Swasan an epic love story (episode 2) i dont want a hhh life

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All wre having dinner when Shekhar’s phone rang.” Its from work” he said and excused himself. He was the owner of a travel agency. It had a very good reputation. Everyone knew abt it. But no one knew that he was dealing with THEM. No one except Swara.

From Shekhar’s expression it was evident that THEY had called him. THEY were calling Shekhar from the last few days.. this was very unusual as THEY never called anyone. THEY met only when THEY needed anything.Never had the called Shekhar so often without asking for Swara even once.
Just then her phone beeped. She saw the msg “He wants you to leave Kolkata. What do u want to do? Will u trade ur life to have a HHH life??? Reply within 24 hrs.” Now she was sure it was THEM. Only they could make such a tempting yet threatening offer. She knows about them since the accident. She was now clear why they were calling Shekhar. They want her to continue what she has been doing since she was 15 and Shekhar want her to live a HHH life.

She quietly goes to Shekhar’s room n stands at the entrance. “She doesn’t deserve this. She is just 18. She deserves a happy healthy human (HHH) life.” He was shouting and then disconnects the phone angrily. She gets gets in the room n locks the door. She stands there for a min waiting for him to xpress his feeling. “I … I am sorry. Iam so sorry beta. Because of me u can never have a life that u deserve. U can never have a healthy happy human life. Had I not introduced u too THEM …… to this world ……………… I am so sorry.”he said sitting on the bed hanging his head. He was too shameful to meet her gaze.

“this is not ur fault, dad.” She said calmly[ since the accident she calls Shekhar dad ant sumi mom. They have officially adopted her n love her a their own child]
“no its my fault. This is not your fight. Its …..” he said as she interrupted him. “THEY, THE COUNCIL, are not bad people. U know it. They protect innocent. They give them a better life. U are also the part of the council and so am I. I cant just ignore it. I may be the youngest member bt I am a natural at this. I am with them for the same reason that you are to fight for goodness. I also don’t want any1 to be helpless when they see their loved ones being taken away from them.’ She said with a little pain in her voice.

“I don’t want the same thing to happen to u that happened to ur parents my bhai n bhabi. U are young. u can back out easily. I want u to have a happy healthy human life” he said
“I am happy n healthy. But I want never a human n can never be. ”she said .


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  1. mysterious yet good. next part please

  2. Uff. So much of suspense. But………its interesting. I love mysterious stories. Just waiting for the next episode.

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