swara cried remembering the past. and mp went from there.

sanskar’s side-
as it was sunday all were at home. after breakfast sanskar went in his room leaving the kids for playing.
he was doing work in his room when the kids came in the room.
sanu- papa papa.
sanskar- haan angel…
sanu- papa listen naa.
sanskar- [sighed and closed his files] now tell what happened.
sanu- papa sing a song naa playing guitar.
sanskar- angel baccha i don’t want to…
sanu- please papa. say naa bhaiyuu.
swayyam- please papa…please..please.
ayush- yes jiju please.
sanskar- but..
sanu/swayyam/ayush- please.
sanskar- ok [unwillingly]
sanu- yeyyy. papa where i guitar.
swayyam- sanu mumma’s guitar is there see. papa play it naa. wait i will bring it.
sanskar- you all sit i will bring it.
sanskar touched swara’s guitar fondly with full of emotions and wiped the tears that escaped his eyes. he came and sat positioning himself.
sanu- [happily] yeyy papa sing naa.
sanskar nodded and looked at his cute innocent angel who has the same big eyes like her mother and gets excited same as her. he starts singing.

sanskar looked at the three kids sitting in front of him so innocent and so pure. he wishes that may this world and all people had that innocence so that no one would have suffered here.
he closes his eyes feeling the pain of separation and how now no happiness is their in his life except his kids for whom he smiles which doesn’t satisfies him.

he becomes emotional and behind his closed eyes tears get filled which he is stopping from coming out. he reminds of all the happy time spent and now the traumaful life without swara he is living. the song ends. kids who were listening with so much attention started clapping and sanskar opened his eyes and quickly wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes.
saniya- papa it was very very very very good. [came near sanskar and he made her sit on his lap]
sanskar- accha. did you like it.
saniya- yes papa. but papa you sang was….tere…masoom sawal…pareshan …hoon.main… haan right naa papa.
sanskar- right. my angel learns so quickly.
saniya- i am intelligent naa papa. accha that means that my questions troubles you papa.
sanskar- no angel. and why you asking this.
saniya- papa now only told naa tere masoom.. i am innocent and then it was sawaloon se means questions and pareshan is troubled. so are you troubled of my questions i ask you.
sanskar laughed a little.
saniya- papa why are you laughing.

sanskar- no bacccha i was laughing because my angel is so innocent. and angel papa is never troubled. never think like that. the song was like that so i sang. [kissed on her hairs]
swayyam- see bhaiyaa this sanu’s questions. she asks all stupid questions. and always papa’s chamchi.
sanskar- ohh champ when you were small like angel then you also asked questions like this.
saniya- sacchi papa. what bhaiyuu asked when he was small.
sanskar- whenever anyone asked him what he wants his first answer was he wants chocolates and when someone asks about food then he says kheer and milk cake. i mean his every demand was sweets.
swayyam- papa i like sweets.
sanskar- haan i am also saying the same thing. you can eat sweets in breakfast lunch and dinner. huh! when you were small then you always take my bowl of kheer and give me yours small bowl. then once we called him chamcha and you not understanding it’s meaning thought it as chamach means spoon. and you know what you told that you are not spoon but a good boy. hahhahahaha.
saniya- bhaiyuu i talk better than you.
swayyam- haan haan [made faces]
swayyam- [irritated because all three laughed at him] papa you love only sanu. that’s why making fun of me naa. i don’t want to talk with anyone.
swayyam stood up and started walking. sanskar became shocked and hurriedly putting saniya down caught him.
sanskar- champ it’s not like that. papa loves you both equally. papa loves you that’s why papa remembers everything related to you. champ whatever i told shows that my champ was very good. you know when you were small you were so mannered child and now also you are the best. if i love angel then i love you also. and tell me don’t you love angel.

[swayyam nodded] that’s like my boy. when you were small and sanu was born first hold her before me and mumma and you used to call her your baby. then why are you irritated now. is there any problem.
swayyam- [hugged sanskar cryingly] papa when we fight then you are on sanu’s side and mumma always is on my side but now mumma is not their to fight for me. if mumma was here then she would have taken my side.
sanskar hugged him more tight hearing swayyam’s broken voice.
sanskar- shhh. champ papa is their naa. sorry beta if you felt bad.
they both broke the hug hearing saniya’s crying. they turned to see her.
sanskar- angel why are you crying baccha.
saniya- [crying and holded her ears] i am sorry bhaiyuu. i will not laugh on you. sorry for making you cry.
swayyam- sanu stop crying. i am a boy and i don’t cry.
saniya- [came near swayyam and moved her fingers on his cheek] bhaiyuu you were crying see [showed her hands which became wet of his tears]
swayyam- haan toh see papa is also crying.
sanskar touched his cheeks to realise that with swayyam he also cried.
sanskar- haammm see you both made papa also cry. chalo now give me a hug.
both swayyam and saniya hugged him.
saniya- bhaiyuu till mumma comes naa till then i am in your team.
sanskar- then papa is alone.
swayyam- no we are one team till then ok.
sanskar- ok.
kissed both of them. he received a call and he told kids to go and play.

swara’s side-
swara locked herself in the bathroom. she didn’t wanted to see that nasty creature. she didn’t realise of the time because she was so in her own misery. she had never been separated from sanskar since they met except for when she lost her memory after the cliff incident but then also sanskar mended a way to be with her. she didn’t remember anything and accused sanskar many times but all due to misunderstanding. remembering that she remembered his condition as ragini and other members told. he had been like a lifeless body. when this realisation hit her she was drowned in thought of sanskar. how will he manage himself and the kids. how have they been all this while. how are they living. she cursed herself for being stuck at this place so badly.
her train of thoughts broke due to knock on the door. she was scared to go out because that man’s proximity disgusted her. his looks full of desires and madness made her feel scared. she didn’t open the door. then she heard the voice of person and sighing in relief she opened the door.
swara looked at the maid who was standing in front of her.
maid- maam your food.
swara- [realising it is afternoon] haan vo…you…
maid- maam i have…..
mp- swara…[both flinched with sudden arrival of mp] ohh finally you are out. [gestured the maid to go out and she went out obliging shivering a bit]

mp- swara i want to ask your approval. you know preparation have started so come and see how’s it.
swara gave a confused and disgusted look to mp and tried to go back in washroom. but in nick of time when she was about to close washroom door he grabbed her hand and pulled her out.
swara- [struggling] aaahhh leave me….. leve me i said.
mp- don’t test my patience swara. i have had enough of your drama. just give it in the way it is going and accept or i will not think twice to do it in other way. waise bhi i have more than one reason of marriage with you.
swara- [pushing him] your not a single reason can be valid for keeping me captivated here far from my sanskar and kids. get that in your tiny head.
mp- [rageful and pinned her to wall] bas enough. i am trying to make you understand that i love you. i had loved you a lot and keeping aside what you did to me i am trying to be good to you and make our relationship better then what’s your problem swara.
swara- leave me. ahhh [winced as he gripped tighter hurting her] i said none of your reasons are viable to justify me being captivated here. understand that. and i hate you….i hate you to the core of my heart MR. SAHIL….I just hate you so much because because of you i am far from my family, my love and because of you they must be suffering there. i hate you so much.
[yes mp is sahil and many have you guessed but the first one to guess was ayesha.]
sahil gave a slap to swara resulting in her falling on the floor. he kneeling beside her grabbed her hairs in his fist pulling it whilst she cried in pain.

sahil- you hate me…. but you know what i love you but at the same time i hate you too. swara i have many reasons for keeping you with me. fist because i want you all for myself as i love you…. second because you betrayed me….how could you at with me and get me arrested…….third because of you and that sanskar i had to spend my 12 years in jail…..12 years do you understand…. in these years along with love hatred and revenge has occupied me. you know why sanskar and those stupid tiny children of yours are alive because i don’t have to do anything with them as long as you are with me because how much ever i hate you or want revenge but i want you more. do you get it.
sahil- forget your past as if never existed.

swara- never. never ever. you have grown mad over these years and urgently need a physciatrist. i am only sanskar’s. he resides in my breath, in my every drop of blood…[sahil slapped her again] he is in my soul and every inch of me. i may be swara but i am made of sanskar and his love. swara is only sanskar’s and will always be. my love is for sanskar till i live after i die and in all the births. when death couldn’t separate us and destiny have made us together then who the hell are you to separate us. just a mad inhuman creature who can’t get the point that i can never be his. [he threw a vase beside her making her flinch but she composed herself]
swara- listen sahil leave me and let me go. you will never get me because i will never love anyone else than sanskar. i love only sanskar… ahhhhhhh
done with this part

precap- wait wait for shock or rather surprise.

chubby will give you reply some other day when i will be writing in free time not in hurry. do wait for my reply. thank you for commenting. and khwaish what made you feel my ff as nonsense and bekaar. please tell me so that i can improve. don’t keep anything within you because i welcome all types of thoughts from my readers.

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