so those who hate me for swasan separation please yaar don’t hate me this much. i am also a swasan fan. i too want their reunion but dear if no twist then how will story be interesting. dear i love sanskar, i love swara, but i love swasan the most. varun and helly may be different but swasan are meant to be together. they can never be separated. they are for eternity in our hearts and souls. to be true i have never been such crazy about anyone and i always wondered how can someone be crazy about actors, actresses and pairs on tv alyhough i admired many but that craziness was something which came for swasan. no more bak bak.
so read the story and please don’t cry and hate me. you are the ones who make me smile by your comments and make me feel light and happy. your comments make my day and your comments compelled me to write without being irregular. so thanks for the comments.
episode starts.

the lady was crying and running. her body was not supporting her but her heart said that she needs to run and reach her family. when her legs give up to move more she sits down on the lonely road to catch her breath and to gather her strength.
she prayed to god to show mercy and help her and was remembering her family crying but it was like god was testing her. after half an hour she saw some shadows approaching her and looked back to see some men coming towards her. she feared and got up and started running but actually she couldn’t. she however moved fastly but striked someone and was about to fall when the person she striked held her and made her stand. the lady looked at the person and was shocked and she was scared to hell.
she tried freeing herself but the person held her tightly and his grip became so tight that it started hurting her. she felt disgust by his touch, by his looks.
lady- leave me. let me go. please. you won’t get what you want. never ever. please let me go. leave me.
person- [i will depict him mp- mysterious person till i don’t reveal his name and identity] how can i leave you. how dare you try to run away. what did you think that you will be successful in running and i won’t get to know. after so much time i got you and now i won’t let you go like this. never. you have to stay with me and forget about past. you will never go back. remember that and fit it in your mind.

lady- please leave me. let me go. [she was crying]
mp- [wiping her tears with one hand] don’t cry and see you are sweating and tired. come back and take rest. you are not well. and you ran so much. you know naa you are weak then why did you do so.
lady- i am not weak. understand that and let go of me. i have a family and they need me. i want to go. leave me.
mp- [angry] i said naa forget them and your past. now come along.
mp dragged the lady and made her sit in a car and drove away back to the house. he took the lady into a room and forcibly made her sit on a chair.
mp- rest and don’t dare to go. infact this time i won’t give you chance. take rest and don’t think much and stop crying. [he wiped her tears caressing her cheeks while she felt disgusted and jerked his hand]
lady- stay away from me.
mp- till when will you keep me away SWARA. just few days , wait for few more days and then i will see how you keep me away from you. now quitely be here and take rest and don’t make me angry.
[yes the lady is swara. but who is the man. let’s see further]
the man exited the room locking it from outside and appointing two men outside the room. swara ran to the door and beat on it but useless. it was already locked.
swara slided on the door and sat on the floor.

swara- please let me go. please……my family my sanskar will be waiting for me. please…. [again banging the door] you won’t get what you want. let me go. i have children they need me. please…… you won’t be successful in getting what you want. just let me go from here.
she was crying and banging on the door.
swara- sanskar i failed to come to you. take me from here. please sanskar…………….. i want to see you, i want to see our children…….how are you all……..sanskarrrr…….
swara hugged her knees and started crying arching her head on the door.
on the other side sanskar was crying hard remembering swara and feeling his helplessness.
sanskar- swara i miss you so much. i am not getting any clue of where you are. how are you. i feel so helpless, so useless. how happy we were and suddenly all this. where to find you swara. i am dying without you.

he slept while cryingly and this is his daily routine. every night he either sleeps with the kids or in his room after crying till late night. it’s not that he sleeps willingly but the tiredness due to crying and stress leads him into sleep which is not peaceful at all.
[both swara and sanskar are shown on either sides with tear marks on their cheeks. sanskar is sleeping hugging swara’s pic while swara is seen sleeping on the floor leaning on the door.]
the next morning sun rises disturbing swasan’s sleep.
[accha how do you feel when you sleep late at night and you have cried a lot before sleeping and then in morning light or sun rays falls on your eyes. we are not able to open our eyes. or everything seems to be blank and only white light appears in front of our eyes and that light seems so piercing.]
both try to open there eyes but it felt so heavy and so piercing. they palmed there face to avoid the light and slowly opened their eyes and removed there eyes but the light wasn’t soothing for them.
sanskar got down the bed and kept swara’s pic on the table once caressing it and went near the window.
sanskar- swara every morning you used to wake me up and when this lights disturbed me i used to hug you tight and hide my face in you to sleep or either ask you to close the curtains. at that times it was just reason to be close to you or talk to you and start my day with your voice. this light was never disturbing but instead of light rays i wanted to see you first as you are the light of my life but see today you are not here and this light is so piercing. it makes me feel so blank. swara you are the meaning of my life and without you nothing means to me. [tear escaped his eyes and he closed the curtains making the room dark]
sanskar- this is my life without you swara and i know you can’t bear me in darkness and so don’t i want to live like this. but for that i need you by my side.
other side swara’s room in unknown place.
swara- god what will i do of light if my sanskar is not with me. send him to me or let me escape from here so that i reach him then only i can welcome this light in my life or else this darkness is only what remains in my life without them.

sanskar’s side [swasan mansion]
sanskar freshened up and came in kids room. he saw them sleeping and seeing their posture he smiled slightly. swayyam was sleeping with one leg above blanket and one arm spread and the other pillows were on the ground. while saniya was sleeping hugging swayyam with her one leg over swayyam.
sanskar came and sat beside swayyam and kept his legs and hands properly and caressed his hair.
sanskar- champ get up. [slightly shaking him] champ…
swayyam- [pulling blanket over him] papa let me sleep.
sanskar- [lovingly] champ get up. you have to go to school naa.
swayyam- wake up sanu papa. let me sleep for some time.
sanskar- [moving the blanket from his face] champ i will wake her up too but first you get up.
swayyam- [opening his eyes] papa why everyday we have to go to school.
sanskar- sorry but you have to go.
swayyam- huh! [saw saniya sleeping hugging him] papa see sanu is sleeping hugging me. i think she also don’t want me to wake up. let me sleep.
sanskar- don’t make her excuse and wake up.
swayyam- ok i am up. move her from me.
sanskar- that’s like a good boy. [kissed swayyam’s forehead and he kissed him back on his cheeks]
sanskar moved to other side of bed and slowly made swayyam free from saniya. she was still sleeping. swayyam got up and sat in indian style rubbing his eyes.
sanskar then caressed saniya’s hair and kissed her forehead.
sanskar- angel baccha get up.
saniya opened her eyes and saw sanskar and got up. she sat on his lap and again slept hugging him.
swayyam- sanu get up. see i woke up and you are sleeping. [slightly shook her]
sanu- uuunhh papa
sanskar- champ go and brush your teeth. i will wake her up.
swayyam- [making faces] this bandariyaa naa. [shouted] bandariyaa wake up.
saniya- [crying and complaining tone] uuunnnhh bhaiyuu i am not bandaiyaa. you are bander. papa tell him not to call me bandariyaa and not to shout.
sanskar- stop both of you. champ i told to go and brush your teeth naa. you go i will wake her up.
swayyam- ok.
swayyam went in washroom. sanskar was caressing saniya’s hair.
sanskar- baccha get up naa.
saniya- papa walk naa.
sanskar- ok.

he was going to keep her down but she hugged his more tightly.
saniya- papa you walk taking me in your arms. [papa godi me leke chalo]
sanskar obliged and taking her in his arms while she kept her head on his shoulder sleeping and had her hands around his neck.
sanskar smiled at her antics and was walking in the corridor then came downstairs and walked through the hall.
sanskar- angel now wake up.
saniya- papa i am up. [kissed his cheeks]
sanskar kissed her back.— chalo now papa will get you ready for school.
he took her back to room and then helped both bath. swayyam now baths himself but still he helps him.
then he made saniya wear dress. shirt and small shirt with a tie.
swayyam- papa these buttons.
sanskar- come here.
sanskar made him wear shirt and tucked it in his pants properly. then he made saniya’s pony and and readied their bags.
here saniya came to swayyam and messed swayyam’s hair. swayyam being annoyed pulled saniya’s pony and then both had there hairs messed up.
swayyam/saniya- papa see sanu/bhaiyuu messed my hair.
sanskar looked at both of them and then sighed.
sanskar- why do you both fight like this. it’s getting late and you both are here messing up. come here.
sanskar quickly made swayyam’s hair and told him to go down taking his bag and then he again made saniya’s pony and taking her in his arms he came down.
he made them eat breakfast.
sanskar- kamala bai tiffin.
kamala bai came with tiffin and handed it to sanskar.
keeping the tiffins in their bag and giving them the bottles he led them to car and drove them too school.
he came out and so did both the kids and sanskar made them wear their bags and gave them two chocolates each by which they became happy. he bid bye to them and saw them going in the gate holding hands but they stopped while sanskar was confused. he looked at them and then saw a little girl coming to them and recognised her to be aditi saniya’s classmate. he saw tears forming in his angels eyes and got angry and moved towards them but halted hearing swayyam
swayyam- [to aditi] aditi our mumma will come soon. don’t say anything to saniya about our mumma. if i see you telling anything to her then i will complain to teacher and your mother also.
aditi- [scared] sorry bhaiyaa. i asked her only.
swayyam- what you will do by asking. if you made my sister cry naa then you see.
aditi- sorry [she went from there]
saniya hugged swayyam crying.
swayyam- sanu go to class. bell will ring now.
saniya- bhaiyuu i don’t like her. she always speaks like this.
swayyam- sanu i scolded her naa. now she will not say anything you go. and don’t cry. you know when you cry you look like bandariyaa only.
saniya- [breaking the hug] i am not bandariyaa. [snatched one chocolate from him] bye.
swayyam- my chocolate
saniya- you called me bandariyaa naa so this one is mine and i will tell papa also that you teased me again. bye bhaiyuu.
she ran from there.
swayyam- huh! took my chocolate and will complain also. [bell rings] i am late.
he too ran from there to his class.
sanskar who witnessed everything had tears in his eyes and was smiling too at their bonding and swayyam’s protective behaviour but at the same time swara’s absence and saniya’s tears were stabbing his heart into multiple pieces.
he moved back and drove back to home. he came in his room and relaxing himself for two-five minutes he dialled someone.
sanskar- hello
otherside- hello sir
sanskar- [authorative voice] michael did you find some clue.
michael- [a detective] no sir. not till now but we are trying our best.
sanskar- [angry] you are saying the same thing since i have asked you to do my work. when the hell will you find something out.
michael- [stammering] si..r some….time more….we..will surely….find some….clue.
sanskar- do anything, if you want more money then i am ready to give you but just find out any clue. and if you can’t then tell me i will hire some one else.
michael- no sir. give me a week’s time. i will surely find out something.
sanskar- 1 week just 1 week and this will be your last chance.
michael- thank you sir and will report you as soon as possible.
sanskar cut the call.
sanskar- swara i will find you. i will surely find you. swara how much have i craved for you during this span. our children our angel is crying for you. swayyam is becoming more matured. but he too misses you a lot. i have seen him crying alone. i can’t take this more. how happy we were and just in few minutes everything shattered and could not understand what happened. i could not do anything and you just disappeared.
he looked at the photos hanging on the walls of everyone, his swara, swara and children, all of them together and swasan pics. he was crying seeing all that.
he opened the cupboard and took out the album and started seeing all the pics of their happy moment when they were together.
meanwhile swara’s room in unknown place.
swara was sitting on floor keeping her head on the bed and crying. the door opened and a lady came in and gave her food and asked if she needed anything. swara did not reply and was back to her old posture.

the lady went away looking at her helplessly. swara was not feeling to have the food. how could she? she didn’t know whether her sanskar, her children had food or not. how are they then how could she have her food. she was sitting like that only when birds chirping sound came from near the window and she opened the window. she looked at the birds sitting on the trees and then at a nest where the mother bird was feeding baby bird. she was admiring them with tears flowing down her cheeks. she remembered her children and looked at those birds.
swara- god keep my children safe and sound. i am not there with them but sanskar must be with them. keep them happy and let sanskar have the strength to handle them and himself. why you always separate us. when we think that life is going perfect something or the other happens. sanskar would be broken but give him strength. please and send him here soon otherwise i won’t survive for long.
she again looks at the birds and starts thinking about all the time spent with the family.
they both were remembering the past simultaneously all their meetings, marriage swayyam’s birth then encounter with maheshwaris and their decision and then back to mumbai etc. [ these all you know and then they will remember from the diwali day which i will show as flashback] so swasan remembering diwali day swara breaking the news of pregnancy.
done with this part.

precap- flashback.

this epi was not much revealing but i wanted to write about sanskar and kids and their pain.

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