Swasan an epic love story (episode 1) let the past be burried

Hello everyone this is my 1st ff on Swasan so forgive me if I make mistake. It is inspired from twilight, tvd and of course Swaragini. It might resemble to Swasan [email protected] vampires forever bt the story line is completely different. Anyways lets get started.

The road was deserted. Only a few vehicles seen. A car was heading towards a bridge. A little 9 yrs old girl was sitting in it along with her parents. She was absorbing the beauty of the twilight and the gargling water body. She looked at the reflection of the moon in the first moving water of the stream as the car moved on the bridge. She heard a sound but did not know what it was . suddenly her car bumped into the barricade of the bridge. Her hungry river monster was now engulfing the car very slowly. Somehow her mother found a plastic bagin the car. She opened it and gave it to the girl so that she may live longer. All were holding hands . Slowly her parents closed their eyes after some thime she too did.

“Swara ……….Swara” some one was calling her. It was her uncle Shekhar. “the dream again??” he asked as he caressed her hair. She nodded to say yes. Just then her aunt, Sarmista(Sumi&mishit) came holding coffee mug”take this it always helps” . There was pain in her eyes. When the day when swara lost her parents she lost her daughter ragini. Ragini was actually kidnapped and they could not find her. Since then she considered swara her own daughter. Swara too loved her. The trio had a bond over pain.

Swara couldn’t see pain in her eyes. So imitating Shekhar’s voice she said “Mishti darling, you know how much I hate tears in your eyes. A beauty like u should alwys have a smile on her lips.” And winked at her. Her mission was accomplished. “ Badmash what are u saying?” Sumu said with fake anger n little embarrassment “ Exactly what ur Shekharji was wanting to say” ‘I show u what I am wanting to say” She went to catch Swara’s ear n Swara ran n collide with some1. It was her dadi. She hid behind dadi. Dadi said “ areo sarmistha thara kam khatam ho gaya tho shona ke liye rasgolla bana. Usse mar mat” “tu thik kaharahi hai parvati. Sumi tu nasta rakh table pe.” Some1 said it was dida. She went near swara n said”Shoru, freshen up . we have made golgappes for u” “golgappa!!!!” shouted swara excited. Both her ganny nodded. She hugged them and said “ lone you dadi darling and nanhi nani”

PRECAP:- Shekhar “u deserve a happy healthy human life”.
Swara “I am happy n healthy. Bt not a human n can never be”( then who is she???)

Friends plz give your opinion. If its boring then I will try to improve. Bt please comment.

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  1. It’s little confusing. But I likes it.

  2. I LOVED IT. swara is a vampire i guess. waiting for the next update.

  3. seems to be a interesting…. liked it

  4. i like it, next part plsss….

  5. Liked n waiting for next part…

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