five days later at night- swasan were sleeping and when swara was having a painful expression. she was slightly moving her position to feel comfortable but not in any way was her discomfort subsiding. she was sweating a bit although the ac was on. finally giving up she opened her eyes and sat up slowly holding her belly without disturbing sanskar’s sleep. she breathed in and out multiple times to relax herself but nothing worked.
she thought to walk for some time and hence got down the bed and moved to and fro painfully with slow motion. she was feeling suffocated and went in balcony but nothing was working. tears rolled down as she tried to control her pain but she miserably failed. but still adamant not to disturb sanskar she kept on trying. but not anymore. she has been doing everything possible but now can’t. the pain started in evening but it was for a while and then she felt like this till she came to bed but when it increased she decided to somehow relax herself but no it was time.
due to the unavoidable shear pain she felt she collapsed on floor sliding holding the balcony railing and finally cried loud.
swara- aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
swara- aaahhhhh sanskar…….sanskarrrrrrr…….maaaa………..aaahhhhhh……..sanskarrrr

sanskar who was sleeping got disturbed because of the noise. for the first time this noise came he ignored but when again he heard the same noise he slightly opened his eyes a bit annoyed unaware of the fact that it is swara’s painful cries and shouts. he looked around only to get tensed not finding swara and next moment he froze hearing her painful loud cry. he instantly rose up and made his way to balcony completely tensed.
seeing swara’s state he was dazzled not knowing how to react.
sanskar- [rushing to swara] swara……[cupped her face with one hand and other wrapped around her] swara you alright. [wiped her tears] swara what happened.
swara- [holding his hand on her face tight and other on her belly] sanskar………it’s unbearable……….aaaahhhhh [more tears flowed down her cheeks] sans…skarrr….i can’t take it..more…….aaahhhhh….. hospital………[turning her heads right and left because of pain] aaahhhhh……..aahhhhhh…..sanskar……do….aahhhh…….somethinggg……aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh
sanskar- swara…..hold….on i am here…….
sanskar panicked what to do.
sanskar- swara just a minute…..i will be here……one minute…..
swara’s condition was getting worse. sanskar ran out of room and knocked sumi’s door while calling tanmay.
sumi opened the door and puzzled seeing sanskar
sumi- sanskar need something.
sanskar- maa….swara…she is in pain….[tanmay received call almost at the end] [on call] tanmay come here. we need to rush swara to hospital. you come here please.[getting positive reply he rushed back to swara with sumi who was shocked]
while going in room he called nikita and told her swara’s condition.
both came and saw swara was crying miserably due to pain holding the railing with one hand and other on the belly.
sanskar lifted her and moved towards car and till then due to commotion raglak and shekhar too got up and came out to see what happened. seeing sanskar carrying swara out who was in terrible condition they were shocked and understood that they are moving to hospital. sanskar properly placed swara on back seat. till then uttmay too came running.
tanmay- sanskar
sanskar- haan we are moving to hospital.

just then swara spoke.
swara- sanskar bacche….[sanskar kids]
sanskar- [understanding her] tanmay uttara you both can please bring swayyam and….
tanmay- yaa you hurry now. we will see them….go and be safe. we will be there in a while.
sanskar nodded and sat on driving seat when shekhar came and asked if he could accompany. sanskar allowed him and they drove to hospital. meanwhile rashika and rishita too went to hospital.
they reached hospital and swara was being taken on stretcher as everything was already set up as nikita informed them on their way to hospital itself.
swara- sanska.r….. baby ……..aaahhh……sanskarrrr….
sanskar- swara relax….. breath in and breath out…….. everything will be fine.
swara was crying and felt exhausted. she was taken in ot and all were outside. rashika and risabh came and in few minutes nikita came dressed in proper hospital clothes all ready.
she hurriedly went in the ot giving assurance to sanskar. all were sitting outside. half an hour passed and tension build up. sanskar could not hear any shouts and cries and he was tensed.
sanskar- maa their is no noise or something what is happening.
sumi- sanskar relax beta.

sanskar started roaming to and fro. then a nurse came out to ask for some required things.
nurse- mr. sanskar you please bring all these. fast.
sanskar- yaa nurse how is swara and why there is no noise or cries like last time.
nurse looked at sanskar with frown.
nurse- mr. sanskar since it is delivery before time hence surgery is going on. you please hurry up.
sanskar- [dumbfounded] yaa.
he rushed and brought all nurse asked. at that time uttmay, raglak came with kids who were half asleep in their arms.
uttara- bhai how is bhabhi.
sanskar- [tensed] don’t know. surgery is going on.
swayyam who was half asleep in tanmay’s arms opened his eyes to see the hospital environment and this scared him. he looked around and seeing sanskar extended his hands towards him.
swayyam- papa….
sanskar took him in his arms.
swayyam- [holding his hands around his neck tightly] papa why are we here. [in scared tone]
sanskar- champ baby will come out of mumma so we are here for that.
swayyam- [his sleep flew away in excitement] really. when will baby come. where is baby. papa take me naa to mumma and baby.

sanskar- yaa we will go. but we have to wait for some time.
swayyam- [pout] again wait.
sanskar- yaa you sit here [making him sit on the chair]
some half an hour more passed by and now swayyam was impatient.
swayyam- papa how much time more.
sanskar- beta i don’t know. when i will know then i will tell you also. please champ till then sit quitely.
swayyam looked at sanskar with frown and then he pouted and sat back. a while later they all heard the crying sound of baby.
sanskar got excited.
sanskar- champ baby came into the world.
swayyam- what papa. baby was in the world only naa.
sanskar slapped himself mentally- haan haan.
all congratulated each other.
they waited outside. after a while nurse came with baby.
nurse- sir your baby. it’s a girl.
sanskar moved forward to take the baby but stopped because swayyam shouted.
swayyam- [shouted excitedly] it is my baby.
nurse looked at him astonished.
swayyam coming to nurse- give my baby.
sanskar and nurse looked at swayyam and each other.
sanskar- champ baby is small. let me take it.
swayyam- no i will take baby first.

sanskar sighed—ok….nurse first give the baby to him.
nurse slowly gave the baby in swayyam’s arms and sanskar knelt down and helped swayyam hold the baby properly.
till now the baby was crying in nurse’s arms but slowly she calmed down when she looked at swayyam and sanskar with her big eyes and when swayyam started speaking while sanskar was just adoring his baby girl.
swayyam- baby you are soooo cute……….. i am swayyam………you will play with me naa. i will also play with you. we will do lot of masti. but you are so small.
swayyam- papa see baby is looking at me….hahahhaha……..baby you like me……i like you very much.
sanskar was adoring both of them having a smile on his face and tears filled in his eyes. others were eager to take the baby.
tanmay- champ give the baby to me.
swayyam- [holding the baby tight] no i will not give my baby to anyone.
tanmay- [wide eyes] arre give the baby once….
swayyam nodded in no.
nurse- sir now give the baby back. you can again meet her after some time.
sanskar nodded unwillingly and was about to take the baby from swayyam but swayyam refused to handover the baby to anyone.

sanskar- swayyam now don’t be stubborn and give the baby. we will meet her again and then you can play with her. please listen to what i am saying like a good boy.
swayyam sadly gave the baby to sanskar and he gave back the baby to nurse.
sanskar- nurse how is swara.
nurse- uhmm….. she is ok. doctor will tell u better about her.
she left saying this leaving all in tension and confusion.
about 15 minutes passed more that nikita ji came out of ot.
sanskar- maam swara….she is fine right.
nikita- [smiled] ye sanskar she is fine. i will come in a while.
risabh moved along with nikita and when they turned to other side of hospital corridor
risabh- what happened that you got this tensed feature along with this happiness.
nikita- [halted at her place] because it was difficult. today i understand why doctors are not allowed or should say doctors don’t operate their family members because then you are not just a doctor thinking but alongside a concerned relative too who is feared of anything happening to the patient decreasing their efficiency and confidence.
risabh- anything serious.
nikita- at one moment i felt that things went out of my hands when the baby did not cry for two minutes after birth and swara too began sinking. i was between whom to care first but then slightly rubbing the baby on back and patting she cried and i began to complete swara’s operation with my trembling hands for the first time ever. but god did mercy and she is safe but extremely week. but now everything is fine and that’s what matters. you wait i will come after changing.
she left to change and risabh too came back to everyone. but sanskar who was coming behind them heard everything and went back before they could see him. he was scared and then composed himself and thanked god for keeping both swara and his daughter safe.
swara was shifted in a ward and still unconscious. from past half an hour all are waiting for her to gain conscious and playing with the baby who would cry each time she went to different person’s arms and then after a while try to recognise that person.

slowly swara gained her consciousness and opened her eyes with difficulty. she looked around getting blur images initially and she spoke which barely came as whisper.
swara- sanskar…
uttara first noticed swara
uttara- bhabhi….[happily] bhabhi gained conscious.
all looked at swara who was blinking her eyes continuously trying to keep it open. sanskar came beside her and held her hands.
sanskar- swara….[caressed her cheek] swara how’s you feeling.
swara- [being extremely weak] hmmm……
sanskar- [worried] swara…
nikita- sanskar she is weak so don’t panick.
sanskar nodded.
swayyam- mumma [seeing swara conscious swayyam moved towards her holding the new baby in his hands]
swara-…..ba…..b……y….[in cracked feeble voice]
sanskar- haan swara your wish is fulfilled. we have a baby girl. one minute.
till then swayyam reached swara and sanskar took baby girl from him and showed swara.
sanskar- swara see.

swara opened her eyes forcefully and looked at her second baby with some tears flowed by the corner of her eyes and she tried to lift her hand and touch her but she was weak. her senses were not supporting her and her eyes were closing.
sanskar kept the baby beside her and made her hand to hold her so that she can feel the baby. swara smiled with half closed eyes. swayyam came to swara’s side and kissed on her cheeks.
swayyam- mumma why aren’t you talking to me.
swara- [listening him] baby…..i….am..ta.lk..ing.
sanskar- champ mumma is week so she can’t speak much but when she will gain some energy naa then she will talk properly with you.
swayyam sadly nodded.
swara slept again.
sanskar- maam when will swara recover. i mean she seems to be very week.
nikita- sanskar …… she will be alright. she has gone through a surgery and this labor pain is too much, so that’s why she is like this. slowly slowly she will be gaining her strength. so have patience.
sanskar nodded sadly looking at swara’s state.
[guys my mother was in hospital for eight days in semi unconscious state after giving me birth and after coming home too she fainted a number of times in the first two to three weeks as she told me, it’s really a tough thing to carry a baby. and when the delivery is normal then the pain is equal to breaking of 53 bones at once which is just too much. and that’s makes female the strongest in this whole water because only she has the capability to bring a new life to this world bearing so much of pain]

swara again gained consciousness after an hour. sanskar has sent all home except sumi who stayed back with sanskar for swara. swayyam was adamant not to leave but sanskar made him agreed somehow.
seeing her gaining conscious sanskar felt happy. this time swara felt little better and she could get clear image. sanskar cupped her face.
sanskar- swara how’s you feeling.
swara- fine.
she looked at her baby girl who was sleeping beside her wrapped around by her arms and smiled.
swara- sanskar our baby girl.
sanskar- yes my angel.
swara looked at sanskar listening angel and remembered an incident. swasan were sitting on their bed in night and swara asked sanskar that he should stop calling her princess if the baby would be a baby girl as then she will be their princess.
listening swara sanskar said that no she will always be his princess and if they will have baby girl then she will be his angel and he would refer her angle itself as he refers swara as princess.
swara smiled looking at sanskar.
swara- so now you got your angel.
sanskar happily- yes you completed our dream. [kissed on both their foreheads]
swara looked around for anyone else but her eyes caught the time showing on the clock. realising something her smile grew wider.

sanskar- swara what are looking all around.
swara- [looked at sanskar happily with an exception glow in her this condition] sanskar HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
realisation hit him that today is his birthday as now it’s 4:20 a.m. in the morning. he was beyond shocked because he and others totally forgot about this in all the commotion and tension.
sanskar looked at swara with wide eyes while she just smiled.
sanskar- birthday…….today……[he then looked at his baby girl and tears formed in his eyes]
sanskar- swara …..baby…..born…….my birthday…..we
swara- [smiled wider] my two most precious persons hold their bithdays on same day. and i am so happy about it.
[guys it can be possible. my cousin brother has his birthday on a particular day and his son was born just the other day of his birthday in morning 4:00 a.m. yes it is not same but somewhat situation is similar. if baby was born 4 hours before they would have shared the same birthday]
sanskar- [not getting words due to happiness] the bestest birthday ever anyone could have and the most precious gift anyone could get. i……swara..you made me so lucky today. my birthday never was so special but now it’s one of my favourite days or best day. thank.. thank you so much. i love you.
swara- love you too. [ baby started crying as she woke up due to their talking swara tried to sit up but wasn’t able to]
sanskar- swara don’t. you are week.
swara- sanskar baby is crying. and you know i need to…….

sanskar- one minute.
sanskar made her sit properly and made her hold the baby. he brought a shawl and covered the baby by wrapping it over swara from front and sat beside her supporting her. swara looked over whelmingly to sanskar and he gestured her to go on and swara fed her girl without thinking much and kept her head on his chest.
swara- sanskar at what timing she born.
sanskar- at 1:35 a.m.
swara hmmed and they spent some 15 to 20 minutes like that. swara tried to be awake for some more time but she couldn’t and drifted into sleep due to weakness. sanskar wanted to talk more but then he knew swara’s condition and admired both her wife and daughter who were sleeping.
next day all came to hospital to meet swara and baby. it was fun time and they all wished sanskar too as they all realised it when they came home from hospital seeing the wrapped gifts they brought for sanskar but then they decided to wish him in the morning.

all were very happy. swara has to be in hospital for one more day as her condition was not good. she unwantedly agreed seeing sanskar’s stern face over the decision.
the day passed well with everyone having masti and all were back to respective works.
in day time sanskar came back from home getting fresh doing all ordered by swara to be done on his birthday like pooja and donations etc. then back in hospital he spent lovely time with swayyam swara and his angel.
it was evening and sanskar was playing with angel but he observed swara lost somehwere from quite sometime. not able to stop himself he came to her.
sanskar- what’s bothering you swara.
swara- sanskar i want to tell you something and want to ask also. will you..
sanskar- [interrupting] what’s it say swara.
swara said something which shocked him and he looked at swara and denied saying something.
swara- sanskar i need your support in this and i do want this. this is the only way out. i want your approval.
sanskar- what about you. do you realise what you are saying and that at this time. swara i can’t take any kind of risk
swara- sanskar you will be there naa then everything will be fine. i will be fine.
swara said something more and finally convinced sanskar.
done with this part.

precap- what swara told sanskar and last past revelation related to shekhar.

sorry for not posting yesterday and thank you for your comment.

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