it was the next morning of swayyam’s birthday.
swara woke up and saw sanskar was staring her. as soon as sanskar saw swara awake he wished her.
sanskar- good morning swara.[kissed her forehead]
swara- [smiled] good morning. [hugged him in her sleepy state]
sanskar caressed her hair.
swara- sanskar what is the time?
sanskar- 6:45 a.m.
swara- [moved out of hug] what 6:45 and you did not wake me up earlier. i have to prepare breakfast and swayyam, we have to wake him up for school.
swara got up and folded her hairs and made a bun. sanskar too got up.
sanskar- [holding her from shoulders] relax swara. you take care of yourself and our new member and rest i will see. don’t panic.

swara- what sanskar. how will you manage things. first let’s go and wake him up and make him ready.
sanskar- ssshhhhh i am going to wake him up. you first freshen up and here your coconut water is kept so have it.
swara- please sanskar. i hate having it. during swayyam’s time i have to drink it everyday and now again you are torturing me with this. arre you want to give something then give me pickles and something sour. not this coconut water everyday.
sanskar- i don’t know anything. i will give you all you want but this is necessary so you have to drink it. i am going to wake up swayyam.
swara- but i….
sanskar- no excuses.
sanskar went out of room without giving any heed to swara requests. swara made faces and murmured under her breath.
here sanskar woke up swayyam and took him to bathroom to make him bath. swara got ready, unwillingly drank coconut water and then came in kitchen.

kamala bai was already present there preparing for breakfast. sumi has done half of the preparation and went to see ayush. swara fastly started preparing breakfast with help of kamala bai. breakfast was almost prepared when she heard noises from hall. she came out and saw swayyam running down the stairs and sanskar coming behind him holding swayyam’s shirt.
sanskar- champ don’t run and quietly wear the shirt. champ…
swayyam ran towards the kitchen through hall way and hid behind swara. [swayyam is only wearing his pants] he covered himself with swara’s saree pallu. swara was smiling [actually stopping her laugh] seeing both of them.
sanskar stopped in front of swara.
sanskar- [to swara] see him. running all the way without his shirt.
sanskar- [to swayyam] champ come out and wear your shirt. i will get angry now.
swayyam- mumma see papa is scolding me. he don’t know how to wear shirt and saying me that i don’t stand properly. you make me wear it and teach papa.
sanskar was standing open mouth listening swayyam and swara laughed. raglak who came in hall listening the sounds heard what swayyam said and they too laughed.
sanskar- [to swayyam] accha bacchu i don’t know to wear shirt. come out and i will show you.
sanskar tried to hold him and swayyam was running around swara while she was standing in between and laughing at their act.

swara- [controlling her laugh] accha accha now stop your tom and jerry fight. [to sanskar] give me the shirt and learn how to wear it. [she again laughed while swayyam was smiling sheepishly]
sanskar- swara you …..i know how to wear shirt. it’s your son who never stays at one place and keeps on roaming.
swara- accha sorry. now give me the shirt and it’s being late so stop all this now.
swara- [to swayyam] come baby stand on the chair. [swayyam stood on the chair] good boy.
swara made him wear the shirt properly and swayyam stood silently and wore it. seeing this sanskar widen his eyes and was thinking that now how are you standing so quietly.
swara- done. [kissed on his cheeks] so sweet.
sanskar- sweet. he made me taste bitter in just this half an hour and you are saying sweet.
swara- [controlling her smile and fake anger] sanskar not a word against my baby.
sanskar- you are saying as if he is only your son. he is my son also but one thing is true that he is calm and good only with you and now a days learning all weir things. will have to take a class of him and rashika. these both are eating up my head.
swayyam- [innocently] papa are you angry.
sanskar- [ melted seeing the innocence and looked t swara with a sigh]
as sanskar did not answer swayyam thought that he is angry. he got down the chair and hold his ear.
swayyam- sorry papa. [started doing sit ups]
sanskar immediately stopped him.
sanskar hugged swayyam.
sanskar- champ i am not angry. i was saying that you should not do mischief but i also know that my champ is a good boy. [kissed his forehead] and now like a good boy sit here]

sanskar made him sit on chair.
sanskar- don’t trouble mumma and i am going to bring your bag.
swara- i am bringing the breakfast.
sanskar went up and swara in kitchen and soon they returned and ayush with sumi and shekhar too came down.
both kids had their breakfast and sanskar made them wear their shoes.
swara- swayyam where is your bottle baby.
swayyam- mumma i don’t know.
swara- accha i will check in your room.
swara hurriedly went upstairs to bring his bottle.
sanskar- swara walk slowly and carefully [shouted sanskar seeing her walking hastily]
swara was just in hurry to bring the bottle. she found it in swayyam’s rom and started descending the stairs. she was on the last stairs when she slipped but held the railing and got saved. she screamed in pain as her ankle twisted.
sanskar- [saw swara slipping and hearing her scream] swaraaa.
he rushed to her and properly held her.
sanskar- [worriedly] are you ok.

swara- [teary eyed due to pain but controlled herself] i…i..am..fine.
sanskar- [angrily] fine…you were about to slip and you are saying that you are fine. if something would have happened then. what was the hurry. can’t you walk and descend properly. are you a kid to walk so fast as if you are running. one day if swayyam and ayush get late for school then nothing will happen.
sanskar was holding swara and angrily shouting on her. swara was just listening to him and was teary eyed. some tears escaped her eyes and a painful sigh escaped her mouth as she kept her twisted ankle on floor and out some weight on it.
swara- aahhhh
sanskar- [stopped scolding and tried to make her walk] come and sit.
swara tried but it badly pained her letting her tears to flow down her cheeks and her grip on sanskar’s hand to tighten.
swara bit her lower lip to control her painful scream as she tried walking. sanskar was still angry but controlled seeing her painful state. understanding that she can’t walk he lifted her and made her sit on the sofa.
swayyam- [concerned] mumma is it paining.
swara- [smile weakly] no baby i am ok. [giving him the bottle] give the bottle to kamala aunty and tell her to fill it. go.

swayyam did as said and went in kitchen to get his bottle filled.
all were concerned for swara.
sumi- shona where did you get hurt.
swara- no where maa. don’t take tension.
sanskar anger was increasing as she was not telling where she got hurt.
sanskar- [angry] if you are not hurt then walk on your feet.
swara looked at sanskar and understood that he is angry. she just looked down.
sanskar sat in front of her kneeling and held her foot while she resisted.
swara- sanskar let it be.
sanskar angrily glared her and removed her slipper carefully. he gently caressed/massaged her foot and swara slightly squirmed due to pain and fresh tears came out of her eyes. her ankle got swollen slightly.
sanskar looked at swara and kept her foot on the floor.
sanskar- maa you go with the driver and drop swayyam and ayush. i will take swara to doctor.
swara- [instantly] i don’t need a doctor. i will rest for sometime and it will be ok.
sanskar- you do just one thing and that is keep quiet. i have seen your carelessness and i know how you will take rest.
swara- [slightly angry as he spoke all this in front of everyone] yaa i am careless and you… you are so carefull about everything. that’s why yesterday did not tell about your back pain to anyone.
sanskar looked at swara shockingly while she bite her lips for blurting it in front of everyone. sanskar to avoid the situation.
sanskar- i will tell driver and come.
sanskar went to inform driver. here all were smiling seeing their love and understanding for each other while swara felt awkward.

swara convinced swayyam that she is fine and then he went to school with sumi and ayush who were also accompanied by shekhar.
here sanskar after the kids left picked up swara in his arms and took her out and made her sit on the passenger seat and drove to doctor’s clinic.
[note:- shekhar and raglak don’t know that swara is pregnant again]
after sometime they were back home. sanskar parked the car and came out. he opened door for swara. swara was sitting angrily with her arms crossed and looking other way. sanskar shook his head seeing her.
sanskar- swara there is nothing to be angry upon. it should be me who should be angry and look here you are angry. now come we will go in.
sanskar tried to lift swara but she was sitting adamantly not allowing him to pick her up.
sanskar- swara [whispering] if you won’t allow me then don’t be angry on me later.[swara gave no reaction] swara we are outside our house and i will kiss you here itself. [swara again gave no reaction]
sanskar sighed and leaned in to kiss her when swara angrily looked at him. sanskar picked her up finding the chance and took her.

as soon he entered sumi was there to encounter them.
sumi- beta what happened. what did the doctor said.
sanskar- [still holding swara in his arms] her ankle twisted causing sprain. and so doctor had said rest for a week and gave some medicines.
sumi- shona it’s not paining much naa beta.
swara did not spoke.
sumi- what happened to her and why she isn’t speaking.
sanskar- she is angry on me for shouting at her and also because i unknowingly scolded her in front of doctor. [releasing a sigh] so she is giving silent treatment. let it be. i will take her to room. maa can you please send our breakfast to our room.
sumi- haan sure. you both go to your room.
sanskar gave a smile and took swara in the room.
in hall shekhar and raglak were relieved that swara is fine and smiled seeing there bonding.

in swasan room-
sanskar placed swara on bed while she was still not speaking a word.
he changed and sat beside swara.
sanskar- i am sorry baba. how much time would you be angry on me.
knock knock.
sanskar opened the door and sumi gave him breakfast.
sanskar- thank you maa.
sumi- it’s ok. have it quickly or it will be cold.
sanskar- yaa.
sumi went from there.
sanskar placed bed table on bed and kept the breakfast on it.
sanskar- swara chalo have breakfast. you must be hungry.
swara was just sitting idealy.
sanskar- i am sorry princess for shouting on you. i never wanted to shout on you. i was concerned, moreover horrified when i saw you about to fall. [sat beside her and cupped her face while she still looked away] swara i couldn’t see you in pain. what if you would have fallen. if something happened to you or baby then. [chocked at end]
swara hugged him and tears escaped her eyes.

swara- i am sorry for running on the stairs and for being careless. but that happened accidently. i was angry because you shouted on me. sanskar i can’t harm our baby ever. i know you were concerned but i felt bad when you shouted on me and in front of doctor too you said that i am careless and what not. sanskar i am not careless about our baby. [almost crying] it’s our baby and i am equally concerned. swayyam was getting late for school and so i was in hurry. please don’t ever say that i am careless….i can never be when it comes to our baby..
sanskar was shocked.
sanskar- [rubbing her back] swara sshhhh i am sorry. i never meant that. i know that you are the most concerned about us and our baby. i am sorry for hurting you. please don’t cry like this. i am sorry for shouting and unknowingly hurting you.

sanskar broke the hug and wiped her tears.
sanskar- [holding his ears] i am sorry.
swara- [moved his hands] no i am sorry for being carele..
sanskar- ssshhhh no you aren’t. let’s leave this topic and forget it. i am hungry. let’s have our breakfast.
swara nodded. sanskar quickly pecked her.
sanskar- i want my princess smile.
swara smiled a bit.
sanskar- yes just like that.
sanskar fed her and she fed him and both completed the breakfast. the day passed and sanskar did not go to office and took care of swara. raglak and shekhar went back that evening. for a whole week sanskar was careful for swara till she could walk by herself. he has to face a lot of problems too. swara’s morning sickness troubled them both a lot but sanskar kept patience and helped swara in this time. time passed like this and swara completed her three months and she was in her fourth month now.
flashback ends.

there was a knock on sanskar’s room door. he composed himself and kept the albums back and opened the door.
kamala- shahab maa ji has come.
sanskar- i am coming in a minute.
kamala- ji [she went from there]
sanskar came down after a minute.
here swara’s place [unknown place] some one enetered her room breaking her thoughts.
mp- [seeing the food just like that] swara didn’t you had your breakfast. you are weak. you should take care of yourself. arre you need to be fine soon for me. comeon have it.
swara- let me go from here.
mp- no way. just have the food for now.[angry] wy the hell do you think of going back all the time. i said forget everything.
swara- this can only happen when i die and before that i can’t nor you can do anything. so it will be better for you to free me.
mp- everything is possible. i will see how you go from here. i will never let that happen.
mp- have your food silently
done with this part.

precap- sumi and ayush whereabouts revelation. next epi on saturday.

thanks for support and comment and support.

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