Swasan an epic love story (episode 4) my heart stops

Hello guys. This episode might be a little boring but it will help to define the character of Sanskar and the intro of Laksh and RAGINI. I also want to clear that this ff has swasan as lead and raglak might not be given enough importance though they have very important role in the story. They act as plot movers while swasan are the plot makers. Sorry to disappoint Raglak fans. Any was lets get started.

The lecturer enters the class. He introduced Swara and started teaching. He had the full attention of Swara who had the full attention of sanskar. The bell rang implying the end of the class and the lecturer said before leaving “Swara, if u need help with the notes then you can burrow them from sanskar.(looking at Sanskar) give her the notes” “here” Sanky said while he pushed the notebook towards Swara. Suddenly a gentle wind blew as Swara accidentally touched while taking the notebook. After exactly 3 seconds Sanskar got up immediately and trotted towards the exit. “Weird” swara said as she left the room with Uditta.

I went near my car as soon as possible in the human way and took a deep breath to calm myself. My heart was beating fast. I got into my car. Damn what the hell was I thinking??! I drove the car at the same time I started cursing myself. I was cursing myself for letting her sit next to me. For giving her my notes. For inhaling her scent. For touching her. For just everything. I really wanted to calm myself but could not.
The time I touched her and inhaled her fragrance was probably the most confusing 3 seconds of my life.
1st second-I breathed in the jasmine and rose combo scent coming from her body and touched her soft warm skin which was like the touch of a rose petal. I was tempted to kiss.
2nd second – I smelt the strawberry scent of her blood along with her body fragrance. I became completely blank.
3rd second- the strawberry scent of her body become very strong. I wanted to put in my fangs in her neck near the blood vessel and suck the blood out of her body.
Both the cravings were very difficult to resist and both of them would not have a good outcome. After a all I am a blood sucking monster and she is a beautiful angel who I don’t want dead at least not now.

Laksh don’t u dare read it.’” A girl shouted at a boy as she ran behind him. Laksh was holding her personal diary which he refused to return. They both ran in the house with lightning speed as both of them were vampires. “lucky give it back” she shouted again. “want it then get it b4 I read ur deepest darkest secret, rags” he snapped with a mischievous look. Rags held a jar fyll of water and emptied it on him. Due to the water he slipped and left the diary. Ragini quickly held it. Laksh got up and said”you…..” rago ran down. But she sliped and held luck’s hand for support. But lucky too lost his balance and fell on her. They had a cute eyelock. The eyelock was broken by sanky as he cried “ouch” cause the diary flew and hit his head(busy thinking about swara). “cant u guys fight peacefully?” he asked irritated. “bhai how can any one fight peacefully???” lucky asked as he stood up helping ragini.” I mean cant u guys fight without hurting anyone else?” Sanskar said.
Rags- it was his fault
Lucky-mine? No yours.

R- mine?! How
L- if u had confessed ur feeling for me, I would not have the need to read ur diary.
R- I have not written anything abt u as I don’t have any.
L-liar. U crave me u love me.
R-yeah in ur dream.
L- wait and watch I will fulfil my dream.(looking at a lost sanky) bt someone else is also dreaming here
R-sanky where are u lost?(she shook him)shanky..

L- iam sure u are thinking about a girl.when u saw her u were mesmerised. When u touched her soft hand wind started blowing.
S-(shocked)how do u know?!!!
R-means all this happened?? Awww. So cute n romantic.
L- u started hearing the song ‘ek ladki ko khakha to easa laka jaisa…”
S-stop ur drama nothing like this happened. (serious tone) I am going for haunting.
He said and left the place.

Really sorry for swara fans. Give ur comments. Its an humble request.

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