SwaSan: Am I Yours (Episode-2)


Hey guys back with another chapter to bore you all.

First of all I’m gonna tell that its a short story. Here I’ll give importance to only SwaSan no one is having any role like Raglak ate also there for some scene this whole story is bout SwaSan even it will not include Sanskar’s family like his wife and children hope u all don’t mine.

Thanx a lot for reading and commenting on the story.
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Episode 2

Two hours later Swara was stading in Ragini’s kitchen drinking some tea and telling her sis about what she witnessed.

“Oh you must have seen Sanskar’s house” she said with a smile

“Who?” Swara heard the name for the first time in her life.

“Sanskar Kapoor, my dear. The King of Bollywood”

Yes she heard about movie business in India but she never saw any of the films and she had no idea what her sister was talking about.

“Check out my DVD library Swara. I have a to admit I am a fan too. Besides I am pretty sure you will love the films”

So in the evening Swara chose one of the films and started watching. At first she was a little bit put off. Cheesy romance? No it was not her cup of tea. But with every minute she was sinking in the atmosphere. She liked Sanskar but he didn’t impress her that much.

But she loved the film in general. Everything was so different. She liked movies and she knew quite a lot about American and European films.

But this was something completely different. And so beautiful.So fresh.That night she saw two films and fell in love with Indian cinema

Two days later during her usual walk ( it was Sunday and a day off for her so she went for a walk in the morning) she found herself in front of Kapoor’s villa again.

This time there were only about 10 people standing there and talking quietly. Again she saw the big black car but this time the windows were down and someone inside was telling something to the people in front of the house.

She stood there for a few more minutes and than started walking again. She didn’t notice that the car started following her slowly. After maybe 5 minutes she heard the car honk and she turned around. The driver waved to her through the open window. Hesitating she approached it and looked at the man.

“Would you like to eat breakfast with Mr. Kapoor?” the driver asked.

“ What? Who?” She was sure it was some kind of sick joke.

“ Mr Sanskar Kapoor would like to have breakfast with you, or just a cup of coffee”

” And can Mr Kapoor speak for himself” she asked and was sure that this time the man will give up

Suddenly the window at the back of the car opened slowly and she heard a nice voice

“You are absolutely right Lady. I should have invited you myself. Please forgive me. Please have breakfast with me. I will greatly appreciate it.”

She looked at the man in a car. He looked even better than in his films. And had a gorgeous smile. She still wasn’t sure what to do.


she heard again and the car door opened. It took her a moment to decide what to do but finally she got in the car. The man moved and she sat next to him.

Episode End

Precap: “A Coffee Date”


Finish the second episode of the story. Do tell me guyz how is it. If it’s not good then I’ll try to improve it.

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