three days later it is baby girl’s namkaran and we can see swasan sitting with their angel in swara’s lap. panditjee recited some mantras and then asked for baby’s name and swasan looked at each other and smiled.
swara- saniya sanskar.
others smiled listening the name and finally swasan’s baby girl was named saniya.
swayyam- mumma baby’s name is sani..ya….
swara- hmmm.
swayyam- but mumma everyone call me champ and you call me baby and rashika bua call me buddy. toh we should also call baby like that.

swara- so what you want to call her.
swayyam- mumma i don’t know. you tell something good.
swara- something good. hmmmmm.
swara was thinking but not getting anything.
swayyam- mumma did you think something.
swara- no baby. i am not getting.
sumi- shona come here.
swara- haan maa.
rashika- cutie i am taking saniya in garden.
swara- haan [ok]
swara was going to kitchen.
swayyam- mumma name…

swara- let me think baby then i will say.
sumi- shona
swara- got it. [exclaimed excitedly and loudly gaining everyone’s attention]
swayyam- what mumma.
swara- name. we can call saniya as sanu. how is it.
swayyam- sanu…yeyyyy.. mumma you are very intelligent.
sanskar- but i will call her angel always.

swayyam- [furrowed his brows] papa call her sanu.
sanskar- na champ i will call her angel and that’s final.
swayyam- then i will also call her angel.
sanskar- no only papa will call her angel because she is papa’s angel.
swayyam- no no no…..
sanskar- champ you always are on mumma’s side and she calls you baby then saniya will be on papa’s team and only papa will call her angel.
swayyam- [keeping his hands on his waist] papa sanu is in my team and me mumma and sanu will defeat you.
sanskar- champ that’s cheating. you are with mumma then someone should be on my side naa.

swayyam- [thought] hmmmm…… but i will keep her with me. now i am going to tell her, her new name.
swayyam said this and ran out in garden.
swara- sanskar are you a child to fight like this with swayyam.
sanskar- ohhh hello. whatever it is but only i will call her angel and sanu name is quite good so you all call her by that name. by the way u used your brain quite nicely. now excuse me.
sanskar went from there while swara saw him going open mouthed.
swara- [in mind] will show you bachu how much brain i have. idiot.
she moved to kitchen to sumi. shekhar raglak who were sitting in the hall and can listen to their talks smiled at their talks but became sad as they are not a part of their life.

today shekhar and raglak were returning in evening.
during day time swara called them down to talk something. they came being confused.
swara- ummmm….. mr. gadodia [closed her eyes] [in one breath] will you be able to take care of my maa and ayush if they move back with you.
shekhar- [registering her words] swara beta what do you mean. say clearly.
swara- i meant to say that ayush will need a father and also maa loves you still although you have done so many of mistakes. so i was just asking whether if they go back with you then would you take there care and trust them and not leave them in middle.

shekhar looked at swara and then at sumi for a while trying to believe that it’s all real.
ragini- [happy] swara, maa did you forgive us. i mean….really maa you are coming back.
ragini came and hugged sumi while sumi reciprocated confused and shocked.
ragini- maa i can’t tell you i am so happy.
sumi- haan…. [breaking the hug] shona this….
swara- [ignoring her talk for a while] so mr. gadodia please tell your decision.
shekhar- beta i will be more than happy if mishthi and ayush come back to me and i promise i will take their responsibility well and this time i won’t do anything in haste and will believe and trust mishthi and be by her side in all situation.
swara- hmmm.
now moving to sumi.
swara- maa now you tell me your decision.
sumi- but i mean……uhhh…
swara- maa we have talked to you about this. and your problem was that it’s too late for all this and it will be awkward to talk about all these. but now that i have talked you tell me your decision.
sumi- i need sometime to think. i will tell in sometime.
swara- ok.
sumi moved from there to her room avoiding the awkwardness.
swara- sorry first i asked you but i wanted to be sure. i hope if maa agrees you will care for her and support her in all situations.
shekhar- i will beta.
shekahr- beta did you forgive me and accept me as your…
swara- [interrupting] i want to clear this thing before you assume anything by your own. see mr. gadodia i am sending ayush because however the situation may be but a child needs a father although he gets all the care and love from someone else and second thing that my maa only loved you and for myself i will not keep her away from her love. she has a right to live her life with all the happiness and so i decided to talk about reuniting you with her. but when the case is mine then i am sorry to say that now nothing exists between us. if maa agrees to come back to you then also you would be her husband and ayush’s father for me and nothing more than that. never expect anything from me.

shekhar- don’t you need a father. don’t you feel like to be loved and cared by a father. you are saying about ayush but what about you.
swara- [smiled] mr. gadodia in reality i don’t need someone whom i can call baba for name sake. yes i needed one in past but now i don’t. you know why because i have people in my life who fills that void too. first one is sanskar who is a perfect husband and best friend, a perfect father for our children and a person who is capable to fulfil all the relations responsibilities and care in my life. i don’t need anyone else than him. but still for a fatherly figure we have rashika’s dad who not being related to us in any way always guides us and supports and corrects our decision as a father does. now please you rest and excuse me. when maa will tell her decision i will inform you.

swara left from there. sanskar too went behind her feeling overwhelmed by her words and rashika who came there to spend time with sanu was really happy hearing swara’s talks regarding risabh and she went from there seeing the situation and also went and informed risabh everything excitedly on phone making him feel overwhelmed.
an hour before raglak and shekhar leave swara went in sumi’s room to know her decision.
swara- maa
sumi- haan shona.
swara- maa what have you decided.
sumi- i am confused beta.
swara- maa but i know what you want.
sumi looked at her.

swara- maa when i talked to you yesterday about this then it was not sudden but after analysing everything i came to you.
[flashback- yesterday swara came to sumi’d room and talked to her about her opinion about love, life and about mr. gadodia. she went to her and asked her to talk her heart out as if she is talking to a women and not her daughter]
swara- maa you admitted that you love him still unknowingly. i saw you breaking when mr. gadodia left us and i saw that you were hurt and were in pain but you never showed it up to mr. gadodia. you never disrespected him or said much to him. when he came to meet ayush then also i saw tinge of happiness in you everytime. when you heard about his cancer you were shocked and maa i also saw you crying one day. maa your love is true and i can’t say this about mr. gadodia because he don’t have strength to support us. you loved him and always loved him.

even though he insulted us did not believed us and even after you trying to hate him you couldn’t. am i right maa.
sumi looked at her daughter but did not say anything.
swara- maa i can never say that you loved a right person but i also can’t deny the fact that you love him and you have a right to spend a normal life with the one you loved. that’s why i aksed mr. gadodia about you going back to him. i still don’t consider him able for you but still. mrs. parvati gadodia is in jail and mr. gadodia lives alone. so no ones there to create a problem in your life if you go back and if its thier also then remember i and sanskar will always be there for you whatever the situation may be. now it’s just that i want to know that do you wish to be with him or not.
swara- and maa don’t decide thinking about me but solely about you. i want this decision to be about you completely your life and happiness.

sumi- shona your each and every word is correct but shona the dilemma is will this work out this time. i know i love shekhar, if anything happens to him then that affects me but still.
swara- maa do what your heart says. i am in hall. will wait for your decision.[swara left from there]
sumi came down after sometime.
sumi- shona i think i will give a last chance to this relationship. this time for me and also for ayush. but for the last time ever.
swara- ok maa.
sumi- shona won’t you have any problem in this decision.
swara- maa i told naa that i am with you and i don’t have problem and also one more thing i haven’t any relation with hm. you will be going back to him but for me he is noone because maa now i have no feelings for him. i can never accept hi back but that should not affect any of your relations. i will your daughter always and maa i will support you too. now let me tell the decision to mr. gadodia.
swara informed the same to shekhar and told them to cancel their flights for that day as they will have a court marriage and then he will be back with sumi and ayush after three days.

shekhar and raglak agreed and same happened. a day later sumi and shekhar had done court marriage and all legal paer works about marriage and ayush school tc etc. was done.
then it was day for sumi and ayush to go back with shekhar.
swayyam- bhaiyaa you are going.[said cryingly]
ayush- [also crying] haan swayyam. papa is taking me back. but i will talk to you daily ok.
swayyam- but now who will play with me. i will miss you. don’t go.

swara- baby let ayush bhaiyaa go. you are good baby naa. so stop crying.
swayyam- mumma i will miss him. stop him naa.

ayush- swayyam you have sanu naa. you play with her. but i will miss you more. i don’t have sanu also with me.
swara- [kneel down in front of ayush and controlling her tears] chotu see you have to go with maa. and you wanted to be with baba naa. [ayush nodded] so now why are you crying. you are my brave chotu naa. and when you remember us you call and talk ok. and in holidays you can come to meet us. chalo now it’s time to go. accha listen you are big naa so take care of yourself and maa also ok. i will call and ask about you all and do your homework silently and don’t trouble maa as swayyam does. ok.
ayush- ok.
swara kissed his forehead. she hugged sumi and gave them send off controlling her tears. as they left swara dispersed in her room.
sanskar consoled swayyam.
then he came in room and saw swara who tried to divert her mind in all possible ways by doing works.
sanskar held her and made her sit.
sanskar- [holding her chin] swara say something.
swara- thank you for supporting me in each step of life and helping me in all the situations. if not you then nothing would have been possible.
sanskar- sshhh i don’t want to listen all this. i want to listen what is now in your heart and what you are controlling within yourself.

swara hugged sanskar- sanskar i will miss maa. i have never been so far from her. till now after marriage we were in same city and met every now and then and then she was with us but now she will be living so far and i am also tensed about her. what if she faces some problem. [finally swara started crying]
sanskar- she won’t. we are there for her always. what if she is far. [tears flowed down his eyes too] i will miss her too. she became my mother too.she gave ma equal love as she did to you. uttara too went crying to her home but tanmay is with her.
sanskar- accha now let’s stop crying. we should be happy that maa is getting the happiness she deserved. and i will see to it that she doesn’t get hurt this time.
soon it was night and swara was making saniya sleep. she started singing.

swara looked at saniya and caressed her face and stroked her
swara was having tears singing this along with a smile while she kept on patting softly on saniya’s chest and moved around the room to make her sleep.
saniya slept and swara slowly kept her in craddle and covering her properly and keeping soft small pillows around her. she already made swayyam sleep on the bed of their room as ayush went and he was alone.
sanskar who was working was observing swara. after she made saniya sleep sanskar came to her.
sanskar- [holding her shoulders] swara where did you learn this lori.
swara- [smiled brightly with tears in her eyes] maa sang this lori for me when i was small and i learnt this from her itself.
sanskar hugged her.
sanskar- it’s just few hours maa went but this seems that she is far from so much time.
swara- yaa but we have to understand and move on. chalo you too close all those files and sleep. it’s quite late.
sanskar nodded and they slept

from then sumi lived with shekhar and they visited mumbai in holidays to meet swara and all.
in mumbai swasan led a peaceful life with morning swara waking up sanskar and they both together woke up swayyam and sent him school. sanskar everyday woke up his angel by himself by taking her in his arms and roaming around the house.
slowly both became big.
flashback ends
sanskar thinking all this slept beside children wrapping his arm protectively around saniya.

now let’s see what happened with swasan that they separated and from when are they separated and who is mp.
done with this part.

precap- revelation of mp.

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