shilpi belated happy birthday. may god bless you with all the happiness and love of family and success in your life.
arshanaya asked me that how can swayyam pick up the small baby and walk upto swasan then dear swayyam is 4 years and about 8 months old and i remember when i was 4 years then i have carried my brother and cousins in my arms and once carrying them i tried a stunt and i fell with my baby cousin but i managed that the baby could not get hurt. a memory of my childhood when i visited my village and also in that trip i burnt my leg a bit. and my niece who is five years old picks up his 6 months old younger brother so it is possible.
now back to episode.

a day later swara was discharged from hospital and sanskar was taking them both back home.
they reached home and the new member was welcomed warmly with aarti by sumi and the house was filled with happiness.
sanskar took special care of swara and also responsibility of his angel and sumi helped him a lot with it.
three days later-
we can see shekhar being treated in ot and raglak and sumi and sanskar were present there outside.
the ot light got off and doctor came out.

ragini- doctor how is my baba.
doctor- he is fine. operation is successful.
ragini- [smile with tears] thank you thank you so much doctor.
sanskar- doctor how is my wife.
doctor- she is fine. but i already informed you that she will be extremely weak after this operation. she had gone through operation already and now this would keep her exhausted for few days. take her care. she is a strong lady must say. excuse me.
sanskar nodded. his eyes showing proud and unconditional love feeling along with pain because now she is weak by health and he can’t take away that from her. eyes turning glassy with a small proud smile on his lips played as doctor said those words and left.
few minutes later two stretchers, on one shekhar and other swara was taken out of ot to shift in normal ward. both were unconscious. sanskar moved along with swara and entered in her ward. raglak moved in with shekhar. sumi stood there in dilemma but then entered in swara’s ward. after some time swara gained consciousness and doctor checked her.
doctor- mrs. swara you need complete rest. only on your request we did it but you should know that you are too weak. take care. [swara nodded slightly with pale face completely exhausted annd then doctor left the room]
sanskar- swara you fine.
swara- hmmmm.
sumi- shona you need something.
swara nodded in no.
sumi excused herself and went out kissing her forehead.
swara- [feeble voice] sanskar
sanskar- [sitting beside her] tell swara.
swara- have to go home. angel needs us. take discharge.
sanskar- swara i will bring angel here. you should be under doctor’s assistance.
swara- i need your support and our kids around. i will be good at home. please….
sanskar- [closed his eyes] i will talk to doctor but if doctor says you should be here then i would not listen to you.
swara- i asked doctor about this earlier itself. you go he will give discharge.
sanskar went out kissing her on her hand he held while talking to her.
when he went swara reminded of all that happened after she got to know the matter of shekhar having cancer.

when swara and others got to know then everyone was upset with this fact. swara was highly distressed.
that night in swasan room after having dinner sanskar made swara lye on bed and covered her with blanket and laid on his side. then swara spoke from nowhere staring the ceiling.

swara- i didn’t meant to hurt anyone and i also didn’t knew that mr. gadodia has ca..cancer……… when i did not find swayyam and ayush anywhere then i was panicked as this never happened before. the kidnapping scenes just ran in front of my eyes and a feeling that my baby is in some problem came across my mind and that made me tensed. but when i heard their voice and saw them then it was relief but knowing that they went with mr. gadodia angered me. not only because that they went with him but more because mr.gadodia did not inform us and here we were getting tensed and that’s why i bursted all that came in my mind and through my mouth.
swara paused for a minute and sanskar was looking at her but did not spoke anything. then swara continued.

swara- whatever i told which hurted them was all due to the insecurity and fear of losing swayyam and ayush. i know i over spoke but wasn’t i correct at my place sanskar. was i wrong venting my anger for the reason i had unknown to the fact that he is suffering from cancer.
it’s now that swara looked at sanskar for answer while he too was looking at her.
sanskar- [come close and kissed on her forehead affectionately] no you weren’t wrong. sometimes situation makes us to think our acts to be wrong even though we are correct and that’s what is happening with you now. sleep swara. i am there.
swara closed her eyes looking at him once feeling the immense love and trust for herself in his eyes holding his hand. sanskar too slept thinking of the events that happened in evening.

next day situation was awkward for all of them and it’s just kids who made everyone smile. all day long went by and swara with the help of kids engaged shekhar and raglak in their talks and she herself sneaked in their room and read the reports and took it’s pictures.
shekhar and raglak were to leave that day from their house but through the reports swara came to knew that they have an appointment with doctor tomorrow.
she hesitantly asked ragini about treatment and doctors and sanskar too had reached house by then as he went office only to attend the two important meetings for the day.
in their talks swara made ragini to say about the appointment and then she told them that they can live here till they have the check-ups done. raglak denied once but swara once again told them [guys she didn’t request but just offered the stay saying about shekhar spending time with ayush] and finally they agreed.
swara met the doctor of shekar and got to know all the details and came to knew that through bone marrow transfer from a donor he can be saved otherwise their are no chances. she also got to know that ragini’s bone marrow did not match with shekhar and then she decided to give her sample for test and somehow told doctor to fix an appointment for them[raglak and shekhar of the day the results of her sample comes] and not to inform them about her until the result comes. doctor did as he was told. and that’s why raglak and shekhar stayed back at swasan mansion and were present during swara’s delivery. due to stress about the result and also the fact that she is doing all this without informing sanskar made her highly tensed leading to her labour pain earlier than predicted.
on sanskar’s birthday swara told him about giving her sample and treatment and her meeting with doctor. remember there conversation-
swara- sanskar i want to tell you something and want to ask also. will you..
sanskar- [interrupting] what’s it say swara.
swara- i am sorry for not informing you this before. i know you will be angry and upset with me for this but please just once listen to me calmly. ok. [sanskar nodded] i met mr. gadodia’s doctor and got to know the details about his treatment. [then she tells about bone marrow and all] sanskar the reports came today and i received message from doctor that the results are positive.
swara paused and silence was spread all around. swara waited for sanskar’s reaction but he was silent.
swara- sanskar [guilty] i am sorry for not telling you before. i am really sorry.
sanskar- when i saw you in balcony in pain do you know how it felt. that was at unexpected time. i know you supposed to go through that pain but that was not the time. it took away my senses. when you were being operated i was hell worried for you and yes there was happiness all around and is there too but for one moment when i heard maam telling to sir that she once felt that you both were no……….. my breath hitched for a second. i felt i lost everything but the realisation that you both are fine made me alive.
swara- sanskar……..i…..
sanskar- i am not angry on you but i don’t agree to you too. it may sound selfish but i can’t help it. you could have informed me earlier rather than stressing yourself.
swara- [crying ] i am sorry sanskar. that time what i found suitable i did. i am really sorry but i didn’t want to hurt you in anyway by my decision.
sanskar- swara what do you want now [said straight forward and a bit in ignorant manner being upset]
swara- sanskar first your forgiveness because i can handle everything if you are with me. you are my strength sanskar. don’t be angry from me. please [said in choking voice]
sanskar- swara what do you want from me that you informed me now about all this.
swara- [did not speak seeing his plain and ignorant behaviour and just silently cried looking at him while he didn’t]
sanskar looked at swara as she didn’t answer and saw her full with tears and a hope in her eyes looking at him. sanskar closed his eyes as he can’t see her in this state.
sanskar- ok i am not upset from you. but swara neveer do this again. you know you are my life.

swara- thank you sanskar. [said crying]
sanskar- [wiped her tears] accha now say the real thing you wanna say.
swara- [hesitantly] woh….result is positive so….. i want to be the donor….
sanskar- [thought for a while] ok. [with smile and proud feeling]
swara- [tensed] sanskar i want the surgery in this week itself. [closed her eyes]
sanskar- no that can’t be possible.
swara- sanskar i need your support in this and i do want this. this is the only way out. i want your approval.
sanskar- what about you. do you realise what you are saying and that at this time. swara i can’t take any kind of risk
swara- sanskar you will be there naa then everything will be fine. i will be fine.
swara- and sanskar i want this all to solve and finish as soon as possible. and sanskar doctor said that he has less time so i want this to happen sooner.
sanskar- but swara you have gone through a surgery and in this week. i mean it can be delayed a bit when you will be fine.

swara- sanskar i need bed rest now also and when surgery will happen then also. i don’t want to be stuck in bed for so many days. i want to spend time with my daughter and finish all this tensions as soon as possible. so please agree.
sanskar- swara i will meet doctor and discuss everything and then will tell. i can’t take risk with your health in any way.
swara- ok.
then next day sanskar consulted doctor and on swara’s persuassion sanskar agreed. till the day of operation no one knew that swara is donor. it’s when that she was being taken in ot all came to know that swara is donor.
flashback ends.

she was resting when raglak came in swara’s ward.
ragini- [lovingly] swara.
swara opened her eyes and saw raglak.
swara- yes mrs. maheshwari.
ragini- [her face fell because she thought that swara has forgiven them and that’s why she became donor] swara thank you for baba’s operation.
swara- no need but then also it’s ok.
ragini- swara did you forgive baba.[hesitantly] i mean you became donor.
swara- [looked at ragini and disgust feeling came in her mind and heart] humanity is something which exists in this world.
ragini- umm………..um…voh….
sanskar entered the ward calling for swara without noticing raglak as he was looking in his mobile
sanskar- [looking at mobile] swara i have talked to doctor. we can go home but after few hours. so i have asked uttara to…….[sanskar looked up to see raglak standing beside swara’s bed and he stopped speaking]
sanskar- you both here.
laksh- just came to thanks. thank you so much. [sanskar nodded]
laksh held ragini’s hand and went out. in ward-
swara- sanskar what were you telling.
sanskar- haan doctor said that you can be discharged in few hours and uttara is coming with angel here as she woke up and was crying.
swara- ok.
sanskar- swara what were they saying.
swara- telling thanks. accha leave those and tell me till when uttara will reach here.
sanskar- in half hour.
like this they spent the hours in hospital and after discharge they were back to home. shekhar had to stay in hospital for further three days under observation. then he was discharged. two days after discharge all were in hall of swasan mansion. since shekhar was resting and swara too they could not talk. shekhar wanted to talk with swara but didn’t get opportunity and finally today they are in the hall. finding opportunity shekhar started the conversation

shekhar- swara
swara who was busy with her angel looked at him.
shekhar- beta i wanted to talk to you.
swara nodded in acceptance.
shekhar- first thank you for giving me life. now that you became my donor can i take it as your forgiveness.
swara- sorry. but i never told or gave you any hint of such kind.
shekhar- [disappointed] but then bet why you saved me. it was better for me to die.
sumi- shek……[stopped herself]

swara- mr. gadodia don’t keep your hopes on me. you are going to get nothing. what i did was just for humanity and nothing else so don’t relate it with forgiveness. and one more thing the other reason for becoming your donor was for thanking you. [shekhar and others gave confused look] thanks because if not you then i wouldn’t have been possible. i don’t accept you as my father but i can’t deny that you are the reason of my birth. and tanks also because if not your distrust at the first place then i and sanskar would never have been together. so thank you for distrusting me because your distrust gave me someone who loves me unconditionally and has become everything to me and yes who would do anything but never mistrust me and leave me whatever the condition may be. so thanks.

swara- that was all the reason for me being your donor. consider it as the payback for what good you gave me unknowingly and not forgiving you is because whatever you gave me knowingly which is only pain, emptiness, distrust and a fatherless character certificate since childhood and the most important thing pain and distrust for my maa and sanskar. now if you all excuse me.
swara went in room taking angel while shekhar and ragini were heartbroken and others stunned by her answer.
sanskar followed her in the room and saw her extremely normal and playing with angel. [guys kids are in school and sanskar is handling office from home from few days]
sanskar- [sat beside her] you alright.
swara- [smilingly] yes. why?
sanskar- no i thought outside…..

swara- sanskar now it does not affect me whatever it says. till few days before somewhere i was little disturbed but now i am perfectly alright. you know why?
sanskar nodded no
swara- because somewhere inside me i still knew that he is reason of my existence and i owe him but now i am free from this burden too by being his donor. i know that being his donor does not completely washes away my debt of being his child genetically but still i feel free after that. so stop bothering about me and yaa if my logic seems to be invalid too then also i can’t help it. he has no place in my life and nor am i going to accept him in any way. when i united him with maa the greed to get a father’s love was always their and also that maa loved him. but i feel that that bond and affection was never created that strong between us and that is the reason i am able to exclude him from my life. but whatever it is i know that’s their is nothing between us.
swara- you can tell me if you want to say me anything.

sanskar- no. as you left everything when the matter was of maheshwari’s and trusted me then in this matter i will trust you without interfering.
swara- thank you. but i will need your opinion sooner. so be with me ok.
sanskar- ok my princess. now see our angel who is staring us. if we don’t concentrate on her now then she will surely start crying.
both started playing with the baby girl.
sanskar- swara her eyes are exactly like you. she looks so much like you.
swara- we will see how she behaves in future. swayyam has got your possesiveness and jealousy nature.
sanskar- but he is playful and fun loving like you.
swara- let’s see what characters our daughter gets from us.
done with this part.

precap- sumi going with shekhar. but how? episode 90 or 91 mp name revelation.

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