Swasan an epic love story (promo 2)


Hey guys. Its me Sophie writing another promo on the behalf of my invalid yet devil little sister who is constantly eating my head instead of her food..lol. This is her storyline. Any ways let’s begin.
Sanskar POV

My body was hurting like hell. I looked at my left
hand and saw it blackening. I knew that the wolf venom was spreading slowly through my
body. I felt that every inch of my body was being stabbed by thousaAnd daggers simultaneously. My vision was getting blurred. My blood craving was increasing. It had reached its maximum limit while I felt like I was
burning from inside. This sensation was spreading slowly towards my heart. Oh how much I craved for human blood! I was loosing myself and was becoming a monster who had

me energy to prey.
Suddenly I smelt blood. Fresh blood. With blurred vision I could see a drop of blood on someone hand. This was enough to provoke the
blood sucking monster in me. Without any 2nd thoughts I I grabbed the girl by her wrist and pulled her towards me. She fell on me and hugged me. Without hesitation I thrushes my fangs in her soft flesh to suck her blood. I kept Drinking to satisfy the hungry vampire in Me.
Her blood was so sweet n pure. It was not like the blood of any human I drunk in my life.
Slowly I was getting my sense. My vision was becoming clearer. I looked at me hand again n
saw that it was becoming normal. I put my fangs deeper to suck more blood as she clutched my shirt tightly. Now I almost got my hearing sense back. I could hear her heart beat fainting. I stopped immediately as I realised I was killing her. I felt myselF again. I wanted to see my savoir. So I pushed her away from me gently. Her almost lifeless body fell on my arms. No this can’t happen ” I almost screamed as her face. “I love u” she muttered under her breath as she close her eyes. “U can’t do this with me Swara” I cried as I held her tightly against my chest.

Sometimes we have to die to save our life.
Sometimes this helps us to begin again.

Hope u guys understand what this means. Its a clue of the next episodes where there will b ups n down taking u to the rollercoaster ride of life of two star crossed lovers.

God bless you n me n also my annoyingly amazing sis.

Lots of love,
Krisline n Sophie

Credit to: Krisline

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  1. so swara died ??

    1. No she won’t. Its turning point of their lives

  2. Its awesome. Waiting for your actual update. Get well soon krisline.

  3. Nice…
    Upload asap…

  4. its awesome.. hope swara won’t die..

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