swasan: only for you [epi-61]
sanmay rashika and rishita entered m and seeing them uttara ran to rashika and cupped her face.
uttara- [concerned] rashika are you ok [tears fell down her eyes] why didd you go away crying. you know how much tensed i was.
rashika- di i am ok.

uttara- what ok. never go like this. [rashika looked at sujata and uttara saw this] rashika remember there are many people in world who have wrong thinking. they will say many things but you need to be brave. don’t pay any heed to there talks and thinking.
rashika- i know di. jiju said the same. what can we do if people think so wrongly. huh! anyways i am all good and fine. i won’t get affected by anyones talk now. promise. [she kissed uttara’s cheeks and in return uttara hugged her]
sanskar- swara maa[sumi] let’s move. i don’t want to stand here anymore.
sumi- sanskar i think before going i should complete the last work left. [sanskar nodded]

sumi- shekhar i don’t want to live with you. i just want is ayush custody. you have been taking care of him till now but sorry to say that you could not give him correct values. so i have decided that we will fight for the custody case and yes the hearing is after two days. as i asked for one week so it end day after tomorrow and so i am informing you earlier about the custody case. later you don’t say i didn’t gave you chance.

shekhar- sumi please think wisely.
sumi- i am thinking wisely. shona has grown up with me and when she needed your support did you think wisely. leave all that. that was past but for now i won’t risk ayush life leaving him with you. i will take him with me and that’s final. see you in court shekhar.

ragini- maa how can you do this. ayush [with tears] don’t take him away maa.
sumi- ragini i am very thankful to you and would always be till the end of my life because ayush is among the reason is you but i can’t leave him here and with shekhar no ways. and ragini i considered you my daughter and u will always be my daughter but i would also not forget that you could not trust your mother even.
sumi- sorry beta but in any way i am going to take ayush with me. but yes i allow you to meet him. any time when ever you want you can meet ayush and even if you wish you can talk to him. i won’t keep him away from you but i also won’t allow him to be here.
sumi- i will go and bring ayush and swayyam down.
sumi went upstairs where ayush and swayyam were playing in ragini’s room.
meanwhile in hall.

ragini- swara for once listen to me. i am your sister and…
swara- sorry but you are no one to me. we were sister. but it has been ages that i am dead for my sister and as i remember you did the shraddh right. and i didn’t need to do one as performing rituals for one who means nothing to you is just a waste of time. don’t ever call me a sister. i am in no way related to you.
laksh- sanskar we are sorry. i won’t ask you to be back in our life or forgive us but still sorry and thank you for making us realise that how wrong we are.
sanskar didn’t said anything.
sujata- laksh what are you saying. how can you not stop him.
sujata- sanskar please beta don’t go. i am sorry.

sanskar- please i don’t want all these any more. don’t plead for anything as it’s not going to work. and after what you said to rashika i won’t even like to talk to you. you know what she is like my own kid to me. the day i got to know that swara is expecting was the same day i met her. nikita ji gave us this news. that day itself she asked me to be her brother without knowing who i am, or what status i have. nothing. she just wanted to have me as her brother. that day along with a sister i got a child too in her form. she is just not my sister but like a daughter too. and i don’t know about you but surely i won’t bear a single drop of tear in my child’s eyes.
swara- our child. [swara smiled at sanskar]

rishta looked at swasan with shock as well as overwhelmed. this revelation was new for them. they felt proud on swasan as well as on rashika who chosed a gem as her brother. rashika went and hugged sanskar with tears of happiness. sanskar too reciprocated and caressed her hair.
sanskar- hey kiddo why are you crying.

rashika- like cutie and aunty these are tears of happiness.
sanskar laughed a little.
rashika- you are becoming like serial drama queen these days. i will cut the cable of all the three houses so that you don’t watch serials.
rashika- [broke the hug] haww. bhai you are too bad. what is buddy’s mistake in this. you will cut cable then how will he watch cartoons.
sanskar- he likes to play more than watching cartoons.
rashika- ohh really. i will complain him.
sanskar- do you think your complain will work.
rashika- bhai you don’t know my serial type acting. now a days i convince him for many things and this time matter is about cartoons. he will be on my side this time.
sanskar- [grinned] let’s see.
they in their fight forgot that they are in mm. mm people looked the way they were fighting childishly. they stopped when swayyam and ayush descended down the stairs.
sanskar- you both came. chalo let’s go to home.
sumi- sanskar me and ayush will go badi because we have to stay there for two more days as i said to shekhar that for this week i will be living there.
sanskar- as you say maa.

sanskar picked up swara in his arms and and told swayyam to come. swayyam said bye to everyone by waving his hand as he didn’t knew anything about the fight. [innocent children] all looked helplessly at them. suddenly rashika shouted
rashika- [to sujata] aunty lizard aahhhhh. aunty on your saree. ewww that lizard.
sujata hearing this panicked and started jumping here and there and rashika bursted out laughing while others supressed there laugh.

rashika- sorry aunty. it was a prank but i just wanted to convey that don’t react without knowing things. it usually harms you and others. hope so u understand. and once again sorry for the prank. and to all of you- trust is the base of a relation and love nourishes it. i have learnt this from mom dad but i understood it better seeing cutie and bhai, jiju and di. but i never thought that who believes in relation and are so caring and loving there family don’t trust them. no one could be as unlucky as you all to lose them. bye. saying this she went out and others too left leaving them all sad.
so finally mm chapter ends here.
swasan left to home. there they dropped uttmay swayam, rashika and rishita.
sanskar- champ be with bua and don’t disturb anyone. me and your mumma have some work. we will come after some time.ok.

swayyam- then i will also come.
sanskar- champ if i could take you then i would be more happy. but for now you be a good boy and stay with bua. we will come hurriedly and also bring a surprise for you.ok
swayyam- ok don’t forget the surprise.
sanskar kissed on his forehead and sat back in car.
swara- sanskar where are we going. what work you talking about. swayyam wanted to be with us then you should have took him along.
sanskar- swara sorry. you will understand everything in some time. just be with me and keep quite.
sanskar drove for long 25 minutes and they came to a hill top with no one present there. it was a lonely place.
sanskar stopped the car and again picked up swara in his arms and sat on a rock with swara on his lap.
swara- sanskar why are we here?
sanskar- swara i wanted to spend sometime here with you. i want to find the peace of my heart and mind. you said naa you will always be with me and support me. [swara nodded] i want to forget each and every bitter memory, all the moments spent with those people. i want to forget everything and just remember you. that’s why came here with you.
sanskar- i can’t speak all these when swayyam is around so did not bring him. swara just let us spend this moment here.
swara- sure. and sanskar trust me. now our life will be beautiful with no bitter memories anymore.
swara wrapped her hands around his neck and joined her forehead with his. they stayed like that for sometime with closed eyes and felt the nature and each other. that moment was blissful. they were in peace.
sanskar laid on the rock with swara on him and they were hugging each other. they did not speak anything but their heart communicated without any words spoken.
after sometime.

sanskar- swara i will make our life more beautiful than it is now. and our swayyam, i will provide him all the happiness and you just do one work that is to keep us on track and love us immensely. [saying this he pecked her forehead]
sanskar waited for swara to say something but she just kept her head on his chest and closed her eyes.

sanskar- swara won’t you say anything.
swara once looked at him and then again kept her head on his chest and sang these lines conveying her words to sanskar.
swara- zehnaseeb zehnaseeb
tujhe chahun betahasha
sanskar heard swara and smiled contently. he continued after swara showing his love.
sanskar- mere kareeb mere habeeb
tujhe chahun betahasha zehnaseeb
swara looked directly into his eyes and cupped his one cheek and sang these lines.
swara- tere sang beete har lamhe pe humko naaz hai
tere sang jo naa beete uspe aitraaz hai
iss kadar hum dono ka milna ek raaz hai

sanskar too looked into swara’s eyes only to experience the pure love in her eyes. his one hand was around her waist and other at her back holding her in his embrace.
sanskar- hua ameer dil gareeb
tujhe chahun betahasha zehanaseeb
swara- zehanaseeb zehnaseeb
tujhe chachun betahasha zehnaseeb
swasan had an eyelock this time was only their’s. the love was only for each other.
swara- lena dena nahi duniya se
mera bas tujhse kaam hai
teri aankhiyo ke seher me
yaara sab intezaam hai
khushiyon ka ek tukda mile ya
mile gam ki khubchale
yaara tere mere kharche mein
dono ka hi ek daam hai

swara sang the above lines with full of love and caressed his face while singing these lines.
sanskar- hona likha tha yunhi jo hua
yaa hote hote yunhi anjane mein ho gaya
jo bhi hua hua ajeeb
sanskar too touched her face fondly with immense love.
swara- tujhe chahun betahasha zehnaseeb
swasan- [zehnaseeb]*2 tujhe chahun betahasha zehnaseeb
hua ameer dil gareebb
swara- tujhe chahun betahasha zehnaseeb
sanskar- [zehnaseeb]*2 tujhe chahun betahasha
swara- tujhe chahun betahasha
sanskar- zehnaseeb

both sng the last few lines together showing all their love saying that will love only you and you. my love is only for you. you mean everything to me. all the time i spent with you was and is so meaningful and precious to me otherwise everything seems to be useless.
after ending the song both stared each other.
sanskar- swara thank you for coming into my life.
swara- shhhh it should be for you to love me unconditionaly. you have filled my life with your life such that i don’t even care who are around me if you are there. thank you for loving me so much and becoming my life.
swara kissed on his cheek.

sanskar- princess we have a 3 and half year old son. don’t you think after these many years of our marriage you should change the place of kissing me.
swara- so where should i kiss you [without realising and understanding sanskar words]
sanskar- ohh don’t be so innocent swara. if you want me to tell then it’s ok. kiss me on my lips. that’s the real place for you to kiss me and not on cheeks like swayyam.
swara blushed hearing him and slightly hit on his chest.
sanskar- [dramatically] ouchh swara don’t hit it pains.
swara- accha mr. drama king.

sanskar- swara it really hurts [making a crying face]
swara kissed him near his chest.
swara- now it’s ok. [while blushing and looking on his chest being shy]
sanskar lifted her chin to face him directly.
sanskar- it’s more than ok. i love you.
swara- [still blushing] i love you too.

sanskar slightly pecked her lips making her a bit shock and blush more hard.
sanskar- swara don’t blush so much. i feel to kiss you continuously.
swara- [hitting him again] shut up sanskar and let’s go. we have been here for a long time. swyyam must be waiting for us.
sanskar agreed and they went back after sabskar bought some games and toys for swayyam and chocolates too for his surprise.
they reached home and swayyam jumped in excitement for his surprise.
swasan smiled seeing his happiness. they all had a family time together. uttmay went back to their house.

after two days ayush custody was given to sumi and shekhar himself agreed for this. he also managed to tell ayush that he has to live with sumi and that he will come to meet him and said that he will go out for work. since his work will take many days he won’t be living with them. ayush too agreed and finally after one day of custody swasanyam, uttmay, rashika and rishita along with sumi and ayush went to mumbai.
done with this part

precap- more swasan and their happy times.

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