brought the files you (interrupted by rags)
Rags: hey! Stop stop! No files on breakfast table!
Sanskar looks at her and she gives him her sweetest smile.. he smiles and says:
Sanskar: Abhi you go to office, i will see there .
Abhi: Okay Sir.

(Abhi goes and rags starts her blabbering.. telling sanskar about her friends and last night party. Sanskar was just listening to his baby sister. Rags tell him about her accident which shocks him)
Rags: Bhai (closing her eyes tightly) I.. I had..
Sanskar: what happened rags?
Rags: I had a small accident yesterday..
Sanskar: (shocked) Whatttt?!!
How? When? Where? Are you okay? Why didn’t you tell me? Wait i’ll call the doctor!
Rags: Bhai bhai bhai.. relax.. a girl saved me..
Sanskar: are you fine?
Rags: I am perfectly fine bhai.. you relax.. nothing to worry about.. anyways i am going out with my friends
Sanskar: No! You aren’t going anywhere. You will take rest. And ni more arguments!
Rags: But..
(He gives her an angry glare and she puts finger on her mouth.. sanskar smiles and says)
Sanskar: Now i have to go.. take rest and no sneaking out!
Rags: (pout face) Fine!!
(Sanskar kissed her forehead and instructing their maid to take care of rags goes to office)

(Sanskar enters looking handsome and dashing.. all staff greets him and the females are just drooling over him. He smirks and moves to his cabin. Abhi enters and gives him the list if candidates that are to be interviewed)
Sanskar: Abhi, go and check all the arrangements for interview and today we should finalise the candidates as it is taking alot of time.
Abhi: Sure sir
( Sanskar starts taking interviews.. he was hell tired.. now only one girl was left. He told abhi to send her in. Girl knocks and he allows her in.. Both looks at eachother and say at the same time:
Both: YOU!!
(Sanskar smirks while the girl is horrified)

So , i am ending the first episode here.. please do tell how was it..

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  1. Awesome Intro yar!!! Please continue tarry… Just loved the bonding of brother and sister of sanskar and ragini

    1. AngelTara

      Thank you so much ?

  2. Soujanya


    1. AngelTara

      Thanks 🙂

  3. Scooby

    Wow superb… love ragsan bond… post nxt part soon..

    1. AngelTara

      Thanks Navi 🙂
      Will post soon

  4. SNY

    Interesting dr…
    Post nxt one soon…

    1. AngelTara

      Thanks 🙂
      Will post soom

  5. Awsm start Nd vo girl obviously SWARA hi hogi ???? m I right or not ????????
    Waiting for SWASAN tashan-e-ishq ????
    Post NXT part soon??

    1. AngelTara

      Well for that you have to wait for the next episode 🙂

  6. Awsome loved it and I am sure the lAst girl is swara

    1. AngelTara

      Thanks 🙂
      You will see that in the next episode

  7. Niku


    1. AngelTara

      Thanks Niku 🙂

  8. Arshaanya

    Exctd for swasan meet ?

    1. AngelTara

      Thnx 🙂
      Am also excited 😉

    2. AngelTara

      Thnx 🙂

  9. Pooja26


  10. Mahjabeen

    Awesome angel…continue soon

    1. AngelTara

      Thanks 🙂

  11. Tamil


  12. nice start..tc..

  13. Interesting dear.
    Do continue.

    1. AngelTara

      Surely 🙂


    1. AngelTara

      Really ? 😉

  15. Vyshu10

    awesome……swasan already know each other…. Nice

    1. AngelTara

      Thankx 🙂

  16. Simi


  17. very nyc and continue it dear and swara and sanskar know each other waiting for next episode take care

    1. AngelTara

      Thank you so much 🙂
      Will post soon

  18. Mica

    Taraaaaa.. i read this first part 😀 😀

    1. AngelTara

      Haha?? Thanks?

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