swasan simultaneously thinking about past. sanskar was seeing the album and remembering the past and swara was seeing the birds and then remembered all the family times.
flashback- [diwali day swara telling sanskar about her pregnancy]
swara- [lovingly] sanskar you gave me this payal so that you feel your baby coming to you even though he is not born when i walk. remember [sanskar nodded] that’s why i am wearing this. so that you can feel your baby coming to you when i walk. so that you can feel our daughter.
sanskar registered her words and then somewhat understanding it looked at swara with wide eyes.

sanskar- is….. it ….true?
swara nodded and forwarded the reports.
sanskar was about to remove the hand on her belly but swara did not allow him. sanskar with one hand looked at the reports and then at swara. tears brimmed his eyes and so was the case of swara. they were looking at each other.
sanskar- our………. second baby. [excited] swara our baby.
swara was just smiling seeing his excitement and happiness. he hugged her tightly.
sanskar- swara you are pregnant. ohh my goddd……
he broke the hug and lifted swara in bridal style and twirled round and round in excitement.

sanskar- swara i am so happy. so so soooo happy. i can’t describe. woaaaahhho swara our baby is going to come.
swara- aaaaaaa sanskar stop. [closed her eyes tightly] my head is spinning.
sanskar stopped and put her down and swara started beating him on his chest.
swara- you why did you twirl me.
sanskar- [held her hands] sorry sorry. i am so excited that i can’t explain.
sanskar kissed her forehead and hugged her again with a heartful smile on both their lips.

swara- sanskar you are such a stupid. i gave you so many clues and you …..you did not understand any.
sanskar- [breaking the hug] how should i know that you are telling about you being pregnant. huh! can’t you directly say it to me as you said in the last. so much time you took to speak it.
swara- [angrily] what directly. i was feeling shy and i wanted you to guess and you budduram did not understand anything.
sanskar- budduram. swara you called me budduram. i am a business tycoon and you called me budduram.
swara- that’s what you are. business tycoon budduram who can’t understand that his wife is pregnant. huh! [moved otherside crossing her arms across her chest]
sanskar- [scratched his head] swara you put an extra bowl and excused that it was for ayush and then this payal i thought you wore because it’s a occasion and that dolls there i did not used my mind. i mean ummmm……
swara smiled but hided.

swara- accept that you are budduram.
sanskar- no ways. it’s just it did not click my mind.
swara- that is what called budduram. accept it and then talk to me.
sanskar- swara this is stubbornness.
swara- i am going.
sanskar- accha ok i accept.
swara- what do you accept.
sanskar- i accept that in this matter i acted like a budduram. ok happy.
swara bursted out laughing as he accepted.
sanskar- why are you laughing.

swara- [while laughing] sanskar….i ….was…teasing ….you…hahahha…..and …you accepted….. mr. budduram.
sanskar- [holding her by waist making swara quite] accha so you were teasing me. then listen to me also. if i am mr. budduram then you are mrs. budduram. [smiles teasingly]
swara- [wide eyes] no i am not. don’t call me that.
sanskar- you can call me what you wish and i can’t mrs. budduram.
swara- no you can’t
sanskar- [looking at god’s idol] hey bhagwan see this is called kalyug. wife’s now a days calls her husband budduram.

hearing sanskar and seeing his dramatic expression swara laughs again an sanskar too joins her.
swara- sanskar kalyug haan………hahahaha.
after sometime they stop laughing.
swara moves out of his hold and comes to god’s idol and she joins her hands and prays followed by sanskar.

swara- thank you so much god for giving a new life in my womb again. thank for giving the fortune to give birth to a new soul who will be symbol of my and sanskar’s love.
sanskar- thank you so much god for gifting us our second child. i am so happy. i wish it to be a daughter. more than myself i wish it for swara. it’s her dream to have a daughter and swayyam will get a sister. we have a son and a daughter will complete our family.
both prayed and then looked at each other. sanskar again cupped her face and kissed her forehead and then on her lips shocking her. he then hugged her.
swara- [hit on his shoulder] sanskar you kissed me in the temple.
sanskar- so what i kiss you at any place . god knows everything so what’s the problem in kissing you here.

sanskar- i am so happy. i feel out of the world. thank you thank you so much for giving me this happiness. we are going to be parents again.
swara- [tightening the hug] sanskar i love you.
sanskar- love you too. accha when did you come to know and when did you get it confirmed. why you didn’t inform me.
swara- voh i had doubts since three days as i had felt nauseas and vomitting but today you remember i told i have some work in market and i went[sanskar nodded] i went to nikita ji hospital and there i got check up done and now when nikita ji came home she gave me reports.
sanskar- hmm so madam you could have told me i could have accompanied you.
swara- if i told you you would either be worried or over excited before the reports so i thought to confirm first and then tell you. i am just 10-12 days pregnant.
sanskar [breaking the hug]– swara let’s go and tell everyone.
swara- sanskar you tell others. i will come in a while.

she was about to move when sanskar stopped her.
sanskar- swara i am not going to tell this to everyone alone. come along and don’t run.
swara- i…i am not running. i have some work so you go.haan..
sanskar- [holding her firmly] madam if i couldn’t get your hints about pregnancy that doesn’t mean that i won’t understand that you are feeling shy and nervous.
swara- no…nothing like that. i ….i……ok fine. i am please naa you go and tell.
sanskar- when the fruit is of being us together then disclosure should be together too madam. so don’t make excuses and come.
swara- [shy] sanskar you naa……
sanskar- accha before going let me love our baby.
sanskar knelt down and kissed on her belly making swara blush.

sanskar- baby this is papa. i am so happy to know about you. love you.[again kissed her]
sanskar- [stood up] swara this time toh you talked to baby first.
swara- [nodded no] i wanted you to talk first.
sanskar- [overwhelmed] it means…..i am first to talk to baby.
swara smiled and nodded yes.
sanskar hugged her- why you could have talked first naa.
swara- i told naa that i wanted you to talk first.
sanskar- i love you so so much.
swara- i love you too and our daughter also loves you.

sanskar- [breaking the hug] swara what if it’s a boy.
swara- [smiled] although i want a daughter but if it’s a boy then also i have no problem because he will be our love symbol and god’s gift and blessing. i will love him the same as i love swayyam and as i would have loved if it would have been a girl, after all it’s our baby.
sanskar smiled and kissed her forehead.
sanskar-[picked her in his arms] now let’s tell everyone.
swara- sanskar… put me down. please i don’t want to face eveyone. they will tease us badly especially rashika.
sanskar- i don’t know anything. we are going to say it together or at least i will sy and you stand beside me. that will be enough.

swara- ok but put me down atleast.
sanskar- no princess come like this only.
swara stopped protesting and was tensed about the amount they are going to be teased.
they came out in garden and saw all busy in burning crackers and talking.
sumi saw them and confused as to why sanskar has lifted her. she concernedly came towards them followed by others. sanskar made swara stand on her feet and swara being shy and blushing looked down.
swayyam- mumma papa come naa where were you.
ayush- di jiju we are enjoying very much. come naa.
sumi- one minute swayyam and ayush. what happened shona. are you alright.
swara- haan maa i am fine. i will just come.
swara again tried to go but sanskar held her hands.
sanskar- swara i said naa don’t. stand here.
swara again looked down in nervousness.
sumi- what happened sanskar.
sanskar- ummm… vo… maa swara…. is…
sumi- arre why are you fumbling. say properly.
nikita ji was smiling.
sanskar- haan haan swara is….pre…g…na…nt.
sumi- accha. ok …..[realising] what did you say.

sanskar looked everywhere except them.
tanmay- woahhhhh new member is coming.
rashika- yipppeeeee congrats bhai congrats cutie and congrats to me.
sumi- [cupped swara’s face] shona beta when did you knew.
swara- maa today.
sumi kissed her forehead. then both took sumi’s and rishita blessings and uttmay rashika hugged them and were excited.
swayyam- [pulling swara’s pallu] mumma….mumma.
swara- haan baby.

swayyam- mumma why are all so happy. and what is..pre….gnt.
swara looked at swayyam and then at sanskar. while others burst into laughter on swayyam’s pronunciation. ayush and swayyam were confused.
swasan kneeled down in front of swayyam and ayush.
sanskar- champ first tell me if you give you a brother or sister then.
swayyam looked at them confused and thought for sometime.
swayyam- papa from where will you bring brother or sister.
sanskar- you will be happy if we get you one.
swayyam- will they play with me and bhaiyaa[ ayush]

sanskar- [smiled] yes you can play with them.
swayyam- really then bring naa.
sanskar- it will take time.
swayyam- o
swayyam- papa will you bring both brother and sister.

sanskar- no any one.
swayyam- toh will you bring brother or sister.
sanskar- that i don’t know. what god will give us that only we will have.
swayyam- god will give brother or sister. but where.
sanskar- god had sent a small baby in mumma’s tummy.
swayyam- [widened his eyes] mumma’s tummy. mumma you have baby inside you.
swara nodded.
swayyam- how.
swara- god gave blessings and sent a baby.

swayyam- then god will give me blessing then i will also have a baby inside me.
all looked at him shocked and laughed while swasan hit there forehead.
tanmay- bhabhi tell him naa he will also have baby.
swara was embarssed.
swara- baby god gives baby inside ladies like me. god give this baby inside mumma.
swayyam- then i can’t have baby.
swara- when baby will come out then it will be your baby.

swayyam- really. when will baby come out.
swara- it will take time.
sanskar- and till then you have to take care of mumma.
swayyam- ok i will take good care of mumma . then i will get my baby. yeeyy i will get my baby. bhaiyaa you will also play with my baby naa.
ayush- haan swayyam. you will give me your baby naa.
swayyam- yes bhaiyaa. we will play together with baby.
rashika- buddy chote you forgot me.
swayyam- no bua. you also play with the baby.
rashika- awww thank you.
tanmay- then let’s celebrate.
all went and started burning crackers being extremely happy. sanskar burned many in a row. all enjoyed a lot.
uttara- [hugging swara] i am very happy bhabhi.
swara- next turn should be yours. i want to become mami soon.
uttara- [blushing] bhabhi not now.
swara- then when.
uttara- let’s burn crackers.

swara- don’t shy so much. come.
like this they all enjoyed and departed to their rooms.
swasan room.
they changed into there night suits and were sitting on bed side hugging each other and swara kept her head on his chest.
sanskar- swara life is so unpredictable naa. so many things happen around and we don’t even get to realise that how time passes.
swara- hmm. however the time be. if you are with me then that is the best time of my life.
sanskar- you know if i didn’t get this knews then i would have romanced you till you get tired today.
swara- sanskar …[hit him on chest slightly] [then moving up and in his ears] by the way who is stopping you now.

saying so swara hugged him tight in shyness and sanskar smiled.
sanskar- so i can have the chance to be a bit naughty now too. that’s good for me then.
sanskar kissed her forehead and then made her lye properly and kissed her eyes which she was closing. swara opened her eyes and looked at him and sanskar leaned and kissed on her lips passionately while swara reciprocating with same passion.

they parted away and stared each other and then indulged in their love making but this time being gentle and sanskar being highly careful about not stressing swara and being soft to her all the while. they drifted into sleep after some time happily in each other’s embrace feeling blessed.
done with this part.

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