swara fainted in sanskar’s arms. he took her in the room and called for nikita ji. she came along with rashika, who got tensed for swara as nikita informed her.
both of them came in the room. seeing them sanskar went to nikita ji.
sanskar- maam check swara please. she fainted. just check her immediately.
nikita- sanskar it’s normal to faint in pregnancy. why are you sounding so tensed.
sanskar- because the situation she fainted was not normal. check her please.
nikita- ok.
nikita ji was checking swara and sanskar was standing tensed. rashika came and side hugged him in assurance that everything will be fine.
rashika- bhai cutie will be fine.
sanskar did not say anything just nodded while looking at swara with numb mind due to recent happenings.
nikita- sanskar she needs assistance now. what happened that her situation worsened like this. she was alright till yesterday. you know very well that this pregnancy is very tough for her. you have been caring for her so wisely then how so suddenly.
sanskar- i will explain later. for now do we need to shift her to hospital.
nikita- no she needs rest and i will call at hospital to arrange everything here.
sanskar- is it serious.
nikita- not so much but still it will be risky if she undergoes stress and you know what i mean by that.
sanskar nodded in tension quite evident.

they all came out of room and sanskar went near swara and kissed on her forehead and properly covering her came out.
nikita and rashika were in hall seeing everything confused. nikita went near sumi who was sitting idol on the sofa.
nikita- [keeping hand on sumi’s shoulder] sumi ji.
sumi- no response.
nikita- [shaking her] sumi ji.
sumi- [coming to sense] ha….haannn…..haan.
sumi stood up confused and lost.
sumi- aap [you here] i mean when did you come.
nikita- [looked confused at sumi] i came sometime before to check swara.
sumi- swara [sumi looked around to find her] where is she and check her now?
nikita- yaa…she fainted and sanskar called me to check her.
sanskar was standing there itself lost in his thoughts.
sumi- how is she?
nikita- still unconscious.
nikita- what’s the matter. why is everyone so tensed and what happened that swara’s health got affected.
sanskar came in front of raglak.
sanskar- which stage and what about treatment.
both kept quite.
sanskar- i asked something.
ragini- we are sorry for all what happened here and for swara’s health. i did not want to hurt swara or… we will leave tomorrow. you need not worry.

sanskar- that’s not my answer. which stage is the cancer and aren’t you going for treatment.
laksh- end of second stage and we consulted many doctor and got him treated with all possible ways but no use.
ragini left from there taking shekhar along with her.
laksh- [to sanskar] you take care of swara. sorry for all that happened.
laksh too left.
when rashika and nikita enquired about the matter sanskar told them everything and they too were shocked.
after an hour swara slowly opened her eyes. she was on drip and seemed quite weak.
sanskar was sitting there only. swara registered the happenings and she was still in shock. she looked at sanskar who was sitting beside her holding her hand and with closed eyes.
swara stared at the ceiling without disturbing him or speaking something. a while later when sanskar opened his eyes he saw swara conscious.
sanskar- [concernedly] swara [cupped her face] swara how are you. how’s you feeling.
swara gave no response.
sanskar pecked her forehead with love and care.
sanskar- swara say something. don’t be quite. i am worried seeing you like this. react swara.
swara- [blankly] he has cancer and i shouted on him.
sanskar- but you didn’t know he is suffering.
swara- no reaction.
sanskar hugged her in that position.
sanskar- swara please don’t be like this. say whatever is in your heart. please.
swara closed her eyes not knowing what to answer and to think. sanskar was disappointed but he did not disturb her. he reminded of the kids and went out and asked sumi. she told her that swara said them to be in room and that being scared they both did not come out even when she went to call them out.
sanskar just hummmed to her and observed sumi carefully who was trying to be normal but anyone could say seeing her pale face that how much devastated she must be from inside.

sanskar wasn’t in condition for handling her. how life such turns that situations become worse so sudden. he without speaking a word more went in kids room and opened the door to see both the kids sleeping. swayyam was curled up and tear marks were evident on his face. he was pale and ayush was sleeping but that peacefulness and smile they used to have was not anywhere found on their face. he caressed both their faces and placed a gentle kiss on their foreheads. it seemed that they slept a while ago. he covered them properly with a comforter and wiped the little wetness off swayyam’s cheeks that were still present due to tears. taking a final glance of them he came out.
ordering kamala bai to prepare dinner and sending sumi to her room assuring that he will handle everything he went back to check on swara. since after marriage uttara’s in laws visited them, uttmay now lives in there home itself. having breakfast and dinner at their home, both helping each other and getting time for each other. so as they came today they went directly to their home and so are unaware of the on goings. although they would spend sometime either in morning or evening at swasan mansion with all everyday. and their sundays are still booked with fun with everyone.
coming back to swasan-
sanskar entered the room and sat beside swara. she still was same way lying on the bed with closed eyes. sanskar could not make out whether she is sleeping or pretending.
he too thought not to disturb her now. he changed his clothes. he sat on bed leaning his back on headboard and thinking.
sanskar- [in mind] what is happening. what do i do. everything messed up in fraction of seconds. why is life so complicated for us. things always go wrong when we think it is getting the best. swara is in this state. i don’t know how to react. she is my strength and when she is lying like this here, i am unable to think of anything.

at 8:30 p.m.
kamala bai knocked the door of swasan room and sanskar opened the door.
kamala bai- sir food is ready.
sanskar- hmm. you go and ask the guests to come have the food.
kamala bai nodded and went to call shekhar and raglak.
sanskar went to sumi’s room to call her. he saw her sitting and staring the ceiling.
sanskar- maa
no response.
sanskar- maa
sumi- haan
sanskar- maa come have dinner.
sumi- beta i don’t feel like. you go i will come down. kids also did not have anything from evening. i will make them eat.
sanskar- maa it’s not good. you please come and have your food. and i will see the kids.
sumi- but….
sanskar- please maa. i can’t handle everything alone. i will need your support. please. come and have your dinner.
sumi nodded and followed him downstairs. here shekhar too refused to have something and raglak were too not willing but since shekhar has to take his medicines so they agreed. ragini persuaded shekhar to have dinner and he came down with raglak.
they settled on the dining table.
sanskar asked kamala bai to make plates for swayyam and ayush and came to dining table.
sanskar- maa i am going to kids room. i will make them eat. you have your dinner.
sumi- no let me come too. they were really feeling low and now let me come along.
sanskar nodded and went with sumi to kids room saying raglak and shekhar to have their food.
swayyam and ayush were still sleeping. sumi went to wake up ayush while sanskar came to swayyam. they woke them up. ayush sat up rubbing his eyes and then looked at sumi.
ayush- maa i want to sleep.
sumi- haan first have your dinner and then sleep. ok.
ayush nodded. soon he realised that swara was angry and questioned sumi.
ayush- maa is didi angry now also.
sumi- ummm. voh…beta she is sleeping and not angry. come have food.
ayush agreed.
ayush- maa we will eat otside with papa. come. jiju you also come waking up swayyam.
sanskar nodded. sumi without arrguing left with sanskar when he assured.
sanskar was still trying to wake up swayyam. finally swayyam woke up rubbing his puffed eyes. he looked at sanskar and being scared hugged him and again started crying.
swayyam- papa i did not do anything. mumma scolded me and was very angry. i will not talk to mumma. [and he cried more]
sanskar- sshhhh champ don’t cry. mumma is not angry now. and she loves you a lot.
swayyam- no she is angry and you know she behaved very bad with me and told not to come out of the room.
sanskar- champ beta accha leave all this and come and have food.
swayyam- i don’t want to eat.
sanskar- champ we should not sleep without eating. comeon have your dinner.
swayyam- no [he was crying and pulled blanket over him covering himself while he was sitting under the blanket]
sanskar- beta please.
swayyam- no. i don’t want to eat.
sanskar sighed in disappointment and was feeling terrible seeing everything. one side swara is all silent and here swayyam is crying. what should he do. he thought for a while and then went in his room and saw swara still on the bed in same position.
he sat beside her and called her out.

sanskar- swara
swara opened her eyes and stared him without saying anything.
sanskar- swara swayyam is crying and scared too. he denied to have his food and now it’s only you who can convince him and you too need to eat something and have your medicines. so….
swara- i don’t want to have anything. but come let’s make swayyam eat something.
sanskar- swara look at your condition. you need to eat something and don’t forget you are having a life inside you. you both need the best care and healthy food now. so please don’t be stubborn.
swara did not say anything and tried to get up in which sanskar helped her.
they both walked out of the room to swayyam’s room with sanskar supporting her. they came in the room and swayyam was still crying under the blanket.
sanskar made swara sit on the bed.
swara- baby see mumma is here. [swara slightly pulled the blanket but swayyam held it firmly hearing swara’s voice]
swara- swayyam baby will you not talk to mumma.
swayyam- no….go….from…..here. you ……scolded me. i did not….. do anything……i..will not..talk….to you.
swara eyes watered as swayyam told he won’t talk to her.
swara- i am sorry swayyam. beta i never wanted to behave like that with you but i got angry so…i..am sorry.
swara stood up and walked out. sanskar being tensed for swara went back of her. she came out in garden and sat on the wooden sofa crying.
sanskar- swara…
swara- [crying] sanskar …i am very…bad….i am….good…..for nothing……i am ……so..bad. i shouted on my..baby…i am..a…bad…mother. i am just useless. that’s why nothing goes right with me. i always do wrong. i am not good at anything. my baby doesn’t want to talk with me. he is scared of me. and obvious he should be. i behaved in such unethical manner with him. i shouted on him and dragged him to room and said him to be there.
swara- how can i do that to him. he is just a small innocent child. trust me sanskar i could never hurt him.that time when i didn’t find him i was scared and then knowing that he took him with himself i got angry and behaved so immaturedly with swayyam. i really am sorry for that. i don’t know what to do. please leave me alone. i just know to hurt others and if you will be here you will be hurt too. please go.
she cried and sanskar was having tears in his eyes but also was angry on swara for saying all those stupid things about herself.
sanskar- you never hurt me or anyone else and no one can do things more correct than you. it’s my belief. [saying this he left]
sanskar came to swayyam’s room. swayyam was in same position, just the blanket was removed from his face. sanskar sat beside him and embraced him.
sanskar- champ why are you crying still. you are brave naa then also crying.
swayyam- mumma is angry now also.
sanskar- no she is not angry. she said sorry naa. so you should talk to her naa.
swayyam- no i will not.
sanskar- accha tell me when you do mistake and say sorry then mumma accepts naa. [swayyam nodded] same way mumma did mistake by scolding you and now she said sorry also. so you should forgive her naa. [swayyam moved his head in both yes and no]
sanskar- champ do you know why mumma scolded you and was angry.
swayyam- no. why was she angry.
sanskar- because when mumma did not find you in house she thought that she lost you. mumma became upset and wanted you back. then you came and mumma was relieved but same time she got angry because you went without informing mumma naa. that’s why she behaved that way with you. and then she told you to be in the room because she didn’t want to loose you again. now tell me mumma was wrong.
swayyam thought for a while.
swayyam- no papa mumma was not wrong.
sanskar- so now you will talk to mumma naa.
swayyam- yes.
sanskar- champ one more thing if me mumma nani or someone elder to you scolds you then it is for your good. that doesn’t mean that we are angry on you but because we care for you and champ from next time whereever you go inform me or mumma before going. ok.
swayyam- ok.
sanskar- good. now come let’s go to mumma. she is upset that you are not talking to her and sad that she shouted on you and made you cry. so now let’s set mumma’s mood.
sanskar took swayyam in his arms in the garden where swara was sitting. she was lost in her own thoughts when swayyam and sanskar came and saw her tears rolling down her cheeks.
swayyam- mumma.
swara came out of her thoughts hearing swayyam’s voice.
swara- swayyam..
sanskar put him down on the sofa and swayyam wiped swara’s tear.
swayyam- mumma don’t cry and i will talk to you also. papa told me that you were angry because i did not tell you before going. sorry mumma.
swara- [hugged him] no baby it was my mistake. i am sorry. mumma shouldn’t have shouted on you. sorry.
swayyam- it’s ok mumma. [kissed her cheeks] i love you this much [showed extending his hands] and i will not go anywhere. and before going i will tell you also. then you will not be angry on me. right naa papa.
sanskar- right. but champ you love mumma only and what about papa.
swayyam- i love you also papa. and i love my baby also.
swasan smiled.

sanskar- now you both be here and i will bring the dinner here itself.
sanskar went leaving them. he came to kitchen and told kamala bai to make three plates ready.
sumi- sanskar aren’t you all coming here to have dinner.
sanskar- maa after so much struggle they are ready to eat. just now swara and swayyam did patch up and are in garden. it’s better i take there food there itself before they deny to eat.
sumi nodded. sanskar took the plates for both and they had their dinner with each other and all went to sleep with everyone having some or the other thought in their minds.

precap- surprise for next episode. next episode tomorrow. wait for things to unfold.

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