guys sorry for boring u with the last two episodes i typed. but now read and enjoy this part. hope you like it and i won’t disappoint you.
the episodes begins —-
10 DAYS LEAP.- DEEPAWALI [diwali] DAY. [author’s note- when i thought to write this story that time i planned to end it with the diwali celebration and now also i am giving you what i have thought but yes i am continuing it further with some twist which will come out in one or two episodes]
swasansumi were busy in decoration and preparation of deepawali. same like them uttmay were busy in decorating there house. whole day they cleaned and decorated the house. during day time they went to office and gave bonus and gifts to the staff. with this it was evening. decorations were done. swara was making rangoli at the doorstep, a beautiful rangoli with different colours. all those colours depicting different shades of life and all the happiness and colours need to fill someone’s life. as she was filling the rangoli the only thought that spread through her mind is as the colours after filling the rangoli gives a perfect shape and brightness to it’s look in the same way all their lives fill with happiness, love and togetherness to give it a perfect shape and brightness.

as she was doing the rangoli sanskar came and sat beside her and saw her lost in her thoughts. he slowly placed his hands around her waist and caressed it slightly. swara got startled and shocked with the sudden touch and jerked from her place. she saw sanskar and sighed but again looked around to see if anyone was there.
swara- [angrily] sanskar what are you doing. you scared me.
sanskar- i didn’t do anything dear. you were lost in your own thoughts that you missed to see that i am sitting beside you. where were you lost haan.
swara- nowhere. now remove your hands and go from here and let me complete the rangoli.
sanskar- [pout] what is this swara. you always tell me to go away. [huskily] sometimes tell me to come near you also.
swara- [unknowingly told all this] without saying even do you leave any chance. if i say then i don’t know what will you do.
sanskar raised his eyebrows while swara bite her lower lip slightly realising what she said and this tempted sanskar.
sanskar- [caressing her waist and near her ears] once say and then see. i will love you, love you so much that you forget yourself and just remember us.
swara- [blushing and breathing heavily due to his sensuous touch] san….skar…….please.
sanskar- [rubbing his nose on her shoulder and nape] hmmmm
swara- [closing her eyes] please …..naa. someone …….will see.
sanskar- [kissed her neck] no one is here.
swara- swayyam and…… ayush will….. come.
sanskar- [left hand still holding her waist and with right hand cupped her cheek and moved her face to face him] swara come to room after the work is over. i have a gift for you. hmmm.
swara- [looking at him] ok. now leave…… or someone will see us like this. [sanskar removed his hand on her waist] what is the gift.
sanskar kissed her forehead.– i will be waiting come soon.
sanskar left her and stood up.

swara- [back to filling colours again] sanskar………. [sanskar looked at swara and she continuing her work] i already forgot me. i just remember now is you and us, our love. you see this rangoli. like the colours are filling this rangoli design the same way you have filled my life. without these colours this rangoli is nothing and so is me without you.
sanskar overwhelmed and sat and back hugged her and held the hand by which she is filling the colours and started filling the rangoli holding her hand.
sanskar- [smilingly and with full of love] but these colours will have no meaning if they are randomly spread. this design gives it a shape and meaning as you have shaped my life and made it meaningful. love you a lot.
swara- [smiled] you know what this depicts. that we are incomplete without each other.
sanskar- that is not meant to be said. we indeed are incomplete without each other that’s why god made us together.
swara- love you.
swayyam- mumma papa what are you doing.
swasan were startled by his sudden appearance.
sanskar- [left swara and fumbled] uhh vo… vo..i was..helping mumma. yaa helping her.
swayyam- mumma what help you need. i will also help.
swara- vo…baby …..papa…was….[shuttered]
sanskar- champ i will tell. mumma is making rangoli and i was helping her in filling colours. she was having some difficulty.
swayyam- mumma give me i will fill the colours.
sanskar holding him.
sanskar- champ it is almost done and mumma will do it now. right swara.
swara- yaa.
swayyam- ok. papa when will we burn crackers.
sanskar- after doing pooja.
swayyam- when will we do pooja.
sanskar- in some time champ. come with me.
sanskar picked up swayyam in his arms. he signalled swara to come to room after work. swara nodded slightly and sanskar left with swayyam.

after sometime swara made swayyam ready and came to her [swasan] room.
as she entered the room she saw sanskar busy in his mobile. sanskar looked at her and came towards her seeing her lovingly. swara shyed with his gaze. sanskar held her by waist pulling her to himself.
swara- sanskar. [blushed]
sanskar- sshhh . he moved forward holding her resulting her to move backward in the cage of his arms with love. she was blocked by the wall and sanskar locked the door properly.
swara- sanskar we should get ready a….
sanskar kept fingers on her lips to sush her and both indulged in an eyelock while sanskar still holding her by waist.
he removed his finger from her lips and caressed her cheek and leaned towards her but swara interrupted.
swara- sanskar what’s the gift.
sanskar- i gave you the dress naa.
swara- yaa. that was the gift. it was very beautiful.
sanskar- but that’s not the actual gift. gift will be after you wear the dress.
swara- then let me go and get ready in that dress.
sanskar- why so hurry.[told huskily in her ears and kissed her earlobe]
sanskar moved back and looked at swara and his gaze fell on her lips. feelinf his gaze swara closed her eyes and seeing this sanskar captured her petals in a passionate kiss. both were kissing each other pouring all there love and passion for each other in the kiss.
sanskar’s hand caressed her waist and hairs during the kiss while swara who wrapped her hands on his back tightly hugged him.
moving away due to lack of oxygen swara still had her eyes closed breathing heavily resting her head on the wall arching her neck while sanskar was looking at her himself breathing heavily. he leaned to her neck and started giving her wet kisses while swara feeling his lips against her skin moaned. he continued kissing her on either sides. then he looked up at her and she too looked at him.
swara- [blushing] sanskar…..
sanskar again claimed her lips in a gentle yet passionate kiss. they broke the kiss sooner and sanskar joined his forehead with hers.
swara- sanskar don’t you think you are getting extra romantic. [shyly]
sanskar- and don’t you think you are still being extra shy after so many years of marriage.
swara hugged sanskar.
swara- that’s my right and that happens itself. i am not responsible for that. don’t tease me over that.
sanskar- accha ok ok. [paused for a minute and then spoke] swara go and change in the dress i gave you then i will give you the gift.
swara- ok.
swara- sanskar if you leave me then i will go naa.
they both were still hugging.
sanskar- i don’t feel like to break the hug ever but ok go. [broke the hug]
swara kissed on his cheek and went in washroom taking her clothes while sanskar went in different room to get ready.
swara came out of washroom wearing a beautiful lehenga looking beautiful. she looked around to find sanskar but he was not there so she started drying her hairs. setting her hairs she wore her jewels when sanskar entered the room and smiled seeing swara.
sanskar- [coming near her] looking beautiful as always.
swara- now give me my gift.
sanskar- one minute.
sanskar took out something from cupboard and told swara to stand up. swara stood up and looked at him with curiosity.
sanskar kneeled down in front of her and opened the box and taking out a beautiful waist chain he showed her. swara was overwhelmed and extremely happy seeing the gift.
sanskar- may i ?
swara nodded. sanskar removed the dupatta a little confusing swara and looked at her. he kissed on her belly making swara gasp and sanskar to smile. he set her dupatta back and put the waist chain around her waist and kissed again on her waist sending shivers in swara’s body.
sanskar stood up asked.
sanskar- how is it.

swara- nice. when this idea came in your mind.
sanskar- i wanted to gift you something so went in the jewellery shop and saw a lady buying waist chain and this idea clicked in my mind.
swara- [frowning] did you see the lady buying this or were you seeing the lady.
sanskar- [wide eyes] obviously i saw a lady buying this. why would i look at the lady. [sensing her jealousy] i feel something burning over here.
swara- [angrily fake one] nothing. your mind is burning. [trying to move away]
sanskar- [holding her] or your heart is burning. [swara gave angry glare to sanskar]
sanskar- [held her chin] you are the only one whom i want to look my whole life and no one else. so you no need to be angry and jealous.
swara- hmmm so are you afraid of my anger.
sanskar- no i love when you are angry and show possessiveness for me.
swara- [smiled] no one can beat you when you have to talk on this topic.
sanskar- yes because it’s the matter of my life and love.
swara- acccha now chalo it’s time for puja.
sanskar- my return gift.
swara- you already took it earlier and now we need to go for puja.
sanskar- not fair. i want return gift.
swara- sanskar it’s time for pooja. accha after pooja, not now. please.
sanskar- ok chalo.
both came down and saw all waiting for them.
swayyam- [angry] mumma papa how much time you take. i am waiting for so long.
swara- sorry baby. now come we will welcome ganesh and lakshmi ji.
swayyam- yaa do quickly then we will burn crackers and eat sweets.
swayyam- mumma can i eat one now.
swara- no baby. after sometime when we end the pooja.
swasan did pooja and then trio swasanyam did aarti singing JAY GANESH JAY GANESH JAY GANESH DEVA SONG followed by sumi and ayush doing the aarti. they completed the pooja and then swara distributed the prasad to all and when she gave a ladoo[sweet] to swayyam, he took that and took three- four more pieces filling his hands completely.
swara- swayyam baby so many at one time.
swayyam- mumma i am hungry and i waited for so long to eat this. you did not allow before, now let me eat.
swayyam sat on the sofa and started eating cutely. while swara was standing at her place seeing his antics. and sanskar sumi and ayush were laughing at swara and swayyam.
ayush- didi i am also taking two more. i liked it.
swara just nodded and ayush took two more and sat beside swayyam eating it. swara sighed when sanskar came from back and picked up two ladoos and swara looked at him in disbelief while he ate one and put another in swara’s mouth controlling his laugh seeing her expressions. sumi smiled at everyone’s antics.
swara slapped her mentally and went to light diyas all around the house along with sumi. while swayyam and ayush dragged sanskar for burning crackers. sanskar carefully burned the crackers for them and also helped them to burn few. meanwhile uttmay completeing the pooja of their house joined them and rishita and rashika too came. swara and sumi completed lighting the diyas and candles and joined them.
seeing nikita ji arriving tension build up in swara. she looked at nikita ji and signalled her to come inside home. seeing everyone busy both came in the house and swara was nervous.
swara- [nervously] nikita ji …..what is the result.
nikita- [with serious face] swara the result is [paused]
swara- [impatiently yet nervous] result is?
nikita- positive.
swara registered what nikita ji told and tears brimmed her eyes.
nikita hugged swara understanding her emotions. swara hugged back and again asked her.
swara- is the result really positive.
nikita- yes swara the result is positive. now stop shedding tears and tell this to everyone. come. and here is the report.
swara- [taking the reports] no wait. i want to tell it first to sanskar in my own way.
nikita- ok as you wish.
swara- you go downwards i will come in a while.
nikita- [patted her cheeks] ok
nikita left the room and swara started searching something in cupboard. when she got it she sighed and came down after a while. she went in inhouse temple and prayed to god and then came outside.
she saw everyone enjoying with eachother. then she looked at sanskar and swayyam. after a while sanskar saw swara standing leaning at the door and looking at them. he came to her.
sanskar- swara why are you standing here. come everyone is enjoying a lot. [held her hand]
swara- sanskar i have to talk to you.
sanskar- haan tell naa.
swara- vo umm…
sanskar- what vo umm.. swara. say clearly.
swara- do you want to eat sweets.
sanskar- sweets. swara you wanted to ask this.
swara- haan. vo i thought to prepare kheer. so was asking you.
sanskar- kheer. for making kheer you asking my permission. you know how much i like your hand made kheer.
swara- ok i will prepare in sometime. you go.
sanskar- ok come soon.
sanskar went and swara headed towards kitchen . she made kheer and served in bowls and brought in the garden for everyone and called them.
everyone came and picked up the bowls happily. most happy were sanskar and swayyam. swara served kheer in small bowls for swayyam and ayush. she gave it to them. swayyam saw sanskar’s big bowl and then his bowl. he went and took bowl from sanskar’s hand and gave him his bowl.
sanskar- champ that was mine.
swayyam- but now i took it. so it’s mine. mumma gave me small bowl.
sanskar- [looked at swara] swara you should have given him a big bowl. see he took mine.
all laughed at sanskar while sanskar glared them all.
rashika- cutie for whom this one more bowl and that too small one.
swara- ummmm… vo swayyam likes it a lot so i served in one extra for him but he took sanskar’s one. [to sanskar] sanskar you have from this one also and there is more in kitchen.
sanskar- it’s ok.
after a while swara again called sanskar to a side.
sanskar- haan swara.
swara- sanskar do you remember this payal.
sanskar- [looked at the payal [anklet]] yaa i gave this to you.
swara- when
sanskar- [smiled] when you were pregnant with swayyam. how can i forget.
swara smiled- yaa.
sanskar- why are you asking this.
swara- [nervous] like this only. i wore it so thought to ask if you remember or not.
sanskar- swara seriously. why are you behaving weird.
swara- i am not behaving weird. accha come with me. i want to show you something.
sanskar- now what you wanna show. see there everyone is enjoying and here you are standing. and this year you did not burn crackers also. i mean every year you were so excited.
swara- you are coming or not.
sanskar- come.
swasan went inside home and swara took him to kids’s room.
sanskar- what are we doing here now.
swara- sanskar have patience naa. accha now see this.
swara brought teddies and small plastic dolls.
swara- see this.
swara placed two teddy behind and two dolls in front.
sanskar- what are you saying.
swara- guess naa
sanskar- accha four people. me you swayyam and ayush. swara you forgot maa. so bad.
swara hit him with teddy being irritated.
swara- you are an idiot. i am trying to say you something and you….aarrghh
sanskar- [shockingly] woahhh why you hit me. and what are you tryine to say. say clearly naa.
swara- [angrily] who gave you awards in business and how you run the company when you can’t understand a simple thing.
sanskar- swara you are talking in puzzles and not even puzzles. you are not even talking and doing weird things bringing me here. i think we should go out.
swara- you idiot.

sanskar- swara from when you started speaking to me like this i mean in this way.
swara- from now as i understood you are an idiot. now quitely go in the inhouse temple and wait for me.
sanskar- [with confusion] ok as you order.
sanskar stood up and moved towards the temple.
sanskar- [murmured] what happened to her. till pooja she was fine and now she is behaving so differently. she never talked to me like this. whatever let’s go and wait in the temple.
sanskar was waiting in pooja room when swara arrived and stood in front of him.
sanskar- now say what you wanna say.
swara- [tip toeing raised her height and whispered in his ears] lakshmi ji has arrived in our house
swara moved back to see sanskar’s extremely confused face. she sighed and then held his hand and kept on her belly.
sanskar looked at swara as though what is she trying to do.
swara- did you understand.
sanskar nodded in no. swara was little disappointed but then composed herself.
swara- [still keeping his hand on her belly] there was an extra bowl in the tray right. [sanskar nodded] [showing her anklets] this payal you gifted me when i was pregnant right. [sanskar again nodded] what was motive of giving this payal.
sanskar- means.
swara- [lovingly] sanskar you gave me this payal so that you feel your baby coming to you even though he is not born when i walk. remember [sanskar nodded] that’s why i am wearing this. so that you can feel your baby coming to you when i walk. so that you can feel our daughter.
sanskar registered her words and then somewhat understanding it looked at swara with wide eyes.
sanskar- is….. it ….true?
swara nodded and forwarded the reports.
sanskar was about to remove the hand on her belly but swara did not allow him. sanskar with one hand looked at the reports and then at swara. tears brimmed his eyes and so was the case of swara. they were looking at each other.
done with this part.

precap- tragedy. wait for the twist guys.

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