Swasan an epic love story (promo 1)

Guys I m krisline sis. She met with an accident n has multiple hand fractures n head injury n is barely able to walk. So she misses all of u so she asked me to type an promo 4 her. Its her words but my hand who is typing. When she is well she will write the full update. Till then njoy the promo.

It was drizzling. “Stop u b****.” Shouted a ripper vampire. (Ripper- can b vampire or wolf.they have no feelings except for their own kind. They r ruthless murders who have no control of the blood cravings. The kill anyone who comes in their was or thinks of hurting them.)
Ragini was running as fast as her injured legs could carry. Already injured
she stumbled n fell.” u r dead”said the leader as they were closing in on her.

Suddenly someone threw a few stones at them. They looked in that direction. It was difficult to know who it was as the face was covered with a long hood above that it was a dark night. All the rippers except the leader came running to attack. But the person was faster. Ducking quickly to escape from a attacker, the person took out a dagger from boots. With that a blo*dy fight took place(details in the original update).

I will have my revenge at any cost thought the leader as he headed toward a mortally wounded Ragini. He showed his original ripper face n ran towards her to end her game. But he stopped suddenly leaving a gasp n fell at her feet. Ragini looked at the devastations due to the massacre. She found only the Killer to b alive. The killer was literally holding the heart of the leader ripper in one hand and the deadly dagger In another. The drizzle had now turned into a storm. A strong wind remover her hood n a flash of lightening exposed the face. Ragini was dumbstruck . the killer moved towards Ragini.

Who is the killer? What is he going to Do? Will rags survive?

U will get the answer in episode ” Mystery Unfolds”. Till then love u. Please comment and wish my sis fast recovery as I can do her work all the time.

With love,
Krisline n Sophie

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  1. Loked the story till now…get well soon ..
    Who is swara?? N who r THEY??

    1. Ans are coming soon till then keep reading.

  2. hey dear krisline n sophie…i am reading ur ff for d first time bt i must tell u tht it is really interesting… frankly speaking i imagined each n every line… n its all becoz of ur art of portraying d emotions n d momments in d right manner… n may ur sister gets well soon… may god bless her… do read out my comment for her… n plzz tell me abt her reactions… i wish her a speedy recovery….

    1. Check out the previous links. Love ur comment n my sis eyes were almost moist. Love u n thank u

  3. get well soon sophie di
    plz continue

    1. Thanks u . I am Sophie n I’m perfectly fine. But my sis krisline the mastermind of plot is not.

  4. Again Ragsan
    can’t U people make Swasan ff

    1. It is swasan ff not ragsan. If u r thinking sanskar as the Killer then u r wrong.

  5. Awe woow

  6. It’s nice and yaa get well soon krisline ?

  7. get well soon 🙂 & the story is very nice

  8. thanks dear sophie for d links…. nd hope u get well soon krisline di…

  9. Krisline I missed you soooooo much and your story its amazing……, don’t worry dear take your time keep well soon then continue……I’m feeling very bad listening your accident.,….may God bless you sister…….and thanks to you sophie

  10. hey sophie the previous parts were amazing n a lot more interesting than other ff… thanks again…

  11. Its so interesting I can’t wait to knw that mystery person… Get well soon krisline… I’ll pray for ur early recovery n u hav got such a caring sis lyk sophie that u will get well soon

  12. hi Krisline.
    get well soon !!
    nice ff

  13. Awesome yaar update soon can’t wait plzzzzz make raglak as pair

  14. Loved the promo. Missed u soooooooo much plz take care of itself krisline. U have a sis like Sophie u will recover very soon.

  15. loved your promo dear.. get well soon..

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