Swasan an epic love story (episode 3) if looks could kill

Swara was standing in front of the mirror and combing her hair. It was her first day in college (even if it was mid-session). She still could not believe that she had left Kolkata and is now in Dehra Dun. That day after must argument Shekhar had managed to make her promise that she would try her best to live a happy healthy human life. Thus she ended up going to Dehra dun to make a fresh start. She was now living in a two storey building near the woods( which she had brought with the help of THE COUNCIL)

She got a message from her childhood friend ,Uditta“ welcome to my place” it read.
She smiled a little and went to college in her car. As she entered almost every boy was staring at her. Her beauty was attracting them. She was looking gorgeous. She was wearing a hot pink frock till knee with a silvery shiny belt around her waist and a deep navy blue jacket.
She ignored every one and walked straight. Suddenly someone hugged her from behind “hey sona .” she said. Swara responded her hug. “now tell me why u shifted here.” She asked excited.” To live my life” Swara replied uninterested. Uduta noticed it and to change the topic she said” anyways I have a lot to show you, babes.” Excited she pulled her.

On the other hand a boy is getting ready. He wears a white shirt and a black leather jacket with denim jeans. He combs his hair with his hand goes near a drawer. He takes out his coloured lenses and carefully puts them on his eyes. From golden his eye colour has now changed to brown. He is our Sanskar.
Sanskar’ POV

I wore my lens and got ready to go to the same boring human college. God we have to take so much pain just to hide our identity. It takes only a few 5 mins run in vampire speed to reach there yet we have to drive for 15 mins that too in slow speed just for the sake of hiding our identity. I hate it yet I did no other option. I went out of my room. House was silent that day. Laksh ,my bro and Ragini, my best friend and a newbie had gone for haunting, other had gone to Shimla to meet our old family friends.

I went near the garage and took out my car. I drove in full speed through the woods then suddenly something caught my eye. It was a house the same which had never been open from a long time. But today it looked different. It looked clean. I wonder why? I ignored and left. I reached in college just in time for my first lecture. As I entered the room I found many boy day dreaming. I became curious to know the new gossip. I heard the thinking “ oh man. This new girl is so hot” thought one.”I want her” “she is so angel-like. I think iam falling for her.”

These humans fall for every beauty that they see. I went near my place in the corner. I saw a girl sitting cross-legged there looking out through the window instantly I thought she is another desperate girl trying to gte my attention. I wanted to read her mind but to my surprise I could not. I walked towards her while concentrating onher mind yet I could not hear a thing.
Silently sat near her . still she was looking out and did not look at me. Not even once. I thought she was desperate but now I found myself desperate to know who she is.

“hottie stirring at 6 oclock. He tends to sit alone” a girl thought while typing a sms. Suddenly the truned around . she was really an angel. “sorry” she said “I did not know u sit here alone.”. she had the most melodious voice I ever heard. She got up to leave but a an reflex I said” u can sit here. Hi I am Sanskar” I said . “swara” she says as she sat down. If looks could kill I would have been dead till now.
Please reply. Even if u don’t like it or have negative comments please reply.negative comments will help me to improve. silent readers please. If I don’t get enough response then I have to quit this ff.

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  1. pls give me the previous eps link

  2. i like ur story a lot please dont end it

  3. Who is swara?? N the council??

  4. Well the story is interesting indeed..!! It makes me wait for the next update eagerly…Is swara a human?? N council…n all..wht is it abt? Loved the way u write 🙂 update soon

  5. I don’t understand ine is swara a vampire or human being…n ur ff is just amaizing keep it up

  6. Awsm yr

  7. Very interesting…keep it up

  8. This is a copy of twilight but I hope you have something in your mind about the story

  9. its awesome. don’t think to quite. 🙂

  10. I just love it
    plzzzzzzzzzzzz continue
    I think swara is purity queen

  11. Awesome

  12. no u couldnt stop it…

  13. nicooooo keep it up

  14. amazing…. nothing negative…
    it’s awesome…

  15. loved it awesome !!! continue soon

  16. Oh so they r vampires

  17. Thanks for the love n encouragement.
    Swaragini identity and her connectionwith the council will be revealed after 2-3 episodes. It will serve as a big twist. But as a sneak peek I can say for a fact that she is no a human.

  18. Twilight and vampire diaries is just my favourite and sanskar’s gift is just like Edward in twillight

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